Nor Iron Bars A Cage

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Re: Nor Iron Bars A Cage

by cindyrae77 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:33 pm

I agree! The 'other ending' from the script, (which was co-authored by Ron Perlman, though I don't know if the scene was written by him or one of the others) is much 'stronger.'

Here it is, right from the transcription site, (which I thank God for, almost daily.)

Several days have passed, and Vincent’s convalescence is evident: he sits in a chair, reading in the soft light, when Cathy enters. There’s a tentativeness between them.
Father tells me you’re better.
(off Vincent’s nod)
I’m glad.

She sits nearby on the edge of Vincent’s bed. Something weighs heavily on both of them, something between them that is unspoken and unfinished.
Please, Catherine. Don’t. The
first goodbye was too much.
(bows his head)
Thank you far coming to see me...

No --

Vincent stops, and slowly raises his eyes to her.
This isn’t a goodbye.
Vincent, I was wrong to think I
could solve anything by running
(then, off Vincent’s
look of hopeful
I’m not leaving.

Vincent’s heart swells with joy, but caution creeps into his voice.
I would never want to keep you
from fulfilling your life... your
Don’t you see? You’re part of
my life... and my dreams.
I was trying to deny that.

Vincent silently acknowledges this as the source of his hurt.
And now?
I have to learn to accept what’s
between us...

After a long beat:
Then welcome home..
Cathy smiles. They regard each other tenderly in the warm light, as we:


I'm with you, in that I'm not sure why someone suddenly thought "Surprised by Joy" was a 'must read' at that moment. (It essentially leaves the problem of Catherine's 'unhappiness' (and we both know why, says the script) unsolved. (Unless she was unhappy because he'd never been kidnapped and thrown in a cage, in which case, we got that solved.)

The ending we got wasn't 'bad.' But it's almost as if it was filmed for a different episode, like say, "Shades of Grey."

JMHO, as ever,


Re: Nor Iron Bars A Cage

by 222333 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:01 am

But the end of the episode is soooooo sweet. And more so if you read the original scene in the script, which was not filmed as it is, I don’t know why. The dialogue in it makes so much more sense. It explains away a lot of what in the real episode remains puzzling. Sigh.


Re: Nor Iron Bars A Cage

by cindyrae77 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:23 am

I completely agree that Zara is a marvel, and NIBAC lets her strengths (and she has many of those) really shine. Zara is wonderful at pulling you inside what a character is thinking, and we know Vincent is thinking a LOT in NIBAC. (Words that never made it to the screen, unfortunately, as we had to rely on Vincent's expression and circumstances to 'tell us more.') Zara has a gift for perspective and empathy, and NIBAC shows off that talent well. She'll take you places you didn't realize you needed to go.

Everybody is just a little bit of a Beast, in NIBAC, (Catherine is leaving? How could she? Gould is a leering monster all his own, and Hughes is a whimpering one, having gotten a little chewed up by the 'monster' that is academia.) Hughes' beast is the cowering kind as we see that not all beasts are Ferocious, but they often just as destructive. (He'd sell Vincent to save his career, and realizes he can't only after Catherine's urging. Not Vincent's)

And of course, there's the Beast himself, Vincent. Strapped to a table, tossed in a cage, dehumanized and dying from it. - Until Cathy's rescue leaves two OTHER beasts dead on the floor. Our two main characters, Catherine and Vincent, get yanked right out of their 'comfort zones' and they are raw, in this one. (Cathy is weeping in her apartment, her stuff in boxes. Vincent isn't in his 'home,' and he isn't where he's safe. He's in a place right out of his nightmares, and dreaming of Catherine's departure, the worse nightmare, for him.)

Welcome, cross.roads!


Re: Nor Iron Bars A Cage

by 222333 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:31 am

You possibly have mentioned one of the very, very best piece of fanfiction ever written in this fandom. In my opinion.

Yes, there is much to say about NIBAC. Starting from the title. Nor Iron Bars a Cage. There are several cages in that episode. Vincent's nature that prevents him from being free to pursue Catherine. The real cage where the "beast" is held prisoner. The blindness of the scientists. Hughes' bitter disappointment...


Nor Iron Bars A Cage

by cross.roads74 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:15 am

Nor Iron Bars a Cage is worthy of lengthy discussion, in my opinion. There's so much going on. But I really believe Zara Wilder's treatment, posted in The Treasure Chambers, is actually more authentic than the televised episode.