Golden light rains down on the shadowy image of Vincent and Catherine walking off in to the tunnels, arm in arm.   


Welcome to Tunnel Tales,  a collection of Classic Beauty and the Beast Fanfiction. 

The Beauty and the Beast television series left so much to the imagination and so many questions unanswered.  Happily, many talented writers have filled in the gaps and continued the story of Vincent and Catherine and the rest of the community, Below and Above.  We hope you enjoy the stories you find here.  A little envelope icon next to a writer's name will provide their email address.  If you find something you enjoy, please consider sending the author an email to let them know.

Writer Interviews

In 2005 and 2006, Winterfest Online featured a series of interviews with creative and generous fans who had allowed their works to be presented online.  The collection of interviews was titled "In Celebration and Appreciation,"  and provided wonderful insight into the lives and thoughts of these talented individuals.  It seems a shame for these interviews to be lost in the tunnels of WFOLs past, so - in the spirit of Celebration and Appreciation, and in recognition of the fanfic writers who have contributed so much over the last 24 years - links to these interviews have been added to the Tunnel Tales fanfiction collection here at CABB.

You'll find links to the interviews under the names of the authors.


The owner of this website has been given specific permission by the authors and artists to post all of the Beauty and the Beast fan fiction and art which appears on this site. The authors and artists collectively serve notice that no fan fiction or art may be removed from this site and posted elsewhere without the express written permission of the individual authors or artists




Submitting to Tunnel Tales

Writers of all levels of experience are encouraged to submit their Beauty and the Beast fanfiction stories to Tunnel Tales.

Please visit the CABB - New Chambers website for submission guidelines. All new submissions will be published there.  



Our Authors

Please let the writers know if you enjoy their stories.  If you see an email icon next to a writer's name, you can click on that to send them an email. Hopefully, the address will still be a valid one.


Catherine Ainsley

Shooting Star


 Aliset  Email Icon

The Reckoning 6/3/09
The Mirror Crack'd 9/23/09
Sensation 11/18/09
When the Night Falls on You 12/16/09
Elysium 9/15/10
Impediments 03/05/12
Just Because  03/19/12
Postcards from Mouse and Brian  02/25/13


Katie A  Email Icon

Dreams 05/02/16
To Be Made Whole Again 06/20/16

By Moonlight 11/22/20
All That We See or Seem 11/29/20
Valentine Gifts 12/14/20
If We Had No Winter 12/14/20
The Light of the Moon 12/23/20


Barbara Handshy Anderson  Email Icon

Unbreakable 11/27/15


Andrea  Email Icon

Worth a Thousand Words 11/14/07

Heather Andrews  Email Icon

Her Truth 5/12/08

Angela P.  Email Icon

Fresh Start 11/11/08
Love Tokens 12/24/08


Angie's stories can now be found at The Treasure Chambers Library



Lady Killer
Someone To Watch Over Me
When Love Calls
Gentle Spirit

Arlene  Email Icon

Certain Gifts Are Best Shared 8/1/07

Ayiana  Email Icon

Dancing in the Shadows 12/12/07

Joann Baca  Email Icon
WFOL Interview

Let It Be Me
Love Letters
Almost As If We Are One
The Fundamental Things Apply 7/9/03
I'll Live the Dream
Where Thou Lodgest
What I Need
Joe's Birthday Gift  
The Evil That Men Do  5/24/06
A Gift of Dreams   5/31/06
Touch   3/4/09
A Holiday Vignette 01/02/12
Arthur Interruptus 02/13/12
The Mask of Night 10/14/2013
New Traditions 10/22/13
Indelible 09/08/14
On Knife's Edge 2/4/16

Good Sense 4/30/17
Good Luck Has Its Storms 2/03/19

It Is Possible 2/05/19
To Be At Home 2/15/20
Pas de Deux 2/18/20
Intervention 4/09/20

Providence 11/22/20
The Watcher 11/29/20
Seeing the Light 12/14/20


Mathew Bailey Email Icon

Mouse's Gold Medallion 03/31/14
Esteban's Hand 09/1/6/14
The Golden Condor Reborn 11/4/14
Dave's Wedding and a Lost Chipmunk 03/16/15
Space Shuttle Challenger 6/26/19

Linda Barth Email Icon

In Her Hands 11/10/19
April Prelude 12/17/19
Sweet Surrender 12/17/19
The Gift 12/17/19
Counterpoint 12/17/19
That's Entertainment 03/24/20

