Once upon a time, during Winterfest Online...



O nce upon a time, Winterfest Online was celebrated during the week that included January 12, Vincent's birthday, and on that day the guests had a "party" with Vincent. There were rumors of him wildly dancing with fans on the Great Hall tables and of powerful blowing outs Winterfest-colored candles... probably unfounded. Anyway, the WFOL date is not always the same, and when it was moved to a later winter week, five years ago, BatBland picked up the celebration. Perhaps the new fans might like to take a peek at some of the nice treats presented during those festivities: they are still available in the old Great Halls, but this year we thought of gathering a few links here. Enjoy!


Birthday wishes from Vincent's friends

One of them with its detailed recipe...

From Chan - Happy birthday Vincent 1

From Chan - Happy birthday Vincent 2

An *adorable* portrait of 10-years-old Vincent,
by Rosemarie Hauer

A gift of rhyme, for the child Vincent

A song for the Vincent boy

A "quilt" for him made from squares supplied by the fans
(patience, it's a heavy quilt...

A survey - closed now, but it's fun to see the results


The year the celebration had the theme of 10-year-old-Vincent, some fun activities were offered to play with him,addicting external links that ran the risk of making fans forget WFOL to stay and play with Vincent! Wanna try? You are warned...

Make your own snowflake 1

Make your own snowflake 2

Falling sand!




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