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Chamber Music - August 19

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 9:23 am
by jecris27
jecris27 (3:20:07 PM): 3
jecris27 (3:20:08 PM): 2
jecris27 (3:20:10 PM): 1
vickychandler87 (3:20:21 PM): and the music and that voice begins...
mini4many (3:20:24 PM): and the music and THAT voice begins.........:-*
jecris27 (3:20:29 PM): hehe
vickychandler87 (3:20:29 PM): :D
ozzygurl2008 (3:20:33 PM): *sigh*
datasgirl35 (3:20:41 PM): *melt*
ozzygurl2008 (3:20:50 PM): 8->
vickychandler87 (3:20:55 PM): 8->
jecris27 (3:21:03 PM): i wanna go see that spiral staircase...
ozzygurl2008 (3:21:09 PM): me too!
jecris27 (3:21:11 PM): it's under central park
ozzygurl2008 (3:21:14 PM): taht would be so great
crssmnc (3:21:17 PM): really?
jecris27 (3:21:21 PM): so i hear
jecris27 (3:21:31 PM): but no one's allowed to visit it
crssmnc (3:21:35 PM): bummer
vickychandler87 (3:21:42 PM): the sound quality is wonderful!
jecris27 (3:21:45 PM): would be great to get special permission though, at next year's con
vickychandler87 (3:21:54 PM): noone's allowed'
ozzygurl2008 (3:21:57 PM): wouldn't it though?
crssmnc (3:22:16 PM): I just love Joe
ericsunicorn (3:22:24 PM): could you talk to someone they might let you
mini4many (3:22:28 PM): i never get tired of listening to the intro.
vickychandler87 (3:22:34 PM): me neither
ozzygurl2008 (3:22:42 PM): The beginning of this one is one of my favs..this bit and the rain
ericsunicorn (3:22:47 PM): I love this
datasgirl35 (3:23:07 PM): I love Joe and Cathy conversation.. funny
mini4many (3:23:07 PM): Love Joe.....Who's playing?
ericsunicorn (3:23:15 PM): vincent a type
datasgirl35 (3:23:22 PM): perfect type
crssmnc (3:23:24 PM): type?:-P
ozzygurl2008 (3:23:26 PM): lol
ericsunicorn (3:23:27 PM): NOT
mini4many (3:23:31 PM): I love V's type
vickychandler87 (3:23:39 PM): oh, me too!
ozzygurl2008 (3:23:46 PM): the best
crssmnc (3:23:48 PM): only 1 of him though wish there were more
jecris27 (3:23:52 PM): down to earth...
hrhkitty1 (3:23:53 PM): yeah we need MORE of V's type
ozzygurl2008 (3:24:04 PM): what does she need...hmm.....
ozzygurl2008 (3:24:05 PM): lol
mini4many (3:24:08 PM): Amen
vickychandler87 (3:24:10 PM): oh! here comes!
crssmnc (3:24:14 PM): cant be any more solid than V\
vickychandler87 (3:24:24 PM): 8->
ozzygurl2008 (3:24:36 PM): love the music in this beautiful!
jecris27 (3:24:40 PM): be great to a concert in the park next summer too...
crssmnc (3:24:41 PM): I downloaded this from Itunes
jecris27 (3:24:49 PM): to go to...
crssmnc (3:24:50 PM): the music anyway
ozzygurl2008 (3:24:54 PM): Moonlight Sonata has always been an absolute fav of mine
vickychandler87 (3:25:08 PM): I have every piece of classical music from the series... I made a special folder...
mini4many (3:25:09 PM): oh...that would be attend a concert in the park
ozzygurl2008 (3:25:17 PM): it would!
vickychandler87 (3:25:27 PM): she's really happy!
ericsunicorn (3:25:30 PM): you make me smile V
vickychandler87 (3:25:36 PM): and he's really happy!
ozzygurl2008 (3:25:48 PM): who wuoldn't be? it's heaven!
