How and when did you discover Beauty and the Beast? Why is this show special to you? B&B in 5 words for you: If you have a story about what the show did for you, please share. Apart from Vincent or Catherine, which character from the show would you most like to be? When you’re in a B&B mood or have some B&B time, what do you like to do? What do your friends and family think about your B&B habit? How and when did you discover fandom? How do you stay in touch with fandom? How important are the actors of the show for you? What do you like, or what would you like, to do for the other fans? Is there something you’d like to find more of in fandom? What fan fiction have you read the most times? What B&B web place do you visit most often? What is your most cherished B&B possession? What is your most cherished fandom event or memory? If you've attended conventions, which ones? What do you like to find at a convention? (For veteran con goers: which you haven’t seen before at a con, or which you’d like to find more of.) What Batbland pages do you visit most often? What's your favorite thing at BatBland? How often do you visit BatBland? Do you have some constructive criticism, or extravagant praise, or anything inbetween, for BatBland? Who are you, and where are you from? Anything else you want to say?
Watched it back when it aired on tv The romance, the idea of "happily ever after" not being something that has to fit a certain mold, it just has to fit the two hearts it embraces. The Tunnel community, the sense of there being a place where "home" isn't about four walls or who you were born into. Honestly, I'm not sure what it is about the show that I love - there's just something about it that makes my heart sigh a very happy sigh... Love. Warmth. Hope. Dreams. Peacefulness. Sorry, no, I just love it. Hard question! Elliot sometimes, because of his hidden levels of humanity. Sarah maybe - we know so little about her! I'm not sure I'd want to be any one character - I think I'd rather be friends with all of them! Read fanfic, go to YouTube and watch some of my favorite fanvids. If I have the time, watch clips or look at pictures from eps. I like. LOL, who says they know ;-) the ones who do get the VERY downplayed version :-) Creation cons and starlight magazines back when the show aired. Online one not until after the DVDs came out. Bbtv, cabb, and other online sites. Sort of - I like hearing about them, and I love how they portrayed our characters, but for me, the characters are the focus now, not the actors. One of these days, LOL, I will actually learn how to do fanvids, so that all the ideas that go merrily floating through my mind can turn up on some website somewhere :-). In the meantime, me and my fanfics and filks are at everyone's disposal ;-)   Whatever's on tunnel tales, though I've read some of the stuff in father's library, too (sorry, I don't recall the exact site for that one). I adore Lea's stories, both steamy and non-steamy Yahoogroups - Bbtv and batbclassicmosaic, plus cabb. Though I do pop in here, too :-) My knapsack full of fanfics - mostly printed off of websites, but this way they're right at hand   Haven't since the creation days in the 90's   Anniversary, Vincent's birthday Fanfics Couple of times a month Love you guys - every time I think I've seen everything you have, I spot something new. BTW, how about offering some more writing challenges/opportunities, other than once or twice a year? , also known as Alyssa G. I'm from New York City. Keep up the good work!!!
When it first showed in Australia, some time in the late 80's Difficult to say, it just tugged at the heart strings right from the word go Love, hope, faith, Vincent, Catherine   Jamie Dream about the tunnels Friends have come to like it, some to love it, no family left here. My tunnel family are the same as me.     Extremely, each actor just makes his/her character come alive for me More BatB Fan fiction Classic, SND BatBland, CABB, Vincent, Catherine poster by Olivia Meeting David Greenlee at the Cleveland Con Dallas, Cleveland Catching up with my tunnel family, the dealers room, the fun, the games, the laughter, the love Most of them How do you pick out your favourite choc cherry from a whole boxful of choc cherrys As often as I can - usually three or four times a week How do you improve on perfection Skippy, from the Port Pirie Tunnels, South Australia Keep the dream alive!
found a picture from People mag that peeked my interest 'cause for a short time, I believed in a fairy tale! love, understanding, community, beauty &romance!   Jamie get me a Dr. Pepper, some chips and watch the show they like it 1995 because of another show, Xena Warrior Princess I read fan fiction every day very I like their oponions no depends on my mood CABB the first print add that caught my attention finding it when I did which was, admittedly, late to the party. alas..I've not been able to attend one yet N/A front page the videos once every week no Tina from Roland Arkansas nope
I only watched a few episodes on CBS in 1987 -Then watched the whole series in re-runs, then bought the series on VHS & now have it on DVD! At times I can identify with Vincent, at other times Catherine -Someone who feels different from most other people -trying to blend into 'normal' society 1.Romance 2.Acceptance 3.Love 4.Hopefulness 5.Community If Vincent has the ability to live his life as he is & Catherine has the courage to move on from her victimizing experience, then so can I! Devin! He travels the world, has adventures & lives in the moment! Watch favorite episodes or music videos, read or write fanfic, sometimes just listen to classical music They're not interested in it themselves, but think it's great that I go to conventions on my vacation & have fun with all my fellow fans & friends! This was before everyone had a home computer -I looked in a sci-fi magazine & found an ad for B&B merchandise -I ordered some old newsletters & went to my first convention in 1995 in LA without knowing a soul there -by the time I left I had many friends! Mostly on BBTV & Facebook I am grateful to have met many of them through the B&B conventions -but it is just as important to see all my friends every year! If they don't already, let them know about online B&B communities & conventions I can't think of anything at the moment Classic w/C&V & SND stories BBTV Autographed photo of C&V by both Linda & Ron My first convention blew my mind in every aspect --- and when I first heard Vicky Codas sing! Since my first con in 1995 I think I've only missed 3, but have attended the last few & plan to attend in the future if I can I am now considered a vet, but I've never had the 'con virgin' experience -Would it be possible to be 're-virginized' so I can? Ha, ha! Information ? Only about twice a month ? Anonymous Remember Love
when it first came on it is special to me because of the love story between vincent and catherine. special love the music stories it opened up a whole new world for me that even a man disfigured can find love. mouse. watch the series. they think it is good. when the group first started. not to often. very important. meet them. no. some. not to many. the pin of vincent. haven't been to one. haven't attented any. don't know. i haven't the stories. not to often. no. my name is pat i am from pa. no.
love of my life made me watch it in 2010 because of the fans friends all over the world see bat.baliens con reports kristopher write storries my friends respect my choices though sometimes they dont understand 2010 winterfest online chats, winterfest, con, mails not very important (I like it when they make my schatzi smile) write storries, paint pictures, give hugs, help with problems cant think of anything it fits winterfest online memories trip to new orleans, minicon near chicago, feel chans spirit in oscoda, cons, meeting fans, hugs New Orleans 2011, Cleveland 2013 friends consite winterfest online not very often you are great bat.balien, Vienna, Austria thank you
The new fall shows of 1987 TV Guide. Vincent was of the coolest characters on TV. romantic, heartfelt, sincere, lovely, wonderful  
watch the shows on Netflix or fan fic They think it is cute         more stories classic or SND. Not a fan 3rd season unless Diana is a friend and Catherine is alive. Tunnel Tales, Marina's website, The parody that was in Mad magazine and my foster of Vincent discovering Winterfest Online             female from Ohio I love Beauty and the Beast. This show the CW aired was a slap in the face to all true BATB fans. Ron Koslow should be ashamed to air such trash.
at the original showing it was a respite in a stressful new Mom's life. Romance, longing, a perfect love.   Jamie sew something deconstructed and unique Everyone has something....I have a whole loving community. 2010, as the group was in San Diego online Initially very the friendships are make them fandom related gifts. Time Edith's stories. BatBfanfic Directory My crystal   2011, 2013 Vintage Beast artifacts, costumes to copy Mostly the announcements announcements when I get my email   A wanderer Thank-you for asking
I saw the pictorial advertisements in TV Guide in 1987, and read the descriptions, and watched it ever since. It is a beautiful story about "love in its deepest and purest form." The poetry selections, read in Ron Perlman's amazing voice, resonated, and were unforgettable. I constantly re-read them for inspiration. Magic, passion, enchantment, inspiration, poetic. Episodes of the show, and its literary selections, inspired me during a difficult period, and helped me see the problem through to its conclusion. Mouse I like to watch my favorite episodes - "Temptation," "A Happy Life," "When The Bluebird Sings," and "Orphans." I watch it with my family. They think I am obsessive. I discovered sites on the Internet when I was doing research on the show. I read books about the show and look at Sandy X's site and BATBland. They are wonderfully talented people, and I always look to see what their next projects will be. I would like to write fan fiction. I would like to see a B&B convention come to Manhattan, because it is where I live, and closest to get to. I enjoy Sandy X's site and Joanne Grier's stories. They are very talented people. Sandy X's website and BATBland. TV Guide pictures/plot summaries, B&B videos, books about the show, and Vincent's button and bookmark. I met Ron Perlman ten years ago in New York City on the street. I told him how much I loved when he read poetry on the show. Sci-fi conventions in Manhattan. I would like to meet stars of the show. Fanfiction, convention updates and pictures, and video clips. The spirit of the site. Once a week. It is beautifully done - keep up the inspiring work. My name is Hillary Goldstein and I live in Manhattan. Thanks for the great times and for keeping the spirit of an extraordinary show alive!
