The Creature There Has Never Been
July 11-13, 2014

The Creature There Has Never Been | The Possibility of Being | Minneapolis - St. Paul | July 11-13, 2014; image is a pencil drawing of Vincent and Catherine with a phoenix above and to the right and a small dragon below left

tote bag & t-shirt

alternate Wintefest opening and closing ceremony words

Rose's con report
Pat L's con report
Andrea and Gonda's not-at-the-con report
Brenda and Jackie's con report
Tweetie Lynn's con report
Odile's con report  French

photos from Tweetie Lynn and Linda S
photos from JoAnn, Larry, Odile, and Suze

writing panel presentation

thank you letter from Open Your Heart

thank you card from a teacher to whom we donated leftover prizes and craft supplies

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