Live the Dream OzCon 2013: A Portrait of Love
April 12-14, 2013

Beauty and the Beast | Live the Dream | OzCon 2013 | A Portrait of Love; Sydney skyline, including the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge; in an oval in the lower right are Vincent and Catherine from the Olivia painting; artwork has been digitally altered to look like a pencil drawing

tote bag & contents
white canvas bag with con logo

  • a baseball cap, black, embroidered with a rose, the Aussie flag, and the Ozcon name and date. Embroidery also on the back. And the brim has a bottle opener in it!
  • a bottle of lotion, rose fragrance
  • 2 post cards, assorted scenes
  • a notepad shaped like a sandal
  • a pencil
  • some rail maps
  • a thicker notepad, with a paper attached that says, Holiday Journal. Remember every moment of your OzCon adventure.
  • the conzine on cd
  • a winterfest candle decorated with white and red roses, gold wire, a tiny crystal, the Ozcon logo, and green and yellow ribbons
  • a koala keychain (plush)
  • a kangaroo keychain (plush)
  • a kangaroo necklace (pewter perhaps? silver in color with black shadows), in a red gift box
  • a white porcelain trinket box in the shape of a heart, with a big white rose on top
  • a bracelet with pretty beads and 4 charms, a rose, the Aussie flag, a koala, and a kangaroo, in a red gift box
  • a crystal necklace (a big one!) wrapped in gold wire, on a gold chain, with black pouch

logo as described above, but in color rather than the pencil drawing look

conzine cd coverconzine disc

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je's OzCon report

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