A vast array of stars in the night sky with scattered points of brilliant lights provide the background to "One Friday night, 22 years ago...Beauty and the Beast."


On September 25th, 1987, Friday night,
the Pilot of a new tv show was aired.
That show was
Beauty and the Beast.
Let's celebrate the twenty-second anniversary of magic!


Let's celebrate the Characters who, ever since that night, have made us dream:

The Characters

Let's celebrate the Fandom which was born that night;
and never ceases to bubble with amazing and exciting projects.

The Bench
The Museum
The Newsletter

Let's celebrate, because the world out there
is beginning to realize what a timeless gem our show is.

Twenty-two years later, September 2009,
Entertainment Weekly
lists Beauty and the Beast
as number 25 in the 25 Greatest Cult TV Shows Ever.
(Our show was included In a similar list of TV Guide's,
"25 Top Cult Shows Ever", 30 May 2004)

A screen capture of EW.com's web page featuring the 25 Greatest Cult TV shows with a picture of a cloaked Vincent and Catherine by the threshold Below.A

And, in this 2009 that the UN has declared International Year of Astronomy,
let's celebrate the Universe that shows that Somebody up there is a fan...


A gorgeous starfield in shades of red and maroon and in the center, a gaseous nebula which appears to be a side view of Vincent's face..  His eye, unique nose and mouth are apparent.

This complex and stunning area of nebulosity (Sh2-101) is located in Cygnus.
It is  commonly known as the “Tulip Nebula”, but the B&B fans, who know better, call it "The Vincent Nebula".

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