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A large number of fans of Beauty and the Beast are now online. There are active websites and discussion boards where to meet, talk, find references and information about the show, keep in touch with the fellow fans, welcome the newcomers. And then, there is Winterfest Online.

It's not a website, it's not a discussion board, it's an online celebration of everything that is good about Beauty and the Beast and its fans. An annual reaffirmation of the "something" that brought us all together, and a reminder of what the show stirred in us. Online, so that time and distance are overcome in this unique celebration: the Internet has become for the the B&B fandom a beautiful virtual space where to grow and thrive, and the fandom invented an online unique annual celebration to take best advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet, cultivated during the year by the other online offerings.

This year the 10th Winterfest Online (another nice round number!) will take place from February 2 to February 10 2013 in the virtual Great Hall. The first candle/invitation has already been sent {link}, others will follow. And, as Vincent says about the real Winterfest, "it will be incomplete unless you are there".


The past editions:

-- 2012
-- 2011
-- 2010


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