A writing challenge,
on the second anniversary
of March 22, 2010


Below is the challenge
we launched, and


you can see the submissions
of the fans who took it.

Thank you, everyone,

and thank you, Chan!








We have a brat in the tunnels, a Tunnelbrat. She's a five-year-old who stubbornly refuses to remember that something very important happened to her almost two years ago, and far from disappearing, she happily turns up all over the place, especially in our hearts.

As a five-year-old, of course she wants to play. And of course we want to play with here, don't we?

So, here is a challenge: any takers?

Chandler, our beloved Tunnelbrat, in 2004 made a very special Vincent and Catherine artpiece.

We know that Vincent loves rooftops; we know that Catherine loves to climb... Chandler, like Shakespeare, knew everything.

You can see that picture


and here is the challenge

Write a short vignette (max 1200 words) taking inspiration from that drawing.

Submit the vignette, with a title and the author's name or pseudo, to the email address
batbland {at}
by March 18, 2012.

They will be posted on BatBland
on March 22, 2012.


Surely that five-year-old is clapping her hands at the thought of her art inspiring new... perspectives for V&C.

Hurry, go play!