My introduction to BATB happened in a very roundabout way. Let's see. To go back to the beginning, so to speak, my husband and I moved to the wilderness a few years back. Out here, our options for recreation are limited either to raw outdoor pursuits or to whatever media we can import electronically and by mail. So, not long after our move we signed up for Netflix. One night, I was wandering through the streaming video options on the Netflix website and found a film I had heard about, but never seen: La cit des enfants perdus (The City of Lost Children). What can I say? I'm the sort of ambitious insomniac who watches surreal French films at two-thirty in the morning.
I was tremendously impressed by the performance of the actor who played One, a gentle, simple-minded Russian strongman and former sailor who protects the movie's young heroine, Miette, along with other children in this fantasy city. I recalled that I had also enjoyed the actor's bit part in Enemy at the Gates and so I looked up his work in the Netflix database. The actor being Ron Perlman, Beauty and the Beast showed up in the list.
Now, understand that when Beauty and the Beast first aired on TV, I was seven years old. I have vague recollections of seeing promos for the show during commercial breaks, but no one in my household really watched the series and I didn't know much about it. I queued up B&B along with several other Perlman films and moved on to other things.
Fast-forward to March of 2011. I have been self-studying the writing process over the past few years, in the hope of eventually writing my own series of fantasy tales. Last year, I was working through an excellent how-to-write-a-novel guide that recommended analyzing a few television episodes to get a sense of scene structuring. Thus, since we don't have any kind of television service (not to mention the fact that we don't even own a TV set), I went to the computer, loaded my handy Netflix queue, and saw that Beauty and the Beast was now streaming. I thought: What the heck. I've always loved this fairy tale.
As I watched episode after episode, I found myself deeply and immediately attracted to the characters, as well as to the very unusual ethic of devoted love in the show. I worked on my scene analyses and smiled at the 1980s wardrobe. Then I hit "No Way Down." Rarely have I seen such an honest portrayal of urban night life--especially from '80s TV. They even got the medical stuff right, and I watch for that. They got the characters-in-crisis right. And, my word, Perlman's performance! At that point, I quietly set my writing notebook to one side and proceeded to watch the rest of the series, spellbound. Eventually, after watching every episode at least twice, I dragged my husband into the study with, "My love, you have to see this." That spring, we watched the entire series together. It's changed the way we talk about love and marriage.
He agrees that it's a remarkable story.
I think I've had a unique experience, watching the series for the first time without any interruptions beyond those imposed by the demands of my everyday life. Also, whatever else can be said for my perspective, my view is very much colored by hindsight. I grew up in the 1980s and enjoy looking back at that decade. I have encountered B&B at a time in my life when I'm about the same age as the title characters, early 30s. And I'm now indebted to this story for showing me what is possible in storytelling, that the concepts and themes I had already been wrestling with in my own work have indeed been successfully handled, and that there is plenty of room for further exploration.
When I stood at an emotional and spiritual crossroads in my life, Beauty and the Beast healed me and reoriented my dreaming. It confirmed that my own storytelling work was headed in the right direction, and that my stories are ones worth telling. It also affirmed my fragile self-concept as an outsider who remains a human being nonetheless: There are no freaks here. Compassionate hope brings transformative love. Not a story I wish to share, because it pertains to the inner workings of my marriage, but I can say the show has given me new confidence in myself, and provided new metaphors that my husband and I now use to discuss and explore love in its deepest and purest forms. Assuming that I must also set aside the Season Three heroine, Diana, I think I'd most like to be Father. His talents and accomplishments, his strength of character and his devotion to love are inspiring. A little bit of everything, depending on which activity captures my interest on any given occasion. I study episodes and printed B&B publications, make notes about details and patterns I find, dip into folklore, read, watch, enjoy. Other times, I create something. Writing stories and poems, mostly, although I dabble in music and art based on the series from time to time. My husband thinks it's weird, but "normal" for me. My family knows I like B&B A LOT, but I try not to pester them too much about it so I don't creep them out with my personal obsession. I first discovered fandom when I was checking online to see if any other B&B novels existed besides those written by Barbara Hambly and Ru Emerson. I came across the novelizations of Nan Dibble, and researching her name led me to fan sites and fanfiction. This was autumn of 2011. I wandered around static websites for several months before I warily decided to look in on any active fan boards. (I'm a lifelong Trekkie; I know how scary TV fan groups can get.) In September 2012 I started posting in the BBTV group, and "officially" joined B&B fandom. Personal email with a few special friends I've met online. I like participating in any greeting card exchanges that come up. My favorite community setting is the Episode Discussion group. I've enjoyed experimenting with projects and conversations in the BatBland Discussion Forum. I always enjoy stories on multiple levels, intra-world and extra-world. That is to say, I absorb the story and its characters on one level, while I appreciate the artistry of the storytellers and performers on another level. Excellence attracts me. Certain actors in a show spark my curiosity and I tend to go forth to discover what other work they have accomplished. Ron Perlman, Roy Dotrice, Jo Anderson, Edward Albert, Stephen McHattie, Tony Jay, James Avery, Bruce Abbott, Terrylene, David Clennon, John McMartin, Delroy Lindo, Zachary Rosencrantz, and Kamie Harper really caught my attention. Share what I am learning about the storymaking elements of the show, the mythological foundations, the historical and sociological settings of the episodes, the ideas and philosophies brought to light by the various characters. In-depth, on-topic conversations? Probably _Bright Spirit Descending_ by Nan Dibble. BATBforever _Of Love and Hope_ audio CD. Being invited to write an essay summarizing/introducing the show for the BatBland website...which led to many more wonderful conversations and projects thereafter. Does Winterfest count? I have not attended any "real world" conventions. NA The homepage, What's New, the Forum, and The B&B Year pages. The forum. I really like the Exploring B&Bland Index too. Daily. I consider this website my invaluable personal road map and celebratory calendar to B&B fandom. Anything I need to know, I start here in search of answers. BatBland is a priceless resource. I be the mischievous Zara Wilder, and I am from the Pacific Northwestern region of the United States. I currently reside in the extremely northern wilderness of California. My apologies for tardiness in completing this survey. But thank you for putting it together! It's been fun to consider where I've been and where I'm going on this fabulous B&B journey. Also, the collection of materials presented for the 26th anniversary is beautiful. This fan is grateful.

With love,

Sept. 25. 1987 First episode I am a romatic!. This is the most romatic show I have ever seen!. Vincent and Cathrine Forever,!. Inspires me to do for others first and forget myself!. Mary Watch every episode and share those wonderful lines!. My husband just bears it but my grandaughter is now a BAB fanatic!. Netflix and Facebbok Facebook, CABB Newsletter Very, not actors but real people!. Take them all to Convention 2014 Still thinking about it Rosemary Hauer BABLand Pencil drawing of Vincent & Cathrine in center of Rose Convention 2013 Convention 2013 Still thinking about it            
Saw the series when it originally aired. Loved from the start. It gives me hope that true humanity, and true love, exists. Humanity, hope, love, survival, literacy When I was in high school, we studied English literature as a normal part of our curriculum. This show rekindled that love of English literature in me. Jamie Read stories by my favorite fan fic writers. Look up videos of Vincent and Catherine set to music. Take a bubble bath by candlelight and listen to my playlist of romantic music while admiring my huge poster that has been framed and hung in my bathing room. They think it's great. It's amazing how many of them remember the show even if they were very young when it first aired. It has touched people of all ages. I caught a " marathon" of BATB on television about five years ago. I was drawn to poking around on the Internet to see what I could find. I found a gold mine. Through the Internet. Their talent and dedication made the show what it is. I haven't really followed them as a fan. Let them know in every way possible how important their unique contributions keep the dream alive, no matter what that contribution is, i.e., writing fan fic, reading and supporting fan fic, WFOL, artwork, charitable contributions, supporting the yearly convention. God bless Chan. I miss her amazing artwork. I know there is more talent out there and would love to see this dream interpreted with more artwork. I liked the challenge for a story or vignette based on a particular piece of artwork. Marriage Morning There are two: Imagine That and Things That Are Not and Should Be My Beauty and the Beast poster based on the painting by Olivia De Berardini. I won it on a WFOL on-line auction. Again, there are two: my first WFOL and seeing my vignette based on a drawing by Chan. Never attended one but hope to some day. Can't answer this one because I haven't attended. Tunnel Tales No particular favorite. Not as often as I'd like. None. Those who manage this site are awesome. Norma DuBose. I was born and raised in Texas, near the Gulf Coast. I am an avid reader, love all kinds of music, a dedicated child advocate, and a huge fan of BATB. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to keeping a very special dream alive for so many people all over the world.
