I Bid My Heart to Follow
July 12-14, 2013

Beauty and the Beast | I Bid My Heart to Follow | Annual US Convention | July 12-14, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio; image is a pencil drawing of Vincent and Catherine at the threshold, perhaps about to kiss

tote bag
light pink canvas & vinyl bag with con logo

light blue shirt with con logo

B&B "business cards"
light brown; swirly design on edges; includes links to many fandom web sites; other text: Below the city, below the subways... there's a whole world of tunnels and chambers that most people don't even know exists. It's our city ... down here. | Come below tonight.
Pat L's con report
Bat.balien's con report
Margit's con report
Brenda and Jackie's con report

photos from je, JoAnn, Larry, Lori, Pat, Peggy, Shelia, and Suze

Lyrics to Camp Secret Tunnel Anthem
(watch MVI_3811 in je's pics)
Hello Mary,
Hello Father
Here we are at
Camp Secret Tunnel
Friends back home all
Think we're crazy
And they said the skies in Cleveland would be hazy.

We toured some tunnels
That were haunted
On the boat ride
Sheila was undaunted
Shared some hugs and
drinks and laughter
The hotel may remember us forever after

Won't go home, oh Mary, Father
Can't go home. 'cause this is funner
We may roam
But every year
no matter what, our hearts will always lead us right back here.

Maybe tommorrow
When zines are boughten
We'll have a snowball
Fight with cotton
We'll pose for pictures
With our friend Bubba
Watch some videos and shout out Hubba-Hubba!

Cathy, Vincent,
Mary, Father
How we love you
And each other
Thanks, dear friends I'm
Glad I tumbled
Down the passage leading to Camp Secret Tunnel.

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