By Dawn Yzaguirre


As this story begins Gabriel is holding Catherine hostage. She did not get pregnant in the cavern. Vincent is still looking for her. But now he has help from Devin, Diana, Joe and Peter. They are all diligently searching for her. Then she is found and rescued. Now Vincent and Catherine must strive to make their happy life a reality. How does an orphaned infant affect their happy life? Or will he be taken away from them before they can become a true family?


Vincent sat in the council meeting only half listening to the conversation. It had been eight and a half months since Catherine had disappeared. He still went above every other night to search for her. His guilt over the loss of the bond was very painful for him to accept. He blamed himself for Catherine's disappearance. "Vincent do you have an opinion on this matter?" Father asked. Vincent was so lost in his thoughts that he did not answer. "Vincent are you okay?" Devin asked as he walked up behind him and put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "What did you say Devin?" Vincent asked as he came back to the present. "Father asked you if you had an opinion about winterfest in a month." Devin replied. Vincent looked down for a moment then silently shook his head. "No, I was not planning on attending this year." Vincent replied softly. Everyone in the room was shocked. "Are you sure Vincent?" Pascal asked. Vincent looked up at his friend and nodded. "Yes it just will not be the same without Catherine there to share it with me." Vincent told him. "Vincent give yourself some time." Father told him. "Time for what?" he asked angrily as he rose from his chair. "I will not be happy again until Catherine is back in my arms." Vincent told him. Then he left the chamber. Devin rose and turned to Father. "I will go check on him." He told him. Father looked at Devin very concerned. "Yes Devin he may need you right now." Father told him sadly. Then Devin left the chamber.


When Vincent reached his chamber he laid down on his bed. He stared blankly up at the rock ceiling. "Vincent can I come in?" Devin asked from the entrance of the chamber. Vincent sat up on the side of the bed. "Yes Devin come in." he replied. Devin entered the chamber and sat down in a chair near the bed. "Vincent we are all very worried about you." Devin told him. Vincent sighed sadly and rose. Then he began to pace. "Devin I still have no sense of her." Vincent told him sadly. "Little brother maybe the connection will return in time." Devin reasoned. Vincent turned and looked at him sadly. "Devin maybe Father is right." Vincent told him. "Maybe the reason that I cannot sense Catherine is because she is dead." Vincent turned away again the words nearly choked him. Devin rose and approached him. He placed a hand on each of Vincent's shoulders and turned him. "Vincent do you truly believe in your heart that she is dead?" Devin asked him. Vincent thought for a moment then took a deep breath. "No, I am just very frightened because the connection is not there." Vincent stated. Devin smiled slightly and pulled him in his arms. "Vincent we will find her." Devin told him. "But now we have to go and meet Joe and Diana at Peter's house." Devin stated as he released Vincent. "Yes just let me get my cloak." Vincent told him. Then they left the chamber.


When Vincent and Devin arrived at Peter's house they found Joe and Diana already waiting. "Hello everyone." Vincent said as he entered the house. "Hello Vincent how are you holding up?" Joe asked concerned for his friend. "I am getting by." Vincent answered as they shook hands. Then Vincent turned around and addressed Diana. "Hello Diana how are you?" Vincent asked. "I am fine Vincent." She told him. They had become good friends and he truly valued her help in the search for Catherine.


When all the greetings were over they all sat down and looked through the files that Joe had brought. "We checked out all Gabriel's holdings in the city." Diana told them. "There is still no sign of her." She continued. "Vincent do you have any sense of her at all?" Peter asked. Vincent looked down and sadly shook his head. "No the bond has not returned." He stated. "Vincent I am sure that it will in time." Peter assured him. "That is what everyone keeps telling me." Vincent told him.


They continued to look at the files for the next couple of hours. "Diana did you say that you looked at all his real estate holdings?" Devin asked. "Yes I marked them in that file that you are looking at." She told him. When Devin heard this he turned and looked at her. "Well Diana there is one that is not marked." He told her. She quickly rose and took the paper from him. "Oh God Joe we missed this building on 5th avenue." She said as she handed the file to him. "Diana call Greg and get this property checked immediately!" he ordered. She smiled and walked over to the telephone. While she was on the telephone Vincent spoke once again. "Joe can you arrange it so that the building can be checked out tonight?" He asked. Joe looked up at him sadly. "No Vincent I am sorry but Greg and the others are on a stake out and they can only work at night." Joe told him. Vincent sighed and nodded. "Do not worry Joe I understand." Vincent told his friend. Then Devin put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "Little brother I will go." He told him. Vincent smiled slightly and nodded. "Of course Devin." Then Vincent turned and faced Joe again. "Do not worry Joe I truly understand." Vincent told him. "Besides you are still pretty weak." Peter told him. "I am sure that Father would want you to take it easy." He continued. "Yes but I wish I could be there." Vincent told him. They all nodded in agreement. This was very hard on him and they all knew it. As soon as Diana returned to them Joe looked down at his watch. "Well I better be going now I have to be in court early." He remarked. "An Assistant District Attorney's job is never done." He joked. Everyone looked up at him and laughed.


When Devin and Vincent returned to the tunnels Father was waiting for them. "So how did it go?" he asked as they entered the chamber. "There is one more building that they are going to search tomorrow." Vincent told him Father rose and approached him. He placed a hand on Vincent's shoulder. "I know that you want to be there but you are still very weak." Father told him. Vincent looked at Father angrily. "Don't you think that I know that?" he growled as he rose and began to pace. "I am still so weak that I cannot climb a building where the woman that I love more than life itself may be." He said angrily. "Vincent you are getting stronger everyday it is just going to take more time." Father told him. "Father time is something that Catherine may have very little of!" Vincent yelled. "But instead I have to stay here and wait for someone else to bring me news about her." He said sadly. Then he turned and left the chamber.


After Vincent left the chamber Devin turned to Father. "Dad why did you do that?" He asked. "Devin I am still very worried about him he is weak and because of his search for Catherine he is not sleeping." Father stated. "Dad you know that it does not matter to him as long as he finds her." Devin continued. "I do know that Devin but I just do not want him to have a relapse." Father argued. "I am only trying to protect him." He told his oldest son. Devin put his hand on his Father's shoulder and nodded. "Yes Dad I know that." The young man told him. "But Dad he loves her so much and any argument that you give against his search for her only makes Vincent think that you would rather him forget all about her." Devin told him. Father looked at him stunned. "Devin I love Catherine as if she were one of my own children." Father told him somewhat angrily. "I would give anything to have her brought back alive and well." He continued. Devin smiled and nodded. I know that Dad it is just very painful for Vincent because he lost the bond with her." Father nodded in understanding. Then he looked up at Devin again. "Now go get some sleep." Devin smiled then he left the chamber.


While this was going on in a building across the city Catherine was sitting in a room looking sadly out of the window. Oh Vincent please come to me soon. She thought to herself. Suddenly the door was unlocked and two men entered the room. "So Miss Chandler have you decided to tell me what I want to know?" Gabriel asked as he entered the room. Catherine stood up and glared at her captor. "I will never tell you anything!" She spat angrily. He smiled wickedly as he approached her. "Oh Miss Chandler you will tell me or you will die." He told her menacingly. Then he reached out and stroked her face with his finger. "Get your damn hands off me!" she screamed. He simply smiled again then he turned and left the room. After he was gone she sank down onto the bed and began to cry.


The next morning Vincent entered Father's chamber. "Oh Vincent I wanted to speak to you." Father told him. Vincent sighed and looked at him. "Father I told you that I cannot go with Devin." Vincent told him with a hint of a growl in his voice. Father rose and approached him. He placed a gentle hand on Vincent's shoulder. "I am so sorry that I may have sounded harsh yesterday." Father told him. "Vincent you know that we all love Catherine and want her brought home safely." Father told him. Vincent smiled down at his parent. "Yes Father I know." He told him. "I love you Father." Vincent told the older man. "And I love you Vincent." Father told him as they embraced.


As they parted Devin entered the chamber. He smiled when he saw his father and brother embracing one another. "Well I take it that the two of you made up." He commented. Father and Vincent turned and nodded. "Yes everything is fine now." Father told him. "Well in that case I must be off to Peter's now." Devin told them. "Please be careful Devin." Vincent requested. Devin approached him and put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "I will and hopefully I will be bringing Catherine home to you." Devin told him. "I hope so Devin." Vincent commented sadly. Then Devin walked back up the steps. "Good luck my son." Father called as Devin left the chamber. "Thanks Dad." Devin told him from the tunnel. When Devin was gone Vincent sat down in his favorite chair. "Oh Father they have to find her." He said sadly. Father put his arm around Vincent's shoulder. "They will Vincent just have faith." Father commented as he held his son close.


As soon as Devin arrived at Peter's house he found them all there waiting for him. "Are you ready to go?" Peter asked Devin. "Yes I want to get this done so that hopefully I can bring Cathy home to Vincent." Devin commented. Joe and Diana smiled and nodded. "I sure hope that we find her." Joe commented. "Joe we have to find her because I do not think that Vincent will survive much longer without her." Devin told him. Then they left the house.


