Siege (March 11)

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Siege (March 11)

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jecris27 (3:10:47 PM): 3
jecris27 (3:10:49 PM): 2
jecris27 (3:10:51 PM): 1
mini4many (3:10:54 PM): and the music and THAT voice begins...........:x
vickychandler87 (3:11:10 PM): Mini phrase...
timeflies3000 (3:12:52 PM): According to George R.R. Martin, this guy is one of the "three great casting disasters."
timeflies3000 (3:12:59 PM): Well, when they get to him...
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:13:00 PM): Edward/Elliots intro (credits)... *sigh*
jecris27 (3:13:18 PM): the pianist?
esmith591 (3:13:21 PM): yes
timeflies3000 (3:13:21 PM): yup
esmith591 (3:13:26 PM): was this before or after Fame?
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:13:31 PM): after isnt
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:13:37 PM): it
timeflies3000 (3:13:37 PM): can't mean the movie?
esmith591 (3:13:50 PM): no, series
timeflies3000 (3:13:58 PM): not sure
esmith591 (3:14:00 PM): He was in the TV show
timeflies3000 (3:14:08 PM): never watched Fame....
lamartus (3:14:18 PM): Yes, he was the piano teacher
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:14:29 PM): both the pianoist here and David Greenlee (mouse) played in Fame
marypeppe (3:15:06 PM): catherine has a beautiful dress in here
esmith591 (3:15:20 PM): am I behind?
timeflies3000 (3:15:27 PM): i'm justnow at the party
esmith591 (3:15:28 PM): just seeing Elliot
lamartus (3:15:28 PM): I am behind too
mini4many (3:15:36 PM): no....just now seeing C
esmith591 (3:15:40 PM): oh, good
timeflies3000 (3:15:40 PM): \i'm seeing E for the first time now
marypeppe (3:15:49 PM): i´m ahead, sorry
jecris27 (3:15:49 PM): grrr
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:15:50 PM): reporters with E
vickychandler87 (3:16:07 PM): yes
esmith591 (3:16:16 PM): You know, she basically picks him up
jecris27 (3:16:28 PM): i don't like her looking at him that way. jealous on vincent's behalf!
marypeppe (3:16:30 PM): yes... she actually does
jecris27 (3:16:34 PM): >:P
esmith591 (3:16:43 PM): lol - oh, give her a break
timeflies3000 (3:16:45 PM): I always cringe at the pick up.
vickychandler87 (3:16:50 PM): Give her a break!
vickychandler87 (3:16:56 PM): Oh, lol!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:17:12 PM): like the hair C but dont care too much for the dress
mini4many (3:17:13 PM): but remember at this time....C feels that she and V are only good friends.....she hasn't recognized her love for him yet
marypeppe (3:17:24 PM): I don´t think it is wrong what she does...
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:17:35 PM): yeah at this point she is still buying the line 'we cant have a life together'
jecris27 (3:17:37 PM): i can be jealous if i want to!
marypeppe (3:17:37 PM): agree with mini..
timeflies3000 (3:17:38 PM): not wrong, just painful
vickychandler87 (3:17:46 PM): Hahahaha!
marypeppe (3:17:52 PM): of course JE!! hahah
jecris27 (3:17:57 PM): ;-)
jecris27 (3:18:08 PM): i love that dress
mini4many (3:18:11 PM): go right ahead JE.....i have to fight jealousy too
marypeppe (3:18:54 PM): I think we can feel jealous because we know what´s going to happen after between V&C
timeflies3000 (3:19:02 PM): absolutely
jecris27 (3:19:03 PM): i'm sure
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:19:06 PM): love that line 'prove it to the world ... prove it to yourself'
mini4many (3:19:08 PM): so ture Mariana
marypeppe (3:19:08 PM): at this point... just friends
jecris27 (3:19:10 PM): and because we know vincent is already in love with her
marypeppe (3:19:33 PM): and she is with him... just hasn´t realise YET
vickychandler87 (3:19:41 PM): Right
jecris27 (3:20:01 PM): joann baca has that coat
esmith591 (3:20:07 PM): cool
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:20:10 PM): the coat or one like it?
