Of  Love and  Freedom


a tribute to Vincent and Catherine's anniversary

April 12, 2013


Love is the main inspiring value of Beauty and the Beast, but there are many others. In the series Vincent and Catherine show how these values are enhanced by love, and  we have been exploring them since 2007 in this annual tribute celebrating April 12th, the anniversary of the wondrous night they first met: Hope, Courage, Dreams, Compassion, Gratitude... this year, Freedom.

The picture above is a photo of the Falconer Statue in Central Park, NYC. Central Park is in fact the focus and the environment of the Challenge that this year BatBland launched to celebrate this special date and this value.

The Challenge (see the original page) had two inspiring starting points: a picture taken in Central Park on April 12th, showing Japanese magnolia trees in full blossom, and a "mysterious" date, which everyone quickly discovered to be the date of Simon and Garfunkel's famous reunion concert, attended by over 500,000 people - September 19, 1981. What if, on that date, Vincent and Catherine, then in their twenties... ?

The pictures below are the links to the submissions inspired by the magnolia trees, by the concert, and to some scattered thoughts about Love and Freedom. Thank you for your contributions, everyone, and to Carole for her help making one of the pages. 

Some have asked for the possibility to comment on these celebrations. In the past we tried guestbooks, and we tried e-mails, but we succumbed below an avalanche of spam. So, we are now trying the way of the BatBland forum. It needs a quick registration, but it's safe. The link is HERE.

Again, thank you, and enjoy!




Happy anniversary, Vincent and Catherine!


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