A while later they arrived at the building. Peter pulled his car into the alley besides the building. "I will park here so that we can stay out of sight." Peter told them. "That is a good idea." Diana responded. After he turned off the ignition Peter turned and looked back at Devin. "Are you ready for this?" he asked the younger man. "I have never been so ready for something in my life." Devin responded. "Joe here is your gun." Diana commented as she handed it to him. "Thanks Diana." He told her as he took it. Then he turned to Devin. "When we get inside I want you and Peter too look for Cathy." Joe told him. "Greg, Diana, and I will find Gabriel and his men." Devin smiled and nodded. "You got it Joe." he responded. Then they got out of the car and entered the side entrance of the building.


Inside the building Catherine was sitting on her bed. She was holding the crystal pendant that hung around her neck. She silently prayed that Vincent would come for her soon. Suddenly the door was unlocked. It opened up as Gabriel entered the room. A doctor and a nurse accompanied him. "Miss Chandler it seems that our relationship is now coming to an end." Gabriel told her. Then he moved aside and the doctor and nurse approached her. They grabbed her and led her from the room. "Where are you taking me?" she asked. But none of them answered her questions.


When they reached the infirmary the doctor laid her down on a table. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked, as she suddenly became very frightened. "Do not worry you will not suffer as you die." The doctor told her. She looked up at the doctor and began to cry. "No please do not do this to me!" she begged. Gabriel stood behind the doctor and smiled as he witnessed her fear. "Miss Chandler you have become a liability to me and I always dispose of liabilities." He told her.


Suddenly the door flew open and one of Gabriel's men came rushing into the room. "Boss the cops are here!" he screamed. Gabriel turned to the man and glared at him. "Go stop them!" he ordered. The guard nodded and rushed out of the room. After he was gone Gabriel turned back to face Catherine. "I am sorry Miss Chandler but by the time they find you it will be too late to save you." He told her as the doctor loaded a syringe and approached her. "Doctor finish it and we will wait for you on the helipad." Gabriel told him. The doctor nodded as Gabriel and the nurse ran from the room. After they were gone Catherine looked up at the doctor and started to cry. "Please do not do this I will do everything I can to help you!" She sobbed as he started to aim the syringe at her arm.


Just as he was about to inject her the door swung open behind him. The doctor turned around to see Devin standing in the doorway glaring at him. "Who the hell are you?" he asked as Devin approached him. "I am a family member of this lady." Devin told him. "And I am telling you right here and now that you better not even think of putting that needle in her arm." Devin warned. After he was done speaking the doctor turned toward Catherine again. "I have to or Gabriel will kill me." He commented. "Not if I do it first!" Devin yelled angrily.


Just as Devin was about to grab the doctor Peter ran through the door. He ran over to Catherine and quickly untied her arms. She sat up and wrapped her arms around Peter's neck. "Get the hell away from her!" Peter screamed at the doctor. "Oh God Peter they were going to murder me!" Catherine sobbed in his arms. Peter looked up at the doctor. "And you call yourself a doctor!" he shouted at the man. Then Peter looked at Devin. "Devin get this dirt bag out of my sight!" he angrily told the younger man. Devin grabbed the doctor by the arm and pushed him toward the door. "Come on the cops wish to speak to you." Devin told him as they left the room.


When they were gone Peter once again turned his attention to Catherine. "Honey do not be afraid they will never harm you again." He told her as she cried. Then she looked up at him. "Peter please get me out of here I have to go home to Vincent." She told him. Peter smiled down at her and nodded. "Yes honey let's get you home." He told her as he scooped her into his arms.


As they were leaving the infirmary Devin and Joe appeared. "Radcliffe are you okay?" Joe asked sounding concerned. "Yes Joe I am fine now." She told him as she smiled at him. Then Peter spoke up. "Joe I am taking her below so that Father can examine her." He stated. Joe smiled and nodded. Catherine looked at them both stunned. "Peter how does Joe know about Father?" She asked. "I met all of them while helping Vincent search for you." Joe answered. "You know Vincent?" she asked stunned. Joe smiled and nodded. "Yes he and I have become good friends." She smiled again brighter this time. "Oh Joe that is wonderful!" She cried. "I wanted to tell you for so long." She told him through her tears. "I know Cathy now I understand everything." He told her. "Well I better go help Diana and Greg." Joe told them. Then he disappeared around the corner.


"Devin are you staying?" Catherine asked. Devin smiled and shook his head. "No I want to see my little brother's face when I bring you home to him." He told her. "Oh Devin I have missed him so much!" she cried. Devin smiled and put his hand on her cheek. "Cathy he has been so lost without you." He told her. Then the three of them left the building.


Once they were outside the building Catherine smiled as she began to cry again. "Oh Peter I am finally going home!" she cried happily. "Yes sweetheart you most certainly are." He told her. Devin stepped in front of them and opened the back door of the car. "Peter I will sit in the backseat with her." Devin told him. Peter smiled and nodded. "Alright Devin." Then he placed Catherine down in the seat. After she was in the car Devin climbed in beside her. He looked over at her and noticed that she was trembling. He encircled her in his arms and held her. "It is okay now Cathy." He told her. She looked up at him and smiled. "Yes Devin everything is fine now." She responded. Then suddenly she squealed with delight. "Devin I am finally free!" she cried happily. Devin leaned back and smiled down at her. "Yes Cathy you are free." He told her. "Now I can go home to Vincent." She continued. Devin smiled and nodded. "He will be waiting for my return." He told her. "And he will be overjoyed to see you with me." She smiled at the thought of being in Vincent's arms once again.


As they were talking Peter backed the car out of the alley. "Honey are you ready?" he asked as he looked back at her. She lifted head from Devin's shoulder and smiled. "I am more than ready." She told him happily. Suddenly Devin gasped. "Peter look up there." He said pointing. The three of them looked up and saw the helicopter that held Gabriel begin to spin out of control. Then it disappeared beyond the building. "Oh God he escaped!" Catherine cried as Devin embraced her again. "Honey even if he does he will never find you." Peter assured her. Then suddenly a large explosion rocked the car. "What the hell was that?" Peter asked. Devin shook his head. "I am not sure let's drive up that way so that we can get a better look." Devin told him. Peter drove up to the next intersection.


As he stopped at the stop sign Catherine gasped. Peter and Devin both looked in the direction in which she was staring. The helicopter lay on the ground in flames. "I wonder if anyone survived?" She asked. "I seriously doubt it." Peter told her. Then Joe ran up to the car. Peter rolled down the window to speak to him. "Cathy you will never have to worry about Gabriel again." He told her. "He crawled out of the helicopter after it crashed and was about to shoot Greg when Diana shot and killed him." Joe stated. "How about the others?" she asked. "Cathy they all died in the crash." He assured her. "Now get out of here before the rest of the police arrive." Joe told them. Peter raised the window and they left the scene.


A few minutes later Peter stopped the car. "Here we are." He stated as he turned around and looked at Catherine. She was looking out across the park at the drainage tunnel in the distance. "Devin do you need any help getting her below?" Peter asked. Devin smiled as he opened the door. "No Peter I can manage." He told him as he helped Catherine out of the car. "Alright, honey I will check on you in a few days." He told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. Then Devin closed the car door. Peter started the engine and left the park.


Once he was gone Devin turned and picked her up. She gasped in surprise. "Devin I can walk." She told him. He smiled and shook his head. "Cathy you have been through an ordeal." He told her. "I will carry you below." He continued. She smiled and nodded. "Okay if you wish." Then Devin walked toward the drainage tunnel.


When they reached the secret door Devin tripped the secret lever. Catherine smiled up at him as the door slid back. "Cathy we are almost home." He told her as they entered the tunnel. Catherine smiled and nodded. Then she spoke up. "Devin can we possibly avoid the sentries?" she asked. Devin stopped for a moment and looked down at her. "But why Cathy?" he asked confused. "I want to surprise Vincent." She told him. He thought for a moment then smiled down at her. "Okay if that is what you want." He told her as he began to walk again. "I think this is one surprise that he definitely needs." Devin told her.


As they approached Father's study Devin smiled down at Catherine. They could hear Father talking to Mary. "I wish that Devin would get home." Father told her. "I know Jacob he will be home soon." Mary told him. Devin entered the chamber and cleared his throat. "Dad I am home." He said behind them. Father and Mary both turned around expecting only to see Devin. Then their eyes went wide as they saw Catherine in his arms. "Oh God Cathy are you okay?" Mary sobbed as she rose and approached them. Devin placed Catherine back on her feet on the chamber floor. She smiled as her tears began to fall. Then she ran down the steps into Mary's arms. "Yes Mary I am just fine." Catherine cried as they embraced.


Then Catherine turned toward Father. "Hello Father I am home." She told him. He smiled through his tears and opened his arms. "Oh Cathy thank God you are safe!" he cried as he took her into his arms. She smiled as her tears started to fall faster. "Yes Father I am safe now." She told him.


After Father let go of her Catherine looked around the chamber. "Where is he?" she asked Father. "He was so agitated and worried that he went to his chamber." Father told her. "I will go have Pascal put a message on the pipes." Mary told her. She turned toward Mary and shook her head. "No Mary I am going to him." Catherine told her. "Cathy you are very weak." Devin reminded her. "I am not too weak to go to the man that I love." She told him forcefully. "Catherine let me examine you." Father told her. She was about to protest when she saw the pleading in his eyes. She smiled and relented. "Okay Father but please hurry." She pleaded. He smiled as he offered her his arm. "Of course Catherine." He told her as they left the chamber.