Prophecy 04/12/20
Moonlight -- Parts One and Two 05/31/20


bat.balien Email Icon

Old Spirit 12/02/12  


Jen Bennett  Email Icon

So Near Yet So Far  9/8/10 
Past, Present, and Future 2/7/11

Jodie Boyle  Email Icon

Be Well 5/19/10

Ann R. Brown

The Mirror 
Though Hell Should Bar the Way
Red For Remembering
Raven's Rock
Castle of the Beast

Dennis C. Callin &
Anna-Karin Uhlén
 Email Icon

All My Yesterdays 10/28/12
All My Todays 12/10/12
All My Tomorrows 09/01/15
In a Perfect World  12/18/15


Catherine's Journey  6/16/14
The Beginning of the Slippy Slope 6/16/14
The Homecoming 8/11/14
After Arabesque 08/18/14
Lena's Question 08/18/14
The Four Clocks 08/27/14
The Contest 05/11/16
A Waste of Time 6/20/16
The Other Man 6/20/16
The Longest Week 8/7/18
Wrinkles 9/22/18
Elderberry Elocutions 9/22/18
Before the First Visit9/22/18
Catherine's Leap 9/22/18
Inside Out 9/22/18
The St. Valentine's Day Mystery 9/22/18
Story Time 9/22/18
The Friend 9/22/18
The Gift Exchange 9/22/18
New Traditions 9/22/18
The Book Cover 9/22/18
Buttons and Beaus 9/22/18
The Massage 9/22/18
A Special Compilation of Stories 7/15/20

Chick-pea  Email Icon

Oranges 4/21/04
Toward Love
Meant for Each Other
Vivaldi Revisited 10/31/07


The Winterfest Before 6/2/10

Lara Claire  Email Icon

A Weekend's Entertainment 8/24/05


Samantha Coleman Email Icon

Anna's Story 6/27/19
Catherine and Olivia 12/17/19
Though Lovers Not Be Lost 7/12/20


The Kingdom and the Thief 4/28/10

Jennifer Cox

Tread Softly

Tina Cramer

A New Year's Moment
I'm Not Afraid

Tina Cramer & Dawn Yzaguirre  Email Icon

The Safe Shore of Her Love
The Tale Told  3/8/02
What Love Sees 10/16/02

Edith Crowe
WFOL Interview

Excerpts From A Diary
My Furry Valentine
Wall Between the Worlds

That's What Friends Are For


Crowmama Email Icon

Sunlight 9/10/19

Cyndi Day

Man's Best Friend  5/26/10
Chill Factor  6/15/10


Gianina D'Andrea  Email Icon

Spirit-wolf  12/17/12


Come To Me In My Dreams 3/19/08
Aunt Sallie's Sweet Water


Demian  Email Icon

Downpour 10/14/09
The Semantics of Silence 11/3/10

Kathy De  Email Icon

Once Upon a Time is Now 7/16/08
The Burn
An Unusual Gift
Back To School
An Education for Everyone 09/23/14
Between The Line Series:
A New Beginning
Like A Dream 03/30/15
Shakespeare Knew Everything 04/06/15
It Is Not Me  04/13/15
I Was Never Giving Up 04/27/15
If You Die, So Do I 04/27/15
The Walls Grow Thin 05/04/15
An Impossible Decision 05/11/15
Another Lifetime 05/18/15
I'll Never Leave You 05/25/15
A Whole New World 06/01/15
It Was Love 06/09/15
He's My Choice 06/16/15
He Needs Me 06/22/15
Ain't Love Grand 06/29/15
Wayward Son 07/07/15
Because You Knew 07/14/15
What's Mine is Mine 07/20/15
Sins of the Father 07/28/15
A Greater Truth 08/04/15
It's Not Your Decision 08/17/15
Forgive Me for Doubting 08/26/15
You Could Never Lose Me 10/14/15
He Said I Was Beautiful 10/21/15
There's Still Hope 10/28/15
Tell Me How It Felt 11/03/15
Nothing Happened  11/17/15
She Will Be Happier  12/02/15
He'll Keep the Secret 12/10/15
The Time Has Come 12/18/15
I Am His Friend 01/01/16
I'm Here ... Always 01/10/16
She Walks Alone 1/19/16
Half Sick of Shadows 2/4/16
We've Never Withheld the Truth 4/3/16
We Will Endure 5/4/16
This Bond ... This Connection 4/21/16
Where's the Hope? 5/11/16
I Wished It Were You 9/4/16
Nothing But Madness11/23/16
Just Hold Me One last Time 08/09/18
The Nightmare is Over 9/10/19
Without Him ... There is Nothing 9/10/19
The Chicago Surprise 11/10/19

