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Re: An Impossible Silence

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Along the question of 'Safe Havens' vs. 'A Haven, yes, but not 'safe'' there's an other bit of something that's caught my attention.

I'll post it here, even though it has little to do with the episode "An Impossible Silence." (It may actually have more to do with our next episode, "Shades of Grey."

Here's something silly about us that interests me, as it applies to you and me, and I say 'silly' because it's an almost delightful paradox.

You told me once that you see the tunnels as a womb, (which is both find and valid,) and I see them as a sanctuary, complete with confessional. (Also fine and valid, to the degree it's works as one.)

In other words, I'm seeing them as something very Catholic, - which you are- And my viewpoint is one I'm comfortable with, and it makes me happy to hold it,) yet I'd tell you I'm not even particularly religious, as I 'see what I'm looking at.'

You, on the other hand, see a 'womb,' whereas I'm the one who works with kids, and has a pair of those. "Growing kids" is kind of what I try to do, day in and out. Pulling them through the grade all year long is a 'birthing process.' (If I've done a good job, I have a bunch of kids who are ready to go 'up and out' into the world.

It's funny to me that you'd THINK I would hold your view, primarily, and you would hold mine, thanks to just 'who we are,' as people.

Just a fun observation,

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Re: An Impossible Silence

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Yes, as you said, it’s a remark that can make a perfect bridge to Shades of Grey. Because SOG has both the “womb” theme (the cave-in, with all the related symbolism), and the “confessional” theme (“It was not courage, it was love” – said on the threshold).

I love B&B because the themes that this little show offers are so deep that they are “basic”. And on that ground we can meet, coming from our different backgrounds. The need to be re-born (and I know that there is something specific attached to this way of saying in the USA, something about religion – but as an Italian, I just use it as a figure of speech), the need to be re-born in our lives, to have a “second chance” is one of them. The need to be “forgiven”, or at least “understood” is another one. Simple, fundamental needs of human beings. To talk of B&B is to talk of “the best part of what it means to be human”.

On to Shades of Grey


p.s. Oh - this does not mean that the conversation about An Impossible Silence cannot continue here. The structure of this forum allows it, and it's a nice opportunity.
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