From the Panel held by Karen Quattlebaum and JoAnn Baca
at the Annual Beauty and the Beast Convention
Minneapolis, MN, July 12 2014




Did you know that the original title of the episode “Terrible Angel” was “Journey Into Darkness”? Or “God Bless the Child” was first entitled “Mary Magdalene”? “A Distant Shore” had many titles before that one – “Coyote,” “The Second Phoenix,” and “A Different Sea.”

George R.R. Martin, one of the writers and producers of “Beauty and the Beast,” has given his papers to Texas A&M University. The university houses the Martin archives in the Cushing Library on campus, where Martin’s papers are available to the public for research.

I recently spent time in the Library going through box upon box of Martin’s “Beauty and the Beast” files in order to put together a presentation for the convention on any fascinating tidbits I could find, like those original episode titles.

The Library allows copies to be made of various documents from the collection as long as the documents are not further copied, distributed, posted online, published, or in any other way disseminated.

In order to create this presentation, Karen advised the Library of the intended use of documents which will be shown on-screen during this
presentation, and the Library approved their use, with the stipulation that no photographs be taken or permanent record of the presentation be put online. So please don’t take pictures of any of the screens or ask later for copies of any of the documents, as she is honor-bound not to make copies.

The Martin archives are vast, with about 200 boxes of materials - manuscripts, notes, memos, memorabilia, etc. - from the various television shows he’s worked on and from his novels. There is no way that this presentation could possibly encompass more than a slice of what treasures are in those boxes, but I knew that fans would be hungry for any “new” information they can get 25-plus years after the show was on the air.
(2) I went through some boxes which seemed to be interesting in terms of file titles (“story outlines,” “spec scripts,” etc.). Of the many, many things in the Martin archives of interest to B&B fans, I pulled out samplings. We thought the easiest way to present the information is in date order, since that roughly translates into season order. And yes, even though we are both Classic fans, we will be presenting some intriguing information from Martin’s Third Season files as well!

Dozens of story outlines

One thing that was really interesting was that Martin kept dozens of story outlines which were presented by various script writers for consideration by the show’s writers. Some of these suggestions were in script format, some were in paragraph format, some were written like short stories. The vast majority of these were rejected, although notes in the files indicate that a few were to be considered further.
is just one example of what’s in the files. It’s an analysis of a spec script by a writer named Tonya Lewis. The script synopsis indicates the script is about Catherine camping with a friend. A killer escapes from a prison and is making his way through the forest where the girls are camping – someone Catherine helped convict. The killer stumbles upon the campsite and captures Catherine. Vincent comes to the rescue. They contemplate the beauty of nature before returning to the city. The show staffer who reviewed the script recommends it highly.

It’s amazing the variety of suggested plots which were submitted, but also how many writers had very similar ideas (visiting the mountains/lake cabin; rape of a character; a boyfriend for Catherine; illness of a character; etc.). It’s also amazing how little, in some cases, some of the writers who submitted spec scripts understood about the characters or the central themes of the show.
One thing that kept going through our minds was how much better the plots some of our fan fiction writers were creating at the same time were, compared to these professional writers who were submitting their script suggestions!

It’s worth noting before we get too far into this that, contrary to some people’s use of the term “unproduced scripts” (some of which are sold
online or posted on B&B sites), we didn’t find any scripts which had been approved for filming but remained unproduced. Anything “unproduced” was basically a script that was written and submitted for consideration, and which the producers ultimately decided not to accept for filming.
Just because a script was recommended for “consideration” doesn’t mean it actually was given the full writers’ room treatment and made into a real B&B script. So…it’s safe to say that any scripts which were not put in official B&B script covers are basically the same as the stories in the zines in our dealers room! (3)

As we read some of these script ideas to you, please keep in mind they were ideas that were floated to the writers/producers, or in some cases floated BY one or another of the show’s writers themselves, and not scripts which might have been filmed but for the change in the show’s direction. Nothing here is canon.

