Of  Cynthia Hatch

Some interesting items that help to understand
the creative process that brought us the show as we know it now.




Cynthia Hatch is the (clever!) pseudo of one of the best and most beloved fanfic writers in fandom. You can learn more about her in the interview of Winterfest Online 2005.

Some time ago, she discovered the BatBforever website, dedicated to the Transcriptions of the episodes and to posting the Scripts and any related material that may help fans to know and understand the process of creating that amazing series that is Beauty and the Beast. She liked the project and offered some material from her personal archive.

A few of those items help complete and add to the presentation from the George RR Martin Archive, and we are offering them here. They will find soon their permanent home in the BatBforever website.

Thank you, Cynthia Hatch. A recent fan, starry eyed after finding so much wealth in fandom after so many eyes, called people like you "Dream Keepers". You are indeed a Dream Keeper Cynthia, for so many reasons, and we are deeply grateful to you.


Stories for the Second Season

Undated - A list of possible stories for Season Two. Some became the episodes we know, others remained just fascinating ideas... and a glimpse into the process which, drawing from some of these themes, ultimately led to the Dark Turn and Season Three.


All That Matters

Outline, March 21, 1988, by Virginia Aldridge. Here we find again Aldridge's character Tony Ramos from "Everything is Everything".


Wishes and Dreams

Outline, February 26, 1989, by Virginia Aldridge. Beth, Cathy's childhood friend and confidant, shows up and she's in trouble...


Chamber of Wishes

No date, no author - a few scenes whose theme recalls "The Wishing Well" idea from the "Stories for the Second Season" list.



On the BatBforever websited we had already posted a couple of scripts supplied by Cynthia Hatch for episodes which were never produced, but whose treatments seem pretty "ripe".




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