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Re: Writing Duels??

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:13 pm
by 222333
Yes, writing duels.

It means that two writers "challenge" each other and spar with paragraphs, instead of swords.
One writes a paragraph, the other responds with another paragraph.
They don't know what the other is going to write.

The writers post their paragraph in the "DRAFT" thread.
If they need to, they can discuss their writing process in the "TALKS" thread, otherwise they just post the next paragraph.
As the duel proceeds, they will copy the past paragraphs, incorporating any changes or corrections they wish to make, into the "CLEAN COPY" thread, to read the story without interruptions, the two writers' paragraphs identified by different text colors.
Any non-dueling watchers can comment in the "COMMENTS" thread.

Yes, more than two writers can play, and the duel becomes a Round Robin. Each writer takes a turn adding a paragraph, in the order that the participants agree upon in their "TALKS" thread.

That's it. En Garde!

S - moderator