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She walks in Beauty - She Walks in Beauty - Lord Byron Voice: Ron Perlman from Beauty and the Beast of Love and Hope. Clips from Pride and Prejudice - Universal Studios. No Infringements Intended.

Debbie ~Blue Rose~

Though Lovers be Found - A fan remake of the episode Though Lovers Be Lost .... this time with a happy ending



Beastie Fan Clubs - Report about fan efforts to resurrect Beauty and the Beast; Donna Huttaker, Stephanie Wiltse, Barbara Storey

Creative Arts Award -Beauty and the Beast awards in costume design and music & lyrics

Emmy nominations - Emmy nominations for Linda Hamilton, Ron Perlman, Beauty and the Beast

Governor's ball - award winners (suggest more tags please)

I have no idea - early Linda Hamilton footage - anyone know what it's from?

Signing OLAH - Ron signs OLAH albums

Terminator - Behind the scenes of the Terminator

The greatest character I've ever had the opportunity to play - Ron Perlman Of Love and Hope signing


BATB The Creature That Has Never Been (1991) - Beauty and the Beast's (TV) Ron Perlman meets Legend.

BATB (TV) The Kiss - Well here it is, the scene you Beauty and the Beast fans have been waiting for.


BATB's Vincent - Ron Perlman


Beauty and the Beast: Vincent (Ron Perlman), Model-Bausatz - Die amerikanische TV-Serie "Die Schöne und das Biest" ("Beauty and the Beast") lief mit insgesamt drei Staffeln (56 Folgen) zwischen 1987 und 1990. Die Hauptrolle des Vincent, der halb Mensch und halb Löwe ist und mit vielen anderen Aussteigern in einem unterirdischen System unter New York wohnt, spielte damals der Darsteller Ron Perlman, welcher heute vor allem durch seine Darstellung des Hellboy berühmt ist. Wir bieten hier eine absolute Top-Rarität und zwar den Original Modell-Bausatz der Firma Lunar Models aus dem Jahr 1990. Zum Lieferumfang gehört eine Diorama-Base.


Linda Hamilton & Jay Acovone in On The Line - Beauty and the Beast fans will appreciate this one. Clips from a 1997 made for tv movie called On the Line starring Linda Hamilton and Joe Maxwell, um, Jay Acovone.


Ron Perlman - A slideshow tribute to one of my favorite actors, Ron Perlman. Using the song "What I Like About You" by The Romantics.

Ron Perlman 2  - My second tribute to the amazing (and SEXY!) actor that is Mr. Ron Perlman, this time using the song "A Good Man" by Emerson Drive. 

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