Hillary Donitz-Goldsein Email Icon

Disconnection 3/24/20
Regret 04/12/20
Longing 07/12/10

Cathy DuBois

Trophy Wife

Alison Duggins

Flight of Hope 10/26/05
Devin's Gift 11/30/05
Awakening 8/23/06
Halloween 11/29/06
Arguments  3/28/07
Devin and Jenny 3/10/10
A Most Precious Gift 4/28/10
Flight 7/21/10
Just One Person 09/16/13
Lady of My Heart 09/23/13
Gramma Cissy
The Hour of the Wolf 03/30/15
A Rose By Any Other Name 04/03/16

Eliza  Email Icon

Beautiful Things 8/5/09
Touch 9/9/09
Five Thousand Miles  10/15/12
A Little More Conversation, A Lot Less Action  10/15/12

Fields of Lavender  Email Icon

And Death Shall Have No Dominion 09/17/15

Alyssa G.  Email Icon

January 12th Revisited 3/1/11
The Unbelievable Truth
April Surprise  04/30/12

Sue Glasgow

Run to the Sea
When the Phoenix Sings
The Wreck of My Memories

On Her Side of the River
Moving In 02/20/12
And the New Sun Rose  06/11/12

Olivia K. Goode  Email Icon

Sibling Ribaldry 6/17/08
One Thought 7/15/08
Austen and Allegory 7/22/09
Stages 4/14/10
The Net of Years 01/07/13

Edna Grice

All's Wells 1/26/05


Joanne Grier  Email Icon

Rites of Spring 05/21/12

The Guest Series:
1: The Guest 
2: The Letters 08/13/12
3: The Throes of Spring
4: The Fires of Fall
5: The Ice of Winter 
6: The Thaw of Winter
7: The Replete Heart

The Full Heart  07/02/12
Lost and Found 09/03/12
The Great Rope Caper 10/28/12
Broken Barriers 11/12/12
The Circle of Life 8/26/13
Lost and Re-found: The Salvation 11/05/13
The Heart of Home  03/17/14

Cynthia Hatch  Email Icon
WFOL Interview

Kaleidoscope Series
When Angels Fall

Rosemarie Hauer
WFOL Interview

Happy New Year
A Right to Dream
The Wish
Night of Miracles
Two of A Kind

Heaven Breaking Through 7/14/07
Sunshine 5/9/07
Thanks to the Human Heart 8/22/07

Lori Hicks

The Apprentice 3/12/02
Total Love 3/12/02
Vows of Love

Barbara Hill

How Shall I Love Thee, Catherine?
The Kiss
She Followed Me Home
Leave Me Please

Daddy, I Want You To Meet
A Page From Father's Journal
Your Place or Mine
Good to Read! 12/10/03
Shades of Gray

Catherine's Hands

Mycroft Holmes

Brandy 6/4/03

Sharon Holtz  Email Icon

Sharon's 'Heart' Series (external site)
Sharon's 'Dream' Series (external site)
One Moonlit Night
Winds Of Change
Holiday, Anyone? (external site)
Christmas In Connecticut
(external site)
Vincent's Birthday Stories (external site)

Valentine's Day Stories (external site)

One Moonlit Night
(external site)

Winds of Change
(external site)


Donna Howard

Shadows of the Past 05/13/13



A Break  2/11/04



J Ecris

A Christmas Below 3/09/05
Crystal Clear 3/16/05
A Camping Trip Below  3/23/05
Claire de Lune  3/30/05
Sweet Dreams  4/06/05


Rachel Elaine  Email Icon

A Much Larger Prison 02/14/14


JessicaRae95 Email Icon

Like a Mouse 11/09/17


Deb Jedynak  Email Icon

I Wish I Had a River 10/8/08
Invitation to a Dream 9/9/09

Queen Johnson

 Tunnel Summer 9/22/04

Darlene Jones  Email Icon

Happily Ever After
Finding Love 7/9/03
Little Girl Lost
That Ticking Clock 1/25/06
Lovers' Quarrel 2/1/06
 With a Little Help 9/26/06
Seduction 1/14/09
Tunnel Shenanigans  05/07/12


