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Re: Who are you, and where are you from?

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:00 pm
by Souterraine
I am a very old fan from France and my english is not the best. Sorry. When first the show was in TV (80's) i fell in love with it. When internet came in our life (in 1994 for me) the first things i had looked for is informations about BATB and what joy it was to found pictures and print them !!! I found the first americans tunnels and stayed a long time lurking around. I managed to get videos tapes (Lord, there was videos tapes at this time :lol: ) It was so hard at this time to get copies and i didn't have machine to record the tv at this time. And the life was running, running, running... I never forgot the show and somewhere my life took another way because BATB, i saw the things in a different way. And always it is. I have always a taste for cellars (i have it since my childhood, long befor BATB! I had had a big one in Paris during years when i have an art galery with my husband. After we moved in a town in Normandy some years ago we bought a medieval large house with a marvelous old cellar (in all the town they are houses with marvelous cellars and i dream often to link them in a large labyrinth (dream dream dream) :wink: . I have always taste for tunnel decoration, a little baroque , a little gothique, with candles all around, always a lot of candles, fireplaces, cosy armchairs... I am a reader addict since a know how to read. Now we have our own library that is like a private club where peoples can come to discover books and all around the book and art exhibition. Some months ago, i looked for BATB ep on web and had a travel again in the story. Always hooked. I remember anciant long nights watching ep again and again.... I have always watch movies with Perlman when i could. It is marvelous to see that the fan club BATB is always alive. In France i never found other fans. And this night i was lwatching again three first ep on season 1 and think i'll be good to meet old and new fans. So here i come. :D

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Re: Who are you, and where are you from?

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