This poetry index presents poems according to the order in which each piece has appeared online.
Newest titles are located at the top of each category list, descending to oldest titles.
To read narrative poems as part of a continuous chronological history of the characters, please visit the
Story Chronology page.
Thematic or topical poems are not included in the chronology. ~ Z.W.


A Song of Faith in Nights (PDF, continuing 3S)
A Song of Dancing Light (PDF)
"Vincent's" Translation of "The Erlking"
Lady Justice
Lunar Gravity



"Walk Slowly" Poems Collection (canonical 3S)
Fathers (all-season thematic collection; 3S poems labeled in introductory list)
WFOL 2014 Season Three Poems Collection (canonical 3S...obviously)
WFOL 2013 Short Poems Collection


Story Chronology

Narrative Titles Listed in Chronological Reading Order


A red rose and a white rose