jecris27 (3:20:18 PM): that coat
timeflies3000 (3:20:22 PM): wow
marypeppe (3:20:25 PM): wow
mini4many (3:20:37 PM): now i'm jealous
vickychandler87 (3:20:39 PM): Wow, well it coulodn¿'t be in better hands...
vickychandler87 (3:20:42 PM): He he
jecris27 (3:20:45 PM): gotta love his smile
timeflies3000 (3:20:52 PM): i'm jealous of everybody!
vickychandler87 (3:20:55 PM): Good thing I can't see that!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:21:06 PM): rather ambigous response... just hands card ... rather than setting up new date
esmith591 (3:21:16 PM): that was the way in the 80s
vickychandler87 (3:21:18 PM): Anyways...
jecris27 (3:21:29 PM): haven't got the lighting right yet on vincent
timeflies3000 (3:21:35 PM): true!
timeflies3000 (3:21:57 PM): A little "Twisted Sister"
marypeppe (3:22:03 PM): he is beautiful all the same
timeflies3000 (3:22:09 PM): indeed
mini4many (3:22:12 PM): V is burnt.....why won't he let C tend to him?
jecris27 (3:22:16 PM): yes, it's just harder to see him
esmith591 (3:22:23 PM): he's upset by her reaction to E
jecris27 (3:22:23 PM): too intimate
esmith591 (3:22:28 PM): that, too
timeflies3000 (3:22:32 PM): yes
marypeppe (3:22:40 PM): both things
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:22:53 PM): see she is still in shock.... excuses pickingup elliot right? *grin*
jecris27 (3:23:03 PM): poor selfless guy. i love him.
timeflies3000 (3:24:05 PM): i love Mr Langer's wife
esmith591 (3:24:18 PM): yes, she's good
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:25:36 PM): wow how young jay looks
timeflies3000 (3:25:50 PM): everyone's young 20 years ago! :)
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:26:06 PM): LOL yeah i know.... he was 'old' when i first watched it at 12
mini4many (3:26:11 PM): But he looks to young to be the Deputy DA
jecris27 (3:26:13 PM): you must be a great first date. lol
timeflies3000 (3:26:14 PM): ha!
jecris27 (3:26:28 PM): elliot's roses
esmith591 (3:26:34 PM): And she knows it's "first" how?
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:26:43 PM): nothing compared to upcoming lunch lol
timeflies3000 (3:26:45 PM): hmmmm...
jecris27 (3:26:47 PM): ooh, good question
jecris27 (3:27:10 PM): maybe she knows C's not seeing anyone
timeflies3000 (3:27:12 PM): Seeing her dating makes me sick.
vickychandler87 (3:27:14 PM): Cause Edie never saw flowers for Cathy, maybe
jecris27 (3:27:20 PM): me too
vickychandler87 (3:27:21 PM): me too!
vickychandler87 (3:27:29 PM): Oooh, this breaks my heart...
lamartus (3:27:41 PM): Mine too
esmith591 (3:27:47 PM): so sad
timeflies3000 (3:27:49 PM): It's sortof that "she's dating my best friend" feeling
jecris27 (3:27:51 PM): =((
marypeppe (3:27:53 PM): totally agree:(
mini4many (3:28:04 PM): this scene breaks my heart
lamartus (3:28:15 PM): The music is perfect
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:28:26 PM): "she met a man.." almost like he is making a difference between himself and 'a man'
esmith591 (3:28:27 PM): this is how you know he's a great actor
vickychandler87 (3:28:30 PM): Excelent!
timeflies3000 (3:28:37 PM): absolutely
esmith591 (3:28:38 PM): the text is as sappy and sickly sweet as you can get and he makes it work
mini4many (3:28:41 PM): It hurts!
jecris27 (3:28:43 PM): yup
vickychandler87 (3:28:45 PM): Father... It hurts...
marypeppe (3:28:45 PM): i want to go ans hug him..
