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September 30, 2008

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Excuse me, but what the fuck??? Ok, here we go. Catherine upper right looking out into the distance; NYC skyline background upper left; blondy hairy guy (it sure as hell ain't Vincent!) lower left looking into the distance; tunnel (I guess) background and lower right (I swear to god it looks like one of the tunnels the pink slime was flowing through in Ghostbusters II; center goldish band with BEauty and the Beast centered in script font with The Complete Series beneath it in serif caps; a light diagonal line runs from about the middle left of the upper pane, under the gold band, to about the middle right of the lower pane
The Cover Art...
Beauty and... who? Who is that??? What on earth happened to Vincent??? If this sounds like the conversation you've been having with yourself, here are some better cover art options created by fandom artists.

similar to the official cover art, except with a realistic version of Vincent, lower right looking up at Catherine and a tunnel we recognize lower left; Catherine upper left looking down at Vincent, lower right; NYC skyline upper right; text center Beauty and the Beast in script font, centered with The Complete Series beneath it in sans-serif caps Vincent and Catherine excerpted from the Take a Walk on the Wild Side poster (possibly the most gorgeous publicity shot ever), closeup shot; script font in a brown box in upper left corner: Beauty and the Beast, with sans-serif caps beneath it: The Complete Series Vincent background, looking down intently at Catherine (can't see his eyes); Catherine lower right , profile, looking up intently; Vincent looks about to kiss her; Beauty and the Beast script font bottom center with The Complete Series in sans-serif caps beneath it collage of Sandy Tew artwork; Believe in script font, upper left corner; Vincent and Catherine upper right corner; another Vincent and Catherine middle left inside a circle, around which is written Once Upon a Time in the City of New York...; middle right, NYC skyline; bottom Beauty and the Beast The Complete Series the Olivia painting with a pink/lavender border; gothic font, top right: Beauty and the Beast ; script font bottom center: The Complete Series
by Lynn Wright by Lynn Wright by Lynn Wright by Sandy Tew by PicoJeff

And here is a possible explanation of where that Troll face came from,
thanks to the unloving hands of some "creative" who probably never saw the show:

The Troll

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