Challenge: Think Outside Your 'Box' (any format - story, art, etc.)

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Challenge: Think Outside Your 'Box' (any format - story, art, etc.)

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"The ways change," Vincent said.

Or they could ...

Create something, anything, Beauty and the Beast - a story, a poem, a work of art - that positively explores a theme or characters or relationships outside your regular BatB Universe. Something outside your comfort zone, outside your normal, outside your natural storyline parameters.

For example, I might write a story in which Catherine chooses Jenny (of all people!) as her one friend to tell-all to, to bestow The Secret upon, to introduce to Vincent and the tunnel community. The concept makes me gasp, just thinking about it; it's so far out of my realm of acceptable and believable. But therein would lie the challenge - to write a story in which Jenny doesn't mess up the privilege of knowing.

Another example of writing outside my box, or changing my ways, would be for me to write a SND story, since my Vincent and Catherine universe doesn't include the Trilogy at the end of season 2 or anything from third season.

In other words, consider a story theme, situation, or involving characters you'd have sworn you would never write.

I'll post any submissions received at (my eventual new home for all that is now here on Blogger). Send me your edited, ready to post stories and poems or artwork by February 2. You can send me Word docs, Pages files, or pdfs of any length, or jpgs or pngs or mp3 or links to youtube videos. If you have any questions at all, drop me a line:

anothertime44 (at) yahoo (dot) com

There's a bit more information posted at my Blogger fan fic site:

Carole W
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