ozzygurl2008 (3:25:57 PM): *wouldn't
datasgirl35 (3:26:02 PM): it's always good to see Vincent happy
vickychandler87 (3:26:10 PM): Sure!
crssmnc (3:26:19 PM): would that they had met earlier
stripedtomato75 (3:26:27 PM): And we get a REAL smile
vickychandler87 (3:26:29 PM): Are they almost lying, or is it just my impression?
jecris27 (3:26:46 PM): leaning back against the wall
crssmnc (3:26:49 PM): reclining on pillows
vickychandler87 (3:26:52 PM): that's it!
jecris27 (3:26:54 PM): on big pillows
ozzygurl2008 (3:26:55 PM): :D
vickychandler87 (3:27:06 PM): lightening!
ozzygurl2008 (3:27:11 PM): i think it was
vickychandler87 (3:27:18 PM): :D
ozzygurl2008 (3:27:18 PM): i love that!
jecris27 (3:27:27 PM): i never understood why the rain was funny
mini4many (3:27:32 PM): V is thoughtful.....making a soft and comfortable place for C to sit
ericsunicorn (3:27:40 PM): catherine is so sweet here
hrhkitty1 (3:27:41 PM): I think it was... music and fireworks and great company 8->
vickychandler87 (3:27:43 PM): and they get to set a real date!
datasgirl35 (3:27:44 PM): the freedom of the rain
mini4many (3:27:57 PM): C was just so happy.....and rain was another new thing she could share with V
ozzygurl2008 (3:28:09 PM): it's fun toplay in the rain :D lol
crssmnc (3:28:10 PM): I love how she falls on him
ericsunicorn (3:28:10 PM): I would have kissed him
vickychandler87 (3:28:14 PM): yes... And besides, there's something about playing in the rain...
jecris27 (3:28:25 PM): i HATE rain
jecris27 (3:28:26 PM): lol
datasgirl35 (3:28:27 PM): ah a kiss in the rain perfect
ozzygurl2008 (3:28:32 PM): mmm
vickychandler87 (3:28:35 PM): 8->
jecris27 (3:28:43 PM): rain makes me miserable
ozzygurl2008 (3:28:43 PM): and dont you just love his hair wet? mmmmm
vickychandler87 (3:28:46 PM): aaaawww!
ozzygurl2008 (3:28:47 PM): lol!
hrhkitty1 (3:28:53 PM): Iprefer rain to the four letter s word
vickychandler87 (3:28:59 PM): I'll be here
stripedtomato75 (3:29:01 PM): I think what was funny was being sort of outside with him, so they COULD get rained on, not the rain itself. It was giddiness rather than amusement
jecris27 (3:29:07 PM): snow i love! :-D
mini4many (3:29:12 PM): I just love how nonchalantly C makes another date
ericsunicorn (3:29:17 PM): too cold
ozzygurl2008 (3:29:23 PM): snow is very beautiful
hrhkitty1 (3:29:26 PM): o.k. YOU take my snow I'LL take your rain
crssmnc (3:29:30 PM): he almost kisses her hair
vickychandler87 (3:29:35 PM): hmmmm... 8->
jecris27 (3:29:35 PM): deal!
jecris27 (3:29:36 PM): lol
crssmnc (3:29:44 PM): :x
ozzygurl2008 (3:29:52 PM): of cloudless climbs and starry skies
cosi2cg (3:30:07 PM): :))
hrhkitty1 (3:30:17 PM): Yeah..there's soooo many lost moments where you just want to holler GRAB HER AND KISS HER!!!
ozzygurl2008 (3:30:26 PM): no kidding!
hrhkitty1 (3:30:47 PM): C had more patience than I'd ever have
vickychandler87 (3:30:55 PM): Sure thing!
jecris27 (3:31:02 PM): she had too much1
hrhkitty1 (3:31:08 PM): exactly
jecris27 (3:31:10 PM): she need to take that first step herself
stripedtomato75 (3:31:12 PM): I never could figure why she didn't grab HIM and kiss him, since he never did the grabbing himself
vickychandler87 (3:31:15 PM): She loves him, after all...
