How am I supposed to get back home, now? Ah, fans!
'Pilgrimage' to the tunnel entrance during the 
2007 Los Angeles Convention 
With Lisa Gould dressed as Vincent.

What does it exactly mean to be a fan (short for 'fanatic!)? Is it being obsessed, as some say? Well, yes, a little (some even say obsessive-pathetic), but I prefer the word 'passionate'.

It could be defined as feeling for someone or something (actor, celebrity, singer, author, sport, TV show, movie, book...) an intensity of emotion that may seem out of proportion and earns you curious looks from all those around you who don't share it.

So you start looking for other people who do share it. And you find them because, of course, you aren't the only one feeling that way. At last you can discuss it with people who 'get it', a very welcome change from the condescending, ironical or downright exasperated reactions you get in your usual surroundings!  You find a lot of fascinating stuff to see, read, watch or listen to. You make friends, online friends, phone friends, pen friends, whom you sometimes also meet in the flesh or go to events with.  You're in the fandom!

The Beauty and the Beast fandom is as old as the show itself, and has its own history.


Is it due to the singularity of the storyline, to the strength and depth of the characters, or to the Third Season shock? When you fall in love with B&B, it's for ever!

Years after the show's cancellation, the US B&B fandom is still very alive and kicking. The recent release of the DVDs has brought many newbies (and brought back many old fans) to the cybertunnels.

The Tunnels extend their branches throughout the whole world, Australia, Japan, South America and even China... In all Europe as well, with comparatively more people in the English-speaking UK tunnels. The French fandom? I looked for it without success, when I got hooked to the show. There once was a snail-mail fan-club,now long dead. Finally, I created this website and a French-language list to give isolated fans a point of contact. But essentially, the B&B fandom speaks English. 

Whether they're online fans, with wonderful websites, chats and discussion lists, or more traditional fan groups still using newsletters, snail-mail and meetings, the motto is the same:



Conventions still take place, mostly in USA and UK, allowing the fans to get together and share their passion for B&B. And for those who can't, there's even a yearly online Convention.

B&B fans have always shown a lot of artistic creativity, equal to that found in the show itself. In 20 years, thousands of various works have ben produced, only a part of which can now be found online. Whether in writing (fanfiction and fanzines), art (fanart), or multimedia creation (websites and videos), the fans used their multiple talents to celebrate their favorite show, and there's a lot of wonderful stuff to be discovered on the Web. 

Conventions      Fanfiction         Fanart       Websites        Videos

That creativity can be found in many different domains: poetry, skits, "filk" songs, as well as various crafts and needleworks (patchwork,  crosstitch, dolls). Role-play and costuming, too, with numerous "tunnel togs" and even a couple of Vincent-impersonators.  Like Lisa Gould, who allies costume, make up and acting to create a voiceless, but stunningly resemblant character, despite the difference in height. 

"Vincent" in front of "Catherine's apartment building"
Pic by J'ecris  Los Angeles 2007

Lisa making herself up as Vincent


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