When it first aired on CBS The relationship of Vincent & Catherine. The way the people in the tunnel live & love each other Love, Family, Structure, Resourcefulness, and Happiness It may me appreciate what I have with my family & good friends Mouse Read B&B zines or watch B&B DVDs of the show They say nothing at all I don't remember the year but it was at a convention in NYC YES! Their like family to me. Get together at conventions & stay in touch online More zines posted online I read all B&B Fanfic ALL B&B sites The Winterfest Candles My 1st B&B Con quiet a few New Fans, The Zines, & The Special Guest from B&B Visit all the pages on Batland There is no ONE favorite thing. At least 3x a week It a wonderful place to visit NYC Please keep up the great work
In Dampier, Western Australia, when it first showed in Australia. Fell in love with the show on first viewing, just struck a chord - this was and still is my short of show. Love, faith, hope, family and trust   Elizabeth Try my hand at painting or drawing They roll their eyes and say she's off again!! When I found my first BatB paperback at the bus station a few years after they'd taken the show off the tv here in Australia. Via email, facebook, WFOL, and conventions They just made the whole show Keep the dream alive More time 1st, 2nd season, SND BatBland My painting of Vincent and Catherine by Kristopher Meeting "Mouse" for the first time 2012, OzCon 2013, 2013 Fan zines, catching up with old friends, hugs, family, hugs, fun, hugs Fan fiction data base Stories, WFOL, Anniversaries, At least seven times a week How do you improve on perfection Coming from Dampier in Western Australia, and attending the OzCon in Sydney, I bet most of you know that I'm Skippy Live the dream, keep the dream alive, love to all my tunnel family
I watched the show when it was first aired in 1987. I tried to tape everything on VHS tapes. Someone borrowed those tapes and never gave them back. I rediscovered B&B about a year and a half ago on Netflix and that sent me searching for more. Eventually I stumbled into some pretty good fanfiction that satisfied my desire to end the series differently and the happily ever after ending that I craved. I've been reading and searching the internet ever since. Even attended my first WFOL in January. The love story. Who doesn't want someone to love them for who they are and doesn't not try to make them into someone else? Also who doesn't want a protector who knows when you need them and comes to your rescue?   The story is my get away from the real world. When I need a break from the real world I come home shut my door and escape with some wonderful fan fiction. I have to admit that I tap into this almost every day. I like the characters of Jamie and Edie. Jamie was very self assured and spunky with a special relationship with Vincent. I would love to be a friend of Vincent. And Edie had an endearing quirkiness to her character that if developed in the show would have turned into a great friendship with Catherine. I could see them getting into a lot of precarious situations together. Read fanfiction and try to discover new sites or new stories. I also watch the stories on Netflix. I would like to get into more discussion groups or talk to other fans but I am not so computer savvy and a little shy. My secret desire is to write a story but sometimes I am intimidated by all the wonderful stories out there. My son thinks I need to "give it up already" he tried to introduce me to teen wolf because he thinks that it is comparable to B&B. But nothing compares!!!. My poor husband just shakes his head and smiles. I'm still somewhat of a closet B&B fan. I was actually searching for the missing episodes that were not on Netflix and found some fanfiction about a year and a half ago. I get the CABB update and go to different websites and read their updates I really like Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton Ron Doltrice when I think about it they all made the story good Not sure   SND, Family V&C, Humor, Tunnel Tales, Some steam but not too steamy, NO THIRD SEASON CABB, B&B Fan fiction database, BATBland, DVD's My first WFOL WFOL 2013   B&B Website list All of it - so much information in one place. Love this new page and additions Almost daily When I found fandom it seemed like so many people were getting out and there websites that were no longer updated. I was so happy to find this site that listed websites that I could visit and keep me current on what was happening in fandom as well as instructions for newbies. I encourage you to keep up the good work! I am from Pittsburgh PA - My fan name is Roofy - because I am still somewhat in the closet.  
On 9-25-1987 when I decided to try the new show I had been hearing about all summer. There are many reasons, the romance, the ideals of the Tunnel Community, Catherine getting in touch with her strength, Vincent and his feelings of being an outsider. But basically, the show set off a Spiritual awakening of sorts for me. I was inspired to reach for more in life than I ever thought possible and as a result my life has been totally different since. B&B changed the trajectory of my whole life. Light, Dark, Romance, Beauty, Spirituality. Well, I think I related so well to both Vincent and Catherine. I had never felt that understood before - my family never really "got" me. I think that feeling of being understood inspired me to make positive changes in my life: look for a better job, go back to school, etc. It changed my perception of being strong - that one could "learn how to be strong" was not an idea that had ever occurred to me before. I think Samantha, I would love to be a little girl like her growing up in the Tunnels. Try to be creative in some way if I can, B&B is usually behind most creative projects I take on in some way. I will watch an episode occasionally. I go on-line to sites and the BBTV list, WFOL, etc. I also collect photos, memorabilia and zines. Most have never really understood it, but I have been pretty lucky in that most are not negative about it. At least not openly. Often, co-workers and even people at church, including my Pastor, get to know me by the yearly trip I take to the convention and it is a topic of conversation. They will always ask, "Where are you going this year?" However, I often wonder if some of them have other thoughts that they keep to themselves. In 1990 or so, shortly after the show was cancelled, I saw an article in my newspaper about the show, it's fans and what was being done to save it. I wrote to the address they gave, which was a group called Viewers for Quality TV. They put me in touch with other fans and Fandom. Through on-line activity. I like some of them more than others, but ultimately, the characters are much more important to me. I like to give back to other fans in any way I can. I hosted a con for mostly that reason. If I can lead an activity at the con, or contribute in some way to on-line fandom, I like to do that too. People who are religious and/or spiritual enough to discuss those aspects of the show with. Because I find that religious people aren't into TV at all - or at least not sci-fi/fantasy. So I am often between two worlds on that topic. But it's okay, I'm not holding my breath. : ) I have read a lot of fiction, but I don't tend to read many over and over. I always say I'm going to, but then don't because there is new stuff to get to and I am usually behind as it is. I think it would be BatBland - especially because of the special date celebrations. I have a rare 1989 calendar that a good friend sent to me. She was being so thoughtful when she sent it to me because she is not a fan. I would not have it if not for her because I didn't know it existed at the time. So it is a very special possession for me. There are many - but my first con is cherished - South of Oz in 1991. It represented so many "firsts" for me. My first plane ride, my first away con, my first meeting of Ron P. or any major celebrity. The dealer's room, the costumes... I especially remember the banquet being just a totally magical experience. I have attended all the yearly cons except the very first one TunnelCon I. One thing I'd like to see more of is costumes. It seems as though in recent years, most have given up on the Friday costume night and that makes me sad. It is such a creative group and I loved seeing the wide array of costumes years ago. The special date pages - April 12, January 12 and Sept 25. I love the remembrances of those special dates. I also love the con timeline - and visit that for info when I need it. Perhaps once or twice a month. This may sound bad, but it's really not. I often don't have time to be on-line as much as I'd like to do all the B&B things that I know are out there. Extravagant praise, yes! It is very well done. I love the stained glass window motif. It is organized so well - I went there before the 9/25 stuff was posted and puzzled why nothing was there. There was a bouncing ball pointing something out and it was not the celebration, so I figured it was not posted yet. It is a compliment to BatBland that it is so well organized that I knew it was not just me not finding what I was looking for. : ) Rosemarie Salvatore, Bloomfield, NJ, USA Thank you for putting together these celebrations!
