One Friday night, 23 years ago...

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                                                                     Beauty and the Beast!

On September 25th, 1987, Friday night,
the Pilot of a new tv show was aired.
That show was
Beauty and the Beast.
Let's celebrate the twenty-third anniversary of magic!


Let's celebrate the fandom:

A dream was born that night, and also a fandom: a dedicated, faithful fandom, rich in people, passion, events, creativity, generosity. Starting in 1988, the fans gathered in B&B conventions, first in USA then all over the world. Here is a timetable of those conventions.

-- Beauty and the Beast Convention History, a permanent work in progress where Deb F and J'écris have devoted many hours of loving work and for which we await everyone's contributions to make our history as accurate and complete as possible. Please send us corrections and additions: conhistory at batbland . com


Let's celebrate the values of the show:

One of the most intriguing aspects of the show was the Utopian underground society, which appeals to the hidden nostalgia for beauty, truth and good in the fans' hearts. It was often symbolized in the show decor and set dressings, for example, and especially prominently, in the costumes worn by the tunnel dwellers.

-- Clothes make the lionman, an essay by Ruby, with a lovely illustration by Winterose
-- Fashion - Tunnel style, a
video by Sandy X

Keep the dream alive...

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