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:29:01 PM): who doesn't want to hug him! lol
jecris27 (3:29:06 PM): lol
marypeppe (3:29:12 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (3:29:18 PM): Oh Father, don't you have anything lighter to say? better'
mini4many (3:29:22 PM): i want to go up and tell C the way of things
esmith591 (3:29:23 PM): somebody smack Father
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:29:32 PM): lol mini you go girl
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:29:39 PM): gladly smack father
timeflies3000 (3:29:39 PM): he's keeping the V-man down!
vickychandler87 (3:29:50 PM): He is!
marypeppe (3:29:58 PM): i can see mini screaming at Catherine: " hey you girl!!"
mini4many (3:30:22 PM): naw....i'd be more tactful
mini4many (3:30:37 PM): but i'd get my point across
esmith591 (3:31:31 PM): I love that guy diving through the window
esmith591 (3:31:32 PM): lol
timeflies3000 (3:31:34 PM): It's rare the someone gets left alive, ya know?
esmith591 (3:31:48 PM): their days are numbered
mini4many (3:31:54 PM): V that roar
vickychandler87 (3:32:08 PM): I wonder what Misha and Sophy thought?
mini4many (3:32:15 PM): shock
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:32:27 PM): grateful
timeflies3000 (3:32:28 PM): Well, Mischa had talked to V already
jecris27 (3:32:30 PM): grrrr
timeflies3000 (3:32:36 PM): ohhhh
timeflies3000 (3:32:39 PM): this makes me sick
esmith591 (3:32:48 PM): BTW - that is not a NY fountain
jecris27 (3:32:51 PM): grrrrrrrrr
lamartus (3:32:52 PM): Noooo. stop. stop. stop right now!
vickychandler87 (3:32:55 PM): Just close your eyes!
esmith591 (3:32:56 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (3:32:56 PM): lol!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:32:57 PM): where is it? fountain
mini4many (3:32:59 PM): yuck
marypeppe (3:33:06 PM): Nooooooo auch!
mini4many (3:33:13 PM): someone....smack her quick
timeflies3000 (3:33:20 PM): love this shot of V
jecris27 (3:33:21 PM): it wasn't such a bad kiss. why couldn't vincent ever get one? grrr!
marypeppe (3:33:22 PM): that really hurts
esmith591 (3:33:28 PM): gotta be California - the fountain
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:33:32 PM): not yuck lol.... i feel sorry for elliot as he deserves a good love in his life as well.. just found catherine one promise too late
mini4many (3:33:42 PM): he had to be hurting....feeling C kiss Elliot
esmith591 (3:33:44 PM): V wouldn't stand still for one
timeflies3000 (3:33:48 PM): But of his character issues?
timeflies3000 (3:33:56 PM): LOL Elaine
jecris27 (3:34:13 PM): lol. he would too! just not yet
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:34:14 PM): Elliot got lost in life... he found his way back to the person he could have been with catherines help
timeflies3000 (3:34:37 PM): You mean by the end of the show?
lamartus (3:34:37 PM): It's true
jecris27 (3:34:41 PM): yes
vickychandler87 (3:34:43 PM): But we stil kno nothing about this
jecris27 (3:35:06 PM): i'll put it on your tab
jecris27 (3:35:06 PM): hehe
esmith591 (3:35:15 PM): True, Vicky -- at this point, all we know about Elliot is he's cute, rich and seemingly very nice
mini4many (3:35:29 PM): in this show.....E is bacically a Conn man to C at the end
jecris27 (3:35:54 PM): i love joe's comment
jecris27 (3:36:02 PM): brown baggin it
timeflies3000 (3:36:03 PM): I say she would have broken up with him regardless of V because of wha he'd done.
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:36:06 PM): yeah lol and here comes lunch
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:36:25 PM): he tried in the only way he knew... just needed to relearn his approach
jecris27 (3:36:42 PM): did you bring enough for everyone?
vickychandler87 (3:36:57 PM): But I didn0't see her so convinced about Elliot, I felt she needed the right excuse... if you know what I mean...
mini4many (3:37:04 PM): perfect timming to the Champagne cork popping
timeflies3000 (3:37:06 PM): interesting
vickychandler87 (3:37:06 PM): Maybe I'm wrong
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:37:49 PM): where did they dig up that checkered coat *shudder*
marypeppe (3:38:00 PM): stop kissing him!!
jecris27 (3:38:01 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (3:39:14 PM): I like her this way
vickychandler87 (3:39:19 PM): too...
