html> Olivia K. Goode - FIREWORKS

by Sandy Chandler Shelton

inspired the following vignette:

Olivia K. Goode


The final sparks died in the warm night sky and Catherine leaned her head further back against Vincentís chest. She sighed as she watched the ethereal haze dissipate in the languid currents of moist air over the park beneath them. His arm tightened around her torso, a squeeze that she knew was meant to tell her that he was feeling as content as she.

"That was wonderful, Vincent. Iíve never enjoyed the Fourth of July so much."

"I havenít watched very many pyrotechnic shows from ground level," his voice rasped soft and sweet in her ear, "but Iíve always found looking up at them to be a poor point of view. So much more pleasant to sit up here like this and look them eye to eye, as it were."

Under the guise of holding on to him - for safetyís sake only, of course - she toyed with the fur on the back of his hand. Rarely did she have such an excuse to indulge in this kind of delightful intimacy.

"Iíll forever be a convert to the birdís eye school of firework watching," she said as she turned her head over her shoulder so she could look him in the eye.

A sudden stiff breeze rustled across them, blowing his hair so it whirled and danced, its tendrils caressing her face. Catherine heard the sound of a glass shattering and instinctively tried to turn in the direction of the noise, even though of course she could see nothing of the roof from their current position.

"I believe one of your champagne flutes was just knocked over and broke," Vincent whispered.

"Well, weíll just have to share the other one, then, when we go back to finish our picnic."

"I donít believe there was very much left in the bottle anyway, Catherine."

"Iím so glad you liked it."

"Iíve never dreamed of a nighttime rooftop picnic before, Catherine. It was the best holiday surprise you could have devised. Thank you, again."

"Thank you for suggesting this vista for watching the fireworks."

Her face was so close to his, his arms so tight around her. She couldnít help but gaze down at his mouth, the full bottom lip that moved so enticingly as he spoke. His lips were still perfumed with the scent of the fresh strawberries and cream. How sheíd loved watching him eat them, one after the other, licking her own lips as she watched him savor each bite. His concentration was now focused on her mouth, she noticed, and she began to wonder what path his thoughts were following.

She saw him reaching toward her cheek, felt a spark as his fingers caressed her skin, watched his lips draw closer to hers...

And thatís when the fireworks started.





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