I was 13 and I saw the write up for it in the TV Guide Fall Preview Issue. It looked so up my alley, I wrote when it was going to be on in my calendar. The idea of two people so connected, and one of them being an almost elemental force, yet the best of humanity, and the other a strong, courageous, magical person. I couldn't be more hooked to that idea. It was an escape through some of the darkest times of my life. Fiction I always return to. My father died in the summer of 1988. The show helped me deal with his death, to understand my grief. It allowed me to dream ideas in full color when so much of the world was grey. Wow, that is tough. I think I am probably most like Rebecca, but I guess I strive to be a lot like Edie. :) Read fanfic mostly, watch a show, and write. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Well, my hubby likes to make fun of me, but of all people, since he has known me so long, he understands about my fandom life. My kids really tend to leave me alone about it, although I can't imagine what they say behind my back. Only my most understanding friends know I write fanfic, and they are supportive in a "That's great..." sort of way. Well I knew it was out back in 2000 during my first pregnancy. Talk about a craving! But with the kids one after another, I fell away. Then in the fall of last year I searched B&B fanfiction and finally found Carole, and she encouraged me to join WInterfest online and that is history. The Facebook page, and just talking. I also go to BatBland a good bit. They are important, but I learned a long time ago that actors are not their characters, (Thank you Harrison Ford for that bittersweet lesson.) "The plays the thing..." as they say. The story survives past the actors, as much as I love to see them succeed in other endeavors. Encourage people to follow their interests. I like to write, and I like to make collages on Photoshop. I also draw and paint with some small ability, although I need to test that more before I do anything that would be asked for. More fanfic, but that's always... :) I Carry Your Heart - by Carole, Though They Go Mad - by Valjean and a lot by J'Ecris, but I am too embarassed to say...:) Imagine That, and CABB probably Wow, that is hard to say. I have had to purge over the years. I guess I have zine with a beautiful cover that I like very much, a CD of mixed songs I got from a friend, and a mug I got from the convention that I really cherish. Most of my B&B life is online. I got to go to the convention this year, and meet all my online friends. That was lovely. Just this last year 2013, Cleveland The auction was a hoot! I loved it! Of course, just hanging with the girls and reading Zines was amazing. Any stories I can find. So far, the special occasion stories. A good bit, (when I can hide from my family.) ;) I know we have a lot of older fans, so I think the design is helpful for them. I might like to see it snazzied up a bit. I loved the Sept. 23rd page. It was gorgeous! :) Thank you, thank you for keeping the fandom alive!!! :) Karen Crow, Crowmama, from Pittsburgh Thank you again! This was fun!
I saw it when it first aired, then again when it came out in DVDs. Its underlying themes and messages are so important for us to learn and live, and it is a beautiful love story. love, hope, compassion, tender, fun Gave me friendships I never expected, a source for exploring my spirituality, and a new focus when I needed one. Jaime watch an episode, do something constructive for fandom, participate in discussions (love this!) they've never said outright, but I think they think I'm slightly nuts! by googling about 2 yrs ago through chat boards, episode chats very important, as the quality of acting brought the characters to life in a way that wouldn't have had the impact the show had otherwise find a way to make things easier to get out the word and get more involved and attracted, to keep the dream alive! not really I'm still trying to get through everything once! Batbland and bbtv my crew jacket my first con   I like to see guests and I would like more discussion topics about the show forums forums daily a great place for drawing various resources together to get an idea of the scope of things in fandom; love the celebrations you plan! Could there be a link back to home page from the forum index? female from Chicago nope
When it came out in 1987. I saw the first episode and saw Vincent and I was hooked. It's the fairy tale love that every girl dreams of. I love Vincent. It gave me hopes and dreams of a better life out there. Rebecca either watch the show or go online to read fanfics. My husband gets annoyed with it sometimes because he has a hard time getting my attention when I'm engrossed in it. I just happened upon it perusing the internet about 10 years ago. email very important don't know   your pain is my pain. cabb My DVD'S Winterfest     fanfic database anything B&B EVEYYDAY everybody that writes stories does a great job, just don't care for the stories where Catherine is dead. Johanna Hudson, Ohio USA THANKS TO ALL WHO PUTS THESE CELEBRATIONS ON EVERY YEAR.
Original airing of the series in 1987. I was living in Calgary, Alberta at the time. I saw most of Season 1 and then moved to Hong Kong to work and saw Seasons 1 and 2 there (missed some eps though, due to work). I loved the romance, the music, the beautiful sets, and of course the acting. The two leads were magic. A constant source of inspiration. I was very busy working as a managing editor and journalist in HK for a trade publication, multi-tasking, writing tomes of copy every week - and was very stressed. I had few friends there, so the show helped me relax and think about something else when I got home. I tried not to miss an episode and taped them when I couldn't be there to watch it live. No character in particular - I'd just like to be someone in the background watching V&C and the rest of them and be part of the tunnel world community. I write fanfic, do some crafts or try to get my B&B stuff organized. My husband thinks I'm nuts, my parents thought the series was silly and I don't have any RL friends to share this with (just fandom online friends). I've tried to interest my late rother's partner in it (bought her the dvds), but I don't think she really gets it either, although she tries. I borrowed the dvds from our local library around 2003. After watching all episodes of Seasons 1 and 2 several times (they didn't have S3), I bought all three seasons on dvd. After watching Season 3, I went online to try to understand why this had happened - and found fandom. Mostly through fans by email. Not into lists, chats, FB or any of that anymore. I value my privacy too much - those things take away valuable time that I need to do my B&B stuff. Very. I still follow their careers (at least the two main characters), and am always interested when I see the other principle actors named. My goal is to keep adding to the Treasure Chambers and its Museum. I love finding new items to add and searching out others. The memorabilia has inspired me and I know it inspires others. What better way to serve fandom? I know there are more show costumes out there, and I'd love to have images of them in my museum. Each piece is special. The fabrics, construction, and designs are wonderful. They've inspired doll costumes and even full-sized costumes for me. No sure what you mean. I read all the fan fiction that is posted on any site I know about. If you mean have I read any of them more than once, I'd have to say, probably, but don't know the titles. Some fanfic has been extraordinary and memorable - too many to list. I visit CABB to see what has been added, the Perlman Pages for news of Ron Perlman, and batbland for updates and special events. Others I visit occasionally, just to check on them. As in what would I grab in the case of a fire or earthquake? Probably the Olivia poster. It hangs behind me over the cupboard door. I used to love the chats, but just don't have time anymore. Never attended one - never will. Not my thing. n/a I visit the home page and then the updates I find it all interesting and useful. Mostly when I know there are special events being celebrated. Sobi does such a wonderful job with these! Keep up the good work, Sobi, and know that your efforts are very much appreciated. It isn't said enough to people who keep up fandom sites - which as I know personally, are a lot of work - and it should be said often. I'm Angie, and I live on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - about mid-way up the Island. No tunnels here (except old coal mines), but it's a beautiful spot - between the mountains and the sea. Just that I appreciate everything that is done for - and by - fans on the many websites that celebrate B&B.
I love them all.
As a 15 year old. I had read about it in the TV Guide, and thought it sounded interesting. I loved fairytales, and I still do. do I begin to answer this?! It's such a part of me, a part of my heart. Vincent and Catherine are so close to me. It's just such a magical show! Romance, love, hugs, poetry, spirit It's become a part of my life. It's also inspired me, after many years absence, to write poetry and short stories. It keeps my romantic spirit alive...happy sigh. Joe - he's adorable! Read fan-fic, wach my favourite episodes, write poetry. Hmm...well, my family know how much I love the show. Most friends are really supportive, but other people are a little surprised about my love for BATB. I had always kept BATB in my heart, and for some reason, a few years ago, I googled Beauty and the Beast and found a few sites. Batbland was my first port of call. From there, I found the BATB yahoo group. The rest as they say, is history...yay! Via the yahoo groups. I also visit CABB often - just love Tunnel Tales and The Steam Tunnels! Also, I regularly write BATB poetry. I keep in touch with our tunnel family regularly, also, either on the site, or by private email or on facebook. Ron and Linda ARE Vincent and Catherine. They bought them to life. I'm so fortunate that I had a chance to meet Ron and Linda - such amazing people. Of course, everyone who was on the show contributed to the magic. I wish the Tunnels could extend across the world...I mean, it does, we're all connected, but wish we could reach out and touch others around the globe. Not sure how at the moment, but know it will come to me later. I do love writing poetry - and hope others receive joy from reading them. I'd love to see mini-cons on a regular basis. I loved visiting America and having mini-cons! Also, a way we can stay in touch more often. Maybe extra skype sessions, something where we can all log on and say hi. I'd also like to get the message of BATB out there to the world...I try as often as I can. Telling everyone I meet! I'm a big fan of "first time" stories, so often visit The Steam Tunnels. I love reading pretty much everything. CABB Signed autographs of Ron and Linda. Also, items that my fellow tunnel family have given me... It's all amazing and incredible, but the most exciting memory for me is my first con, in San Diego. I get so excited and happy and re-live the convention often. I also love Winterfest Online - I cry every time it finishes...wish we could have it more than once a year... San Diego and New Orleans. I would love to attend every con! I missed out for years, not knowing about the cons...sad sigh Everything! The feeling of family and of friends, beast bingo, the talent quest, art show, dealers room, the closing ceremony, con activities and add-ons. It's like one big family gathering. The links to CABB and everything fan-based The anniversary pages - but really, it's all wonderful! I especially love the scripts site. Not as much as CABB, but once say, every few months. There is so much information here - thank you!!!!! It's also a wonderful thing that you do, remembering the anniversaries and other special dates. I'm Jodie Boyle. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I will forever, for always, love Vincent and Catherine...
