Remember Love - August 5

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Remember Love - August 5

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vickychandler87: 3
vickychandler87: 2
vickychandler87: 1
vickychandler87: remember it's Remember love...
vickychandler87: I looove the sound of these DVDs!
crssmnc: they did a good job transferring from the master tapes
vickychandler87: Sure they did! Too bad they didn't have the masters for the first season...
vickychandler87: they lost them... will you believe it!
crssmnc: Did they get copies from somwhere?
vickychandler87: mmm... listen to the falls! That is, if you can listen to other than Vincent... hard thing!
vickychandler87: I'm not sure, but I guess they did them using copies...
vickychandler87: a like production order really. This episode is great sequence to the end of A happy life
crssmnc: It seemed that chamber music was out of order here. Kind of a add on
vickychandler87: that's right. That's why we're watching in production order
vickychandler87: That's how we all watched outside the States...
crssmnc: Ah I see
vickychandler87: we must try... good, Vincent!
vickychandler87: And here comes one of my favourite sceens ever!
lamartus: Mmm, here we watched Chamber Music after AHL
vickychandler87: really?
lamartus: Yes
vickychandler87: Eva in Germany also watched this after AHL...
lamartus: I remember it was weird... They don't stopped and something doesn't make sense
vickychandler87: I love this sceen! :D
vickychandler87: We're at the Vincent Father argument! lol!
vickychandler87: Poor Vincent... I can't help thinking how selfishly tunnel dwellers acted here...
crssmnc: The book he opens in his chamber is a poem by Dyaln Thomas
vickychandler87: Everyone coming to Vincent's chamber
vickychandler87: this is a quiet place, a safe place..
ericsunicorn: where are we at again
vickychandler87: Vincent and Pascal speaking
vickychandler87: after the others leave
crssmnc: Ballad of the long-legged bait
vickychandler87: Thanks, Monica. I'll take note of that...
vickychandler87: You can actually see that!
crssmnc: I paused it and looked up the lines
vickychandler87: Wow!
ericsunicorn: SH#$ my DVD is not working
vickychandler87: talk about a clear DVD!
vickychandler87: oh nooo, Michelle...
crssmnc: Dylan Thomas was really important to Vincent and Catherine.
vickychandler87: what's going on now?
vickychandler87: Yes he was...
vickychandler87: Marta, when you finish the subtitles we should watch this carefully again... ok?
lamartus: I was writing that!!! LOL
vickychandler87: Poor Catherine... both of them...
crssmnc: The poem he was reading by the falls was Fern Hill by DT
vickychandler87: yes.
vickychandler87: I made a list of references, it's on CABB now... ;)
crssmnc: cool
vickychandler87: Why did you give in, girl! Yes you should have asked!
crssmnc: I felt so bad for them here.
vickychandler87: me too... it broak my heart
lamartus: :((
vickychandler87: I was almost 13 the first time I watched it...
vickychandler87: and after that the effect just grew bigger :(
crssmnc: she must have known how much it hurt him to deny her that is why she said that. I was 14.
vickychandler87: yes, you're right...
vickychandler87: never ever a show had such great music!
vickychandler87: along the whole thing...
crssmnc: He looks so sad in the tunnel walking with his head down
vickychandler87: it's just not fair!
crssmnc: love never is
vickychandler87: here's the part: A tragic mistake: That's something Father told Catherine, not Vincent...
vickychandler87: He did in No way down
lamartus: Yes you're right
vickychandler87: Your relationship with my son, is a tragic mistake for both of you
crssmnc: I wonder if in an off camera moment that she told Vincent about the conversation
vickychandler87: of course she might have... lol!
vickychandler87: where do you supose the dream started?
crssmnc: Before he broke the window because it is intact later on
ericsunicorn: which one or we on I am still lost
vickychandler87: he's asking if she's alife
vickychandler87: take me to her
vickychandler87: are you here, Michelle?
ericsunicorn: which eps
vickychandler87: Remember love
amnethyst2002: ok, i have the scene where he promises to see the lake with her,..too far or rwind?
vickychandler87: dream sequence now
ericsunicorn: ok TY
vickychandler87: He's about to find Mouse right?
crssmnc: no pascal
lamartus: right
vickychandler87: He found Pascal
vickychandler87: Paracelsus!
crssmnc: The Evil One Yuck!!
vickychandler87: interesting... he's the only one who really faces Vincent...
crssmnc: He was so slimily bad
lamartus: That voice is unmistakable
amnethyst2002: ok, i am now on i caught up with you ?
vickychandler87: yes, almost. The end of that sceen
crssmnc: im at the end of the Paracelsus
amnethyst2002: ok...
vickychandler87: it's over
vickychandler87: angel
amnethyst2002: catherine is like an angel....
vickychandler87: well, he sees her as his angel... lol!
vickychandler87: She's given a new meaning to his life
crssmnc: He saw her as an angel when he was in that drug haze.
vickychandler87: true
amnethyst2002: its a beautiful costume she is wearing thou
vickychandler87: Nothing of what you knew remains
vickychandler87: She's about to take him to Father
crssmnc: unfortunately the homeless are still treated that way.
vickychandler87: yes, that's true...
vickychandler87: oh! He's really begging...
vickychandler87: He's the one having the dream, so that means he really recognizes, deep inside, how much he's changed her...
crssmnc: yeah
vickychandler87: This Tom is not the same actor...
vickychandler87: But it's ok, because after all, Vincent didn't know Tom... he could imagine him however he wanted...
vickychandler87: :))
crssmnc: The lacy dress seems like her and Vincent
crssmnc: like she wants something romantic
vickychandler87: his deepest fear: that she'd be scared, really scared!
vickychandler87: Oh, interesting, Monica!
crssmnc: have you noticed that when he imagines bad stuff his vision turns red
vickychandler87: Where is he now'
vickychandler87: it's in his chamber, but where?
lamartus: In his bed
vickychandler87: oh, thanks
vickychandler87: uh oh!
vickychandler87: sweet!
crssmnc: I love it when he touches her on the head like that
vickychandler87: Ooowww!
crssmnc: it shows just how deeply he cherishes her
amnethyst2002: a beuatiful episode
lamartus: =D>
vickychandler87: beautiful!
vickychandler87: =D> =D> =D>
crssmnc: :x
ericsunicorn: always great eps
ericsunicorn: I love them all
vickychandler87: Oh me too! It's hard to pick a favourite
ericsunicorn: they are ALL mt favs