esmith591 (3:39:41 PM): and gloves again
timeflies3000 (3:39:52 PM): i'm hot for the gloves.
jecris27 (3:39:57 PM): lol
joaniegirl75 (3:40:20 PM): Where are we?
esmith591 (3:40:27 PM): in the drainage tunnel
jecris27 (3:40:28 PM): drainage tunnel
vickychandler87 (3:40:35 PM): Told you, she doesn't want fingerprints on that door, that tunnel entrance... lol!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:40:44 PM): lol good thought vicky
jecris27 (3:40:46 PM): better lighting here
jecris27 (3:40:50 PM): lol
timeflies3000 (3:40:52 PM): best line of all..."no need"
esmith591 (3:40:58 PM): We know, we always knew. . .
vickychandler87 (3:41:12 PM): I believe her view, all changed after this conversation...
marypeppe (3:41:13 PM): painfull scene ...
mini4many (3:41:13 PM): what a lie
timeflies3000 (3:41:22 PM): that's a good point Vicky.
timeflies3000 (3:41:28 PM): sure seems that way to some extent
esmith591 (3:41:29 PM): yes
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:41:32 PM): an excuse .... that wears thin over time
jecris27 (3:41:35 PM): it won't change anything. pffft
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:41:46 PM): the we cant be together theme from V to protect C
vickychandler87 (3:41:48 PM): You see? She hadn't even questioned herself if she loved him
vickychandler87 (3:41:51 PM): Vincent did it
timeflies3000 (3:41:51 PM): this is why men and women can't be friends.
jecris27 (3:42:02 PM): sure they can
esmith591 (3:42:17 PM): they just can't pretend to be friends
vickychandler87 (3:42:22 PM): Yes they can
timeflies3000 (3:42:23 PM): Like "when harry met sally" - the sex part always gets in the way
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:42:25 PM): yes they can ... not if there is an attraction perhaps but can have freinds
vickychandler87 (3:42:25 PM): Lol!
marypeppe (3:42:35 PM): i agree Vicky.. sha hasnt question herself about Elliot
jecris27 (3:42:59 PM): i have men friends
mini4many (3:43:07 PM): so do i
esmith591 (3:43:15 PM): She's thinking she can separate this soul-deep connection from an ordinary physical relationship
vickychandler87 (3:43:15 PM): Me three
timeflies3000 (3:43:17 PM): they want you!
esmith591 (3:43:17 PM): I guess
jecris27 (3:43:40 PM): no they don't
jecris27 (3:43:43 PM): some of them are married
vickychandler87 (3:43:47 PM): No way!
timeflies3000 (3:43:51 PM): They still want you!
timeflies3000 (3:43:52 PM): LOL
marypeppe (3:43:55 PM): yes Elaine... she thinks the conecttion is beyond love
mini4many (3:44:00 PM): but at this time C has no sense of the bond....only what V has told her
jecris27 (3:44:04 PM): don't be so cynical now! ;-)
marypeppe (3:44:14 PM): we know she will discover she is wrong
vickychandler87 (3:44:14 PM): lol!
jecris27 (3:44:16 PM): doesn't she?
jecris27 (3:44:23 PM): why did she say all that stuff then?
esmith591 (3:44:23 PM): I think she must have some sense
jecris27 (3:44:26 PM): doesn't make sense
mini4many (3:44:28 PM): not until Shades of Gray
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:44:32 PM): let the lawyer take the call.... edwards idea *grin*
esmith591 (3:44:46 PM): No -- she's woken up before he taps on the doors before Shades of Grey
esmith591 (3:44:51 PM): for example
esmith591 (3:45:03 PM): whatever happened to Mookie
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:45:17 PM): who's mookie?