I started watching from the very beginning and got into fandom about 1990 at a creation con. The romance most of all. And, I guess I fell in love with Vincent too. And, the intrigues of the tunnel world. Vincent, Catherine, romance, love, family It opened up a world of friends and penpals that I never would have met otherwise. Most of these friends are more like family now and will always be part of my life.   Chat with my many BATB pals on Facebook They realize now that it is a part of me. I don't even try to hide the fact that I am a fan anymore! At a creation con in Sacramento sometime in 1990 I think. I remember it was before Tunnelcon I because I tried to register for it but it was already sold out! My first con was the Celebration of Life cruise in May of 1991. Mostly through Facebook now. Ron Perlman is great! And, all the actors I have met at cons through the years are the best! I have especially enjoyed Armin, Ritch, David G and Roy Doltrice. If I meet a new fan who hasn't been to a con, I try to encourage them to go. It will change their world!!         Meeting several penpals at my first convention, the Celebration of Life cruise and when my group of close friends decided to call ourselves the Myhrmaids after the con in Austin. 17 cons so far... including 3 in England. Last one was the one just held in Cleveland. Dancing! The English cons had a disco every night and we danced the night away!   Photos Not as often as I should!   Cindy Riddles from Stockton, California  
I was flipping channels and I saw someone reading, talking about it, and acting like they enjoyed it. This was odd for TV so I kept watching. I think I started watching about halfway through S2. No other show is like it. I love the world built below, the poetry reading, the importance placed on books, music, treating others fairly, and following a moral code that seems, in this day and age, antiquated but no less pertinent. Books, poetry, safety, inclusion, understanding I read everything they read on the show, looked up the quotes and references, everything. I became an English teacher as a direct result of learning the canon of literature in this way. No established character, really, just myself--only there. Watch old eps, listen to OLAH, read connected books. Still? Well, it's a little weird, but it could be worse. I called in to Helper's Network and wrote letters of woe to CBS in the early days. e-mail lists Important enough so that I will seek out other things that those actors did. The support network that exists on BBTV is nice. People who can edit an e-mail reply to a mailing list! Not sure of any specific names. Used to be Bluebird, now WFOL or BBTV The ideas and ethics imparted by the show Helping to put on the LA con that was attended by RP and RD LA and San Diego Conventions seem repetitive to me, but that doesn't seem to bother those who go. NA NA Not often--when featured on another site NA    
The night it aired-- Sept 25, 1987. I was 16 years old and fell in love with the magic of it immediately. I love the chemistry and the love shared between V & C Magic, Inspiring, Strength, Love, Courage None Jamie Read fanzines that are SND That it's amazing and funny and wonderful that I still love the show after so many years. A year after it went off the air I ordered one of the calendars and stumbled across an add for Between Two Worlds and was hooked. Ordered it immediately. Browse the websites and keep reading fanfiction. Also comment on webpages. They are amongst my favorites. I think they all pulled off all the characters great. I'd love to write a fanzine sometime. More SND stories-- GOOD ONES. No offense to anyone, but some "writers" just don't pull of the characters just right. I'm not nasty about it though to them-- I keep my opinions to myself. Dancing in the Shadows is up there. So is a more recent one-- UNION. CABB by far the most. Close second would be Reading Chamber. My original fanzines. I have quite a bit. And will treasure them forever. Discovering all the stories that are available online! NONE n/a The update pages and the fanfiction pages. This page is overall great! The updates. Really keeps you aware of what is out there. Atleast once a week. Post more fanzines. I'm a fan from the actual Beginning. I also live in PA. LOL. Nope, you guys do an awesome job. Keep up the good work.
I saw the TV ads and watched the pilot when it originally aired. I was immediately hooked! The beauty of its overarching messages of love, compassion, tolerance, and hope, encouraging us to appreciate the differences in others and to give generously of ourselves to those in need. To give help and receive help when it is needed. Plus, Ron Perlman as Vincent . . . sigh . . . need I say more? Love, the truth beyond knowledge. The show eventually opened an entire new world of friendship and connection for me when I discovered the online Tunnel community -- friends that have encouraged my creativity and supported me with their thoughts and prayers during times of illness and crisis. JAMIE!!! Read and write fan fiction! Watch my DVDs! I am lovingly indulged, but I suspect they think I'm a bit cracked. I found Tunnel Tales about 5 years ago and have not stopped exploring and discovering since then! Online and email. I have tremendous admiration for all of them, but especially for Ron Perlman, Linda Hamilton, Roy Dotrice, Ellen Geer, Beah Richards, Armin Shimmerman, Edward Albert, Jay Acovone, David Greenlee, and Irina Irvine. Continue writing fan fiction. One day, I'd love to go to a BATB convention, but it would need to be closer to my home outside Washington, DC. Encourage good writing! We need more wonderful stories of excellent quality! Everything by Carole W! She's AMAZING!! Tunnel Tales and Imagine That I have a Tamara Thompson replica of Catherine's annivesary necklace. I just LOVE it! My first Winterfest Online 2011, where I published my first piece of BATB fan fiction. None so far, but I'm hoping one will be organized close to my home outside Washington, DC. I have young children, and travel is difficult. Most important -- the opportunity to meet other devoted fans, fan fiction authors, and of course, the ACTORS!! Celebration pages, episode guide Celebrations like this one! once or twice per month So happy these sites are here to help us stay connected! I'm known online as Lindariel. I live in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. Everything . . . he gives me EVERYTHING!!
1989 - second season was running on tv it just drew me into the tv when I first saw an epi - and it was not the pilot, it was second season - after I saw a glimpse of it I was hooked, and I did not forget it - without seeing it again till the DVDs came out and I found you all on the internet 3 years ago. romance, love, bond, tunnels, balcony I met all the beautiful people at the con!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie watch an epi, and then in bed read a romantik fanfic some think it is crazy, some think it is great that we still meet after so manny years and that I get to meet so many great persons i googled Beauty and the Beast around 2008, I found Marinas website first - read the stories and clicked all the links and found fathers online library, the reading chamber and cabb. Much later - in 2010 I found the courage to join the fans on yahoo, I had to make a new account and everything, I did not know anything about mailing lists and yahoogroups. internet - yahoogroups - bbtv, gutter and tunnelfamily, and epi-chats on skype they are important, because they brought life to the written charakter, and they had great chemistry together when i am there I like to help at the con.
translate to german
cant think of anything at the moment Where the Rainbow Ends
Your Pain is My Pain
but I have listened more often to "Touch" :)
bbtv my Alien :)
DVDs, B&B Jacket
the closingcircle for the first time as a con virgin New Orleans 2011, C&Vland 2013 Linda Hamilton B&Byear though lovers will be found once a week i like it, things are easy to find, not too complicated underthepark from Austria thank you for all your work on batbland
I found the show when it was first being promoted...watched the first episode and fell in love. It showed me that regardless of the cards we are dealt in life that there is always hope. That love is a most precious commodity and it should be given freely and nurtured. To cherish your family and friends, and to help others when you can. Romantic
Like Vincent I was born with a rare illness. For the most part it is an inner illness, but there were some outer effects as well. I was teased and bullied as a kid and while that was a hurtful time for me, it also made me look for the inner person in everyone. I want people to accept me as me, and therefore I strive to do the same to others.

I related well to Vincent. Took to heart the lessons to be learned in each episode and am thankful for what they taught me.

