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A beautiful replica of Vincent's stained glass window


Episode "Remember Love" Photo of the original window, taken on the set.

Our beautiful Window, a beloved symbol of Beauty and the Beast (and of BatBland!),
has been recreated several times in the past 26 years by fans, and, recently (Sep 2013),
also by Debbie, a talented stained glass artist who runs Customcutcreations.


She shared the whole process on her Facebook page, which she kept blessedly
free for browsing by those who are not Facebook members. Here is the link.


Clicking the "information" link you can get her contact details.

The window was commissioned by Julia, and while we are typing it's being sent to her,
and it's due to arrive at its new home on September 27th.

We look forward to seeing pictures of the Window hanging on Julia's wall! *

Thank you Debbie, and thank you Julia!


* Update: here is the Window at Julia's home

If Facebook is not your cup of tea (oh yes, we FBless people do exist!), below are the pictures.
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