Some of the earliest story outlines I found were from April 1987 for Season 1.

There’s a story called “Chamber Music” (author unknown) which has the barest outlines of the episode we know. At a fundraiser for a “ghetto free clinic” run by an old physician, Catherine meets a young doctor with an uptown practice. He falls for her, and she feels that “he could be the right man for her.” Catherine thinks she’s hurt Vincent “or even lost him,” but Vincent reassures her she should follow her heart. While this is happening, there is a child piano prodigy Below; Vincent wants him to go Above to train. When Vincent asks Catherine to help the child prodigy, she takes the child on a tour above. Her doctor boyfriend sees her and follows her Below when she brings the boy home. Father must decide what’s to be done with him (“should he be kept down there, a prisoner, for life?”). It turns out that the old physician from the free clinic is a Helper, and he tells Father he’s dying; when he dies, their access to medical supplies will dry up. Ultimately the young doctor becomes the child prodigy’s guardian and new medical supply provider.

There’s another outline of “Chamber Music,” but the doctor from the other version is now a famous newspaper reporter who finds out he’s investigating the same corrupt politician as Catherine. The story is essentially the same from there. In neither version does it say whether the relationship with Catherine survives the episode.

In the same batch of story outlines is “Somewhere in Darkness,” in which Catherine finds out that Lt. Herman from the pilot is looking for a serial killer he is convinced is using the tunnels and is going to send SWAT teams to search them. She and Vincent feel the only way to stop him is to find the killer themselves, she working Above and he Below (by using his “tremendous empathic powers to unravel the psychology of the killer”). The tunnel folk help with reconnaissance and surveillance. Vincent’s “intense understanding of the killer’s pathology” leads to the killer being captured in time to save the tunnels from being raided.

Another proposal was “Moth’s Flame,” in which Catherine is investigating a murder in the art world when she meets an artist named Baer. Baer is evicted from his apartment and comes to Catherine to pour out his troubles, which Vincent hears from her balcony. Vincent brings the artist Below and he becomes a well-liked member of the tunnel community. But he is so in awe of Vincent that he makes Vincent uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Catherine’s murder investigation leads her to realize that Baer is the murderer. She rushes Below, fearful that Vincent will be his next victim, and saves Vincent because their empathic connection warns him of the danger in time. Baer is brought Above and Catherine has him arrested.

An outline from September of ‘87, called “Chinatown,” differs a lot from the episode we know. There is no Lin in love with Henry – instead there’s Laura, a Chinese-American worker in a sweat shop in Chinatown who tries to unionize. The Tong want her to stop. She argues with her grandfather, Dr. Wong, which Vincent overhears. He asks Catherine to help Laura. Catherine meets Laura and those trying to unionize, including a Tong plant. The Tong leader orders Laura’s assassination. Vincent saves her and brings her Below. Dr. Wong is kidnapped by the Tong and they offer to exchange him for Laura. Vincent saves them both and takes them Below and the Tong follow. Vincent “repels the Tongs” and Laura and Dr. Wong organize the sweat shop workers’ union.

In January of ‘88, writer Bob Biederman submitted several story ideas, including a Vincent’s-origin story in which Vincent “is actually half alien, similar to Mr. Spock of Star-Trek” (and Father is his biological father – “assume he made up the story about finding him abandoned”). He also offers one in which Vincent and Catherine go to a cabin in the mountains and Vincent helps a deer shot by hunters to heal; the hunters come across Catherine “alone” in the cabin and menace her “but her profession intimidates them.” Catherine and Vincent leave, realizing Vincent’s “never really at home except in his sheltering underground.” Notes by a B&B staffer indicate that certain aspects of these two stories are interesting and “Vincent’s origin and special powers continue to intrigue.”

While there’s so much more in the Season 1 files, we need to move on to Season 2!