I don't think I would like to be him exactly, but I would like to meet Father and learn from him. I liked to put in some episodes and watch them. Most don't know about it or don't think much of it other than its just something I'm into. I found the fandom a long time ago, but didn't really become involved in it until a few years ago. By emails, joining groups. Fairly important, especially Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. I would like to delve into writing for the fandom some day...if I can ever find the time to do so. Would also love to read more of it, and I enjoy the collages/artwork that other fans do. No I don't think so....there's so much out there to enjoy already. I haven't read enough of it.... CAbb... A pewter Vincent pin, along with the two Vincent t-shirts and stack of fanzines I just recently purchased from a fellow fan at a sci-fi convention I just went to. Winterfest...all of them to date since I've been active in the fandom. I haven't attended any, yet. Fellow fans, new merchandise, etc. All of them All of it... As often as I can nope I'm Wendy M and I hail from the SW Missouri Tunnels Nope...
I bought the DVD by chance without knowing the series It is different from others: It is a philosophical tale that conveys values Love Hope Compassion Solidarity Culture I have no story but I would like to say thanks to BATB, I met some lovely people, people "good" I would like to be Mary I watch an episode and I dream My family was surprised by this sudden passion and she does not understand me. However, she respects my choice. My friends do not know. I did some research on the internet. I started in November 2012. Facebook, BBTV, CABB, Actors are important to me in the series. I like to me informed about what they do as right now. I am especially interested in the BATB interviews. Talk about Series   Take me home, How could I forget thee? (Lea) My Winterfest candle Winterfest     CABB BBRC Once or twice per week Love it Odile from the French tunnels My path crossed BATB. I am very happy. Thanks to BATB, I found what was lacking in my life: sincere friends.
Via a friend just before the second episode, which we watched together. I was always attracted to the theme of Beauty and the Beast - a Beast with a worthy soul. Soul, longing, growth, humanity, love. Among the delayed blessings, the most important has been... friends!
The rest has been... pleasures. (before BatB fandom or DVDs, I used to find other ways to indulge in my fondness for the English language)
I always wished I'd been braver, and a tomboy (hence, Jamie) when I was very young -- but I'm also a bit of a bookworm. I'd like to be Samantha and have a whole life ahead of me! Read fan fiction! Nowadays they don't see it as invasive; a bit weird at most. At least they understand about the friendships! Online in January 2004 after I looked up a TV program and saw a mention of the show. via the Yahoogroups, websites, fan fiction blogs, facebook, private e-mails, mini- and regular Cons! They stand among the cornerstones or pillars without whom the show wouldn't have taken flesh and become so lovable. But I understand their having moved on. I would like for the Muse to hit again, so that I could draw or write something. Or more time to be a truly active member, contribute to keeping things going in my country or my continent... I can't think of anything, there is diversity AND cohesion (not perfect cohesion, but enough on the whole)... I'm not sure. I keep going back to Lea's "Told You So", Ann R. Brown's "Raven Rock", Joan Stephens' "Carnival" (two A.U.'s that's a lot,, I know!), a few of JoAnn's short ones... Currently? fanfiction blogs: Carole's and Crowmama's. Otherwise? CABB TT, this BatBland, BatBWFOL... A pewter Vincent on a keyring, from one of my fairy godmothers. Before that, my only and most cherished B&B possession used to be my OLAH CD. After that, a few other cherished objects (talismans) joined the fray. Conventions, whether mini, regular, or online. Meeting talented fans I admire, and other fans I'm simply fond of. NJ 2008, NOLA 2011. Looking forward to the Twin Cities! I think I like to find a conversation-friendly environment. Maybe for example small panels, and a friendly room -- moments and places where you can talk in groups of 3 or 6 or 10 (not counting meals). the B&B year, Con history, exploring the online tunnels. The Jan, April and Sep. events! Once every few weeks, I suppose - irregularly, but I know and LOVE that it's there ;) Simply indispensable! Quiet and efficient, like its moms ;) You (yes, you!) have probably recognized me by now. So, there's no need to tell ;) I'll give it a new try ...and be less of a stranger!
I saw it advertised on CBS before it ever aired. I felt that the concept was very intriguing and the thought of a beloved Fairy Tale come to life appealed to me. That is very difficult to put into words. The show was so very romantic, and I love the ideals it represents. It is filled with hope, and so much light, goodness. Of course Vincent is also one handsome reason lol. I fell in love with his character, and with their story. Love it always and forever. I've shared it before. But in a few words, it made me have faith in mankind, to beleive again that love still exists. It gave me courage to try new things, meet new people, and to expand lifes horizons. Will be forever grateful for that. Kipper, he's a cutie, and so sweet. Read fanfic, write or draw batb related themes. I like to draw the characters on the show because it helps put me in touch with them ie what they might have felt, what they might be like. I enjoy watching the episodes too and quite often draw from them. At first, they were not happy about it. LOL Think they thought it was an escape from RL. (which it kind of was... hehe). But they have come to accept that its a part of my life. Now I received batb gifts from them for birthdays and Christmas! When the show aired originally. Rediscovered it in 2009. Throught the bbtv list, and email. Without them we wouldn't have had our beloved characters. So very important. I like artwork and stories. Keep the dream alive in any way possible. Fandom is a wonderful place and am more than satisfied/happy with my batb family and fandom. I read everything batb related, there are so many excellent writers in our fandom. CABB My autographed pictures of Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman, to meet them was a dream come true, and one that I would never have imagined a possibility. The New Orleans Con. To meet my tunnel family/friends face to face, and receive all those amazing hugs! It was awesome!!! New Orleans 2010 The conventions are amazing. They are perfect. Tributes, Anniversary Pages, Vincents Bday celebration, videos, chans art, sometimes the convention pages. I like everything, it would be hard to pick a favorite. Love the tributes, anniversary pages. Fairly often. I enjoy the tributes, the convention reports, the anniversary pages, videos, everything. No complaints. Linn Bankson, Pecatonica Illinois Thanks to all batb fans, tunnel sisters and brothers, and to all of you who have given your time and talents to keep the dream alive and carry the light. Much love and gratitude.
On that fateful Friday and like thousands of others, I felt I was alone in my discovery. I'm so grateful that my aloneness was proven wrong! It gathered in all the wounded souls and gave them hope and showed us that love does make all things possible. That beauty isn't about the body, but rather about the heart and soul of each individual. Vincent, tenderness, beauty, joy, serenity Because I felt safe with Vincent and Catherine, they allowed me the freedom to set free my secret dream of writing. And that joy has opened the world to me. Through my writing I have gained personal freedom and been blessed in meeting many new friends around the world. Pascal. He knows all the secrets but tells none of them. I write and/or read fanfic.   In 1987 while recovering from an illness. A friend of my sister's sent me some zines to help pass the time while I recovered. I've been addicted ever since! E-mal to my friends. I don't often reply in groups....still too shy for that...but I adore individual messages, the longer the better! Incredibly important I loved attending the cons, chatting, hearing the stories of others. There is an incredible sense of family within fandom, a love that binds us together, and I enjoy getting email from other fans.   Anything written by Trisha Kehoe, Teri P, and Wendy deVeryard Fanfic database and BATB web pages An original portrait by Vincent and Catherine done by Inez Brown. Meeting Ron Perlman, Edward Albert, Armin Shimmerman, and Roy Dotrice and then receiving personal messages from them following the death of my mom. Virginia, Florida (twice), California, Texas, Las Vegas - all of them, plus several of the Creations Cons. The thrill of meeting the actor's - up close and personal - can't be beat. The overall intimacy of fandom that one feels truly as if it is a large family gathering is joyous.     Twice a week, regularly   Joanne Grier, Indiana, USA I'm awed by the talent of those who run and put together all the web pages in BATB and the Winterfest Candlemakers. Talk about your creative have it! My sincere congratulations.
