The Alchemist - May 27

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The Alchemist - May 27

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vickychandler87: 3
vickychandler87: 2
vickychandler87: 1
lamartus: And the music and THAT voice begins
salemgirl79: /me swoons
vickychandler87: I miss mini!
lamartus: Me too
salemgirl79: I'm twitterpated!!
hrhkitty1: Keep OT chat to minimum too :D
lamartus: :D
teasrcat: Pretty hands.
vickychandler87: ;)
salemgirl79: she looks so old and rough
amnethyst2002: I love this outfit she is wearing!
vickychandler87: she's cold...
vickychandler87: lolo!
salemgirl79: the outfit is gorgeous
teasrcat: Yeah
bluerose_candle: she is used to being cold... lol all those slips on the balcony
lamartus: lol
vickychandler87: I was wondering about that trhe other day
teasrcat: :D
teasrcat: Excuse to get cuddled by Vincent, to keep warm.
vickychandler87: How come she's not cold in those nightgawns when Vincent is so... worm?
bluerose_candle: if he ever took the hint
vickychandler87: yea!
vickychandler87: Lol!
hrhkitty1: Why did she never wear REAL jammies... after all NYC gets COLD in winter..she'd have a least one pair of flannel you'd think
vickychandler87: some just can't
vickychandler87: I can't, for instance
amnethyst2002: if you could afford real silk or satin pjs woould you not wear them?
teasrcat: "Cause she never knows when she'll have a visitor.
lamartus: lol
hrhkitty1: not if it meant freezing
vickychandler87: It could get freezing, but I won't use them
teasrcat: I'm sure her apartment had enough heat.
vickychandler87: they smuther me
vickychandler87: Yes, me too
hrhkitty1: then again she didn't have to worry about heating bills
teasrcat: Right.
amnethyst2002: i am sure vincent provided enough heat
vickychandler87: of course!
teasrcat: I'm more likely to wear warm bedclothes in summer when the air-conditioner is on, and skimpy things in winter with heat.
amnethyst2002: i want that dress that cathy is wearing!! wonder what size it is?
hrhkitty1: Well thoughts of Vincent certainly Amy.... personally he kept hemming and hawing.
ericsunicorn: small
hrhkitty1: never be my size ;)
bluerose_candle: if her other dresses at cons were any indication very small waist lol
ericsunicorn: mine either
amnethyst2002: darn it..thats out then?
bluerose_candle: not sure on that dress... the masques one and the red dark spirit one was auctioned
ericsunicorn: you would thii that V would have been some where there
hrhkitty1: Well you could get one made IN your size
ericsunicorn: where is he
hrhkitty1: If you
vickychandler87: sure he was arroubd
amnethyst2002: In the UK i am a size 14...whats that in the US?
teasrcat: No idea.
bluerose_candle: not if C was not afraid or nervous ... he would have no reason to be near
hrhkitty1: If you seriously want a reproduction I have a friend that can do it
teasrcat: Right, it's just in a day's work.
amnethyst2002: how much?
hrhkitty1: Amy remind me after the ep's over
amnethyst2002: ok
vickychandler87: vut he knew all about the events....
vickychandler87: Hmmm...
joaniegirl75: now to catch up. Where are we at?
vickychandler87: tunnels
hrhkitty1: eep
lamartus: WB Kat
bluerose_candle: v telling c be careful
hrhkitty1: wasn't just methen?
amnethyst2002: a need to confront your fear
vickychandler87: the sceen is changing
bluerose_candle: above...
bluerose_candle: john going below
vickychandler87: Creepy music!
bluerose_candle: oop wait we didnt know his name yet here lol
hrhkitty1: It's on Hyperspace
amnethyst2002: paracelsus
vickychandler87: Gotta love Don Davis!
vickychandler87: Father
teasrcat: And John Mansbridge. I think the fans should give him an award for the Tunnels he created!
bluerose_candle: and asks for the plans lol
amnethyst2002: its called portrait of paracelsus..track 15
teasrcat: YES!!!!!!
vickychandler87: yes, I have it
amnethyst2002: whay does father sound sarcastic
bluerose_candle: more secrets from Father... hmmm start to wonder about what all he keeps silent
teasrcat: You have the plans!!!! Okay, so you probably meant the music...
teasrcat: Don't get me started on secrets...
vickychandler87: Lol! yes, I ment I have the music
teasrcat: If I had the Tunnels blueprints, I'd beg, borrow, or steal to hire someone to recreate them for me.
vickychandler87: me too!
teasrcat: 57, adopted, never knew...
amnethyst2002: thats when you meet and wine and dine that multi billionaire!!
bluerose_candle: think that is one cause we could get funding gathered for lol
teasrcat: lol
bluerose_candle: now wait a minute how often did catherine go alone to a dangerous place...
vickychandler87: Not really often, if you think aboutit
vickychandler87: Things got in the way, though
amnethyst2002: shes just stubborn and independant..all us women have that streak i think
amnethyst2002: hey, i`m not a rookie!
