Actually, one month after he did find the words, and sent this beautiful, moving essay.

I have been more than just deeply moved by the way strangers have embraced my rendition of Vincent upon meeting him.  Even children who may not know truly who he is, are drawn to this character.  It is not only those in the fandom who love Vincent and Catherine; who remember Beauty and the Beast. There are those who watched the series, enjoyed it very much, and just allowed it to be a part of their lives for awhile.  Those are the people who stop in their tracks, look at me with stunned eyes and say things such as:  "You just hit me right in my childhood...I loved that show!"

There are the excited, smiling women, the curious children, the quiet passersby with their small smiles and nods, the rough and tumble men who clap me tight on the shoulder and exclaim loudly - "Wow, brother, that is BAD***!  The Beast!  Ron Perlman rocks!"  All walks of life, all colors and creeds; stopping for a moment to share a space in time with a figure straight out of the late 1980's...a figure they may not have thought about over all these years - or a figure they are simply so happy to see because they have been thinking of him nearly every single day since the moment the series was taken away.

Beauty and the Beast did not exist for just one kind of person.  It existed for everyone.  It touched more souls than I think we all realize.  It changed lives...even lives of people who, for whatever reason, just don't talk much about it.  I have passed by people who literally reached out and tugged me gently to turn back around, and I have been approached and asked if individuals could come closer, just to study where the appliance begins and ends.  I have stood still in the midst of sweet celebration while a small group clamored around me, jumping up and down, slapping at each other playfully, asking with delighted squeals if they could please take a photo with Vincent.

More than anything, I like leaving these people with a smile on their faces, a story to tell, and maybe a photograph to prove their encounter to others. This is the ultimate in "social networking."  I have talked with people whom I may never have met - simply because of Beauty and the Beast.  Even if we have only spoken for a minute, two human beings have connected to share an appreciation together...and that, for me, is a truly beautiful thing.

VB, 25th September 2013


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