One Friday night, twenty-one years ago...
Beauty and the Beast










  On September 25, 1987,
the Pilot of a new TV show was aired.

That show was Beauty and the Beast.

Let's celebrate this 21st anniversary.




The DVD box set
release due on September 30, 2008!  The cover art is horrendous, but  never mind, the fandom has its own resources...

The episodes
A compilation to make us sigh and smile.

The fandom
A devoted fandom was born that night. This review of its amazing wealth of creativity was written by JoAnn Baca for the San Francisco B&B convention, 2003, at a time when a good part of the fandom was in the verge of migrating online, thereby opening new paths to the B&B passion. So, the new accomplishments of cyber creativity still have to be sung. Will do so in the future, as we intend to celebrate for long years to come... in the meantime, let's marvel at the history we are part of.