Wendy Pini (Elfquest) and B&B

On May 19, 1988, Wendy Pini and her husband Richard wrote letters to Ron Koslow offering to produce a B&B graphic novel – but the proposal is for an update of the fairy tale, not one of the stories she later used in her published B&B graphic novels. Intriguingly, Wendy mentions in her letter that she had submitted a story proposal for an episode of B&B (which we did not find in the archive).

Richard Pini’s letter said: “While we are aware that the writers’ strike has brought things temporarily to a halt in terms of new production, we are certain that the volume we propose would keep interest in the show high.”

Wendy created two sample full-color covers for this proposed graphic novel, and a detailed story treatment which included Catherine, Father, Vincent, Kipper, Charles Chandler, Joe, and several new characters, including lawyers and a client of Charles’ law firm.

What’s fascinating about her proposal is her comparison of her story with the fairy tale.

Wendy compares each section of her original story to the fairy tale
. On the right it says “Beauty’s Father Loses His Fortune at Sea” and the description of Wendy’s story says “Charles Chandler’s law firm is in trouble. He has just lost two major clients….”
The entire story treatment continues in that vein.

Also included were numerous sample pages. As we show you the sample pages Wendy drew for her proposal,
(4) we’ll scroll through the contents of the story treatment: The story starts in Charles’s law firm, where a female partner is plotting with her lover, a partner in a rival firm, to steal clients from Charles’ firm. The rival firm’s lawyer is himself in business with a drug smuggling operation. Catherine tries to help her Dad by getting information on the smuggling operation, but is threatened by gunmen. Vincent saves her. Catherine leaves town with her Dad while the troublemakers are mopped up. While she’s gone, Kipper knocks over a candle and sets fire to some books. When helping to put out the fire, Vincent finds an old document hidden in one of the books which reveals that a compatriot of Father’s at Chittenden accused Father of creating Vincent in a lab experiment. Vincent leaves the Tunnels and dreams of the life he could have had with Catherine if he were normal. Catherine returns, and Vincent returns Below and learns the letter is a lie. Catherine tells Vincent she wants him just as he is.

Yes or no?

We thought we’d do a little interactive segment here. There are a number of pitch memos in the Martin archives from various writers which were reviewed and commented upon by various folks on the writing staff – Martin was involved in some, other writers in others. It looks like they split up the chore among them.

We thought it would be fun to read a couple to you and let you guess if the show’s writers decided to reject or consider the following spec scripts.
We’ll read them and you can vote, then we’ll let you know if you were right.

Here’s the first one:
Writer Mark Zicree pitched this story idea, which was reviewed in December of ’88: Father spies a clipping about a washed-up science fiction writer and asks Catherine to arrange a meeting. Father tells him about the Tunnels. The writer doesn’t believe him and tries to run away, but runs into Vincent and then believes Father. He becomes the storyteller of the Tunnels. Turns out one of the writer’s stories was about a Utopian underground world, which gave Father ideas about creating the society Below, and he wanted to repay his perceived debt.

Did they like this or not?
Answer: the memo says “elements under consideration”

Here’s the second one:
Bobbi and David Weiss’s spec script was reviewed in January of ‘89. The summary is: Jamie is raped Above while scavenging. Father initially blames her for breaking the rules. Catherine asks: should she blame herself for her own rape? Then later Father wishes for vengeance. Mouse tries to seek revenge but Vincent stops him.

Did they like this or not?
Answer: yes, the reviewer said there are many opportunities for exploring different emotional aspects of the characters, especially Father’s – “because Father is such a practical personality, he can’t just shut off his logical instincts and totally feel sympathy for Jamie….”

Side note: the suggestion that Catherine had perhaps been raped in the Pilot is not one we’ve ever heard in canon but the unnamed show writer who reviewed this spec script didn’t seem surprised by it – even suggesting the audience might learn something new about Catherine – “perhaps something about being raped that she wouldn’t even tell Vincent….” Was this just one reviewer’s perception, or a common thought? I have no clue from the files.

