a pretty logic and interesting development

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Ron Koslow's episodes

by 222333 » Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:24 am

It may be interesting to know that the creator of the series, Ron Koslow, wrote three episodes:
The Pilot
A children's story
A Happy Life.

I think that they are the "digest" of what he had in mind about this story, inspired by the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast: The beginning, as a modern retelling of the fairy tale, the development, about the two main characters interaction and reciprocal influence, and the happy ending, where, like in the fairy tale, the Beauty gets back to her life, and then returns to the Beast of her own will (while we see the Beast brooding on the ivory rose, symbolic of the magical one of the fairy tale).

This gives to the whole development a very sound ground, in my opinion.
So, ACS is the second episode written, I think, and filmed. For unknown (to me) reasons, once it was ready, it was considered too "mundane" (George RR Martin's words), and not aired as second but as tenth. In fact, Ron Koslow did not want the credits as author and an alter ego was credited.


a pretty logic and interesting development

by 222333 » Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:58 pm

I think that the production order has a pretty logic and interesting development, which I find very telling about how V and C get closer and closer.

We start, of course, with the Pilot, where two lives completely apart get crossed. Both V and C thought that those ten days were something magic, which ended when C was back to her world. It's only the persistence of the bond that pushed V to try to see her again, but it took eight months.
In fact, let's try to look at the facts, not at the romance for a moment: C is a socialite, with a life, friends, a family, a frame of habits and a way of thinking, which may have been shaken, but not completely changed when she met V.

And V is a creature of the night and of the underground, who has been taught that he is different and that the world above is evil.

Even when he goes to her on her balcony, he understands that he has to forget her, after that last meeting, and she acknowledges. The words they read in Great Expectations say something different, but they are just words at that time.

Again, it's the bond that calls for Vincent to rescue her, and at that point, Catherine says goodbye "for now", not for ever.

But it's not so simple... How does that creature of the night fit into C's life? and how does C fit into that underground, secret, suspicious world? C's words in Siege are telling: "It's still all very new. Sometimes I wonder how all those little pieces will ever fit together again." V's reply is "Follow your heart, C. Follow your heart, you must". But I think that at this point, C is not yet sure where her heart is going. I also think that the first episodes, as I know them, that is in the production order which was aired here in Italy, show beautifully the path that C' and V's heart follow to meet eachother.

In fact:
ACS, as second episode, shows a blossoming friendship and longing on both parts, but also, in my opinion, the deeply rooted idea that their world are apart, and so are they. They can meet, long and dream, do beautiful things together, but they are apart. He cannot be in her world, and she has a life above - a rewarding, interesting, fulfilling life above. How can they meet? Okay, they will "savor every moment", and live their own separated lives, dreaming of something that cannot be, and in this moment, I'm not talking about the romance, but about beautiful, unknown parts of their soul and lives, of possibilities and dreams, wonderful and frightening. C's and V's words at the end of the episode talk exactly of those possibilities, the way those worlds can cross and help eachother, the fulfilling feeling of making a difference thanks to an incredible, secret way to "another world" they stumbled upon. (It's not a minor detail that in the first two episodes, after the Pilot, it's V who goes to C for her help with things he cannot deal with).

And then comes Siege. C faces her world, the fascinating, alluring possibilities her world can offer, those she is familiar with. She accepts a relationship which perfectly fits in her socialite life. V is not yet a love option for her. And he is hurt. Again, he draws back and tries to forget her, for the third time.

The beginning of TS shows that it's C that had to go to look for him, getting lost in the tunnels in the attempt. After the pain of feeling her falling in love with Elliot, he had to experience the pain of her wondering if that friend of hers could be the Terrible Savior.

If V stayed away, trying to heal his hurting heart, maybe having to listen to Father's word "I told you so!", trying to forget her, probably she might have started to have doubts about him, when the news about the vigilante hero reached her. She actually has seen what those hands can do, have done, as V said. TS ends with C enveloped in those terrible hands hug, and that first hug is at dawn…

NWD and TBW show the slow approaching of the two friends and of the two worlds, until V's surrendering at the end of TBW: "if you die, I die". In fact, in the next episode, Masques, he accepts he is in love, and he goes and ask Birgit if it is possible that such a love can be. But again, in the next episode, NIBaC, he has to try to kill this feeling and let her free to go away and follow the job opportunity. The destiny again draws them together, and she chooses to stay. But it will only in SoG, three episodes after, that she understands, in my opinion, that she's in love with him, and only at the end of the season, in AHL, after many, many doubts, she accepts that what they have, limited as it may be, "is worth everything", and the Beauty freely gets back to the Beast to turn him into his man.


> this was first posted on Episode Discussion list by myself, October 2006
> those mysterious acronyms are composed by the titles of the episodes