bluerose_candle: bats! there ya go an animal besides the raccoon
vickychandler87: lol!
vickychandler87: He's got a creepy, creepy voice!
bluerose_candle: and just who is "we"
hrhkitty1: Slick like oil isn't it??
bluerose_candle: father or paracel ? lol
vickychandler87: Paracelsus
vickychandler87: lol!
hrhkitty1: Paracelsus
vickychandler87: Who is we? Well, I guess Father was not the only one who knew John
vickychandler87: Maybe Mary?
vickychandler87: lol!
bluerose_candle: yeah i was just wondering who else kept secrets from vincent
vickychandler87: me too
teasrcat: Wasn't Pascal's father there early, too? Or was that in a zine? Get them all mixed up sometimes.
amnethyst2002: pascals father was there too
vickychandler87: right
bluerose_candle: pascal grew up in the tunnels.... yeah his father was pipemaster
vickychandler87: And Winslow
bluerose_candle: wasnt he?
vickychandler87: yes he was
amnethyst2002: it would of been pascal and his dad, william, winslow, sebastian
lamartus: little Winslow
vickychandler87: yes, he says later he remembers Paracelsus when he was a child
bluerose_candle: sebastian? thought he lived above... street magician
vickychandler87: He does, but he was one of the first helpers, with Peter and Loo
amnethyst2002: i hate this part
joaniegirl75: olivia's father too, I believe.
teasrcat: If he lived above, he still might have known P
teasrcat: or J as he was called then
vickychandler87: True
amnethyst2002: poor jimmy
lamartus: Poor!
lamartus: :(
amnethyst2002: i bet joe liked hugging cathy
vickychandler87: Hmm, sure!
bluerose_candle: joe is a good friend... even though he hoped for more
joaniegirl75: not in this case.
hrhkitty1: well #-o
vickychandler87: do you really think he hoped for more?
amnethyst2002: i think sometimes he did
bluerose_candle: in the beginning at least it was clear in his attempt to ask her out... protectiveness... etc
bluerose_candle: he was going to ask her out when she was leaving office once
hrhkitty1: I wonder if he always thought she was above him though
vickychandler87: Powerful sceen...
joaniegirl75: Typical woman of the 80's, or the portrayal of her, crying that is.
bluerose_candle: kat ... perhaps... due to social status
hrhkitty1: one of the reasons he was so hard on her too
vickychandler87: yes, maybe until Temptation...
hrhkitty1: yes.
vickychandler87: Is that Father's study or Vincent chamber, yet again?
bluerose_candle: fathers study i think
lamartus: Fathers study
vickychandler87: oh, good
amnethyst2002: fathers study
vickychandler87: why you, Vincent?
vickychandler87: :)
bluerose_candle: isnt is always vincent
bluerose_candle: which is one reason the secrets of those around him i find insultive
vickychandler87: that was close, Catherine...
bluerose_candle: yeah she almost over did it though and blew it
vickychandler87: true
amnethyst2002: paracelus meets vincent
bluerose_candle: once again
vickychandler87: And just what was Vincent exactly going to do'
bluerose_candle: ouch!
vickychandler87: auch!
amnethyst2002: speak to the man
hrhkitty1: try to reason with him
hrhkitty1: 8-|
bluerose_candle: and say what? on btw please stop
amnethyst2002: oh the drugs
hrhkitty1: Well I don't think at that time he was intent on killing him
bluerose_candle: wonder if those ever caused flashbacks...
vickychandler87: Oh, really? Now that's kind of silly. I mean, if Father, who knew his intentions all his life couldn't... he wouldn't have listened to Vincent...
joaniegirl75: Take the drugs from him.
bluerose_candle: yeah but i mean surely vincent knew paracelsus would not be talked down
vickychandler87: That sounds better, Deb
vickychandler87: I mean joan
joaniegirl75: I htink there was a story written about that verything.
hrhkitty1: Not if this was the first time he met/knew of him
vickychandler87: Yes, by Nan Dibble?
amnethyst2002: the drugs are taking their toll on poor vincent
vickychandler87: There's another in the Steam Tunnels, I think
joaniegirl75: Don't remember. I only know that I read it.
vickychandler87: Poor baby!
salemgirl79: Catherine the temptress look....hehehehe
vickychandler87: lol!
hrhkitty1: lol Joan I know there's so many
amnethyst2002: whats behind door number 2?
hrhkitty1: Now while he was tripping was seeing Catherine a good or bad thing?
hrhkitty1: A NEW CAR!!!
lamartus: lol
vickychandler87: hmmm... good one
hrhkitty1: sorry :">
teasrcat: So we know where some of the Tunnel scenes in the game at Winterfest Online came from.
amnethyst2002: a session at the beauty salon
joaniegirl75: His basic deepest desire.
vickychandler87: me don't want you, wan't Catherine!
vickychandler87: lol!
bluerose_candle: LOL
teasrcat: Oops, sorry.