jecris27 (3:31:19 PM): exactly!
ozzygurl2008 (3:31:21 PM): What would it be to be in her shoes? *sigh* ;)
vickychandler87 (3:31:23 PM): well, exactly!
crssmnc (3:31:24 PM): because she knew how reserved he was
jecris27 (3:31:36 PM): not just reserved
datasgirl35 (3:31:38 PM): so many missed opprotunities
jecris27 (3:31:39 PM): he feels unworthy of her
hrhkitty1 (3:31:39 PM): still hopw can you RESIST
stripedtomato75 (3:31:44 PM): So many times there they stood, gazing, they'd move toward each other and ... hug. SIGH.
vickychandler87 (3:31:45 PM): true
ericsunicorn (3:31:46 PM): well I would not be I would jump that man
crssmnc (3:31:53 PM): amen
ericsunicorn (3:31:54 PM): :">
jecris27 (3:32:00 PM): i'd have kissed him by accident, even if i was trying not to ;-)
mini4many (3:32:01 PM): C knew if she scared him, or pushed him, he would withdraw from her....
hrhkitty1 (3:32:07 PM): yup I'd have tackled him long ago
cosi2cg (3:32:19 PM): you think part of her is daring him to make the first move?
jecris27 (3:32:24 PM): she didn't have to scare or push him
mini4many (3:32:27 PM): You have to admit C has patience
jecris27 (3:32:29 PM): just to take baby steps with him
ericsunicorn (3:32:36 PM): itwas like she sort of did in the rain
stripedtomato75 (3:32:39 PM): Maybe if she'd just done it, he would have seen there was nothing to worry about
cosi2cg (3:32:46 PM): JE I re-read Clair de Lune very often...
jecris27 (3:32:48 PM): exactly
mini4many (3:32:51 PM): true...but for V a kiss would be a major step
jecris27 (3:32:51 PM): lol
crssmnc (3:32:54 PM): they moved toward love at a snail pace
ozzygurl2008 (3:32:59 PM): i think it's like she doesn't push it because she cares for him and is content to be with him in any way she long as she has him it's ok...but at the same time she would long to share that intimate expression of love because she loves him so..the love pushes in both sides
jecris27 (3:33:05 PM): a kiss on the cheek wouldn't
vickychandler87 (3:33:15 PM): It was new for her too... It was Vincent...
vickychandler87 (3:33:18 PM): exactly!
jecris27 (3:33:20 PM): she could work her way closer to it, one day at a time ;-)
hrhkitty1 (3:33:22 PM): snail... backwards
datasgirl35 (3:33:41 PM): 2 steps forward 1 step back
vickychandler87 (3:33:45 PM): I love this with Rolly! Vincent is great with kids!
ericsunicorn (3:34:11 PM): 2S a kiss would have been good in the rain
mini4many (3:34:14 PM): and you child is ever afraid of V
ericsunicorn (3:34:27 PM): even at the end of 1S
hrhkitty1 (3:34:41 PM): because like so many other thing it's something children are taught
hrhkitty1 (3:34:47 PM): it's not natural
vickychandler87 (3:35:07 PM): you're very right, you know?
crssmnc (3:35:16 PM): kids accept so much until we train them not to sad though
stripedtomato75 (3:35:26 PM): Kids also live largely in a world of make-believe and fantastic creatures are part of that. They probably figure he's part of all the other amazing things like Superman and Watership Down and such
mini4many (3:35:27 PM): that is so true
datasgirl35 (3:35:45 PM): They see the world through innocent eyes
mini4many (3:36:28 PM): To remain so innocent....*sigh*
vickychandler87 (3:36:41 PM): I remember the way my classmates would kind of "teach" the other kids that it was not so bad a thing for me that I couldn't see...
vickychandler87 (3:36:43 PM): oh yes!
ozzygurl2008 (3:36:44 PM): it's something that is often lost...sometimes taken away too early not by their's sad...but then there are places such as the tunnels that help hold on to that
ericsunicorn (3:37:16 PM): yes it is
datasgirl35 (3:37:33 PM): kids do seem to be growing up rather quickly these days
crssmnc (3:37:49 PM): I try to teach my kids to accept everyone so far so good
vickychandler87 (3:37:49 PM): I love this piece! just looove it!