The Proposal 3/4/18

Moira Keeley  Email Icon

And All is Mended
Out of the Ruined Place 9/5/06
I'll Prove More True 7/2/08
Courage 4/29/09
A Heart Whose Love is Innocent 6/3/09
Anna's Story 2/13/11

Trisha Kehoe
WFOL Interview

Heaven's Door
Females of the Species
Clowns, Crowns, and Comeuppance 2/22/06
Curiosity, Etc. 3/1/06
Just an Ordinary Man 3/8/06
Point Made 3/15/06
The Great Skunk Caper of 1963 3/22/06
When Worlds Collide 3/29/06
The Pizza Party 5/4/16
The Superb Breakfast 5/11/16

Michelle K

A Sweet and Potent Voice 3/5/08

Diane Kenny

The Awakening
Dreams of Thee
Story Time in the Tunnels 

Kindra King  Email Icon

Valentine's Day Surprise
Valentine Morning 03/31/14

Pat King

A New Twist
A World Apart
And So It Goes
A Risk Worth Taking
Falling in Love Again
Turning Corners
Blue Christmas

Once Upon a Dream 3/12/08

Nancy Lynn Knauff

Move Toward Love
Winter Kiss

Kuliundheft  Email Icon

In A New Light 04/23/12
Thy Silver Pinions 05/28/12
For No Miser's Sake 02/25/13


I'd Do Anything For Love 3/12/17 

WFOL Interview

Lion Pride
A Safe Place
Take Me Home
The Best Hands There Are
Safe House
How Could I Forget Thee?


Scrappy LeMont  Email Icon

Engines of Tunnel Industry 10/20/14
Catherine Didn't Die 10/27/14
Othello  09/08/15


Lindariel  Email Icon

Arthur's Gift  02/27/12
The View from Here  04/30/12
Postcards from Mouse and Brian  02/25/13
When You Assume
Do You Happen to Have the Time? 11/31/16

A Fine and Private Place 03/13/21

Londa Email Icon

Veterans Day Below 11/10/19
William's Day 12/16/19

Gwen Lord and Chuckie Burge

Have a Little Faith 9/3/08
An Evening to Remember
Catherine's Godchild 9/17/08
Mary's Birthday 9/24/08

Gwen Lord

"Valentine Dance" 10/1/08
Memories of Roy Dotrice aka Father 11/29/20

Ella Louise

Ice Cream at Midnight
Jacob's Adventure

Carol Lowden

The Weekend

Elaine Lozano  Email Icon

The Birthday Wish 10/3/07
Eclipse 10/31/07
Valentine Kisses 2/13/08
A Christmas Gift

Rose M. Email Icon

Not Alone 
Sea Change 09/23/14

Karen Mason-Richardson

To Race The Wind
Some Like It Hot
Red as Anger, Red as Blood

Adrianna MacNeely  Email Icon

Just Desserts  3/5/08


Adrian Manson Email Icon

Punch-drunk with your beauty 04/12/20
Koyzo (Mirror Image)07/12/20
Harmony Piece 10/04/20
Marial Arts vs Verbal Self Defense 10/04/20


Thomas Mc Email Icon

The Tower and the Beast 6/27/19
Naomi 9/10/91

Judy McPherson

In Sickness and in Health
Shop 'til You Drop

Angela McQuiston  Email Icon

The Dreamer


Marianne Mercenary  Email Icon

My Dearest Pet 04/23/13
The Night Butterfly 06/24/14
Be Well My Dearest Son 08/11/14
Hopeless Love 09/29/14
Sailor Song 03/02/15

Midnight Rose  Email Icon

Memories Upon the Ivories 7/2/03
The Cat's Meow 6/11/03
An Ear to Hear
Follow Your Heart
Lines of Communication
Evening Mood
The Rose Garden 3/7/02
Heartbeat 7/25/02
Father's Blush 8/27/02
Tai Chee 8/27/02
The Music of the Night 10/29/02
Interlude with a Cloak 1/7/03
The Lion Man 11/19/03
In Need of a Hug 6/2/04
Dawn 4/13/05
On Velvet Paws 4/10/11

Cindy Miller

Death Shall Have No Dominion



A Little Surprise  05/18/15
All For A Little Fun  05/18/15
Sunset 08/17/15

Just Another Birthday 4/30/17
A Blank Notebook08/09/18
Promises and Good Intentions (WFOL 2018)
Date Night 6/27/19