OK, here’s another:
Richard Saperstein and Craig Ullman’s pitch memo was reviewed in February of ‘89. One story pitch involved a script to open Season 2: Catherine is in the hospital dying and doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong…while Below, Vincent has disappeared. Between the two seasons, Vincent and Catherine had made love, and Cathy’s love transformed Vincent into a “human.” Father figures out the only way to save Catherine is for Vincent to revert to his non-human form. Catherine wants to sacrifice herself so Vincent can be normal, but Vincent refuses and reverts back.

Did they like this or not?
Answer: they passed.

Here’s another:
Writer David Ehrman’s pitch memo was reviewed in January of ‘89 and included this story idea: Catherine is raped, causing a rift in her relationship with Vincent, as her trust in men was obliterated. The rapist is freed and comes for Catherine but is killed and Catherine is suspected of the murder. Vincent offers to turn himself in for the crime, but Catherine finds out another victim of the rapist actually killed him. Because Vincent was willing to sacrifice himself for Catherine, it heals their relationship.

Did they like this or not?
Answer: the memo says “under consideration”.

Try this one:
A teenage girl kills her friend when she comes under the influence of Satan worshippers. Catherine investigates. Mouse starts hanging out with Satan worshippers, unaware they plan to use him as their next sacrifice. Vincent saves Mouse and Catherine gets the girl off on a lesser charge with the new evidence.

Did they like this or not?
Answer: the memo says “pass.

How about this one:
A plastic surgeon comes to the tunnels to help a burn victim, sees Vincent and offers to help him. The doctor and Father argue. The doctor says Vincent shouldn’t be denied the chance to live a “normal” life. Vincent finally steps in and makes his own decision: he is content in himself and refuses the treatment.

Did they like this or not?
Answer: the memo says “pass.

Here’s one more:
Mouse finds a new cave with a sliver of light coming into it and decides to turn it into a greenhouse. It has a strange smell. As Mouse works in the cave, he starts acting snappy and aggressive. Those Below wonder what the strange smell is. Mouse becomes paranoid and barricades himself in the cave with Catherine. Finally Vincent smashes into the cave by force. Turns out Mouse built his greenhouse under a PCP lab.

Did they like this or not?
Answer: the memo says “under consideration”.

When the Blue Bird sang

We all love the “Blue Bird” episode – I think it’s probably on most fans’ Top 3 Favorites list. It was, of course, written by Robert John Guttke. But I found out that Mr. Guttke wrote several other spec scripts for B&B, none of which ended up being produced. Here’s some information about two of those spec scripts:

A memo dated February 13, 1989, comments on his Second Season spec script “The Blessed Damozel” in which Father tells the children about a discovery in the basement of a 100-year-old mansion in the tunnels; it contained magical mirrors that had trapped a woman, her beloved, and another woman who was jealous of their love, all in the mirrors – until Vincent and Catherine intervened, the mirrors were broken, and the trapped souls were released to die. Before his mirror broke, the man in the mirror gave Vincent a ring, which Catherine now wears.
The comments by the B&B staff indicate that this version of the script was considered a vast improvement over its earlier version, leaving the audience to wonder if the story was fact or fantasy.

Another memo, dated March of ’89, concerned a Season 2 spec script from Mr. Guttke entitled “The Dollmaker and the Unicorn” – about an evil dollmaker who turns his creations human. He sends his creations to kill Vincent and when they fail, the dollmaker kills his human dolls. Catherine investigates the dollmaker and finds evidence that the dollmaker was the father of a “different” baby (Vincent). She confronts the dollmaker but he isn’t afraid of her. The episode ends when the doll of a tunnel child comes alive Below.
The reviewer of the script suggests that there are too many characters.

Apart from Guttke's scripts, one spec script you may be familiar with is “From the Well Recovered” – a version is readily available online and probably in the dealers area. The story revolves around a woman who once lived Below and who is now an investigative reporter, and she’s causing Catherine and Joe problems by interfering with a case they are on. Catherine and the woman, Robin, are kidnapped, and in the course of a rescue, Robin is shot and dies in Vincent’s arms, but not before resolving their misunderstanding from years before. Catherine and Vincent then discuss the situation from the past.  Comments on the spec script show that the reviewer (“JT”) liked it. “This captivating story has all of the ingredients of an exciting B&B episode….”

