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I am so glad I found this forum. I've been a BATB fan since it was first on television when I was a teenager and have just redisovered it a few years ago after many years of being away.
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Re: Hey!

Post by Elaine »

Well, welcome back to the tunnels, VincentLover!
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I am a new member to this forum. However I have been a loyal B&B fan since 1987!! Thanks so much to everyone for all the hard work you put into this forum! :D
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Post by NY_Vicentfan21 »

Hello everyone, I'm a big BatB fan. I was only a small child when the series was on but I would always enjoy watching it with my mom and I always thought that Vincent was just the coolest guy ever.
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Hello to everyone! I accidently discovered this forum, which is dedicated to my most favorite and meaningful tv show ever. Beauty and the Beast. I watched some of the episodes when I was a kid and even then something intrigued me so much in this show. After many years, being graduate college student, the dvd's came to my hand. I watched the whole story from the beginning again and my breath was taken away by the plot, the dialogues, the emotions shared between the two lovers. I have forgotten so many details (I have the same name with the young lawyer). Now no day passes without thinking my favorite story ...
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