A few minutes later Catherine approached Vincent's chamber. She noticed that there was another familiar voice coming from the chamber. She smiled as she recognized Jenny's voice. "Vincent please relax they will find her." Jenny told him. "I hope so Jenny I need her." He responded. "I know that you do Vincent and she needs you." Jenny reminded him. "Without the bond I cannot sense her." He continued. "Jenny that is the one thing that really hurts." He cried. Jenny moved over and embraced him. "Vincent the bond will come back." She told him. "I know that when Cathy comes home that part of your relationship will return." She told him. Hearing the sadness in Vincent's voice broke Catherine's heart. She took a deep breath and decided that she needed to end her love's suffering. She slowly approached the tapestry. Then she slowly reached out and lifted it.


When Jenny saw the tapestry move she looked up. "Vincent someone is coming in." she told him. Vincent was now standing with his back to her. "Jenny it is only Father." He said. Catherine walked into the chamber smiling as her tears started once again. Jenny smiled and walked over to her. They silently embraced then Jenny turned toward Vincent. "I will go and see Mary." She told him. He slowly nodded without turning around.


After Jenny had left Catherine silently approached Vincent. "Can I keep you company while Jenny is gone?" Catherine asked. Vincent suddenly stiffened as he heard her voice for the first time in months. Then he spun around to face her. "Oh God Catherine you have come back to me!" he cried. "Yes my love I am home!" she cried into his vest. "Catherine where were you?" he asked as he held her. "I was in the building that they searched."She told him. "Catherine I should have been there." He cried. She leaned back in his arms and looked up at him. "Vincent the important thing is that I am home." She told him through her tears. "Yes Catherine you are home now." He told her as he smiled down at her. Then he gently leaned forward and kissed her.


When they parted Catherine started to move out of his embrace. Vincent smiled and shook his head. Then in one move he picked her up. Catherine giggled at his actions. Vincent then moved over and sat down on the bed. He held her in his lap very tightly. "Catherine please tell me that you are alright." He begged. She looked up at him and smiled. "Yes darling I am just fine." She responded. Then Vincent started to stand again. "Now my angel we must let Father examine you." He told her as he held her. Catherine smiled and put her hand on his chest. "No Vincent he already did." She told him. He looked down at her confused. "When did he examine you?" he asked as he sat back down with her. "When Devin brought me home a few minutes ago." She told him. He looked at her again with a sad look in his eyes. "Why didn't he summon me on the pipes?" He asked confused. She looked up at him slyly. "I asked him not to because I wanted to surprise you." She told him. He looked down at this precious woman in is arms and smiled.


A few minutes later Vincent noticed that Catherine was very tired. He stood up and turned around. He laid her gently down on the bed. As he moved back to stand up straight he noticed the distressed look on her face. "What is it Catherine?" he asked as he gently stroked her face with one finger. "Oh Vincent please never leave me!" Catherine cried. The terror in her voice broke his heart. "My love I will never leave you." He told her. "I am just going to place the tapestry down and a lantern out in the tunnel." She smiled up at him and nodded. "Okay but please hurry back." She told him. Vincent smiled again then leaned down and kissed her lips very gently. "Of course my beloved Catherine." He told her. Then he turned and left the chamber.


When he returned he watched as Catherine was looking at the things around the chamber. Then she noticed that he was watching her she turned around and smiled at him. "What makes you smile?" he asked as he approached her. "You make me smile." She told him. He approached her and sat down on the bed beside her. Then without another thought he pulled her back into his lap. "Catherine please tell me what they did to you." He begged as he held her to him. She leaned back so that she could look into his face. "They were going to kill me when Devin stopped them." She told him almost in a whisper. Vincent groaned sadly and pulled her to him once again. "Catherine it would have destroyed me if Devin had returned and told me that you had been killed." He told her as his tears began to fall again. She smiled at the feel of his arms around her. "But I am alright now." She told him. "Yes my love you are." He told her as he held her.


A while later they heard voices outside the chamber. "Vincent can we come in?" Devin asked. Vincent rose from where they had been sitting on the bed holding one another. He walked toward the entrance of the chamber. He swiftly lifted the tapestry and smiled when he saw Devin along with Olivia and Jamie. Then he turned back toward Catherine. "Are you up for some company?" he asked. She sat up and smiled. "Oh yes I want to see everyone." She told him. Then he ushered the three into the chamber. "Cathy welcome back!" Jamie exclaimed as she rushed up and embraced her friend. "Thank you Jamie." Catherine told her as they separated once again.


Then Catherine noticed Olivia. Catherine smiled and walked toward her. "Hello Olivia how are you?" Catherine asked as they embraced. "Luke and I are fine." She answered. Catherine looked at her confused but did not ask her to explain her comment. "I cannot wait to see Luke and the other children." Catherine told her. "And they are all anxious to see you." Jamie told her.


As Catherine was about to speak once again Father entered the chamber. "Alright everyone but Catherine and Vincent out!" he told them firmly. Catherine looked up at him shocked. "I am fine Father." She told him. Father smiled and shook his head. "Young lady after what you have been through you need your rest." He told her. She smiled slightly at the fatherly tone in his voice. "Yes sir!" she responded as she playfully saluted. Everyone in the chamber smiled and laughed at this exchange.


As Father was leaving he turned around and spoke once again to Vincent and Catherine. "I will have Mary prepare the guest chamber for you." He stated. Vincent moved over and put his arm around her waist. "That will not be necessary Father I want Catherine to stay here with me tonight." Vincent told him. Father smiled slightly and nodded. "Alright good night you two." He told them as he left.


That night as they lie beside one another Vincent and Catherine clung tightly to each other. "Vincent why did Olivia exclude Kanin?" Catherine asked. Vincent took a deep breath then started to speak. "Catherine, Kanin left her for another woman." He told her. Catherine suddenly sat up and looked at him. "Oh no Vincent that is horrible." She told him. He sat up beside her and held her against him. "Yes Olivia has been having a hard time dealing with it." He told her. They lay back down together and snuggled close to one another.


"How long did you look for me?" Catherine asked. "I searched for you from the day that I realized that you had not left me but were missing." He told her as he tightened his hold on her. She suddenly picked up her head and looked into his face. "Vincent you thought that I had left you?" She asked. He mutely nodded his head. "Vincent you know that I could never leave you willingly." She told him as she tightened her arms around him. "I was so frightened by your disappearance and the loss of our bond that I was not thinking clearly." He told her.


Upon hearing this Catherine knew that she had to find out how much he remembered about the cavern. She wanted to know if he remembered making love to her. "Vincent what do you remember about the time of your illness?" she asked. Vincent took a deep-frustrated breath. "I do not remember anything about that time." He told her. "Why do you ask?" She sighed and shook her head. "No reason love I was just wondering." She told him. Then she realized that she had to tell him about what happened and that she had to tell him soon. "Sleep now Catherine." He told her as he kissed her forehead. "Okay Vincent." She responded. Then they fell asleep wrapped in one another's arms.


Catherine had spent a couple of weeks below. She rested and spent much time with Vincent. He barely let her out of his sight. Other tunnel residents who wanted to see her also visited her. Then one day she entered Father's study. "Father are you busy?" she asked before she saw Devin. "Oh I am sorry I will come back." She commented as she turned to leave. "No Cathy I was just heading down to the work site to meet Vincent." Devin told her as he rose. "Dad I will return with the others." Devin told him. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes that will be fine Devin." Father told him as he left the chamber.


As soon as he was gone Father noticed the troubled look on Catherine's face. "Catherine is something wrong?" he asked as she sat down beside him. "Father I asked Vincent what he remembered about the time in the cavern." Catherine told him as she held his hand. Father nodded sadly. "Yes I am afraid that he may never recover those memories." Father commented sadly. Then Catherine looked up at him. "Father there is something that you must know about that time." She told him. "What is it Catherine?" he asked her. "Father when he stopped breathing I was so frightened that I did not know what to do." She began. "I had to do something to bring him back to me." She said almost in a whisper. Then she took a deep breath. "Father I kissed him." She told him. "And when I was kissing him he reacted to that kiss." She continued. Father once again took her hand in his. "Catherine please look at me dear." He directed. She looked up at him slowly. "Catherine did the two of you make love?" he asked. She smiled slightly and nodded. "Yes Father we did." She told him. "Were you harmed?" he asked her. She looked up at him again and smiled. "No Father it was wonderful." Father smiled at her. "Well I must tell you Catherine that I am happy about this change." He told her. Catherine looked up at him shocked. "You are not angry?" she asked. He smiled and put his hand on her cheek. "I might have been at one time but now I know that you and Vincent were destined to take this step." He told her.


Catherine rose and embraced him. "Thank you Father." She told him. "Catherine you realize that you have to tell him." He commented. She frowned again and nodded. "I know I do." She told him. "When were you going to tell him?" Father asked. "I am telling him this evening." She commented. "Would you like me to be there?" he asked. Catherine shook her head. "No it will be difficult enough with just the two of us." She told him. Father smiled and nodded. "Alright Catherine but I will be close by if you need me." He told her. She smiled at him then left the chamber.