Stories for Season Two
One of the more fascinating documents Karen found is an undated list of stories for Season Two. Before I tell you about it, let me mention that this document appears to resolve a burning question in fans’ minds about whether all of “Remember Love” was a dream or not. The answer is given in this synopsis of the episode: “Consumed by frustration because he cannot leave the tunnels with Catherine for even a few days, Vincent convinces himself there would be less pain for those he loves if he had never existed. Slipping into a waking dream, Vincent is visited by an angel….” So, there you have it! Even though there’s no clear delineation between reality and Vincent falling into that “waking dream” in the aired episode, it is indeed a dream only AFTER Vincent turns down the chance to go to Connecticut with Catherine.

OK, so the list of Season Two episodes starts off as you would expect and includes familiar titles: Chamber Music, Remember Love, Ashes, Ashes, Dead of Winter, God Bless the Child, A Fair and Perfect Knight, Sticks and Stones, Labyrinths, Brothers, Orphans, Above This Scepter’d Sway (the name was later changed to A Gentle Rain)…
And then the list mostly falls off a cliff! Suddenly we see a number of episode titles and descriptions which are new to fans, and they appear random. We asked Linda Campanelli, one of the show’s writers, about this upcoming list, and her reply concerning an episode with her name on it as a writer was as follows: “I can tell you for sure, that script was never written. My guess is you're looking at…shows that were pitched as story ideas, but never went any further. “

So apparently the writers had the first half of the season pretty much tied down, and at the time this undated memo was written, they were still tossing ideas around for the second half of the season, with the whole descent-into-madness thing still not fully developed.

Here are the titles and pitches from the “second season” memo:
The Darkest Night – Vincent tells of the night of April 12 before he found Catherine
Sunset Sunrise – Catherine takes Vincent to the lake
The Return of Elliot Burch – Cullen has an exhibit of his work and Elliot thinks Cullen is Catherine’s secret lover
A Tale Told – Catherine gets the flu and Vincent tells her a story, which Catherine envisions, and she and Vincent are the heroine and hero of it…and she demands the happy ending they both desire
Father Relives His Betrayal – Father goes Above and finds himself confronting the scientist who betrayed him to the House Unamerican Activities Committee
The Wishing Well – An old man “wishes” into a wishing well in Central Park, the children Below hear it, and Vincent and Catherine help reunite him with his true love
Then we’re back to The Outsiders, but off again on…
The Blind Date – Catherine goes on a blind date with Joe’s cousin, and her date gets a glimpse of her secret life, which we see from his point of view
And…back again to A Time of Madness (which sounds like Ceremony of Innocence)
But off again to Crime of Passion – Brooke falls in love with a Topsider but a spurned lover from Below kills her new love, and a “trial” Below ends in banishment for the murderer
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep – Vincent tells the children the story of his Halloween evening out with Catherine
And finally…Mitch – Sam Denton becomes fatally ill and wants to reconcile with Mitch, and a furlough from prison is arranged, but Mitch betrays Vincent by escaping, then eventually he surrenders and returns to prison.

Fandom related material
Martin’s archives also include some fandom-related material. For instance, there’s a March 16, 1989, memo from “Eve” to George regarding fan support – strategies and problems. Eve recounts to George several conversations she’s had with fans and requests his advice on how to respond to them. Stephanie Wiltse, Kathy Cox and Jeanne Cloud are specifically mentioned. Stephanie wants a letter from the producers to put in an upcoming issue of Pipeline. Kathy mentioned a fan wanted to put a full-page ad in a local newspaper threatening to boycott CBS if they take B&B off the air, and Eve suggests telling her to instead “urge” CBS to keep the show on the air. Kathy asks if letter-writing campaigns are worthwhile. Jeanne heard that CBS would be making a decision in a week – what can fans do now? Who specifically should fans write to? Sadly, Mr. Martin’s response memo (if he even wrote one) is not included in the file.

