More than 40 fans replied to the survey questions.
Thank you! The full results can be found

If you missed the survey,
or if the online survey tool betrayed you,
you are still in time to contribute your thoughts -
you can copy the questions
and e-mail your replies to our address:

at gmail dot com.

The survey gathered a lot of interesting remarks about
the B&B series, the fandom, and this website, BatBland.
Besides the bare results that you can find at the above
link, and which may be a little raw to read, we are
planning to post some general comments
, stay tuned!

For now, as a lovely summary of what was shared,
here are the replies to the question
"B&B in five words for you".
A nice and poetic general picture of our show.

Enjoy, and thank you, everyone!


Some fans composed sentences, from the simple and joyous to the profound and inspiring:

“I love Vincent.”
“Could't live without!”
“Fiction I always return to.”
“Friends all over the world.”
“Love it always and forever.”
“Vincent and Catherine Forever!”
“Love, the truth beyond knowledge.”
“Follow your heart. Anything's possible.”
“A place to escape to.”
“A constant source of inspiration.”
“Celebration of the human spirit.”
“Antithesis to tropes and stereotypes.”
“Compassionate hope brings transformative love.”


Many others listed five words, and the five most recurring are


Love, Hope, Dreams, Friendships, Forever
Love, Warmth, Hope, Dreams, Peacefulness
Love, Hope, Faith, Vincent, Catherine
Love, Understanding, Community, Beauty, Romance
Romance, Acceptance, Love, Hopefulness, Community
Romantic, Heartfelt, Sincere, Lovely, Wonderful
Magic, Passion, Enchantment, Inspiration, Poetic
Humanity, Hope, Love, Survival, Literacy
Love, Family, Structure, Resourcefulness, Happiness
Love, Faith, Hope, Family, Trust
Light, Dark, Romance, Beauty, Spirituality
Romance, Longing, Perfect, Love
Love, Hope, Compassion, Tender, Fun
Romance, Love, Hugs, Poetry, Spirit
Vincent, Catherine, Romance, Love, Family
Books, Poetry, Safety, Inclusion, Understanding
Magic, Inspiring, Strength, Love, Courage
Romance, Love, Bond, Tunnels, Balcony
Romantic, Inspiring, Nurturing, Wonderful, Encouraging
Love, Hope, Compassion, Solidarity, Culture
Soul, Longing, Growth, Humanity, Love
Vincent, Tenderness, Beauty, Joy, Serenity
Dream, Love, Acceptance, Peace, Quiet
Vincent, Vincent, Vincent, Vincent, Vincent
Love, Hope, Commitment, Arts, Family
Love, Trust, Honor, Beauty, Family


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