Linda Mooney

The Old Swimmin' Hole
Laundry Day
Sweet Revenge
The Ghost of Kristmas 

Double, Double
These I have Loved
My Love of You
In Daylight As One

Boys' Night Out 07/09/12
The Dream Merchant 07/30/12
Remember the Oranges 11/12/15

Moose  Email Icon

To Walk As Other Men 9/16/09
The Gift of a Son 10/7/09
The Journey Continues 3/24/10
All You Have To Do Is Call 7/28/10

Karen Morgia

Sanctuary Withdrawn
Remembrances of Love
A Gift of Laughter
The Bells of Promise
A Power All Its Own
All Hallows Eve

Karen Mossman

Pride and Passion 4/28/04
Coming Down
No More Secrets
Happy Birthday 3/16/05
The Meeting 6/14/06
Getting To Know Each Other


Father 10/15/08
Stay With Me 10/29/08
Providence 6/10/09
Address  8/19/09
Enough 9/30/09
...and you came to be 11/25/09
The Christmas Rush 12/16/09
Joy Enough for Me 12/23/09
Found 1/6/10
Now, Everything 4/28/10
Forever's Not Too Long 7/21/10
December Carol 12/22/10
And Through the Woods 12/19/11
December 26th 01/02/12
He Chose 04/09/12
If Love Should Seek Me 09/17/12
Oh, the Joy and Beauty 12/10/12
Christmas Hearts 12/22/12
What More 02/18/13
The Bottom Rung 06/03/13
A Time Before 08/26/13
A Garden 10/14/13
With All My Heart 11/11/13
I Found Her  11/25/13
That Winter Game  12/09/13
All Is Ready 12/22/2013
A Prayer 03/31/14
For Love 06/09/14
For Now 11/04/14
Call It Christmas 12/08/14
In the Dark 12/16/14
In Her 2/15/15

Until Next Time
Given 12/10/15
The Gift 12/18/15

Nefereu  Email Icon

Hey, Even Fate Screws Up
Sometimes 9/1/10
Love and Impossibilities 2/13/11
Magic Mirrors  04/02/12
Summer Daze  06/04/12
The Devoted Fan  07/02/12
A Bad Day  08/20/12
The Furry Matchmaker  09/10/12
Reflections and Recollections 10/08/12
Love and a Rug  02/18/13

Debbie Nockels

Promises of Someday 5/26/04

Margaret Noel

A Criminal Mind
An Angel For Vincent
Fairy Tales


Judith Nolan  Email Icon

Happy Birthday, Vincent 01/20/14
Once Upon Another Time  01/27/14
Finally Online from WFOL2014:
A Six Zine Arc of Stories

An Ever-Fixed Mark 03/24/14
A World to Believe In 04/07/14
Beautiful Vincent 05/06/14
Finding Cleopatra 05/27/14
An Excellent Fraud 06/02/14
"Beginnings" Vignettes 07/01/14
Father Vincent 12/16/14
A Little Night Music 1/6/15
Drabbles 1/26/15
A Rose by Any Other Name 2/15/15
Possibility of Being 03/02/15
Beautiful Angel 05/04/15
How it Might Have Been 05/11/15
The Brightest Love 06/16/15
Lovers Found 08/26/15
Drabbles 04/12/16


Time Line - Stories are connected.
Veritas Vos Liberabit
First Love? Only Love! 8/1/06
Isaac 8/9/06
Amy 8/16/06
Sher-Kan 8/30/06
Swan Song 9/5/06
Beta 11/29/06
Kidnapped 2/14/07
Second Honeymoon 3/7/07
Spuds 4/25/07
Gotcha 6/6/07
Email 8/1/07
12th Century VC 9/30/09
Outcast 9/1/10

Amber Osborne

The Taste of Love 1/30/08

Angela Palmer

The Third Gift 7/6/04

Pat Paone

Dimensions in Time

Robin Pixie Pass

Vincent's Mermaid Tale
Copy Cat on the Pipes
William's Beans and Ham

PEAhopeless  Email Icon

Timeline & Story Location
Blessed Whispers 8/31/05
Mr. Hardy's Advice 9/7/05
Atalanta Left Behind 9/14/05
Anything and Everything 9/21/05
Flickering Candlelight 9/28/05
What I Hear 10/5/05
Family 10/12/05
By Your Own Accord 10/19/05
That's What I Wanted to See 10/26/05
What Was Already There 11/2/05
This Last Hour of Sunset 11/9/05
Whirlwind  11/16/05
Center of Attention 11//23/05
Down to the Earth 11/30/05
 In Just Hours 12/6/05
The Poorest Man 12/14/05
A Very European Christmas 12/21/05
Little Silver Bell 12/28/05
Sort Of 10/21/09
This Year 10/27/09
For the Greater Good 11/4/09