esmith591 (3:45:22 PM): baseball player -
esmith591 (3:45:27 PM): edie wants to have dinner with
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:45:29 PM): ahhh ok i know no sports
esmith591 (3:45:46 PM): me either -- but all New Yorkers knew Mookie
vickychandler87 (3:45:49 PM): That's why I don't agree about, let's say, handling the bond to work this way or the other: It just is
vickychandler87 (3:45:57 PM): I mean, it's there
esmith591 (3:46:31 PM): lol - duck those darts
jecris27 (3:47:19 PM): i like that putting the phone in his hand
jecris27 (3:47:20 PM): lol
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:47:28 PM): he said he liked her pushy lol
esmith591 (3:47:29 PM): hah- I think it turned around between cuts
mini4many (3:47:33 PM): she has moxie
esmith591 (3:48:10 PM): see -- this is where it seems like she was looking for an excuse
esmith591 (3:48:15 PM): she doesn't really give him a chance
esmith591 (3:48:20 PM): although he blows it anyway
vickychandler87 (3:48:26 PM): Exactly Elaine!
timeflies3000 (3:48:26 PM): Elliott shows his "gray" here. very moral equivalent
marypeppe (3:48:28 PM): i have nothing against Elliot ( i love him!) but I enjoy this scene so much!! he is sending her right back to VIncent's arms
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:48:49 PM): oops there he cut his throat... 'what are we talking about..
mini4many (3:49:08 PM): great timming again.....reporters
esmith591 (3:49:30 PM): cathy knocking on langers door
vickychandler87 (3:49:50 PM): Same music... Coudln't the guty play something else in there' lol! or something else in thje radio maybe'
esmith591 (3:50:04 PM): he's studying it, Vicky
vickychandler87 (3:50:35 PM): Lol! Anyways, I love the Pathetic
joaniegirl75 (3:51:04 PM): I love Sophie's spirit.
esmith591 (3:51:10 PM): yes
marypeppe (3:51:43 PM): yes
mini4many (3:51:46 PM): good philosophy
vickychandler87 (3:51:58 PM): She's great
timeflies3000 (3:52:20 PM): knee-highs 2 for one sale
jecris27 (3:52:24 PM): lol
esmith591 (3:52:28 PM): lol
jecris27 (3:52:31 PM): here's that hilarious caption pic
mini4many (3:53:08 PM): they need cell phones
marypeppe (3:53:19 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (3:53:19 PM): Lol!
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:53:21 PM): did they have cell phones back then? lol
esmith591 (3:53:35 PM): not yet, I don't think
timeflies3000 (3:53:37 PM): maybe a "bag" phone!
marypeppe (3:53:37 PM): I don´t think so..
chops2006 (3:53:41 PM): if they did have cell phones I bet they were HUGE
chops2006 (3:53:42 PM): lol
jecris27 (3:53:59 PM): lol
jecris27 (3:54:04 PM): too soon for cell phones
vickychandler87 (3:54:10 PM): Too bad the signal won't reach Below... Vincent with a celphone
timeflies3000 (3:54:11 PM): I had one by 1990 though...
esmith591 (3:54:33 PM): yep - they're just around the corner
chops2006 (3:54:38 PM): B&B was still on the air in 1990
chops2006 (3:54:46 PM): :)
jecris27 (3:55:01 PM): yes, but this is 87
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:55:18 PM): and rent controled building so not high income either
mini4many (3:55:21 PM): go girl.....use isacc's training
vickychandler87 (3:55:31 PM): yea!
chops2006 (3:55:48 PM): i really loved issac
chops2006 (3:55:58 PM): they seemed like such great friends
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:56:02 PM): this was back when she still fought for herself... they did away with more and more of that i think as time went on
jecris27 (3:56:04 PM): i liked isaac too
vickychandler87 (3:56:06 PM): Go!
chops2006 (3:56:08 PM): i wish he had come back for more episodes
jecris27 (3:56:17 PM): me too
esmith591 (3:56:24 PM): lol - "who was that masked man?"
joaniegirl75 (3:56:30 PM): They sure did.
jecris27 (3:56:35 PM): lol
joaniegirl75 (3:57:12 PM): Oh, I love this part.
vickychandler87 (3:57:19 PM): Oh, here comes the book!
chops2006 (3:57:40 PM): ::swoons::
marypeppe (3:57:54 PM): shakespere did know everything...
mini4many (3:58:11 PM): love the way V uses rose as a bookmark
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:58:23 PM): wonder where all those books with inscribes are now *sigh*
mini4many (3:58:38 PM): i'd love to have one
joaniegirl75 (3:58:46 PM): Me,too.
