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Though lovers be lost - prologue to TLBL, usually left off in copies


Beauty and the Beast Valentine's Day marathon, hosted by Ron Perlman

Old BATB Commercials


La Belle et la Bête - Générique en version française de la série "La Belle et la Bête" avec Ron Perlman et Linda Hamilton

Lettre à un jeune poète - Extrait d'un épisode de "La Belle et la Bête" Ron Perlman doublé par Pascal Renwick

Renwick double Perlman - Le poème "Amoureux de la nuit" (Acquainted with the night) de R.Frost dit par Vincent (R.Perlman) dans la série "La Belle et la Bête" et doublé par Pascal Renwick.

The first time I loved forever - Theme song and flash-back from ep 38 of Beauty and the Beast, with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - INTRO - Intro for cult series from the 1980's - with Linda Hamilton


Roy Dotrice Beauty and the Beast (1987)- Clip from the legendary series... First and Second seasons now available on DVD.


Beauty and the Beast Promo - This show looks horrible


A moment ago - Promo for Though Lovers Be Lost

Go toward the light - promo piece about Go Toward the Light, a movie about Ben Oyler, a boy who died of AIDS. Linda Hamilton and Richard Thomas play his parents

Snow Promo - TV ad for episode Beauty and the Beast episode Snow

TLBL Promo - a TV ad for Though Lovers Be Lost (3S)

Walk slowly? Promo - TV ad for 3S, probably Walk Slowly

With love all things are possible - Promo for Though Lovers Be Lost (but I snipped off the not a fairy tale any more stuff!)

Why I bring out the beast in Ron Perlman - Linda Hamilton spot for First News


Beauty & the BEET from ONTHETELEVISION Series - Spoofing the TV Series Beauty & the Beast. Sketch from the ON THE TELEVISION Series starring GEORGE McGRATH, PHYLLIS KATZ, WOODY ROLL and TIM CONWAY JR. Written by McGrath, Directed by GARY HALVORSON


Beauty And The Beast INTRO - The story of Vincent And Catherine that captured alot of peoples hearts, i love this series


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