Writing about myself seems to me a very silly thing to do. Iím not sure any writer is truly comfortable with it, and I may not be the one to break that trend.

I would rather write about you, donít you see?

Get to know about you, and write about that. Write about all that youíve done, and all that you hope, or dream about, or wish for. Iíd write about your failures and your successes, because I am sure youíve had those. Iíd write about the things that broke your heart, and the things that mended it again, even when you thought it was past mending. Iíd write about how hard you try. Iíd write about what makes you laugh, and what makes you wonder. What charms you and what worries. What makes your heart skip a beat, or sends tremors of joy up and down your spine. What makes you happy, and what leaves you cold. What you learned. What you forgave. Who forgave you. What damned you, and when. What saved you, and who. What love taught you and what it cost you. What it gave you. What you gave, to it. Iíd write about where you found grace, and where you found despair, and how you snatched one from the jaws of the other. I would write about you when you were at your most beautiful and most brave.

Iíd write about you. All of that, and more, Iíd write about you, if I knew you, and Iíd pray I had the talent to tell that tale the way it deserved to be told.

And even if I did that, wrote about all that, about youÖ

By the next day, the story would have changed again, and Iíd have to start all over. (Or at least add more chapters, as time went on.)

But write about me? Meh. Iím a boring topic. I know me. I already know all of those things about myself. (Or at least I know some of them. Or I think I do.)

Iíd rather know you, and write about that.

But just in case we never do meet, some dayÖ

Isnít it good that we both met Vincent? And we can ask all those questions (and more) about him? And that we can both explore the amazing Tunnel World Ron Koslow created, adding more ďpassagesĒ (more stories) as we go?

If we do that, we might find out so many of the answers to all those questions up there! Questions about Vincent, and Catherine, Father, and Mouse, Jamie, Joe, Pascal, Elliot, Diana, Mary, Paracelsus, Cullen, Winslow, Rebecca, Brooke and moreÖ the list is very long, isnít it?

So much to find out about all these amazing people! People we donít ďreallyĒ know, yet we know so well! People Iíve tried to know better, as I wrote about them, to show them to you. I hope I did them justice. I know others surely have.

From the sweet stories to the silly ones, from the angsty ones, to the unabashedly romantic ones, from the gritty to the graceful. There is so much to know, and even more to imagine in this rich world that Ron Koslow imagined first.

I donít think heíll mind us walking through his tunnels again, in search of an adventure, do you?

Letís be off, then!

Will you take my hand, gentle reader, as I lead you through the dark?

Careful, now. I hear the ways change.

Itís all right if they do. So do we.

No matter where you are in your own fairy tale, I wish you love,



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