That same day, letters were addressed to multiple B&B fan clubs thanking fans for their support over the past two years, and requesting that fans send letters to the network in support of a third season. Enclosed with each letter was a genuine Winterfest candle made for “Dead of Winter.” If you’ve never seen one of these original Winterfest candles, they are quite large, ugly, and covered with glitter.

An episode outline
the audience was shown  an example of what a writer’s outline looked like from the show’s writing staff (as opposed to people who pitched spec scripts to the show through their agents, who sometimes sent their pitches in script form). It looks like the show’s staff fleshed out their ideas for a possible script like a story. As you can see, there’s little dialogue. This outline appears not to have made it into script format.

The story revolves around a man who Jenny falls in love with, Frank, who appears to be part of a criminal operation. Catherine is sad that Jenny’s fallen so hard for a man who likely will be going to jail for a long time, but Jenny is adamant that she trusts and believes in Frank. It includes a wonderful scene in which Catherine tells Vincent, “I need you to kiss me” and he does. The conversation then goes into Catherine’s frustration that Vincent puts up walls even when they’re alone, when there should be no limits between them – but she knows there are things he won’t talk about, feelings he won’t share, things they can’t do, that he’s made choices for her that she’s having trouble living with
and she wants to know why…and then, of course, they are interrupted by a phone call! Of course, it turns out Jenny’s instincts were right about Frank – he’s not a criminal, he’s an undercover cop, but now he needs to go into witness protection, so their relationship must end.

What’s extra special about this outline is that Vincent and Catherine do make it to the lake cabin! It also includes a cute out-of-story reference from Linda and Shelly, the writers, who needed something in one spot in the story that is “far more clever and yet somehow plausible and simple that Ron, Howard, Alex, Patti, George or anyone else comes up with. We’ll listen to anyone, we’ll take calls at all hours…”

Season Three
And…on to Season Three! Season 3 notes are quite interesting. For instance, Diana’s last name was originally Foley.

re are hand-written notes, which we assume are George R.R. Martin’s, are entitled “New Beauty – Diana” and include some ideas on her background: large blue-collar family…..Tragedy in her past? Mentor? Mystery man? ….One note suggests: “Joe & Diana attraction”…. Possible story set ups: “Vincent is tried by Council, exiled from Tunnel world – lives Above” ….“Diana nurses Vincent back to health – underworld thinks Vincent is dead”