esmith591 (3:58:54 PM): But, you know, this sonnet is expressly designed to make her feel as guilty as possible
lamartus (3:58:56 PM): =D>
jecris27 (3:58:59 PM): lol
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:59:03 PM): probably gatherine dust on some prop set... forgotten... sigh now i want to go rescue them
timeflies3000 (3:59:03 PM): you think so?
joaniegirl75 (3:59:06 PM): Really?
mini4many (3:59:11 PM): =D>
esmith591 (3:59:11 PM): "my outcast state"
marypeppe (3:59:12 PM): =D> great
esmith591 (3:59:18 PM): "my bootless cries"
vickychandler87 (3:59:21 PM): Is that his own handwriting or someone else wrote the inscriptions? I've always wondered
joaniegirl75 (3:59:25 PM): Never tho't of it that way.
esmith591 (3:59:27 PM): But it's okay -- because "haply I think on thee"
timeflies3000 (3:59:32 PM): I have never perceived it that way.
esmith591 (3:59:33 PM): even though you almost threw me over
vickychandler87 (3:59:38 PM): We see ghim writing, right' In his journals?
esmith591 (3:59:43 PM): No, I don't think it was meant to be taken that way
butterflyfreedomatlast (3:59:55 PM): *sigh* back to my world...
vickychandler87 (4:00:03 PM): Lol Elaine...
vickychandler87 (4:00:14 PM): Unconditionally yours
esmith591 (4:00:26 PM): yes -- it's kind of a heavy burden
esmith591 (4:00:28 PM): in a way
vickychandler87 (4:00:42 PM): You're right
joaniegirl75 (4:00:43 PM): I whish they had included the letters that are on the vhs's.
timeflies3000 (4:00:50 PM): you mean the burden of V being the way he is?
esmith591 (4:01:00 PM): No - the burden of being someone's whole world
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:01:02 PM): yeah that would have been nice... especially since it would be easy already filmed and all
mini4many (4:01:08 PM): oh me too Joan
timeflies3000 (4:01:09 PM): Ahh.. Yes. it is.
vickychandler87 (4:01:09 PM): Yes
vickychandler87 (4:01:22 PM): And a great responsability
butterflyfreedomatlast (4:02:07 PM): bye all , take care and if you find a way to the tunnels dont forget to come kidnap me!
jecris27 (4:02:13 PM): lol
esmith591 (4:03:17 PM): So, now - in production order, both times she was in danger, he put her there, right?
mini4many (4:03:22 PM): I'm up for that.....give me a walking stick, a flashlight, and a box of chalk .......
jecris27 (4:03:35 PM): yeah
joaniegirl75 (4:03:36 PM): He sure did.
timeflies3000 (4:03:36 PM): I think that's right...
timeflies3000 (4:03:45 PM): situations he brought to her attention
esmith591 (4:03:50 PM): yep
joaniegirl75 (4:04:00 PM): It wasn't always her fault that she got into danger.
vickychandler87 (4:04:03 PM): I agree
timeflies3000 (4:04:11 PM): Although I'm not sure you could argue it's technically his fault she was in danger
vickychandler87 (4:04:20 PM): And come on, it wasn't that often...
timeflies3000 (4:04:27 PM): The situation became dangerous
esmith591 (4:04:30 PM): true
mini4many (4:04:51 PM): no, but C was a go-get-it kind of girl..
joaniegirl75 (4:04:56 PM): Even so, it happened.
mini4many (4:06:51 PM): it wasn't V that put her in danger.....her job and her attitude dragged her into dangerous situations
joaniegirl75 (4:07:24 PM): But he counted on her to do something about it.
mini4many (4:07:50 PM): V wouldn't have gone to C about a lot of those things happening if she wasn't in a job position to help
esmith591 (4:07:56 PM): Yes - her job didn't turn up the problem at Ridley or the trouble with Mischa
esmith591 (4:08:10 PM): that's true, too, mini
esmith591 (4:08:33 PM): although maybe he would have -- because he can't go Above himself
esmith591 (4:08:43 PM): he might still have asked her to report things
vickychandler87 (4:08:49 PM): Yes. In the case of Siege, for example, the outcome een the same if Joe asigned her this, but Vincent asked her
mini4many (4:08:54 PM): but there are many, many other helpers who could report a problem
esmith591 (4:09:08 PM): He doesn't want excuses to visit them.