Later that evening after dinner Catherine and Vincent entered his chamber. "Catherine is something wrong?" He asked her "You have been very quiet since I returned." She sat down on the bed. "Vincent I have something to tell you." She told him. He came over and sat down beside her. "And there is something that I have to tell you." He told her. "Catherine I have to go below to the lower tunnels for a week tomorrow." He told her lovingly. "I understand Vincent." She told him. "But Catherine I will miss you." He told her as he stroked her hand and then he embraced her. "Now what did you wish to tell me Catherine?" he asked as they parted. Catherine looked up into his face and started to speak. "Vincent while you were ill in the cavern something happened that you do not remember." She told him. "What happened Catherine did I harm you?" he asked suddenly frightened. She touched his cheek and smiled. "No love I am fine." She responded. Catherine felt him relax at her words. "Then what happened Catherine?" he asked. "Vincent you made love to me in the cavern." She told him.


Suddenly Vincent rose and turned away from her. "Please tell me it is not true!" he begged. She rose and ran over to him. "Vincent it is true and it was absolutely wonderful." She told him. When he heard her words he suddenly turned around to face her. "How can you say that?" he asked harshly as he started to pace. "Because it is true." She told him weakly. He suddenly stopped and bowed his head. "Catherine I cannot deal with this." He responded. "We have to end this before I harm you again." He said almost in a whisper. Catherine could not believe her ears. She was now very angry. "No Vincent!" she exclaimed. "How can you say that?" she asked fighting the tears. "Catherine it should have never happened." He stated. "It was a big mistake." He continued. "No Vincent it was absolutely wonderful and I am glad it happened." She told him. He turned and stared at her. "Catherine I have told you that we must end now!" he told her as he raised his voice. She was devastated. She swiped at her tears and picked up her bag. "Alright Vincent if you insist on destroying what we have then so be it!" She yelled. "You will never have to hear from me again!" With that she turned and ran from the chamber. When he was alone Vincent sank to his knees and openly wept.


A while later Father entered the chamber. He was very angry. "Vincent what have you done?" he yelled. Vincent was about to answer when Father stopped him. "You have destroyed Catherine!" Father screamed. "Father you do not understand!" Vincent responded angrily. "Yes Vincent I do!" Father told him. "She told me earlier about the cavern." He told his son. "Father then you understand why I had to end it." Vincent stated. Father shook his head. "No Vincent you were wrong to do that and I only hope that you do not come to regret your decision." With that Father turned and left the chamber.


A couple of weeks later Joe entered Catherine's office. Since returning above she had started working in the Family Abuse Unit. She hated the cases but it was safer. That way Vincent would not be drawn to her. "Hey Cathy why don't you take off early?" Joe asked. Catherine looked at her watch. "Joe it is only 4:00." She told him. "I know but it is also Labor Day weekend." He told her. Catherine looked up at him shocked. "Are you sure Joe?" she asked. He smiled at her and nodded his head. "Thanks a lot Joe but I am finishing the paper work on the Perry Case." She told him. "Moreno wants it by quitting time." She told him. "Cathy do not worry about Moreno he was called out of the office due to a family problem." Joe told her. "Is everything alright?" Catherine asked him. Joe shrugged his shoulders. "He only told me that he would not be back until Thursday."


Catherine nodded then picked up her pen. "Well at least I can get this work done." She told him. "No Cathy you are working to hard." Joe told her. "I want you to take the rest of the day off." He directed. "Besides Jenny would kill me for working you too hard." He told her. "Yes she would kill you." Catherine told him. "Besides you have been working way too hard since you returned." He commented. "If you are not careful you will make yourself sick." She smiled up at him because of the concern in his voice. "Alright Joe you win I will leave it until Tuesday." She commented as she rose to leave. "Hey Cathy how about having dinner with me?" Joe asked. "Jenny has to work late at the gallery tonight." She thought for a minute then smiled. "Sure Joe that sounds great." He smiled and walked toward the door. "I will meet you at Mario's at 8:00." He told her. Then he left the office. Catherine then packed her bag and left the office.


Below in the tunnels Vincent was sitting alone in his chamber. The last two weeks had been the most miserable of his life. He had not heard from or seen Catherine since she ran from his chamber. He desperately missed her. "Vincent can I come in?" Devin asked from the entrance of the chamber. Vincent looked up and nodded. "Vincent are you alright?" Devin asked. Vincent rose and started to pace. "Devin what have I done?" he asked as he started to cry. Devin approached him and held him. "Devin I am so miserable without her!" He sobbed. "Then go to her and tell her." Devin responded. "I can't she made it clear that she did not want to see me again." Vincent told him sadly. "Vincent you are the one who ended it." Devin responded. "And you have to be the one to contact her." He continued. "She will not contact you because she is still very hurt." Devin told him. "How do you know how she is?" Vincent asked. "I have been to see her a few times." Devin told her. "She is just as miserable as you are." He continued. "Devin what can I do to make this right?" Vincent asked. "Go see her or send her a message." Devin told him. "Then talk to her." He continued. Vincent thought for a moment then smiled. "Yes I will go see her tonight." Then they embraced and Devin left the chamber.


At 8:00 Catherine and Joe walked into the restaurant. Catherine had decided to go home and change then she met Joe for dinner. As they sat down and looked at the menus Joe noticed that Catherine looked very upset. "Cathy what is wrong?" he finally asked. She looked up at him and smiled slightly. "Nothing is wrong why do you ask?" she responded. Joe looked up at her once again and shook his head. "Cathy you are not telling me something." He told her. "Joe don't worry it is nothing that you can do anything about." She responded. Joe reached across the table and put his hand on top of hers. "Cathy I am your friend you can talk to me about anything." He told her. She smiled and nodded. "Well if you insist." She told him trying tease. "Joe I am not with Vincent any longer." Catherine told him. Joe suddenly looked up at her stunned. "Cathy what in the world happened?" Joe asked concerned. Catherine looked down and sighed sadly. "Well Joe all I can say is that we had a major difference of opinion on a very personal matter." She told him. "Cathy why don't you go talk to him about it?" Joe asked. Catherine shook her head. "No Joe he is the one who told me that our relationship was over." She commented. "Cathy that is not helping anything." He told her. She looked up at him shocked. "What are you talking about?" she asked. "Cathy you cannot be this stubborn about this." He told her.


After he finished speaking Catherine looked up at him shocked. "Joe I am not the one being stubborn." She argued. Joe smiled at this statement. "Cathy you are being very stubborn about this because you refuse to take the initiative and talk to Vincent." He told her. "Joe he told me that he wanted me to leave him." She argued. Joe smiled and shook his head. "Cathy when have you ever given up on anything?" he asked. "You and Vincent love one another more than anything." He continued. "Anyone that knows the two of you can see that." He told her. "So why are you giving up this time?" he asked her. "All the two of you need to do is talk and I am sure that the two of you can work this out." He finished. Catherine thought for a moment the smiled. "Thanks Joe you are right." She told him. "Now let's order I am starving." She told him laughing. He looked up at her again and smiled. "Yes let's eat." He told her. They ate dinner and talked for the next hour and a half.


Meanwhile Vincent dropped onto Catherine's balcony. He noticed that there were no lights on inside the apartment. He wondered to himself where she could be at this hour. He had been told by Peter that since their breakup Catherine had started working abnormally long hours at the office. And Vincent knew that the reason for this was because of him. He figured that she did not want to be at home where they had spent so many wonderful evenings together. He decided to sit down on the balcony and wait for her. He pulled one of her patio chairs over and sat down. He decided to wait for her as long as he had too. This was too important for him to leave now. Vincent now understood that asking her to leave him was the biggest mistake of his life. He silently prayed that she would forgive him for doubting the power of their love. Please come home soon my love. He thought to himself as he sat there looking at the moon from her balcony.


At 10:00 Catherine entered her apartment. After she and Joe had eaten dinner they had stopped by the gallery to visit Jenny. She had told Catherine the same thing as Joe. Catherine now knew that she had to make things right with Vincent. She had decided on the way home that she would shower then head below. She put her purse and briefcase down on the couch. She then walked over and looked down at her answering machine. She smiled when she saw that there were no messages waiting for her. She then decided to go and take her shower. She walked slowly toward the bathroom. As she reached the French doors that led to the balcony Catherine stopped. She could not fight the sudden urge to go outside and look at the skyline of the city.


She stood there for a few moments looking over the city. When she suddenly felt as if someone were watching her. She turned slowly and looked at the shadow of the balcony. That is when Catherine first saw Vincent. He was now standing in the shadows looking at her. Catherine felt her heart leap in her chest. "Catherine I had to come to you." Vincent told her with great emotion in his voice. Catherine closed her eyes and listened to the beautiful voice of the man that she loved more than life. "Catherine please speak to me!" He begged as his heart began to race. Catherine opened her eyes once again. She saw the pain in his eyes and knew that nothing else mattered now that he was here with her. She smiled as her tears started to fall.


