a Graphic Novel by P S Nim

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WARNING: All the art presented here is the property of PS Nim.
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Any attempt to sum up one of PS Nim's humorous graphic novels would be doomed from the start! They're way too full of twists and turns, every page loaded with hilarious details, for any summary to ever do them justice.

Let's just say that this one is about (among other things) Catherine dreaming of a home-sweet-home life with Vincent, and taking bread-baking classes with a teacher whom she finds vaguely familiar (well, she should, it's Paracelsus!). She leaves her dough unattended while she gets mugged going to Vincent, and he gets lost rescuing her. The dough grows and grows and threatens to engulf the whole city. Vincent could "roar it down"... but he's got laryngitis, and...

 well, anyway, here are a few chosen pages for you to enjoy!








Finally, after a good night's sleep,  the monster dough is defeated, but Catherine has a very precise idea of what a true "happy ending" should be!