hrhkitty1: so you think it was a release of his inibitions?
amnethyst2002: yes definatly
vickychandler87: I do
joaniegirl75: Yep.
salemgirl79: more like a release of his....deeper emotions
vickychandler87: That's what most drugs do
salemgirl79: lust, anger, rage, fear
salemgirl79: all the things he doesn't let to the surface normally
vickychandler87: And he saw Father like one of the ones who got in the way... lol!
amnethyst2002: empathic connection?
joaniegirl75: You're right, emotions, it is.
bluerose_candle: this time father sends her in to vincent... yet later he trys to stop her *sigh* does that mean he valued her more or less later
vickychandler87: yea! he recognizes it, at last!
bluerose_candle: brings her to him anyway
vickychandler87: He just plays with his conveniences...
vickychandler87: lol!
hrhkitty1: Ithink it just thinks of her as a means to an end
vickychandler87: Now, I'm being waaay too hursh on Father...
vickychandler87: exactly, Kat
salemgirl79: empathic connection, the Bond they share
vickychandler87: Get him, Catherine...
lamartus: Yep!!!
vickychandler87: Yes, but he's too proud as to actually say that
vickychandler87: still...
hrhkitty1: And bring a bib... he's drooling something fierce
vickychandler87: He recognize it next episode
joaniegirl75: LOL
vickychandler87: the biond, I mean
salemgirl79: and they do have an empathic connectino
salemgirl79: connection
vickychandler87: oh they do, look at them!
amnethyst2002: its a beautiful thing
vickychandler87: Should have held her...
joaniegirl75: Ah!!!
vickychandler87: uh oh!
vickychandler87: so there's our answer... lol
vickychandler87: 1
vickychandler87: Sounds like Mouse's chamber...
lamartus: electric light
vickychandler87: thanks
bluerose_candle: think the glow is from the plants
amnethyst2002: here comes the bull
vickychandler87: That's what sounds like Mouse's chamber, the lights...
vickychandler87: auch!
bluerose_candle: grrrrr head games
amnethyst2002: content to accept fathers comes the mental torture
vickychandler87: And it never stops...
salemgirl79: no, here starts the asskickin!
salemgirl79: hehehehee
vickychandler87: hehehee!
lamartus: lol
bluerose_candle: my gold....
amnethyst2002: the fire
vickychandler87: That must hurt like the very hell!
bluerose_candle: the dangers of greed
joaniegirl75: pretty athletic for an old man.
vickychandler87: Uh oh, what a statement!
lamartus: Go back!
vickychandler87: Get the hint, girl!
bluerose_candle: this would be perfect for first kiss ...after that statement
lamartus: =D>
vickychandler87: sure, Debbie!
vickychandler87: Good! I just love them all!
bluerose_candle: cant believe they denied us a real kiss.... not like we were asking for explicit... just a kiss
bluerose_candle: sigh
amnethyst2002: another educational lesson on the harm taking drugs will do to you!
bluerose_candle: guess that is what fan art and fiction is for *grin*
vickychandler87: Now get ready: We've got a celebration next week!
joaniegirl75: Vincent wasn't ready for a kiss yet.
bluerose_candle: ? what happens next week?
amnethyst2002: oh do tell
joaniegirl75: Whut!
vickychandler87: hehehe, just kitting: It's their first anniversary...
lamartus: What?
lamartus: Ahhh!
amnethyst2002: temptation!!!
joaniegirl75: oH, GOOD!!!
bluerose_candle: a joe centeric ep *smile* with V and C both busy making gifts for anniversary
amnethyst2002: sorry, kat..the US dress size for me is a 12
hrhkitty1: yup I looked it up ;)
bluerose_candle: about how much does a costume recreate costs? as i love that dress/nightgown C wore in orphans below
amnethyst2002: what do you think it would cost to do cathys beautiful white and gold dress?
salemgirl79: /me goes back to watch the last 5 min
vickychandler87: lol!
hrhkitty1: Hang on girls I'll give you her website
hrhkitty1: It depends on the material etc.
amnethyst2002: cotton?
bluerose_candle: how can you tell material from video? hmmm
vickychandler87: lol!
amnethyst2002: i am taking a guess
amnethyst2002: but knowing cathy, its from a uptwon NY store
hrhkitty1: She can
ericsunicorn: it might be cheaper if you get the good on sale at Jo Anns they have all kinds of great sales and then you will need a patter for the dress also
bluerose_candle: and an ability and time to sew!
teasrcat: Was that her dress, or something they got for her to wear to conceal the wire?
salemgirl79: ugh!!!....damnit, Catherin'e, you're rich. Buy yourself a CLUE!!!
amnethyst2002: thanks sweeties
salemgirl79: /me finishes
vickychandler87: Hehehehe!
hrhkitty1: That's my friend's site.... she's VERY good.
hrhkitty1: Make sure you look at all the pics
bluerose_candle: kat and she knows we are nuts already right? lol wink
hrhkitty1: She can literally just look at a screen shot and reproduce it.
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