There is a document entitled “Third Season Episodes” and dated June 9 of ’89 which sets out, in paragraph form, proposed episodes. We’ll give you a synopsis of what’s in the memo:
Episode 1 – Breath of Life – Ron Koslow - Essentially what we know as “Though Lovers Be Lost,” but Joe is “gunned down in a hail of bullets” and clings to life, and he tells Catherine about a journal hidden in his house. Catherine gives the journal to Father.
Episode 2 – The Pregnancy – Campanelli and Moore -
Essentially follows “Though Lovers Be Lost” up to Catherine being kidnapped
Episode 3 – “So Late Into the Night” – George R.R. Martin -
Joe thinks Catherine’s missing but Moreno doesn’t. Joe pokes around until he’s fired. Elliot hires Cleon Manning to look for Catherine. Vincent meets with Elliot and gives him the journal. Moreno asks Joe to meet him at Catherine’s apartment to go over new evidence – the plan is Gabriel will bring Catherine, they’ll get the journal, then kill Joe and Catherine and torch the apartment. Vincent gets there early and throws Moreno off the balcony. Gabriel sees Moreno fall and doesn’t get out of his limo with Catherine. Joe is reinstated and named Acting D.A.
Episode 4 – “The Widening Gyre” – Gansa & Gordon -
Six months later. Joe’s pressured to close Catherine’s case, so he turns to Diana Foley. Elliot’s threatened by Gabriel, refuses to bargain, and his downfall is orchestrated as happened in 3S. Cleon quits, but not before telling Vincent about the skyscraper on Fifth Avenue.
Episode 5 – no title – writer is “P.K.S.” -
Vincent smashes his way into the building. Gabriel orders the doctor to induce Catherine’s labor. Vincent’s stopped. Catherine gives birth. Vincent finally breaks through. Everything proceeds as at the end of “Though Lovers Be Lost.”
Episode 6 – “Walk Slowly” – Campanelli & Moore -The kidnapping case turns into a murder case.
Episode 7 – “Where No Birds Sing” – George R.R. Martin -Vincent is inconsolable. He travels far Below. Narcissa tells him to go back, that the tunnels he’s traveling lead to terrible places. He goes on, finally sleeping, only to awaken in a nightmare city, and he fights those he killed in life. He’s rescued by the deceased Winslow. Vincent says he wants to rescue Catherine, but they find out she’s not in the city of the dead. Vincent wakes up in the tunnels, only to find he’d stopped breathing and Father had had to revive him.
Episode 8 – no title – writer is “P.K.S.” -
Vincent goes after Gabriel’s drug empire, fueled by vengeance. Vincent kills Gabriel’s drug lord.
Episode 9 – “Home From the Hill” – Gansa & Gordon -Nobody Below knows about Vincent’s son yet. Father thinks Vincent’s descending into madness again. Diana finds out there’s an international assassin in New York with ties to Gabriel named The Serpent. The Serpent finds out about Vincent and goes into the tunnels. “One or more of our favorite characters are sacrificed in the process.” Finally, The Serpent runs out of ammo, panics and flees, but Vincent kills him. Diana discovers The Serpent’s body, who she suspects was killed by Catherine’s Vincent.
Episode 10 – untitled – Campanelli & Moore -
The Tunnel community begs Vincent to give up his crusade of vengeance. Vincent decides to totally exile himself from the tunnel community. Vincent finally tells Father he has a son.
Episode 11 – “When Beggar’s Die” – George R.R. Martin -
Elliot’s in prison for dirty deals and Joe prosecutes the air-tight case. Gabriel visits Elliot and Elliot agrees to turn on Vincent. The next day, the case against Elliot unravels. Elliot sets Vincent up for Gabriel, but sacrifices himself to save Vincent. Vincent, close to death, is found by Diana.

An August 9, 1989, memo entitled “Notes on General Story Meeting” includes the following: “Subject: The Arc of Scripts 7-12 – or, how to go about developing the romance between Diana and Vincent while maintaining Vincent’s quest for his child…”
A sample comment under “options” – “The fact that they are pulled together by the same mission takes the onus off Vincent taking up with a new woman shortly after Catherine’s death”
Another option – “Although Vincent never forgets his quest, we are only occasionally reminded of Gabriel and the child (e.g., as a B-story)….”
Another possibility – “Gabriel proposes a Devil’s bargain that Vincent is forced to accept – e.g., he will not raise the child but send him away until he comes of age; at which time he can choose between his two fathers….”

Well, this has only been a tiny taste of all the goodies that can be found in looking through the George R.R. Martin archives. We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing some of these snippets!


(1)  Subsequent to the date of the presentation, this document was approved by the Library for posting to Batbland, for which we are grateful.

(2) We agreed with BatBland that the September 25th celebration of the first airing - 27th this year - was a perfect moment to put this presentation online, with the permission of the Library.

(3)  The author of "The Unseen Beauty and the Beast" reported that there was one script which was a 'go' but which remained unproduced due to the ratings decline in Season 2. A more comprehensive review of GRRM's files is being planned, and if additional information on 'unproduced' scripts is found, it will be reported during the next presentation about GRRM's archives.

(4)  Ms. Pini's work has not been reproduced here, as separate permission is needed from her to post her unpublished work. If any fan knows Ms. Pini and can contact her for permission, we will post the panels mentioned here if permission is received.




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