Then in one swift motion Catherine ran across the balcony and threw herself into his arms. "Just hold me Vincent!" she begged as she clutched his cloak tightly. Vincent smiled himself as his own tears started to fall. She felt his embrace tighten around her. He held her to him as if he would never let her go again. "Catherine please forgive me for hurting you!" he begged. She leaned back in his arms and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. "Oh Vincent I forgave you right after I ran from your chamber." She told him smiling. "Now we can go from here." She continued. "We will forget that this ever happened."


Vincent shook his head. "No Catherine we cannot just forget that this happened." He told her. Catherine looked down for a moment then sighed. "I should have never told you." She responded sadly. Vincent placed his hand under her chin and pulled her face around toward him. "No Catherine you were right to tell me about cavern." He told her. "Vincent how can you say that?" she asked. "If I had never told you we would have never been so miserable these last couple of weeks." She continued. "Catherine come over here and sit down." he directed.


Then he turned and led her toward the chaise. She started to sit down beside him when Vincent pulled her down into his lap. Catherine gasped at the sudden action. "Vincent what are you doing?" she asked shocked. "Something that I should have done long ago." He told her. Then he placed a hand behind her head and pulled her toward him. Catherine's heart started to race as his face came closer to hers. She suddenly closed her eyes. Then Vincent kissed her.


When they parted Catherine was breathless and shocked. "Vincent what was that about?" she asked confused. He smiled slyly at her. "Catherine didn't you enjoy kissing me?" he asked. She smiled and nodded her head. "You know that I did." She responded. "I am just surprised." She told him. "Well Catherine I have wanted to kiss you that way for a very long time." He told her. "Catherine now we have to talk about the issue at hand." He told her. She sighed sadly. "Yes I suppose we should." She said almost in a whisper. "Catherine I need to tell you why I reacted the way that I did." He told her as he caressed her hand. She looked into his eyes and smiled. "Yes Vincent please talk to me about this." She answered.


After a few moments Vincent began to speak. "Catherine ever since the beginning of our relationship I have been afraid to show you how much I truly desire you. I have been so afraid that if I acted on those desires that I would harm you and that is something that I could never live with." He continued. Catherine opened her mouth to respond to his statement but Vincent placed his finger to her lips. "Please let me get this out." He requested. Catherine could tell how important it was to him to explain his actions. She silently nodded in agreement. "Catherine I love you so desperately that it even surprises me at times." He told her. "I want so much to love you as any man would love the woman that he loves." He continued as he looked away from her. "Catherine I need to know something about that time in the cavern." He told her almost in a whisper.


Then he looked back into her face. "Catherine did I force myself on you?" he asked almost afraid of her answer. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "Sweetheart you were very gentle and loving with me. We made love Vincent. It was not a rape." She told him. Vincent was still unsure. He gently placed Catherine down on the chaise then he rose and started to pace. "Catherine how could it be so wonderful in the mental state that I was in?" he asked. She rose and walked in front of him. "Vincent please look at me." She directed. He lifted his eyes until they met hers. "Vincent when you ran at me I called your name. Then you recognized me. You stopped before me and collapsed. I fell with you and when I raised my head to look into your face I realized that your vital signs had stopped." She told him letting him absorb what she was telling him. "Vincent you died in front of me in that cavern." She told him. "I had to do something that would bring you back to me. I could not lose you like that. "We were meant to be together and I was unwilling to let you leave me." She continued. "I screamed at you and pounded on your chest." She told him as she started to walk back and sat down again on the chaise. "Vincent I was unwilling to let you leave me. I yelled at you and told you that if you were going to leave me that you had to take me with you. That you could not go without me." She told him quietly. Vincent came over and sat down beside her. "Catherine you would have given up your life for me?" he asked. She looked up at him and smiled. "Yes Vincent I would not have been able to go on without you." She continued.


They sat there looking at one another in silence for a few minutes. Then Catherine spoke again. "Vincent I had to do something to bring you back." She commented. "I leaned forward and kissed you." She continued. "I was surprised when you responded to that kiss. You started kissing me back." She told him. "Then you lifted your arms and wrapped them around me. I was surprised but I could not stop kissing you." She told him. "Vincent you were just as willing to be with me as I was to be with you." She concluded. Vincent sat there in complete silence for a moment. Then he turned toward her again. "Catherine did the other…?" he asked not able to complete the thought. Catherine touched his cheek. "No Vincent it was just the two of us." She assured him. "Just you and me."


They sat there quietly holding one another for a few moments. Then Vincent spoke once again. "Why are you home so late tonight?" he asked. "I hope that you were not working late again." He commented. Catherine raised her head from his shoulder. "Vincent how did you know that I have been working late?" she asked. Vincent smiled as he held her tightly. "Peter and Devin have been keeping Father and me up to date on how you were." He told her. "I guess they knew that I would not be happy that you were working that hard." Catherine smiled shyly. "Well I have been working hard but mainly to keep my mind off things." She told him. Vincent wrapped his arms tighter around her. "Catherine I am so sorry." He breathed into her hair. She lifted her head and looked into his beautiful eyes. "Vincent we have learned a lot in these last couple of weeks. I think that we needed this to show us just how much we truly love one another." She told him. "Yes Catherine I love you desperately." He told her. "And I love you just as much." She told him. Then he leaned down and tenderly kissed her again.


As they broke apart Vincent smiled down at her again. "What were you going to do this evening?" he asked. She smiled and rose to her feet. "I was coming home to shower then I was going to go below and talk to you." She told him. He rose to his feet and embraced her again. "Catherine will you still come below tonight?" he asked. She looked up at him and smiled. "Of course I will Vincent." She told him. "In fact will you spend the weekend below?" he asked again. "Yes Vincent." She responded. Then she moved toward the French doors. "I will go shower then pack." She commented. "I will meet you at the drainage pipe." He told her. She smiled and nodded. "Yes that would be wonderful." She said smiling then she walked into the apartment. Vincent smiled as he left the balcony. His Catherine would be coming below to him tonight.


When he reached the drainage pipe he found Devin there. "Hey little brother." Devin commented. "Hey yourself." Vincent stated as he sat down on the ground beside him. "You are back from above rather early." Devin commented looking at his watch. Vincent smiled and looked up at the moon. "Catherine is coming below for the weekend." He told Devin. Devin looked over at him and smiled. "So you and Chandler made up?" Devin asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes we made up." Vincent told him. "Well it took you long enough." Devin commented.


Vincent was about to respond when they heard two women laughing as they approached. "Devin I could not agree with you more." Catherine chimed in happily as she approached them. Vincent smiled and rose. "Oh you agree with his observation do you?" he teased. Catherine smiled and giggled. "Yes my love I totally agree." Then he opened his arms and she walked into his warm embrace. Devin and Catherine were both surprised that Vincent would show this much affection in front of someone else. "Well I guess you and I better go below these two are lost in one another." Diana laughed as she walked into the light. Devin rose and smiled. "Hey you I thought you could not come tonight." He commented. "Well the meeting lasted a shorter time than I expected." she commented.


When they separated Vincent turned toward Diana. "Hello Diana it is wonderful to see you." She smiled at him. "And I am glad to see that you two have come to your senses." She teased. Catherine giggled and buried her face in Vincent's cloak. "Yes Diana I did come to my senses." Vincent commented as he embraced Catherine tighter. "So do the two of you want company as you walk in the park?" Devin asked looking at Vincent and Catherine. He smiled slyly as he noticed the look on Catherine's face. The look that said Devin please get lost! Devin noticed this and quickly got the message. "Diana why don't you and I go below and visit with Dad and Mary?" he asked. Diana nodded and smiled. "Of course Devin." She told him as she took his hand. "Hey Cathy do you want us to take your things below?" Devin asked. Catherine smiled. She silently handed her bags to Diana. Then Devin and Diana disappeared into the drainage tunnel.


When they were alone Vincent embraced Catherine again. "I am so glad that you are here." He told her as he held her. "And I am glad to be here." She responded. "So would you like to walk for a while?" he asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. Vincent turned her and put his arm around her waist as they started to walk. Catherine smiled as she felt him pull her closer up beside him. "So how is work?" Vincent asked. "It has been going alright." She told him as they walked. "We are working hard on Jeannie's case." Vincent stopped and turned to face Catherine. "I was disappointed when it was Joe who brought Jeannie and Michael to us." Catherine smiled and nodded. "I know but I was afraid that you would not want to see me so I asked Joe to bring them." She told him. Vincent sighed sadly and pulled her to him again. "That I caused you that pain Catherine hurts me very much." He commented. She stepped back slightly so she could look up into his face. "Vincent it is over now." She told him. Then she touched the side of his face. "We are here together again." She continued. He smiled and nodded. "Yes Catherine we are." He told her. Then they started to walk once again.


Meanwhile below in the tunnels Devin and Diana entered Father and Mary's chamber. "Oh Devin are you and Vincent back?" Father asked as he heard them enter. Then he looked up and smiled as he saw Diana. "Hello Diana how are you dear?" Mary asked as she and Devin walked down the steps and sat down. "I am fine Mary." She commented. "Dad I think that Vincent will be staying in the park for a while." Devin commented. Father looked at him shocked. He and Mary noticed that in the last couple of weeks Vincent had been constantly with Devin. "Is he alright?" Mary asked concerned. Devin looked over at Diana and smiled. "Yes I believe that he will be fine." Diana commented. "Especially now that Catherine is with him again." Devin told them. Father looked at them then at Mary. "Thank God all this is over." He commented. "I could not agree with you more Dad." Devin told him.


