29th Annual Beauty and the Beast Convention!

Windy City Dreams – with Love, All Things are Possible

Chicagoland, Illinois (Naperville)

July 13 – 15, 2018

Involvement is key! Ideas and suggestions count. So if you have a panel you'd like to see, suggest it to Pat. If you have made some things that would be good for the Dealer's Room, let her know so you can be included. Have some art you'd like to pass on? Let Winter Rose know. Have an idea for a new game? By all means, speak up! Want to be in the choir? Contact Vicky.

Table Decorations

There are many ways to be involved, whether you are planning on coming or not! One way is to volunteer to create a table decoration for the banquet. If you can't come to the con, it needs to be something easily mailed, so keep that in mind. Also, run your idea past Liz or Sally Perkins just so you aren't duplicating someone else's idea. If you need guidance, they are the ones to ask.

Bear in mind that we hope to auction these one-of-a-kind decorations to raise funds for the charity. The theme of the con is "With love, all things are possible." Chicago is a city rich in history, especially during prohibition! So that is an angle you can use. Be creative! Just don't hide a microphone in it, because what goes on at con, stays at con! :-)

Tables claimed so far are shown below.

Table Sponsor(s)
1 Laura Beth and friends
2 Liz, Sally, Pat M
3 Laura G and friends
4 Pat L, Tweetie, Donna
5 Winter Rose and friends
6 Andrea, Gonda, Margit
7 Sandy2 and friends
8 Karen Q
9 Carole & Sandy
10 Teresa, Mini, Skippy, Bobbi

Weight Loss/Smoking Cessation

Here's an opportunity to support the charity and/or acquire a new incentive to lose weight or quit smoking. Remember, Father said to offer help when needed, and to ask for help when needed. :-) Here's how it works:

If you sign up for weight loss, your sponsor will donate $1 per pound lost to the con charity. To start, take a starting weight (on your honor), and then weigh the day we leave for the con. 

If you sign up for smoking cessation, your sponsor will donate $1 to the con charity for each smoke-free day before the con. Make a note of the day you quit. You may use a patch or other aid as you cut down, but only the days entirely nicotine free would count.

At the con, each of us report our results, the sponsors step up with their donations to the charity, and Pat will give each participant a small gift of congratulations and celebration.
Contact Pat to sign up as a volunteer or sponsor.

Volunteer Weight
Smoking Sponsor
Pat L
Carol S
Carol S
Liz P
Janet R
Pat L
Karen Cress
Janet R
Karen Cress