Of Love and Dreams

The April 12th celebration, this year, is different. I started these pages a few years ago because I wanted to celebrate some of the show’s values. Love, Hope, Courage… this year it would be Dreams. And, as usual, I started to plot and gather ideas about how to feature "Of Love and Dreams". This year, of all years, I decided to ask Chan. We talked. She was going to make a drawing, she was going to ask something very special to a friend of long ago… she was going… The last post we exchanged about this was the very day of her illness.  For a while, I have been waiting for her to heal and get back to continue our project. In a way, I still am.

The April 12th celebration, this year, is a broken one. Suspended. Incomplete. But it’s dedicated to her, as it is, broken, suspended, incomplete. Like the fandom, now, without Chan.

Dreams of Lynn Wright


Dreams of JoAnn Baca


Dreams of Lea


Dreams of Terravin


Dreaming the Dream

art by Amber Shelton, Chan's daughter,
 from a pic of young Chan