Then Father noticed the bags beside Diana's chair. "Are you staying below tonight?" he asked her. She smiled and shook her head. "No these are Catherine's bags." She told him. "I have to go to New Jersey to see a friend of mine who is in the hospital in the morning." She added. "Catherine wanted time alone with Vincent so we brought her things down for her." Devin told them as he rose. "We are going to put them in her guest chamber." He continued as Diana rose and took his hand. "Devin put them in the guest chamber that is closest to Vincent's chamber." Father told him. Devin and Diana looked at him shocked. "Dad are you sure?" Devin asked. Father smiled and nodded.


Mary was also shocked. "Jacob what brought this on?" she asked her husband. "I hope that she is not using it for very long." He told her. "Dad are you hoping that they end up sleeping together?" Devin asked as he and Diana approached the tunnel entrance. Father smiled at the shock on their faces. "That is exactly what I mean." He told them. "What changed your mind?" Mary asked. "Well it will be the only way that Catherine can prove that all the ideas that we had about that type of relationship were very wrong." Devin smiled at Mary and Diana. "I hope you are right Dad." He told them as he and Diana left the chamber.


Above in the park Vincent and Catherine were still walking arm in arm. "So how has Michael been doing?" Catherine asked. "He is doing fine." Vincent told her. "He was put through a great ordeal by his father." Catherine said angrily. Vincent seeing her anger tightened his arm around her. "Love he will come through it all he needs is love and time." Vincent told her. She looked up at him and smiled. "I am sure you are right." She told him. "How about Jeannie?" She asked. "She is starting to trust us more." He told her. "I have even got her to talk about her life with her husband a bit." Catherine smiled slightly. "Well should I start getting jealous?" She asked him teasingly as she poked him in the ribs. He turned her to face him. "Catherine the one thing that you never have to worry about is being jealous of another woman." He told her. She smiled as she moved into his embrace. "I love you so much Vincent." She told him as she held him. "And I love you my dearest Angel." He whispered. When they parted he looked down at her. "You must be tired from your week." He commented. "We should be getting below." She smiled and nodded. "Alright let's go." Then they turned and walked back toward the drainage pipe.


When they returned to the tunnels they walked leisurely hand in hand. As they reached the guest chamber that Catherine always used when she stayed below Devin and Diana approached them. "We were just on our way up top." Devin told them. "I have to go out of town tomorrow." Diana commented. "We wanted to let you know that Dad had another guest chamber made up for Chandler." Devin commented. Vincent and Catherine both looked at him. "Where is the new chamber?" Catherine asked. "Dad thought that the two of you could use the privacy this weekend so he put you in the one closest to Vincent's chamber." Catherine looked up at Vincent to see if this made him uncomfortable. He looked down at her and smiled. "Thank you Devin." He told his brother. Then he turned toward Diana. "Be careful on your journey." He told her. She smiled and nodded. "I will but I better go now." She commented. Devin took her hand and they walked down the tunnel toward the park entrance.


As Vincent and Catherine began to walk again Catherine chuckled aloud and shook her head. "What makes you laugh my Catherine?" Vincent asked as he stopped and looked down at her. "I cannot believe how close Devin and Diana are getting." She commented. Vincent smiled and nodded. "So my matchmaking meets with your approval?" he asked. She looked up at him stunned. "You didn't!" she commented giggling. He chuckled and nodded. "I thought that she would be great for him." He told her. "Vincent that was very sneaky." She told him smiling. "I know but it has been a lot of fun." He answered. "Do they know?" she asked. Vincent smiled wickedly and shook his head. "They have no idea I have been very discreet." He told her. "You my love are wonderful." She told him as she hugged him firmly. "No Catherine you are the wonderful one." He told her. "Now let's get you to your chamber so that you can rest." He told her as he took her hand again and started walking.


As they reached the guest chamber Catherine turned to face Vincent. "Are you sure that my being this close will not make you uncomfortable?" she asked concerned. He lifted a clawed finger and caressed her cheek. "No Catherine I will be fine." He told her. As was about to enter the chamber he stopped her. She looked up at him wondering what he was about to say. Then he bent down and gently kissed her.


When he broke the kiss he smiled down at her. "Good night my love." He told her. She smiled up at him. "Good night Sweetheart." She told him. Vincent's heart fluttered at the endearment she used. She turned and entered the chamber. Letting the tapestry fall into place over the door as Vincent walked toward his own chamber.


A while later Vincent was sitting on his bed in his chamber. He was reading a book that Catherine had given him. But he was having a very hard time concentrating. His thoughts were on Catherine. She was the love of his life and he desired her. But he was so frightened that if he let his desire take over it would cause Catherine some kind of pain. And that was something that he could not live with. Vincent was becoming so agitated that he rose and started to pace around the chamber. Then he noticed his journal lying on the table. He walked over and sat down. Taking the pen in his hand he opened the journal and began writing.


Tonight I regained the treasure of my life. Catherine is now here in my world sleeping just a few feet away from my chamber. She was so determined not to let my fears engulf me that she opened up tonight and told me everything that occurred in the cavern between us. I could not believe what she was telling me. I realized tonight that Catherine truly loves me. And that she has always desired me. But I am still very afraid that I will harm her. I cannot shake the feeling that the other side of me will emerge and harm her. I could never live with that if I harmed her. But she is so sure that it will not happen. Could she be right? Are all my fears about harming her unfounded? I can only hope that Catherine and I can come together this weekend. I love her desperately and I want her.


Vincent reread the entry and was about to close the journal when he stopped. He suddenly realized that Catherine was right. He remembered what she told him tonight about the cavern. She had said that the other had not emerged. He smiled slightly as he remembered the determined look on her face when she was telling him this.


Suddenly everything fell into place. He wanted her and she wanted him. They had come together there in the cavern because it was something that they both wanted. He suddenly rose from his chair. Putting on his boots again he grabbed his cloak. Swinging it around his shoulders he walked out into the tunnel. He was about to walk toward the chamber of the falls when he noticed candle light coming from Catherine's guest chamber. He decided that tonight he would make all their dreams come true. He silently moved toward her chamber.


When he reached Catherine's chamber he saw her sitting in bed reading. She was so beautiful with her long honey blond hair falling down her shoulder. He walked into the chamber suddenly. Catherine looked up at him shocked. "Vincent is everything alright?" she asked. He did not say anything as he approached her.


When he was beside her he sat down on the bed. Catherine could not read the expression on his face. He reached over and took the book from her hands. Laying it aside he turned back to face her. "Catherine I want you!" He told her as he gently stroked her cheek. Catherine smiled as she felt his hand on her face. "Oh Vincent I want you too." She told him breathlessly. Then he bent forward and kissed her. The kiss began as a tentative touch then it quickly moved to a kiss of passion. As they kissed Vincent pulled Catherine into his lap. He held her tightly against him as his hand caressed her back.


When they finally broke the kiss Catherine noticed that Vincent's eyes were dark. She smiled as she saw the passionate look on his face. "Catherine please let me love you." He begged. She smiled then wrapped her arms around his neck. "Yes Vincent please love me I need you." She whispered into his ear. "Not here." He told her. Then he suddenly stood up cradling her in his arms. He blew out the candle that illuminated her chamber then they left.


As they walked the short distance toward Vincent's chamber Catherine kissed his neck as she buried her face in his hair. "Catherine if you continue to do that I will not be able to wait." He told her with humor in his voice. She looked up at him mischievously. "Well darling it depends on where we are going. I cannot hold back much longer." She told him. "My Catherine you do not have to hold back any longer." He told her as he approached his chamber. He opened the tapestry with his arm and carried her inside.


Once Vincent had put her down on her feet he turned and smiled at her. "I shall return in a moment my love." He told her as he kissed her lips gently. She smiled and nodded. "I will be waiting for you." She told him as he left the chamber. As soon as he returned Vincent saw Catherine sitting on the bed. She smiled and stood up. He turned momentarily and pulled the tapestry down over the entryway. Then he moved toward her.


As he reached her Catherine happily fell into his arms. "Oh how I love you!" She told him breathlessly. He smiled as he held her to him. "And my Catherine I love you more than anything in my life." He whispered. Catherine moved back and looked up into his face. She stood on tiptoe and gently kissed him. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and pulled her tighter to him. "Catherine I cannot wait any longer I need you!" He moaned against her mouth. Then the kiss moved to one of burning passion. Catherine moved back and smiled at him. "Please love me Vincent." She told him. He smiled and nodded. "Yes my love it is time." He told her as he picked her up. He carried her toward the bed where he sat her. Catherine smiled as she stood up in front of him. Then they both began undressing one another.


A few minutes later they were both naked. Vincent began to nuzzle her neck with his nose. Catherine giggled happily at the feel of his face on her skin. They were about to get lost in one another when a sound outside the chamber interrupted them. "Vincent are you here?" Came a voice from the tunnel. Vincent looked helplessly at Catherine who smiled. She bent and picked up her tunnel gown slipping it back over her head. Vincent pulled back on his clothes. He then walked over and opened the tapestry.