Praps  Email Icon

After 8/11/10

Cindy Rae  Email Icon

Can Erica Salven be Saved? Can Anyone? 04/28/14

Rebecca Reeves  Email Icon

History Lesson 04/01/13


Katrina Relf Email Icon

Solitude 02/04/20
Longing 02/04/20
Reflections 03/24/20
Remember Love 04/12/20
Lost 05/31/20
Whispers 05/31/20
A Time To Mourn 05/31/20
Sunshine 05/31/20
The Tower 11/22/20
A Time for Tears 11/29/20
In Her Eyes 12/14/20
The Mists of Memory 12/14/20
Fear 12/14/20
What Rough Beast 12/14/20
Pain Remembered 03/14/21
Whispers fo the Heart 03/14/21
An April Night 03/14/21
A Dream Lost 03/14/21
Heartbreak 03/14/21

Sophia Riazo  Email Icon

Bound Together 11/21/07
Even With the Bond 3/26/08

Catherine Riley

Hope 10/16/01

Janet Rivenbark  Email Icon

Welcome Home 7/9/08
Weekend in New England 12/3/08
Remember Me 1/14/09
A Matter of Trust 5/13/09
My Pain Is Your Pain  10/21/09
A House in the Country 11/11/09
Wine and Courage  3/17/10
A New Life, A New Love 5/26/10
Beyond the Kingdom  11/02/11
Old Friends  03/26/12

Linda "Mini" Robin Email Icon

My Father Was a Helper 12/27/06
Tunnel Tour 9/5/07

Patricia Rogers  Email Icon

What If?  8/13/03
A Simple Sneeze 11/19/03
Partners in Crime 6/22/05
A Small Victory 8/10/05
A Kind of Magic 10/12/05
Lost and Found 11/7/07

LaRhonda Romero  Email Icon

Catherine's Notebook 7/20/05
That's What Friends Are For 8/17/05
Cyberspace  9/28/05


Ruby Email Icon

Manhattan Melodies  11/12/15

Rusty  Email Icon

Payback 1/13/10
The Gift 5/19/10
Music Chamber 7/28/10
With You 9/22/10
Little Adventure
Scars 12/8/10
Family Life  2/27/11
Providence 3/13/11
Images 5/1/11
A Day at the Beach 7/13/11
The Trip  08/31/11
Truth 10/05/11
Things Happen  11/14/11
She's My Sister  12/04/11
Dinner Date  01/09/12
I'm the Lucky One 01/23/12
Words 02/20/12
Just Another Day 03/12/12
A Dark Spring  05/28/12
Questions  09/23/12
We Made It  09/23/12


SandyX  Email Icon

No Limits  12/9/09
Twelve O'clock That Night 1/6/10
Hold On  4/21/10
After Winterfest  
One Word 11/21/11

Catherine Scotton  Email Icon

Blame It On The Moon 4/10/11
The Dark Behind The Moon
The Only Gift 7/20/11
Meant to Be   8/24/11

Lynne Seyfarth  Email Icon

Birth of a Dream  2/25/09


Kellie Sharp
and Lara Beilby
  Email Icon

I'll Take Care of You 08/06/12

Ginny Shearin  Email Icon

Keys to the Kingdom
Thorns 12/26/07
A Renaissance 10/27/09
The Insider 3/3/10

Just Words ./17/10
Introductions 9/8/10
Leaving 12/29/10
Mouse's Bedtime Story 4/3/11
Resolution 8/17/11
Them or Us 11/28/11
After the Ashes 07/29/13
The Rest of Their Lives 10/28/13

Clare Sieffert

The Mirror 6/9/04


Finding and Taking 9/15/10

Southofoz  Email Icon

Perchance to Dream 7/30/08
Dreams of Thee 8/6/08
The Tale of Orpheus 8/20/08
He's My Brother 8/27/08
It Was the Moon 9/3/08
The Best of Times and the Worst of Times 9/10/08
In a Child's Eyes 10/1/08
The Path That Leadeth On 12/24/08
What Is Real 11/4/08
What Is Real - Part Two 12/31/08
What is Real ~ Part Three 1/7/09
When You Wish 4/1/09
A Life Less Ordinary4/15/09
Love's Journey 6/17/09
Searching for Utopia
One Love, One Soul, One Bond 5/19/10