ozzygurl2008 (3:37:49 PM): it's like that in roly's case...after what happens with his brother..
ericsunicorn (3:37:49 PM): it is todays TV
ericsunicorn (3:37:54 PM): the shows
vickychandler87 (3:37:59 PM): that's true
vickychandler87 (3:38:01 PM): too
crssmnc (3:38:22 PM): even cartoons
ericsunicorn (3:38:34 PM): ever the family chanle is not so great any more
vickychandler87 (3:38:45 PM): specially cartoon... if you look closer
ozzygurl2008 (3:38:45 PM): it's getting progressively worse everyday
jecris27 (3:38:58 PM): to say nothing of the shows made for grownups
hrhkitty1 (3:39:03 PM): No there's a lot of garbage on there
jecris27 (3:39:07 PM): voting people off the island - that's a fine thing to teach people. sigh
ericsunicorn (3:39:08 PM): noone teaches this kind of muisc any more
ozzygurl2008 (3:39:20 PM): i know
datasgirl35 (3:39:22 PM): which is why I stick to the classics tv show in reruns
vickychandler87 (3:39:22 PM): true of Chopin...
vickychandler87 (3:39:42 PM): I like Miss Kendrick
hrhkitty1 (3:39:52 PM): They do..just not as open or noticable.
ozzygurl2008 (3:39:55 PM): i dont even watch tv hardly at all anymore..if i want to watch something BATB goes in
ericsunicorn (3:39:59 PM): I am not ever sure f todays teen know these greats
stripedtomato75 (3:40:04 PM): Miss Kendrick is, unfortunately, too typical of music teachers. Playing by ear isn't "real" playing
vickychandler87 (3:40:06 PM): me too...
stripedtomato75 (3:40:31 PM): I like her manner, but her philosophy and I part ways
ozzygurl2008 (3:40:42 PM): i thought that when i first watched it
datasgirl35 (3:40:47 PM): she has a good attitude for a teacher
jecris27 (3:40:51 PM): playing by ear sounds like an incredible gift to me
ozzygurl2008 (3:41:00 PM): i thought he did feel seemed to be a nice escape for him
jecris27 (3:41:04 PM): mozart had it, didn't he? could play a piece after one hearing?
ericsunicorn (3:41:08 PM): I think it is
stripedtomato75 (3:41:11 PM): One must be able to play by ear or how do you learn songs you don't have sheet music for? Or make up songs?
crssmnc (3:41:13 PM): yes she does:)
vickychandler87 (3:41:16 PM): I do... not that good, though...
ozzygurl2008 (3:41:38 PM): i play by ear...i used to beg for piano lessons but we never got i play by ear
crssmnc (3:41:39 PM): after you can read music it is easier to play by ear
vickychandler87 (3:41:42 PM): I can play this!
vickychandler87 (3:41:50 PM): Oh! I've just realised!
stripedtomato75 (3:41:53 PM): Knowing how to read music and theory is good, too, but I think you need BOTH
ozzygurl2008 (3:41:54 PM): I love's my favorite
vickychandler87 (3:41:54 PM): :D
ozzygurl2008 (3:42:33 PM): does anyone else tap their fingers like they're playing it while hearing this? lol
crssmnc (3:43:19 PM): Poor Rolly remembering thru a drug induced haze. I wonder if it makes remembering harder?
vickychandler87 (3:43:46 PM): oh!
vickychandler87 (3:44:11 PM): you are the one that we love...
crssmnc (3:44:33 PM): some kids think that they have to do certain things to be loved
hrhkitty1 (3:44:39 PM): true
ozzygurl2008 (3:44:40 PM): don't you just wanna reach out and hug poor rolly
ericsunicorn (3:44:41 PM): it must hurt V very much to see him like that
crssmnc (3:45:05 PM): >:D< for him now
vickychandler87 (3:45:08 PM): ha!