I discovered the show from the very first episode. I watched the commercials for it and was hooked just from them. It was a place of love, inspiration, values and acceptance. A place to escape to. the story was always an inspiration to treat people with kindness and no to judge to harshly.   For right now I turn on Netflick and watch an episode. They don't really know yet. But they will soon. Only about a week ago. Watched BatB again after so many years and started googling for websites. So glad I found what I have so far! I joined a group and I am on the websites everyday to read and reminisce.   not quite sure about this.   haven't read any more than once yet. just found them and an going through them as fast as I can it seems like. Classic Alliance, BATBland and yahoo group, everyday right now nothing but have a few items coming to me in the mail sadly none, but am contemplating going to 2014 in MN     Classic Alliance, BatBland and yahoo group daily I don't have a favorite, I love everything I have came across off so far. daily no Darlene Barker from Jackson Ohio  
It was 1987, I was 14, and home alone on a Friday night. I was listlessly surfing channels looking for something mildly amusing to watch, when I chanced upon one of the last scenes of the originally aired episode "Song of Orpheus". The combination of visuals, orchestral music, costuming, and dialog got me hooked right then and there. But I think Rick Baker's mask, and Ron Perlman's performance, moved me more than any other element. At 14, I was socially awkward, shy, and living in a very small town in which there were very few cultural or musical fun things for kids to do. I yearned to know more about cities, find out what sort of creative outlets and experiences I might have that could not be attained in a small town. So I lived vicariously through Catherine. The character of Vincent was so unlike any stereotype or trope represented in television before, and I don't mind saying that I crushed on him rather intensely for a time. The tunnel world was totally a place I could see myself residing, to be a part of a community who are actively involved and concerned with each other, a stark contrast to my reality. I've always been hugely drawn to orchestral music, and though I could never watch a musical or hear a concert of that caliber, I could enjoy the soundtrack here very easily. It also introduced me to a number of literary figures, which had me going to the library even more often than before. It's difficult to say why I became such a fan as I am, but it FIT, for lack of a better word, better with my sensibilities and mindset than any other fictional thing I'd seen before or since. Antithesis to tropes and stereotypes. I don't have a specific story, per say, but the show did wonders for my teenaged self-esteem and sense of self, gave me a brilliant and positive place to imagine myself, helped me channel my natural tendency to help and care about others, and gave me a healthy respect for all people, whatever their ability, appearance, or background. I think it'd be interesting to live like Jamie. She isn't depicted very often so we don't know much about her off-camera life, but being a tom boy, wielding a crossbow, living below, oh yeah, I'm all over that. I make music videos, I think of long works of fan fiction, I play with the idea of slicing and splicing various scenes and dialog from this show, and by the actors in other works, to make "new" works. And then there's the podcast, which I haven't been able to do of late due to a non-functioning mic. Soon, soon! I don't tend to talk about it. Hubs knows about it and quite enjoys me fan-girling over it. I have mentioned it to a couple of real-life friends, but it seems to be a mostly clandestine, online habit. I came into fandom in 1997 when I arrived on BBTV, just as soon as I got internet in my little town and I researched the television show. It'd been a number of years since I'd seen reruns, and sometimes I felt like I had only imagined it. What a relief to find that I wasn't the only fan to remember the series. I'm mostly out-of-touch, as the sheer number of messages tends to overwhelm me. I pop out at Winterfest, and I talk privately with a number of other fans, but I'm mostly just content to post my music videos and podcasts, even with the lack of audience participation. Incredibly. They made the script, the costumes, the makeup, and the scenes come alive. I always squee a little when I find that an alumni is working on something new, and I will always mourn the cast as they age and pass. I like finding creative ways of reimagining the show. I'd like to see more participation, and to figure out new ideas to play creatively with things. N/A., my own website, and Facebook. The Olivia poster print of the painting from "When the Bluebird Sings". My first convention, Virginia Beach, 1998. Virginia Beach 1998 and L.A. 2000. I'd love to find more affordable memorabilia, but I understand why it isn't (affordable), hehe. Whatever gets highlighted and mentioned in the Facebook fan page. - Not often enough. - Ginger, in presently rainy Portland, OR. HIIII!
I saw the ads on TV and since it was always my favorite fairy tale, I had to watch it. I honestly am not sure. There was just something about it that kept it in my mind over the years. I would look for things related to it, first in second hand stores and later on the internet. It made me sit down in an NCO Club on a Danish Airbase sometime in the 1990's and watch almost a whole episode (Walk Slowly) in Danish, even though I couldn't understand a word of the dialogue. Dream, love, acceptance, peace and quiet. When I rediscovered it in January, 2008 it opened a whole new world, and brought new friends. I think I am Mary. LOL! I take care of everybody! Read fanfiction or write it, or watch an episode. There is a lot of eye rolling, and my husband can't understand why I spend so much time an energy writing things that I don't get paid for. There are just some things that are more important than money. January, 2008. I was just doing one of my periodic searches to see if the show had been released on DVD and all of a sudden the floodgates opened. Not only did I find the DVD's (and ordered them), but I also found the fanfiction, the groups and the fact that I was not alone. E-mail, Yahoo groups, Facebook, chats. I obsessed for years over what Ron Perlman really looked like. LOL! That was before we had internet. I saw him in several other movies, but in all of them he was in makeup. Then one night I was watching a made for TV movie and the voice of one of the main characters sounded familiar. The movie was Primal Force and the character was Frank Brody. Not long after that I saw Alien: Resurrection on TV. I also watched everything that I could find that Linda Hamilton was in. And every once in a while, I'd spot one of the other actors in something else. I was a big fan of Stargate: SG-1 and the character of Major Kawalsky always looked familiar, but I just couldn't place him. When I got the BATB DVD's I was watching the first episode and all of a sudden it hit me. I was looking at Joe and I yelled "Major Kawalsky!" Scared the daylights out of the husband and the cats. I don't know. I do what I can when the opportunity presents itself. Can there ever be enough fanfiction? Enough happy endings?
I read and re-read all of it. I do have some favorite writers, but I love it all. Classic Alliance... I can find almost everything else from there. My copy of Great Expectations in which I've collected autographs: Linda Hamilton, David Greenlee, Cory Danziger and Judy Shimizu so far. There is plenty of room for more. My first con when we saw the video that doesn't exit. New Orleans - 2009, San Diego - 2010, New Orleans - 2011, Dallas - 2012, Cleveland - 2013 More discussion panels with discussions like we get into on the BATB Yahoo groups. The main page so I can navigate to everything else. All of it. ;-) I often visit the con pages for information. At least once a week. Keep doing what you're doing, because it works for me. Janet Rivenbark, originally from Detroit, but I've lived in Southeastern North Carolina since 1972.  
I watched the show the first night it aired, and it's been in my heart ever since. Where to begin? The incredible Bonded love between Vincent and Catherine is at the core of it, and the philosophy of the Tunnel community resonates strongly with me. The themes of the show are so inspirational. I find a peace comes over me when I watch an episode, a sense of being in the right place, of belonging. And it brought me to this wonderful community of fans who have enriched my life. And...I could go on and on! Follow your heart. Anything's possible. It was a light and a haven in dark times, It provided inspiration and when I truly needed it. It gave me the courage to do things I never thought I would or could. It brought me beautiful friendships I treasure. Because of her job, Jenny. I think being a book editor would be a great job to have! I like to write fanfic when the inspiration strikes, and to read fanfic by some of our truly wonderful writers. It ranges from support and acceptance (many of you know my "non-fan" husband who somehow can quote lines from the show!) to thinking I'm nuts - and that's just in my house, living with two other people! I used to be somewhat secretive about my fan activities after some harsh, judgmental words from a good friend when I shared my feelings about the show. As I've gotten older I've gotten freer about telling people about it, and about where I go each July and why (and how much we raise for charity at our conventions!), and if they can't see that my passion is just as valid as their own (for a sports team or their hobby or whatever), I don't much care anymore! In 1997, we got personal computers at my job, and we were encouraged to learn how to use the Internet. I was wondering what to search for, so for a lark I put in "Beauty and the Beast," and that's how I found the Songs of the Blue Bird site and CABB. I was thrilled to find I wasn't "alone" anymore. I wrote to CABB and one of the moderators responded and guided me into "the light"! Fandom has been part of my life ever since. Mostly via BBTV and Facebook, plus I meet with the San Diego club members and other B&B friends monthly, have "mini-cons" with B&B friends when I can, attend our annual conventions, and keep in touch with various friends via e-mail. Not as important as the show itself, but I do follow their work and try to support it whenever I can. Having been lucky enough to have met many of them has been a treat. They are uniformly amazingly talented, and I am so grateful for their portrayals of the characters. But it's the show that draws me, not the actors. I have done work for various conventions, and was privileged to have been able to run one. I edit fanfic for various fans. I contribute to various fandom projects as my abilities allow. I try to do what I can to support the fandom and individual fans. I'd love to see more contributions to the "content" we have in fandom - from more stories to more art to more participation in activities - all in the interest of keeping The Dream alive for each other. "Sleepless in Providence" is my favorite zine, one I re-read annually. I've re-read Teri P's steamy stories many times. But there is so MUCH to read that when I have time to read fanfic, I usually try to read something new to me, either a story online or in hard copy zines. I'm old-fashioned, and actually prefer to read hard copy zines, so I've made good use of my borrowing privileges at the Crystal Rose Lending Library! BBTV for Yahoo groups, CABB and Batbland (it''s a tie!) for websites. Beauty and the Beast 1987 for Facebook. And of course, I'm glued to the computer during Winterfest Online! Probably a lock of Vincent's hair that I won at a convention auction years ago, which had been donated by Margaret Bessera, Ron's make-up person. The first time I saw...the video we do not talk about online! All of the U.S. cons since the Virginia Beach con in 1998. I suppose I'd like to see more discussion panels about topics that are show-related. But I love everything we do, so I don't know how those could be fitted into the schedule! The Conventions, Exploring the online tunnels (I use it as my gateway), The B&B Year. I love that Batbland is doing so much to be the guardian of fandom history, which I think is incredibly important. I also love that you take so much care and effort to create beautiful celebrations for fandom for various special B&B dates throughout the year. Daily, sometimes several times a day. Extravagant praise is all you'll get out of me! You work behind the scenes without asking for glory or even recognition, and you provide some of the best content for fandom. I appreciate all your efforts. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for truly embodying the spirit of B&B fandom. JoAnn from San Diego, CA. I'll reiterate my thank you!
