Though Lovers Be Found

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A fan remake of the episode Though Lovers Be Lost
.... this time with a happy ending...

Like many I was crushed by third season... not only were they taking away Catherine but with her Hope, Safety, and Dreams I had come to count on. I am
forever grateful to Sally Wright for writing "All That Matters" a SND fanzine that took all we saw on the screen as fact and added enough more that was unseen that Catherine was alive and well at the end of the Arc. That began my healing and now I hope to extend that light passed to me by offering this remake to others who may still be looking for a way to make it all right again after seeing third season.

Comments are welcome and although I seriously doubt I will be revising this episode as it took WAY more hours than I ever imagined to put it together and edit it three times over already.... suggestions or comments are welcome
(butterflyfreedomatlast at yahoo dot com) to help improve in case I ever get to make Beauty and the Beast 04x02. *GRIN* 

TLBL started out OK and got off track so don't be surprised to find little changes at first that end with bigger changes to put Vincent and Catherine together forever. Be well...


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