ozzygurl2008 (3:45:12 PM): >:D<
crssmnc (3:45:22 PM): way to go V
ozzygurl2008 (3:45:26 PM): woohoo!
mini4many (3:45:47 PM): I sometimes felt that V felt that way. That he needed to do something, anything to give to the community that harbored him so that they would not only need him but love him.
vickychandler87 (3:46:03 PM): you stole my thoughts, Mini
ozzygurl2008 (3:46:09 PM): that way for catherine as well
vickychandler87 (3:46:14 PM): same with Catherine
vickychandler87 (3:46:18 PM): The bond...
ericsunicorn (3:46:21 PM): poor C i know her heart gose out to him
vickychandler87 (3:46:21 PM): :D
ozzygurl2008 (3:46:24 PM): lol!
ozzygurl2008 (3:46:27 PM): the bond!
crssmnc (3:46:32 PM): so compassionate she is
ericsunicorn (3:46:46 PM): shewouls do anything for him
ozzygurl2008 (3:46:48 PM): she loves him
ericsunicorn (3:47:09 PM): DA clout
crssmnc (3:47:12 PM): using her credentials like that
ozzygurl2008 (3:47:15 PM): lol
crssmnc (3:47:22 PM): naughty naughty
mini4many (3:47:32 PM): misuse of power
ozzygurl2008 (3:48:20 PM): i love how persuasive she is
ericsunicorn (3:48:30 PM): she is that
vickychandler87 (3:48:32 PM): she'll do anything to get him there!
crssmnc (3:48:34 PM): she never gives up on anything she does
vickychandler87 (3:48:51 PM): True, and besides, Vincent asked her!
ozzygurl2008 (3:48:52 PM): you can see the concern in her eyes..hear it in her voice..
vickychandler87 (3:49:11 PM): Schuman... nice
ozzygurl2008 (3:49:25 PM): i looke like father right
crssmnc (3:49:29 PM): i wonder if the piano is still in Fathers study
ericsunicorn (3:49:43 PM): you realy feel V in thye eps can't you
vickychandler87 (3:49:47 PM): I was thinking about that the other day
mini4many (3:50:12 PM): I get a kick out of her calling him "Rolley Parrot"
vickychandler87 (3:50:35 PM): I like the bit about the music box
ericsunicorn (3:50:37 PM): mouse
ozzygurl2008 (3:50:53 PM): I love Father's's just too funny
crssmnc (3:50:53 PM): mouse/:)
datasgirl35 (3:51:09 PM): Mouse took it apart lol
crssmnc (3:51:20 PM): I wonder how old mouse was here
ozzygurl2008 (3:51:20 PM): mouse can find anything
mini4many (3:51:23 PM): Father....I was afraid of that....
mini4many (3:51:35 PM): always makes me laugh
crssmnc (3:51:38 PM): 16? 17?
vickychandler87 (3:51:39 PM): two more there... just as big
jecris27 (3:51:40 PM): lol
ozzygurl2008 (3:51:46 PM): poor father...he looks as if he need to sit down before he collapses
ericsunicorn (3:52:02 PM): vincents laughs
vickychandler87 (3:52:08 PM): lol!
crssmnc (3:52:18 PM): what can u do its mouse
datasgirl35 (3:52:19 PM): maybe they won't miss it.... LOL
jecris27 (3:52:33 PM): did they tell us how many years it's been?
ozzygurl2008 (3:52:38 PM): that means everything to her
vickychandler87 (3:52:44 PM): nope
crssmnc (3:52:48 PM): in the credits the older rolly is 18
vickychandler87 (3:53:00 PM): but if you look at the credits, there it is
vickychandler87 (3:53:05 PM): yes!