marypeppe (4:09:09 PM): yes , but he wants her
jecris27 (4:09:13 PM): lol
marypeppe (4:09:26 PM): he has the perfect excuse to see her
vickychandler87 (4:10:25 PM): Let's say the trueth: We're ready to excuse Vincent from anything, but not Catherine... Just like Father!
mini4many (4:10:25 PM): maybe there is some truth in that statement the beginning of thier relationship.....he would need to justify to himself reasons to go to catherine
vickychandler87 (4:10:26 PM): lol!
vickychandler87 (4:10:36 PM): :-D Don't mind me...
mini4many (4:12:04 PM): any justify spending just a little bit of time with her
vickychandler87 (4:12:19 PM): That's true
mini4many (4:14:10 PM): though i would imagine he went many times to her balcony to see her while she slept....but of course C wouldn't have known about that
esmith591 (4:14:11 PM): yes
esmith591 (4:14:21 PM): I think she would have known
mini4many (4:15:00 PM): not yet....the idea of the bond is still new to her....she hasn't felt any real sense of it yet
esmith591 (4:15:35 PM): Bond or no bond
esmith591 (4:15:43 PM): Somebody spying on you
esmith591 (4:15:49 PM): You can get a sense of it
mini4many (4:15:56 PM): not with V's stealth
vickychandler87 (4:16:09 PM): But that's it: The bond is not to be thought of, maybe she didn't understand what that little feeling was...
timeflies3000 (4:16:28 PM): i think she did have a sense of him
esmith591 (4:16:33 PM): me, too
vickychandler87 (4:16:40 PM): Me three
jecris27 (4:16:47 PM): hmm
mini4many (4:16:54 PM): that is what i meant when i said she had no real sense of the bond yet
esmith591 (4:17:15 PM): "our bond is the realest thing I've ever known"
esmith591 (4:17:29 PM): except I never feel it?
mini4many (4:17:31 PM): V called it our bond first
esmith591 (4:17:52 PM): that's true
mini4many (4:18:04 PM): she she was just refering to it in that sense i think......she understand how the bond effects V.....but not in her yet
esmith591 (4:18:16 PM): well, ou could be right
esmith591 (4:18:20 PM): you
timeflies3000 (4:18:50 PM): It makes me wonder how much she really could have loved someone else
timeflies3000 (4:19:01 PM): What with the bond being real to her as well, in whatever strength.
esmith591 (4:19:37 PM): I think she was just confused
esmith591 (4:19:50 PM): "how all those little pieces will fit together"
esmith591 (4:20:03 PM): All these huge changes in her life
vickychandler87 (4:20:03 PM): Right
chops2006 (4:20:28 PM): question: what is everyone's fave episode of s1?
esmith591 (4:20:46 PM): oh, dear
timeflies3000 (4:20:50 PM): goodness...
vickychandler87 (4:20:52 PM): the one I'm watching :-D
esmith591 (4:20:55 PM): lol
jecris27 (4:20:57 PM): lol
timeflies3000 (4:20:58 PM): i have several
jecris27 (4:21:10 PM): a happy life, i guess
esmith591 (4:21:13 PM): yes
jecris27 (4:21:15 PM): or maybe shades of grey
esmith591 (4:21:16 PM): probably
timeflies3000 (4:21:19 PM): me too
timeflies3000 (4:21:31 PM): SOG, AHL, S, ummm...
chops2006 (4:21:38 PM): a happy life for me as well
chops2006 (4:21:41 PM): or the pilor
chops2006 (4:21:43 PM): pilot
timeflies3000 (4:21:50 PM): yep
timeflies3000 (4:22:08 PM): Ozymandias
lamartus (4:22:10 PM): everyone have something special but probably Shades, Ocymandius or A happy life, I don't know
timeflies3000 (4:22:12 PM): Down to a Sunless Sea...
vickychandler87 (4:22:41 PM): I really can't say...
esmith591 (4:22:55 PM): I have a sneaking affection for To Reign in Hell
timeflies3000 (4:23:17 PM): All the sweating...