I discovered Beauty and the Beast from a TV Guide, and saw it for the first time in 1988 It's a wonderfully imagined version of the fairy tale; Classy, beautifully done; and I always wondered why Vincent was the way he was. He was a mystery. Vincent Vincent Vincent Vincent Vincent Through the show, I got to know people who since have become my friends.   I usually have art projects that are B & B related going on. Very positively I discovered fandom in 1988 -1989, finding out about a local group and attending my first B & B con Still a member of that group, and also by conventions and online sources It has become less important to me. The values of the show and the yearly cons are more important now. What I have been doing for many years: Vincent     fb pages, BBTV Batbland, Treasure Chambers My costumes Too many to count! All U.S. cons except Tunnelcon I More of US! Annik's site, con history site La Belle et la Bete quite often Nice place to visit!    
I watched it when it first aired in 1987. The romance between Catherine and Vincent, I absolutely loved Vincent. Love, Hope, Dreams, Friendships forever. I rediscovered B&B after getting laid off work after 37 years. At first, B&B was an escape from Real Life, then the message of hope, dreams, love came through. Jamie. She has courage. Read fanfics. I have been reading them for almost four years, and STILL have hundreds (thousands?) to go. They think it is a good hobby, and are very supportive in my interest in the show. They are very glad I have met so many friends and encourage me to attend the cons. Discovered fandom right after WFOL2009. Found CABB during a web search, then found bbtv. Weekly chats via Skype on Sunday Epi chat, Tuesday Euro chat, Wednesday 3S epi chat. Also am a member of bbtv, guttercoffeeshop, tunnelfamily, batb3s, and a few other Yahoo batb groups. Very important. If I see them in other shows, I will watch. I love the hugs and getting to know the fans at the cons. The fandom is perfect - continuing stories, new members, and the caring among the fans is great. Still reading new ones, haven't gone back to re-read others, yet. CABB BATB crew jacket with Linda Hamilton's autograph. Meeting my roomies for the first time at the airport in San Diego in 2010. I have attended. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. Each one is better and better.   Convention pages, anniversary pages, anything with new stories. Convention pages. Whenever new events are posted, and right after a con - read all the con reports. LOVE BatBland. Love that anyone can contribute to the pages. It is truly a fan-centric site. Linda Stork, from Mesa, Arizona I love this fandom, and all the friends I have made.
A friend told me about it all through the first season and then I finally started watching it It speaks to my soul! In life, we always need to see beyond the surfaces, to change and grow, to love and hope. And it's brought me some of the best friends I've ever had! Love, hope, commitment, arts, family It made me find strengths and talents I had forgotten about, and some I never imagined I had! It brought me a whole new family. I want to be like Devin - always exploring and learning and transforming myself into something new! Watch eps and chat, write, paint and otherwise create They used to think I was a little nuts. Now they know! But they also know I'm happy and fulfilled by this show and its fandom, so they are very supportive Early in 2010 by googling the show bbtv, facebook, chats, skype, emails very!!! I like sharing whatever inspires me with everyone more art! We need new artists! Sleepless bbtv My original Winterfest candle Meeting everyone for the first time in San Diego From San Diego to the present Sleep, but that'll never happen! anniversary pages and con pages pictures once a month or so LOVE it! LauraG from Ohio Hi, J!!!
My mother saw the previews before it aired, and convinced me to join her in watching it. Little did she know what a monster she would create! From the first episode I saw (not the pilot - I started watching with her a few episodes after it begain) I was hooked! I was just a kid when it first aired, but it had an enormous effect on me. It introduced me to poetry and classic literature, led me to a greater appreciation for classical music, and gave me a person with whom to identify (Vincent) - an "outsider" who was good and kind. I never felt like I fit in, so "meeting" Vincent was very special for me. Celebration of the human spirit See above I don't want to be a character from the show. I want to be myself, celebrated and loved for the person I am. I love watching episodes or chatting with friends in fandom. Now and then I'll let it take me to some new creative piece. Some think it's weird, some think it's no different from any other "geek" fandom and they just accept that the love I have for the show, and my participation in the fandom, are all part of what makes me who I am! At the end of 2006, after I ordered and watched the Season 1 DVDs. I was hooked again, and went online to see if there was anything more. Little did I realize just how MUCH there was! I chat with friends from fandom, keep in touch via Facebook, and go to the conventions. I also participate in WFOL. Very important. They were the people who brought the characters to life, and I will be forever grateful to them for creating this world that has had such an enormous impact on me. We all have unique stories about how the show touched us, and what we love best about it. And that's why I think celebrations like this one, WFOL, and the conventions (as well as April 12) are great ways to bring us together and remind us of all the messages our beautiful show conveyed: compassion, acceptance, unconditional love, forgiveness, beauty within, giving of ourselves, etc. I think as long as we have these ways to share ourselves and our love for the show, the fandom will continue to be great! Just continued appreciation for all the hard work that goes into events like this one! Everyone puts their whole selves into it, and I think it's important for those of us who don't do the actual work to recognize just how hard it is, and how much love goes into it. Leave behind the complaints and let's celebrate what we have - which I think is pretty darn spectacular! I'm not good with the names. I frequent Father's Library quite a bit (from the Bluebird site), and some on Tunnel Tales. I don't spend a lot of time reading fanfic - just don't have the time to read that and regular books with my schedule! CABB, Bluebird I have a few, but I think my favourites are some of the original drawings/paintings I've gotten from fan artists. Probably my most cherished memory is the first friendship I developed as a result of my involvement in fandom. This person is incredibly special to me, and isn't heavily involved with fandom, but we've managed to stay in touch. I've attended the last four or five, and they were all amazing! I really love to find new gems from fan artists - it's my absolute favourite part! I just love to see what our newer fans are coming up with, and see older items returning to the fandom so others can enjoy them. I also really love the costumes, Bubba, and the charity auction - both for the items available and for the wonderful auctioneer Deb who keeps us laughing! Con pages The con pages and archives of anniversary celebrations Not very often. A few times per year. Nope. I think it does a good job of providing us special things we don't get elsewhere in fandom!    
Saw the commercial on CBS, sounded interesting - so I watched because the underlying theme is that everyone is ok - bumps, warts and all. We all have merit love, trust, honor, beauty & family   Jenny listen to beautiful music those closest to me know & tolerate it. But luckily they have 'fascinations' of their own, so it it sll good. Through Prodigy message boards in 1988 currently by the internet & phone calls they will always have a special place in my heart for the beautiful work they created for us. But for the most part, I do not follow them to everything they do/star in.         A B&B Bookmark signed by Linda Hamilton - and the picture of Ron & myself from South of Oz being serenated by Edward Albert in NYC in 2001 all US conventions except Tunnel Con I   the convention pages the total access of fandom information several times a month   Karen, Texas  
2001, after I'd re-watched my video-taped episodes, and was in desperate need of an SND, before I knew what that was. cons, yahoo groups, winterfest I'm grateful to them for helping to bring to life such wonderful characters, but that's about it. diversity, all kinds, and respect for that diversity My own, during the writing process. If that doesn't count, then I think it's a tie between Lea's Take Me Home and Jo Frederick's Your Love is Where I'll Go. Yahoo groups messages come to me, so if they don't count, then probably the convention pages at batbland, especially the current one. Not exactly possessions, but my many beloved B&B friends. A few are as close as family, and many more aren't and still I love them dearly. If I must pick a thing, I guess it will be Chan's Coming Clean, dear to me because I saw what inspired it (no, not that!) and was among the first to gaze upon the scanned and uploaded image when it was posted for Winterfest 2008. 2002 to present I like to see things I haven't seen before. Though there's a certain video I never tire of. convention pages Sobi a couple times a week? Thanks, dear. I love you.