Not-at-the-con report

 by bat.balien



Here I am - here alone and not there
Everyone laughing, hugging - but not me
I am reaching out but it's too far
I am dreaming of it, but cannot share


Distance keeps me from warmth
Darkness surrounds me here
A light comes through - transported to me
A light reaches me through a cold machine


I can see colours, I can feel warmth
Everyone laughing, hugging - not me ... yet!
They are reaching out, it's not too far
They are here - I'm there - together?


I am here and you are there
Everyone sharing, having fun - with me
No they, no me, just "us"
connected by a cold machine and lots of love.



Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to be there from far-far away!
Thanks to everyone who carried us around, gave us precious time, made us smile!
Thanks to everyone who accepted to be followed around!


Andrea and the Alien



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