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Re: talks

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While I appreciate your archiving perspective, please delete it. Don't mess up your process due to my misunderstanding.

Wish I had the time to be learning a new language right now, but alas, I do not. Italian is on my bucket list, however!

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Re: talks

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Whenever you want to tackle Italian, I'm at your disposal Pat. Zara and I started dueling in English, of course (it's the "Writing Duel 1" in this forum). After that first duel, we started an Italian one only because she was studying Italian already, and we had the idea to help her practicing it in this fun way. It's amazing how she can write already in a creative way after only a few months!
I must confess though that B&B in Italian does not quite sound "right". I have been listening to the Italian version for years, but after I got the original version, the dubbed one sounds fake. You probably have met the Italian fan Cecilia Ragaini at the convention Pat. You know, whenever I talked with her about B&B in Italian... something rang wrong. The very sound of the words. Weird, eh?
In my opinion, English, and NYC especially, is a major part of B&B. Which makes me remember that I intended to open a thread about this in the public forum...

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