chops2006 (4:23:25 PM): I dont know why but i have never cared for "reign in hell"
jecris27 (4:24:11 PM): lol
vickychandler87 (4:24:34 PM): lol, hadn't red that!
chops2006 (4:24:41 PM): it just doesn't seem like typical/classic B&B to me
esmith591 (4:24:58 PM): no, it's not typical
esmith591 (4:24:59 PM): that's why I like it
jecris27 (4:25:05 PM): i don't like it they killed off winslow
esmith591 (4:25:14 PM): no - that's not good
jecris27 (4:25:44 PM): the show has a pattern of disappearing black characters. it's kinda distrubing
vickychandler87 (4:25:44 PM): I liked Winslow
jecris27 (4:25:55 PM): or disturbing
timeflies3000 (4:25:55 PM): who else disappeared?
chops2006 (4:25:58 PM): never realized that!
chops2006 (4:25:59 PM): omg
jecris27 (4:26:00 PM): edie did
chops2006 (4:26:01 PM): narcissa
chops2006 (4:26:03 PM): edie
timeflies3000 (4:26:07 PM): well, didn't she leave?
chops2006 (4:26:07 PM): issac
jecris27 (4:26:11 PM): clean manning
jecris27 (4:26:17 PM): cleon
jecris27 (4:26:21 PM): can't spell today
timeflies3000 (4:26:25 PM): these were extraneous characters though...
jecris27 (4:26:26 PM): isaac
jecris27 (4:26:34 PM): true
jecris27 (4:26:39 PM): and some of our favorite characters
esmith591 (4:26:54 PM): And Winslow was agitating for more money right at the time they were trying to decide which character was going to die
jecris27 (4:27:06 PM): yup. could have been pascal just as easily
vickychandler87 (4:27:28 PM): true.
chops2006 (4:27:39 PM): well he had nerve lol
chops2006 (4:27:48 PM): he was barely in the show as is (winslow)
jecris27 (4:27:53 PM): of course, TPTB deny it
jecris27 (4:28:01 PM): but it still makes one wonder
jecris27 (4:28:10 PM): race issues can be extremely subtle
esmith591 (4:28:20 PM): True
vickychandler87 (4:28:20 PM): Have you read Nan Dibble's "Low spirits descending"?
esmith591 (4:28:25 PM): but Sarah also disappeared
esmith591 (4:28:27 PM): and ellie
jecris27 (4:28:38 PM): yes
vickychandler87 (4:28:41 PM): Yes, she was only their twice, if I'm not mistaken
chops2006 (4:28:43 PM): i heard that the average cost of a B&B episode was $100,000-----that is cheap compared to today's standards
timeflies3000 (4:28:43 PM): And Catherine.
esmith591 (4:28:59 PM): :(
esmith591 (4:29:14 PM): but I think it was expensive for the time
timeflies3000 (4:29:21 PM): yes
esmith591 (4:29:32 PM): and Charles
vickychandler87 (4:29:34 PM): You must be mistaken, Amy. Catherine?
vickychandler87 (4:29:36 PM): Lol!
jecris27 (4:29:41 PM): lol
esmith591 (4:29:41 PM): lol
timeflies3000 (4:29:42 PM): ha!!
timeflies3000 (4:29:48 PM): True...
jecris27 (4:30:08 PM): i think you're going to like debbies Though Lovers Be Found
esmith591 (4:30:08 PM): and Paracelsus
vickychandler87 (4:30:22 PM): I love it!
jecris27 (4:30:31 PM): it's great!
timeflies3000 (4:30:34 PM): is it new?
vickychandler87 (4:30:36 PM): I'm about to watch the last episode... file
jecris27 (4:30:47 PM): it's a remix of TLBL
jecris27 (4:31:05 PM): happy ending one
jecris27 (4:31:06 PM): :-D
esmith591 (4:31:19 PM): You could maybe say that the show should have had more non-caucasian characters -- but I don't think the losses can be attributed to race
vickychandler87 (4:31:23 PM): I didn't mention it to her because I'd rather she introduce it...
esmith591 (4:31:24 PM): but you never know.
timeflies3000 (4:31:38 PM): I agree Elaine.
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