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Hellboy 2 Interview: Ron Perlman - The 'Hellboy II' star has a touching moment with our ComicMix TV host... No Hellboy interviews are complete without talking to the titular character himself. Ron Perlman's name has been on the lips of just about any comic book or television fan since the mid '80s. In a fun interview with Perlman, we got to ask him about his evolution as Hellboy, his interest in comic books, and his thoughts on returning to the 1980s TV show Beauty and the Beast (at this interviewer's expense).



afraid of being typecast as a monster? - Ron Perlman interview 

a furry Ed Norton part 1 - Arsenio Hall interviews Ron Perlman, pre BATB 3S

a furry Ed Norton part 2 - Arsenio Hall interviews Ron Perlman pre BATB 3S

Broken through our own code of dos and don'ts - Ron Perlman interview pre-3S

Crowning achievement - Ron Perlman interview Live at 5

Faces of Ron Perlman - Rolonda Watts interviews Ron Perlman

Flights of Fancy - Ron Perlman interview

He is going to change into Tony Curtis perhaps - Ron Perlman interview in Holland

He opens like a flower - Hollywood Hunk #2. Who is that completely annnoying interviewer? Yikes!

How far can Vincent and Catherine go? - Ron Perlman interview - CBS This Morning

I put on the makeup so I can avoid being well known - interview with Ron Perlman during season 3 of Beauty and the Beast (who is the interviewer?)

It would do wonders for his complexion - Ron Perlman interview

Linda Hamilton on Letterman - They discuss BATB, identical twin hijinks, and T2. Could he fly? Where did he come up with that question? LOL  

Love Letters Interview - Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman interviewed by ?, post T2, during Love Letters

My manager is in negotiations with 976-BEAST - Pat Sajak interviews Ron Perlman just after 2S

One never gets tired of getting that much back - Mark McEwen interview Ron Perlman

Optimistic sort of Beast - Pat Sajak interviews Ron Perlman again

Optimistic sort of Beast 2 - Sajak interview of Ron Perlman - in part 2 they hit some balls with USC Coach Rod Dedeaux

Sajak joking around - Pat Sajak teasing Ron Perlman before the interview

The Barry White of the tunnels - Pat Sajak interview Ron Perlman

the most extraordinary situation they've ever faced before - Ron Perlman interview by Kathleen  somebody (who is it please?)

Twice the monster Vincent ever was - Ron Perlman interview while he was starring in A Few Good Men on Broadway

very majestic and regal and noble - interview with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton (who is the interviewer?)

we danced too close to the flame - Joan Rivers interview Ron Perlman 3S

When will this relationship be consummated in some fashion - Bryant Gumbel interviews Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton during season 1 of Beauty and the Beast



BEAUTY&THE BEAST Ron Perlman on EVENING MAG 1-22-88 - Ron Perlman in interviewed on the Pacific Northwest local television show, EVENING MAGAZINE on Januray 22, 1988 about his role as Vincent in the then current tv series, BEAUTY & THE BEAST.

BEAUTY&THE BEAST Ron Perlman on HOUR MAG  March 88 - Actor Ron Perlamn is a guest on Gary Collins' HOUR MAGAZINE from March 1988, on Ron's success on the series "Beauty & The Beast".



Beauty and the Beast: 20 Years Remembering - Episode 1 - Episode 1: "Eight Degrees of Vincent" Neal Hallford talks about how a loaned pen from a fellow fan revealed "the eight degrees of Vincent". (This episode is a "remake" of the original first episode of the show and includes additional content.)

Beauty & the Beast: 20 Years of Remembering: Episode 2 - Episode 2: "Still Carrying the Light" Carol Burt shares how the San Diego Beauty and the Beast Society has carried on the traditions and fellowship of the tunnel community for nearly two decades.

Beauty & the Beast: 20 Years of Remembering: Episode 3 - Episode 3: "One Rich In Hope" 2007 convention honoree and panel coordinator Jana Hallford explores the reoccurring "Beauty and the Beast" themes of survival and support, and explains how those concepts resonate not only with 2007 charity recipient Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, but also with her own fifteen year battle against the disease.

Beauty & the Beast: 20 Years of Remembering: Episode 4 - Episode 4 - "A Tale of Two Costumes" Every dress has a story, and as Riverside, California fan Jacqueline Skalski will tell you, two of Catherine's most famous outfits have continued their adventures even after the cancellation of "Beauty and the Beast". Guest starring outfits used in the episodes "Dark Spirit" and "Orphans."

Beauty & the Beast: 20 Years of Remembering: Episode 5 - Episode 5 - "Location, Location, Location" Many of the outdoor scenes from "Beauty and the Beast" were filmed in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California. Caverns and Carousels President Rosie Badgett gives us a preview tour of three of the most popular spots for fans --- the tunnel entrance, the carousel, and the zoo from "Snow" --- which attendees of the 2007 LA convention can expect to see for their "Add On Day".

Beauty & the Beast: 20 Years of Remembering: Episode 6 - Legendary Star Trek screenwriter Jimmy Diggs reveals details about the nearly forgotten Star Trek - Beauty and the Beast episode that started his long and illustrious career. (April Fool's Day spoof episode) 

Beauty & the Beast: 20 Years of Remembering: Episode 7 - Episode #7: "Tunnel Child" When Beauty and the Beast first aired, Jennifer Larson of Calabasas, California became an instantly ardent fan of the show. Unfortunately several factors conspired to keep her from seeing the whole series...not the least of which were her very protective parents! Witness Jenn's personal journey to rediscover of her inner "Tunnel Child".

Beauty & the Beast: 20 Years of Remembering: Episode 8 - Episode #8 - "Blame It On the Beast" He was looking for his Catherine. She was looking for her Vincent. Despite the three thousand miles that first separated them, Nicholas and Jennifer Thalasinos of Colton, California managed to find the loves of their lives thanks to Beauty and the Beast and an Internet bulletin board.

Beauty & the Beast: 20 Years of Remembering: Episode 9 - Episode #9 - "A Place of Refuge" Long before she played Mary on Beauty and the Beast, actress Ellen Geer lived through real-life events that closely resembled not only Father's backstory in "Song of Orpheus", but the founding of the tunnels as well.

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