March 22, 2012

Thank you, Chan,
and thanks to all of you who let her art inspire you.
Thanks also to all you who join the celebration by reading the submissions. Here's an opportunity to comment. Feedback for the contributors, which is the best reward, and feedback for BatBland: the response to the challenge was encouraging--shall we launch others?

We look forward to reading your comments, but we have the strong impression that the reply will be "yes", so stay tuned, and keep an eye out for the next celebration on BatBland, April 12th, the anniversary of that magical night when the Dream began! 

Previous comments:

name: Carole W
I want to leave a general comment first, and later, as I reread the submissions, I\'ll want to comment specifically. But for now ... WOW! What a lovely set of stories - Chan\'s Night View from so many angles and perspectives, even seasons of the year! I enjoyed the challenge, loved the results. Yes, please do launch more.And thank you, Chan, for showing us what Love looks like.Carole

name: Aliset
What a fantastic group of stories--so many different, vibrant tales. For all the joy you\'ve brought into so many lives, thank you, Chan.

name: SandyX
This was a wonderful idea for a project. It was fun to write for and even more fun to read. I hope you\'ll do it again. Love and thanks to Chan, for everything.

name: Nancy
What a beautiful tribute! Thank you, Sobi, for this opportunity to celebrate Chan\'s life and her art.

name: Norma D
What a great way to celebrate Chan. I feel honored to have my story included with such talent. The stories were a joy to read.

name: Lindariel
What a splendid collection of stories, such lovely variety of possibilities, all inspired by Chan\'s beautiful drawing! I\'m so pleased and honored to be included in this group!

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