cosi2cg: <sigh> remember love was the last ep. I saw, back in the old days, to be followed by 15 years abstinence!
vickychandler87: Oh really? And hadn't you watched the rest of 2s?
vickychandler87: I hope you did!
lamartus: I didn't watch RL for..... the last time in 1993 I think
vickychandler87: Wow!
cosi2cg: I did in 2004 when Annik lent me all her VCDs
cosi2cg: now I have both dvd sets!
vickychandler87: wow! Look at all you'd missed!
vickychandler87: me too! And I couldn't be happier!
cosi2cg: but before I watched the full eps in 2004
cosi2cg: I got my first glimpses of 2S through "Gin's vids" (Ginger)
cosi2cg: and went "waaaaaaah"
vickychandler87: Lol!
cosi2cg: so many lovely scenes!
lamartus: yep
vickychandler87: Oh yes... Have you already watched all the DVDs?
lamartus: The best season IMO
cosi2cg: but I still haven't "properly" watched the trilogy
vickychandler87: Ooowww!
cosi2cg: no actually I hadn't started 2S which I got after Annik came back from the Con
cosi2cg: I'm taking it with me & the laptop...
vickychandler87: I think I herd Annik never watched 3s... lucky lady!
vickychandler87: :))
cosi2cg: and I haven't watched all of 1S on DVD in fact, only half (my favorites)
vickychandler87: Well, I don't remember whether it was Annik or who...
cosi2cg: I have watched a couple of 3S eps towards the end of the season, not the painful ones
cosi2cg: Annik is the one, you're right
vickychandler87: oh good
cosi2cg: Invictus is interesting - great acting - V paces and talks, up to a video camera, to Gabriel, and delivers a great speech - "honorable man" type
cosi2cg: oh and I watched the first part of TLBL on cable TV *during* a WFOL 2005 chat, but the first part of the ep is the one many SNDs include, it's almost ok... there's the "Blessed" scene
vickychandler87: yes, I tend to watch just until then... that is, the very very very few times I've watched it...
cosi2cg: I'll buy 3S if it is sold separately
vickychandler87: ;)
cosi2cg: then I don't know
cosi2cg: I think I like Diana as a character, I want to see Elliot become a hero, etc... but there's a high price to pay to see that.
vickychandler87: You're right. I want that for Elliot too... but I just can't handle Diana... there's something about her... but that's just me
cosi2cg: in the French translation V&C used a formal "vous" throughout all 1S, and switched to "tu" in 2S - I discovered that on cable tv during the latest rerun on a channel I had (winter 2004-'2005)
vickychandler87: a formal "vous"?
lamartus: Interesting!
vickychandler87: really?
vickychandler87: How strange!
lamartus: Yes, French have a "vous" but it's more than our "vos" than your I think
cosi2cg: it's... I don't know much Spanish. Usted?
vickychandler87: I just can't imagine Vincent and Catherine treating each other so formally...
vickychandler87: yes, I got it, Claire... it's just hard to imagine... lol!
lamartus: When do you use it, Claire? 2nd person singular or plural?
cosi2cg: 2nd person singular = formal, 2nd person plural = you cannot tell whether formal or not
vickychandler87: I like your description...
cosi2cg: er I mean the verb is always plural
cosi2cg: but ... you see :)
vickychandler87: That kind of sets them apart, I guess...
vickychandler87: even more! ;)
lamartus: yep
cosi2cg: :-p
lamartus: In American Spanish did always use informal form, Vicky?
vickychandler87: Yes, that's right
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