The Bench


New York City is "the" city, and Central Park is "the" spot in NYC for the B&B fans. Not only because it powerfully evokes the shadow of a certain bulky shape that walks its paths at night, but also because of The Bench.

The fans from all over the world, visiting NYC, of course will smile while walking on the drains and grates, of course will take pictures of The Langham apartments door where the Pilot scene was filmed, but then, they will go and sit in the single place of NYC that, 25 years after, is definitely and uniquely B&B, and it's ours. It's a way to live the Dream, and a way to connect with each other.

In Central Park, by the Delacorte Theater, in front of the statue of Romeo and Juliet -- of course.

Here is the page of BatBland with all the information. We always welcome pictures of fans sitting on the Bench to add to the gallery.


The Bench


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