When he pulled the tapestry back he noticed Father standing there. "Father is something wrong?" Vincent asked as the tunnel elder entered. He smiled when he noticed that Catherine was there. "We cannot find Arthur anywhere." Father told them. "Oh no Father not again." Vincent laughed. Catherine was also laughing now. "Does this happen often?" she asked between giggles. "No Catherine but when it does it can be disastrous." Father told her. "Vincent have you seen him?" Father asked. Vincent shook his head. "No but I will go help you look." He told Father as he reached for his cloak. "No Vincent you should stay here with Catherine." Father commented. "Father it is fine I will just stay here until Vincent returns." Catherine told him. "You are very generous Catherine." Father commented. "Thank you Father." She told him. Then he turned and left the chamber.


When they were alone once again Vincent walked over and embraced her. "Love I will be back as soon as I can." He told her. "I will be here." She told him. "I love you so much Catherine!" he told her passionately. She smiled and leaned up to gently kiss him. "And I love you even more." She told him. Vincent kissed her once again then he put his cloak around his shoulders and left the chamber. Catherine smiled happily and settled down in his large chair to await his return.


A few moments later Catherine heard a voice outside Vincent's chamber. "Vincent it is Jeannie can I come in?" she called out. Catherine rose and walked over to the tapestry. She lifted it. "Hello Cathy I did not know that you were here." Jeannie told her happily. "Yes we patched things up tonight." Catherine told her. Then Catherine noticed Michael lying in his mother's arms. "Hello sweetie how are you?" Catherine cooed at the baby. "He is wonderful." Jeannie told her.


"The reason that I am here is I was hoping that Vincent could watch Michael for an hour while I help Mary put the other children to bed." Jeannie commented. "But since he is not here I will have someone else do it." She commented. She was about to walk away when Catherine put her hand on Jeannie's arm. "I will watch him." She told Jeannie. Jeannie smiled and handed the baby to Catherine. "He should go to sleep soon." She told Catherine. Catherine smiled and nodded.


Then Jeannie left. Catherine walked back into Vincent's chamber and sat down in his chair once again. "Hello sweetie." She told the baby. "You are such a cute little boy." She continued. As she was talking to him Vincent walked into the chamber. He smiled lovingly as he observed Catherine's interaction with Michael. She noticed his movement and looked up. "Well hello there." She told him happily. "And hello to you." He responded as he walked over and sat down on the floor beside the chair. "Jeannie came to see if you could watch him while she helped Mary so I told her that I would keep him." Catherine commented. "Well it was a beautiful sight to walk in on." He told her. They spent the next hour playing with Michael. Then Jeannie returned and picked him up.


Once they were alone again Vincent stood and offered Catherine his hand. "I will take you back to your guest chamber if you wish." He told her. She smiled seductively and shook her head. "No I am staying here." She told him. He smiled and pulled her to her feet. "Catherine you still want to be with me tonight?" Vincent asked. She smiled at him again and nodded. "Yes very much." She told him. Then he captured her lips in a passionate kiss.


When they broke the kiss she stepped back. She smiled as she lifted her hands to the ties of her tunnel gown and quickly untied it. The fabric fell gently to the chamber floor. Vincent stood and discarded his clothes. Then in one swift move he captured Catherine in his arms. He turned and laid her down among the cushions on his bed. He smiled down at her as he climbed in bed next to her. She turned over to face him and began reigning kisses over his face. "Catherine you are the most wonderful woman in the world." He panted against her neck as he nuzzled her. Then they were joined as one. Their loving was passionate and somewhat out of control. Vincent discovered that Catherine needed him as much as he needed her. They enjoyed discovering things about one another. And finally they fell asleep wrapped in one another's arms.


Early the next morning Catherine awoke to see a pair of beautiful blue eyes looking at her. "How long have you been awake?" she asked him as she stretched and nuzzled his chest. He ran a finger down her face gently. "I awoke just a few moments ago." He told her. "I saw that you were still sleeping and I just wanted to watch you." He continued. Catherine smiled shyly. "So you enjoy watching me sleep?" she asked. He smiled and nodded. "I love watching you do everything." He answered as he bent down to kiss her again.


This time when they kissed something sparked in both Vincent and Catherine. He broke the kiss and stared down at her. "Catherine I feel you again!" He exclaimed happily. She stilled herself for a moment then smiled as her tears started to fall freely down her face. "Oh Vincent the bond is back and now I feel it just as strongly!" she cried. He opened his arms and she quickly moved into his embrace. "Catherine why did I deny this for so long?" he asked with a hint of sadness in his voice. Catherine raised herself onto one elbow and looked lovingly down at him. "Baby you had to be ready to accept my love and also accept what happened between us before." Then she snuggled back down into his arms again. "I love you so much Vincent." She told him "I love you too Catherine." He answered.


A few minutes later Vincent noticed that Catherine was smiling mysteriously. "Love what are you smiling about?" he asked as he looked down at her lovingly. "I was just thinking about what a wonderful lover you are." She told him. He smiled at her and chuckled. "Well thank you my beloved darling." Catherine raised up on one elbow and turned to look down at him. "Vincent do you know just how much I have loved you these last four years?" she asked. He shook his head. "You not only saved my life that night in the park but you also saved me from a life that would have been very boring and tedious." She then leaned down and kissed him very gently. "I could never have changed my life the way I did if it were not for you. And I would definitely not be the kind of person that I am today." After she had finished speaking she smiled down at him. "What I am trying to say is that I have so much to thank you for and I will spend the rest of our lives thanking you." After she was done speaking Vincent pulled her down on top of him. He smiled at her then claimed her lips once again. They spent the next few hours loving one another and talking about their future together.


Later that morning Catherine awoke again to see Vincent smiling down at her. "Good morning again." She told him. "And good morning to you my Catherine." He responded as he pulled her to him. "How are you feeling this morning?" she asked. He thought for a moment then smiled. "I have to say Catherine that this morning I am feeling more alive than ever." She smiled up at him lovingly. "I am glad that I could help." She told him teasingly. "Catherine you definitely helped me in more ways than you will ever know." He replied. "What do you mean Vincent?" She asked as she sat up. He sat up beside her and pulled her into his arms. "Catherine would you do something for me?" Vincent asked as he held her. She smiled brightly and nodded. "You know that I will do anything for you." She told him. Vincent gathered pillows behind him and leaned back in the bed. Then he pulled Catherine to him once again. "Catherine when Jeannie's case is over would you consider coming below and living here with me?" Vincent asked. Catherine was speechless. She looked up at him as her tears started to fall. She was about to answer when Vincent placed a finger to her lips. "Catherine will you marry me?" he asked her.


For a moment Catherine sat there crying. "Vincent that is the one question that I always wanted to hear you ask!" She cried happily. "So I guess I can take that as a yes?" he asked smiling. She threw herself into his arms and cried. "OH YES!" she screamed as he held her. Then Catherine moved back and smiled up at him. "Now my love kiss your future wife." She told him. He smiled and kissed her once again.


Later that evening Catherine and Vincent made there way to the council meeting. Everyone notice that there seemed to be a new closeness between his or her favorite couple. The meeting went very fast. As it was coming to a close Father spoke up. "Does anyone have any new business to discuss?" he asked. Vincent smiled over at Catherine then taking her hand they both stood up. "Father we have something to tell everyone." Vincent told him. "Yes Vincent what is it?" Father asked smiling. "This morning I asked Catherine to marry me she has accepted and will be moving below in a couple of weeks after Jeannie's case is over." When he was finished speaking everyone was silent for a moment. Then everyone stood up and happily cheered. "Vincent that is absolutely wonderful!" Devin told him as he walked up to him. Then he moved over and embraced Catherine. "Thank you for coming into my brother's life and making all his dreams a reality." Catherine smiled as he moved away. Vincent noticed that she was crying. "Catherine are you okay?" he asked as he dried her tears with his thumb. She was so overcome with emotion that all she could do was smile and nod.


A few moments later Jeannie and Michael approached them. "I am very happy for you." Jeannie told them. "Thank you so much Jeannie." Catherine told her new friend. "I hope that the two of you have a long wonderful life together." She told them. Then they embraced her. "Now if you both will excuse me this little boy needs his sleep." Jeannie told them nodding toward a yawning Michael. Catherine put her finger in his hand and he closed it tight around her. She giggled and cooed at the baby. Then Jeannie walked off.


The gathering lasted for the next three hours. Once it was over Vincent and Catherine walked arm in arm toward his chamber. When they entered Vincent closed the tapestry behind them. Catherine looked over toward the bed and saw her bags on the bed. "How did my bags get here?" she asked him. He turned around and smiled seductively at her. "Well my love I took the liberty of having them moved here." He told her as he embraced her.


Then he stepped back and looked down at her. "Are you upset my love?" he asked worried. She looked up at him and smiled. Then she encircled her arms around his waist once again. "Darling it is more than alright." She told him lovingly. "I suppose this means that you have a roommate for the rest of the weekend." She commented. He bent forward and gently kissed her. Then he picked her up and walked toward the bed. "Yes my Catherine that is exactly what it means." He told her huskily.