Joan Stephens  Email Icon
WFOL Interview

A Day In The Life
Old Friends
But Turned Aside to Sleep
From One Darkness To Another
And Die Inside
I Am The Answer
He 2/5/02
Catherine's Wheel 3/29/02
Girls 10/8/02
Sons 10/8/02
Second Chance 11/13/02
A Fragrance of Old Summers 1/7/03
Though It Were Ten Thousand Miles
And So To Bed  8/13/03
To Grow in Worth  9/24/03
Home 10/8/03
Lost  10/29/03
Jitters 11/5/03
Shades of Love  11/12/03
Dream Another Dream 11/26/03
Winter is Past 12/3/03
The Letter  12/17/03
Soul Mate 12/24/03
First Star 2/11/04
All's Over, Then 2/18/04
Is There Anyone Home? 4/21/04
Sleighride 6/9/04
Fast Freight 6/26/04
Looks Like We Made It  6/30/04
Things That Go Bump 7/6/04
Cribbage, Anyone?  7/21/04
Beauty Deux   8/4/04
Rhapsody 8/18/04
Saturday Afternoon at the Races 8/18/04
For Thy Sweet Love Remembered
Footfalls Echo 10/13/04
It Was Nothing At All 10/20/04
Brief Encounter
Strength of the Soul
You Were Wrong, Vincent
The Long Night 11/3/04
The Last Farewell
The First Grey Hair 3/23/05
My Mother's Pearls 4/6/05
Somewhere Down the Road 4/20/05
Conquest 4/27/05
Flat Nose Emory Yarns a Yarn 5/4/05
The Lion 6/29/05
Slow-Moving Dreams 8/3/05
The Fan
Unfulfilled 12/21/05
In the Evening of My Life 2/1/06
What Now 3/22/06
Child in Darkness 4/12/06
We Should Have Known 4/26/0/6
Eighteen Wheels Anchored 7//5/06
I Am Alive 7/12/06
Caroline 7/26/06
The Winds of Change  
Susan's Floor 10/25/06
A Dream is a Wish 1/31/07
Let It Happen As It Happened Before 2/21/07
The Tantrum
The Mirror 9/5/07

Barbara Storey  Email Icon

t(w)o valentines 11/12/12
What My Heart Will Be 12/22/12
Unmasqued 04/29/13
Dreams that Include Me 04/29/13
The Light is the Same 05/19/14

Linda Stork  Email Icon

Catherine's Mirror 08/26/09


Michaela Buzsaki Struchova Email Icon

This Is Where You Go Out 05/31/20
No Shadow of Parting 07/12/20
Thy Sweet Love Brings 07/12/20
That Heavenly Face Restored 07/12/20
It Wasn't Courage 10/04/20
The Pure Spirit 10/04/20
Family 11/22/20

To Keep Lovers Apart 11/29/20


Brooke Summerlin  Email Icon

Better in the Wind 12/16/09



WFOL Interview

Safe Haven 10/25/01
The Bluebird's Tale 10/28/01

TeriLynn  Email Icon

Vincent's Journal 1/16/11
Destined to Collide 7/20/11
Enough! 7/27/11
The Treasure of His Words 8/3/11
Visions  09/14/11
A Halloween to Remember 09/28/11
Daddy, I Have Someone 10/26/11
Christmas Treasures  11/21/11
At Last ... Forever! 01/09/12


TimeFlies  Email Icon

Genesis 8/9/06

Caryl Traugott

Raining Memories


Cathy Trotta  Email Icon

Coming Out of the Dark 01/13/14
All I Ask of You 04/28/14


Tunnel Writer  Email Icon

Easter in the Tunnels 4/20/19
Ellie and Eric 10/04/20
The Cook 10/04/20
Dream the Impossible Dream 10/04/20

Water Fun 11/22/20
Joint Responsibility 11/29/20
The Sunshine Club 12/23/20



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Forgotten Dreams 7/8/09
The Secret 7/15/09