mini4many (3:53:06 PM): such a waste of youth
jecris27 (3:53:15 PM): thanks
vickychandler87 (3:53:18 PM): it says something like Rolly at 18 and Rolly at 11
datasgirl35 (3:53:18 PM): and potential
mini4many (3:53:18 PM): and talent
ericsunicorn (3:53:26 PM): it is that way for so many
crssmnc (3:53:34 PM): rip the 100 why not
vickychandler87 (3:53:35 PM): yes... it's just too sad
vickychandler87 (3:53:52 PM): Speaking of sad... this prelude is really sad...
datasgirl35 (3:53:52 PM): i love how she just rips the money
ozzygurl2008 (3:53:57 PM): i know
cosi2cg (3:54:13 PM): waste of youth: "c'est Mozart qu'on assassine" (Antoine de Saint Exupéry, author of the Little Prince)
ozzygurl2008 (3:54:19 PM): her eyes glisten as if tears are building up for v
hrhkitty1 (3:54:26 PM): because it doesn't have the meaning it did before
vickychandler87 (3:54:35 PM): Who's eyes?
ozzygurl2008 (3:54:38 PM): cathy's
vickychandler87 (3:54:45 PM): oh!
ozzygurl2008 (3:54:47 PM): when she's talking to rolly
hrhkitty1 (3:54:49 PM): it's a tool or means to better things NOT a be all end all
datasgirl35 (3:54:59 PM): Because all the money in the world isn't worth as much as Vincent
vickychandler87 (3:55:08 PM): absolutely!
mini4many (3:55:33 PM): true, she just couldn't let V down. He asks so little of her.
crssmnc (3:55:48 PM): I love the sweater V is wearing. maybe I can knit one
ozzygurl2008 (3:55:52 PM): it means a lot to her to see him breaks her heart to see him upset
vickychandler87 (3:56:12 PM): That sounds like my playing...
datasgirl35 (3:56:22 PM): which is why she was afraid to help at first... she didn't want to see him disapointed
ozzygurl2008 (3:56:29 PM): lol...likeme typing half the time..all the typos
vickychandler87 (3:56:33 PM): true
ozzygurl2008 (3:56:34 PM): oops...see
ozzygurl2008 (3:56:36 PM): lol
crssmnc (3:57:13 PM): rolly running because he is ashamed:((
hrhkitty1 (3:57:20 PM): we're fluent in typonese relax :)
ozzygurl2008 (3:57:27 PM): lol
ozzygurl2008 (3:57:39 PM): the look on cathy's face when he ran
crssmnc (3:57:47 PM): she hurts 4 v
ozzygurl2008 (3:58:27 PM): his innocence was stolen from him
datasgirl35 (3:58:28 PM): I love Vincent in this scene so many expressions/emotions come across his face
mini4many (3:58:38 PM): and I think she hurts for Rolley. Since V had so much love in his heart for him and wanted better for him.
vickychandler87 (3:58:46 PM): yes, Mini
ozzygurl2008 (3:58:48 PM): yes
mini4many (3:58:48 PM): C has such a big heart
ericsunicorn (3:59:14 PM): so does V
ericsunicorn (3:59:21 PM): they both do
vickychandler87 (3:59:39 PM): they're part of each other, aren't they?
datasgirl35 (3:59:42 PM): Everything in Rolly memory is set up so it seems like sucha dream
ericsunicorn (4:00:19 PM): I wonder of that is one of the tunnel childern
ozzygurl2008 (4:00:28 PM): which one?
crssmnc (4:00:30 PM): the asian boy?
mini4many (4:00:34 PM): I didn't understand why he hid from Ms Kendrick.
ozzygurl2008 (4:00:35 PM): oh..i think so
ericsunicorn (4:00:42 PM): the orentel
jecris27 (4:00:48 PM): he's been drinking. that could be it
ericsunicorn (4:00:50 PM): in the dream
crssmnc (4:00:51 PM): yes he is
mini4many (4:00:53 PM): Yes, he must be tunnelkin
ozzygurl2008 (4:00:58 PM): peer pressure to stay with part of the gang and not run to her
ericsunicorn (4:01:15 PM): he could have ran and told father
datasgirl35 (4:01:19 PM): and also he was already late... he was afraid he'd already let her down
vickychandler87 (4:01:27 PM): he forgot all about the concert, and besides for all he knew, he shouldn't have been with Anthony
datasgirl35 (4:01:52 PM): would just hitting your head really kill you?
