For the first time online, WFOL 2005 is proud and honored to present, by courtesy of their author, art pages from the reknowned PS Nim Graphic Novels.

P S Nim (PSeudo Nym...) was an active fan from the year 88. She now practises her talents in another fandom (she has recently issued a "Pirates of the Carribbean" graphic novel), and some of her works can still be purchased at Mc Wombat Press.

For the B&B fandom she published one novel : "Love Bade Me Welcome" and four graphic novels. Three of those are hilarious parodies, combining with talent P S Nim's stunningly life-like rendition of the B&B characters with a twisted, humorous take on the story.

"The Absurd Season"
"What a Yoyo!"
"Beauty and the Yeast"

Sharp, witty, both delightfully absurd and always right on point, those three are a hoot!

Her fourth graphic novel "Dreams of Long Ago" presents a different facet of the author's talent. It's a very sweet and romantic story about V&C meeting as children.

For your pleasure, P S Nim has allowed us to offer you samples from two of her works

Click on the cover and enjoy!

The pages may be a bit long to load, and we apologize to people with a slow connection but, to do the art justice, we chose to privilege quality over speed.



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