April Twelve

Winterfest Candle 5/19/04
Winterfest Tale 


Rose on the Grey

Valdenray  Email Icon

Affected  04/30/12


valjean  Email Icon

I Was There 12/31/08
A Father's Path
1/12/54 3/25/09
Tribute 7/15/09
Mother Mary 3/24/10
A Noble Heart and Melancholy 7/27/11
Love and Desire  01/16/12
Samantha's Question  07/02/12
Love Notes  05/20/13
Tell it to My Heart  11/19/13

Gale Varga  Email Icon

Would You Be Mine? 9/21/11

Yvonne Vernon

She Walks In Beauty 11/30/01


Rosaura Wells Email Icon

Another Kind of Art 04/23/12
Meeting Again 11/12/12
Second First Time 04/15/12

Valerie Wells  Email Icon

Shades of Love 5/2/07
What Love Is
Too Many Secrets 7/11/07
Through the Fire 8/15/07
The Bond 10/10/07

Carole W.  Email Icon

Beyond the Stained Glass,
an arc of stories

I Carry Your Heart
Marriage Morning
A Great and Thorough Good - a Trilogy
You Arrive in the Flower and the Water

Joan W  Email Icon

An Anniversary to Remember  1/6/10
My Juliet 2/17/10
Grief 3/3/10

An Interview With Vincent

Letters to Father 06/17/17


Linda White Email Icon

A Crisis of Confidence 11/30/16
Vincent's Day in the Sunshine 4/30/17
The Haunted Clock 08/06/17
The Plastic Surgeon 08/13/17
Origins 12/17/17
Blood Bond 08/09/18
Caverns Measureless to Man 10/29/18
Vincent's Christmas Carol 12/17/19


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The Birthday Present 10/01/12

Londa Wilson 

Sunday Super Breakfast 03/24/20

Alin Wong

Love Remembered 12/19/07
Blue Waters 6/25/08

Lynn Wright  Email Icon
WFOL Interview

To Seek the Shore
A Time to Cho
An Experiment 7/27/08
A Momentous Announcement 9/10/08

Dawn Yzaguirre

Having it All


A Tale As Old As Time


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You May Say I'm a Dreamer - BBTV Round Robin - September 2017 - by Claire-Cosi, ChicagoTunnelKid, Wendy Mills, JoAnnBaca, Bobbi Suny, Cindy Rae, OKGoode, and Sam Coleman

Second Halloween BBTV Round Robin by ChicagoTunnelKid, JoAnn Baca, Cindy Rae, Janet Rivenbark, and Olivia K. Goode

Sinkhole - A Spontaneous BBTV Round Robin - JoAnn ChicagoTunnelKid, Judith, Katie, Barbara, and Alyssa.  09/25/16

Labor Day 2016 Round Robin -  ChicagoTunnelKid, JoAnn, Janet, and Katie  09/25/16


Three Little Words JoAnn Baca

The Secret - Lesley Burton

The Light of Dawn -
Maire C.

Peanut Butter  - Midnight Rose   Email Icon
Midnight Ride  -
Midnight Rose  Email Icon

The Threshold - Ginger Janssen
A Romantic Evening -  Ginger Janssen

I'm Coming Home - Jenn

- Kaly

Precious Moment - Kindra King

Lover's Light - Nancy Lynn Knauff

The Problem - Margaret Noel
Something Else Again - Margaret Noel

 Don't Be Sorry - Ginny Shearin

Fulfillment - Tara
Interim - Tara

Great Expectations - Teri
Samhain's Promise - Teri
Gifts from the Heart - Teri
Some Things Never Change -Teri

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Father and Son - Joan Stephens
The Man Who Walked Alone - Joan Stephens
Deep in the Waters of Love - Joan Stephens

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Two Poems - Cyntia Hatch

Where I Am - Queen Johnson

October's Gift,  Peg McNab

It Stands - Midnight Rose  Email Icon

All's Ready - Nancy
His Heart - Nancy
Stone - Nancy

Storm of Love - Lavenia Otts

Beauty and the Beast - Patricia Rogers Email Icon
My Love, Catherine -
Patricia Rogers Email Icon

A Question of Love Carrie Schneider  

Bal Petit Bal  - Caryl Traugott
In Russia, In Love  - Caryl Traugott
Where Everything Shimmers and Floats - Caryl Traugott

- Yvonne Vernon

Winter Gifts - Carole W.

Golden Beauty, Light of Love, Message of Love Darlene Wooten 


Sweet Forever - Winter Rose

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A Valentine Story - Nancy Lynn Knauff



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