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Tell me about Winterfest Online!

 Everything you wanted to know about WFOL and were afraid to ask

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WFOL is an online celebration of everything that is good about Beauty and the Beast and its fans. An annual reaffirmation of the "something" that brought us all together, and a reminder of what the show stirred in us. It's online, so that time and distance are overcome in this unique celebration. Remember the episode Dead of Winter? You receive a "candle" (see below, "How"), you enter the Great Hall, you find friends, you bring yourself and perhaps some gifts... and you have a lot of fun!



Because for B&B fandom, the Internet has become a beautiful virtual space in which to grow and thrive, and the B&B fandom invented a unique annual online celebration to take best advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet.



 The dates vary, but this Winterfest, the 10th, will be February 2-10, 2013



In the virtual Great Hall. Bookmark this url. Currently you will find useful "pre" information there, but on February 2 it will become the door to the Great Hall of WFOL 2013:


You! Remember? Vincent: "Winterfest will be incomplete unless 'you' are there."


and... HOW

You can come, visit the Great Hall during the WFOL week, and explore it: it will be full of warmth, friends and gifts. And, if you want, you can send your own gifts to help fill up the Great Hall, that you and the other guests will "open" during the WFOL week. What gifts? Some suggestions are HERE, but, in a nutshell:

Is it B&B?
Can you send it via email or a file sharing service?
Did you create it?
Has it NEVER been published/posted before, online, in print or otherwise?

Then it's likely okay. Submit it for approval within January 6, 2013 to the address below.


Other ways to participate are suggested in the "candles", the announcements sent to the fandom in the weeks before the festivities. You can read them HERE



the email address of WFOL:

general FAQ about WFOL

submission guidelines

the pre-con page, with all the above and more

past Winterfests Online, silent and empty...
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