vickychandler87 (4:01:54 PM): it's a lot for a little boy, he must have felt it was his fault...
crssmnc (4:01:59 PM): yes
jecris27 (4:02:00 PM): depends how hard you hit it. it can
ozzygurl2008 (4:02:03 PM): if you hit it the right way
vickychandler87 (4:02:10 PM): It depends, it can
crssmnc (4:02:26 PM): it never says she died though
crssmnc (4:02:30 PM): does it?
vickychandler87 (4:02:39 PM): V: She would have wanted
ozzygurl2008 (4:03:07 PM): there it was
mini4many (4:03:08 PM): people have died from slipping and hitting thier heads in the bathtub. Though it was the old cast iron kind. Good and hard.
vickychandler87 (4:03:12 PM): poor, poor kid!
ozzygurl2008 (4:03:24 PM): he said he'd carry it till he was dead too
datasgirl35 (4:03:25 PM): punishing himself
mini4many (4:03:28 PM): it is implied that she died.
vickychandler87 (4:03:40 PM): there
vickychandler87 (4:03:46 PM): and her death without meaning
crssmnc (4:03:52 PM): I forgot that part
ozzygurl2008 (4:04:39 PM): chills
vickychandler87 (4:04:42 PM): I believe this is a realistic ending... I mean, it's not that easy, unfortunately
ozzygurl2008 (4:05:01 PM): yeas
mini4many (4:05:04 PM): The sad part is I understood Rolly's wanting to pay for Ms Kindricks death for the rest of his life.
ozzygurl2008 (4:05:04 PM): *yes
hrhkitty1 (4:05:06 PM): but real life
datasgirl35 (4:05:11 PM): true...not every story is happily ever after
vickychandler87 (4:05:12 PM): me too...
ericsunicorn (4:05:26 PM): not it is not
jecris27 (4:05:32 PM): rolly is in third season, isn't he? i can't remember what happens with him though
hrhkitty1 (4:05:39 PM): nod
ericsunicorn (4:05:40 PM): yes he is
ozzygurl2008 (4:05:41 PM): oh look at those tears in C's eyes
hrhkitty1 (4:05:51 PM): you see him playing the piano
vickychandler87 (4:05:53 PM): me neither... there's a lot I don't remember from there...
mini4many (4:06:00 PM): Young boys with hearts of innocence feel that they must attone for thier misdeeds.
hrhkitty1 (4:06:17 PM): I just recently watched what S3 I had on tape.
vickychandler87 (4:06:20 PM): don't cry...
hrhkitty1 (4:06:24 PM): missing three episodes
datasgirl35 (4:06:28 PM): Vincent always takes everything so close to heart
crssmnc (4:06:35 PM): catherine comforting Vincent=((
vickychandler87 (4:06:42 PM): well, that's what makes hiom so unique
ericsunicorn (4:06:56 PM): that is what make vincent vincent
vickychandler87 (4:07:08 PM): wasn't Rollie's episode Chimes at midnight?
jecris27 (4:07:15 PM): i can't remember
ericsunicorn (4:07:17 PM): :((
ericsunicorn (4:07:21 PM): so sad
jecris27 (4:07:35 PM): so old is mouse supposed to be?
vickychandler87 (4:07:35 PM): =D> =D> =D>
ozzygurl2008 (4:07:35 PM): :(( it's hard not to shed a few tears with that one
vickychandler87 (4:07:35 PM): but beautiful
datasgirl35 (4:07:36 PM): :(
jecris27 (4:07:44 PM): certainly not a teenager
jecris27 (4:07:53 PM): maybe teenager plus 7
crssmnc (4:07:54 PM): I would thin mid 20's
hrhkitty1 (4:07:55 PM): I'd have to watch it again
mini4many (4:07:58 PM): That ending is sooooooo sad. :((
crssmnc (4:08:26 PM): 16 17 in this episode