They spent the remainder of the weekend loving one another and making plans for the future. Everyone in the tunnels was happy that Catherine would be coming below to marry Vincent. Vincent and Catherine decided that Jenny would be the Matron of Honor. And that Peter would act as Father of the bride. He was extremely happy for them and happily accepted the honor. "Cathy I knew your parents for many years so I believe that they would be happy that I give you away at your wedding." He told Catherine. She smiled and nodded. "Yes Peter I believe they would." She agreed.


To soon it was Monday night. "I hate having to leave you now." Catherine told him as they stopped at the threshold. "I do not want you to leave but you must so that you can come home to me soon." He told her as they embraced. "Yes darling soon I will be coming home to you and never leaving again." Catherine told him happily. "I love you so much Catherine." He told her." She smiled and nodded. "Yes and I love you Vincent." Then he leaned down and passionately kissed her.


When they broke apart Catherine was out of breath. "I have to go now!" she declared as she looked up at him. "Yes or I will take you back to my chamber and have my way with you again." He told her huskily. She looked up at him and smiled. "That sounds promising." She responded. Vincent saw the passion in her eyes he groaned and captured her lips once again. Catherine backed out of his arms. "That is enough of that for now!" she declared firmly. He smiled and nodded. Then she turned and walked into the stream of blue light back into the world above one last time. Vincent smiled happily and turned back toward the hub.


When he reached Father's chamber he found Father and Mary there. "Is Catherine gone?" Mary asked. Vincent sat down and nodded. "Yes she just left but I already miss her terribly." He commented. "I know you do my son but she will be coming back forever very soon." Father told him. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes she will." He agreed. Then he looked at Father. "Father I want to move out of my chamber into a larger one." Vincent commented. Father smiled then looked over at Mary. "Yes well Olivia told us that she was giving you and Catherine the chamber that Kanin made for them." Mary told him. "Is she sure about that?" Vincent asked. Father nodded. "Yes she wants to get on with her life for Luke's sake and she told us that means changing chambers." He told Vincent. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Then we accept her offer." He said as he stood. "I want to move everything out of my chamber before Catherine comes below permanently." He told them. "You can start moving tomorrow." Father told him. Vincent smiled then left the chamber.


On Tuesday morning Catherine returned to work. She walked into her office and found Joe waiting for her. "So how did it go are you and Vincent on track again?" he asked anxiously. She closed the door and put her things down. Then she turned and jumped happily into Joe's arms. "Whoa! What is this about?" he asked surprised. "Joe I am so happy!" she exclaimed. "Hey calm down and tell me what is going on." He told her. Catherine backed out of his arms and smiled brightly. "Joe we are not only on track again we are getting married!" she cried happily. He smiled brightly and hugged her again. "Cathy that is great!" he responded.


Then he stopped. "What about your work?" he asked. She took a deep breath then spoke again. "Joe after Jeannie's case is over I am resigning." She told him. Joe smiled slightly. "I figured that would be your answer." He responded. "So when is the wedding?" he asked. "In about two weeks when I get my apartment cleared out." She answered. "I hope that Jen will be my Matron of Honor." Catherine commented smiling. "You know the answer to that." Joe told her. She smiled and nodded. "She had to go to Chicago this week but when she gets back we will all have dinner." Joe told her. Catherine smiled and nodded.


Then Joe turned to leave the office. "Oh I forgot the main reason that I came in was to tell you that Paul Schroeder's deposition was moved from 11:45 on Thursday to 2:30 that afternoon." Joe told her. "What is it now?" Catherine asked frustrated. "He wanted more time with his lawyer." Joe commented. "That is just a smoke screen." Catherine told him. He smiled and nodded. "Yes but he is entitled to it." He reminded her. "I know I just hope for Jeannie and Marcus's sake this is over soon." Joe nodded then left the office.


That evening Catherine returned home. She closed the door and leaned against it. She smiled as she looked around the apartment. The thought of leaving this apartment for her beloved tunnels was very appealing to her. She moved toward the sofa and put her bags down. Then she decided to go out onto the balcony. The only thing that she would miss about this apartment was their balcony.


She opened the French doors and stepped outside. She smiled as she thought of the wonderful times she spent with Vincent on the balcony. She was lost in her memories when she suddenly she felt two arms enfolding her. She smiled once again and leaned back into her beloved's arms. "I thought I would not see you tonight." She told him as he held her tightly. "I did not plan on coming to you tonight but I found that I could not stay away from you any longer." He told her passionately. She could not stand it any longer. She swiftly turned around in his arms and embraced him. "Darling you never have to stay away from me after all I am yours forever." She told him He smiled down at her then he leaned forward. He captured her lips in a passionate kiss.


When they parted Vincent sat down on one of her lounge chairs. He pulled her into his lap. "I came because I wanted to tell you some news." Vincent told her. Catherine looked at him curiously. "What is the news?" she asked. "I am moving into a bigger chamber." He told her. Vincent noticed that Catherine looked somewhat sad. "Love what is it?" he asked as he stroked her cheek. "Vincent I will miss your old chamber." She told him. He smiled and nodded. "Yes but it will be too small for the two of us not to mention any one else that comes along." He told her. "What does that mean?" she asked him. "Well I would think that you would want children." He told her. She was shocked. "Vincent are you sure?" she asked. He smiled and nodded. "Yes love I am quite sure." He told her. She smiled and fell into his arms. "Oh Vincent now all my dreams will come true!" She cried. They held one another tightly as they wept with joy.


A few moments later Vincent lifted Catherine off his lap and stood up. "Now my love I must go." He told her sadly. Catherine grabbed his arm and shook her head. "No Vincent please stay with me tonight." She requested. "But you have to work tomorrow." He reasoned. She nodded. "Yes but I do not want to be alone tonight." She responded. "I cannot be without you." She continued. "I need to feel you holding me." She begged. He looked down at her and smiled. "Alright my beloved angel I fear that I could not tear myself away from you to return below anyway." He told her. She smiled as she led him through the French doors into the apartment.


As dawn approached Vincent softly rose from the bed. "Vincent you have to leave." Catherine commented sleepily. He dressed then came back to sit down beside her. "Yes but you can get some more sleep." He told her. "No I will walk you to the balcony." She told him as she started to rise from the bed. Vincent placed a loving hand on her arm. "My love I want you to go back to sleep." He directed lovingly. "I will see you later tonight if I can." He continued. "Yes I will leave the balcony door unlatched please come in and wait for me inside." She requested. He smiled and nodded. "Alright I will be here when you get home." He told her as he rose. "If I see the bedroom doors closed I will know that you are here." She told him. He kissed her gently and nodded. "Yes that will be our signal." He agreed. Then he turned and left the apartment. Catherine smiled as she drifted off to sleep.


Later that morning as Catherine entered her office she found Joe and Diana waiting for her. "Hey what is going on?" she asked. Joe turned and looked at her. She could tell he was frustrated. "Schroeder's lawyer wants the deposition to be done today instead of tomorrow." He told her. She sat down behind her desk and pulled out the file. "Well Joe it is alright with me if it is alright with you." She commented. "Yes that is why I contacted Diana." He told her. "I came straight here from the tunnels." Diana told her. "You stayed below last night?" Catherine asked. Diana smiled brightly and nodded. "Yes Devin and I had to tell Mary and Father that we became engaged last night." Catherine rose and came around the desk. "That is wonderful." She told Diana as they embraced. "We will be sisters-in-law." Diana commented. Catherine smiled and nodded.


Then they came back to the matter at hand. "Diana did you tell Jeannie anything?" Catherine asked as she sat down again. Diana shook her head. "No I did not want to get her hopes up." Diana told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes that was a good idea." Catherine commented. Then she looked at her watch. "What time is the meeting?" She asked Joe. "It is at 4:00." He told her. "Alright I will be ready." Catherine told them as they left her office.


At 4:00 that afternoon they entered the conference room. Inside they met Paul Schroeder and his lawyer. "I am Assistant District Attorney Joe Maxwell." Joe told the men. "This is Detective Diana Bennett with the New York Police Department." He continued. "And this is Catherine Chandler the Family Division Representative." Paul Schroeder smiled slightly and nodded. "I know Miss Chandler." He commented somewhat coldly. He had been trying to find Jeannie and Michael ever since his arrest and he thought that Catherine was the key to their whereabouts. Before they could begin the deposition Paul looked over at Catherine. "Miss Chandler I am going to ask you once more where are my wife and son?" he asked. "Mr. Schroeder I have no idea where they are." She responded.


Then he suddenly pulled a gun from his pocket. He rose and pointed it at them. "This is over now!" he screamed as they all rose. "Paul what are you doing?" his lawyer asked. "I am taking control!" Paul told him. Then he shot him in the head. Catherine and Diana turned to run from the office until Paul pointed the gun at them. "Stop right there ladies!" he demanded. Catherine and Diana suddenly stopped. "Do not take another step toward that door!" Paul yelled as he grabbed Joe. "I will kill him!" he screamed. "Paul please do not do this it will only make things worse for you." Catherine told him. He looked over at her and smiled menacingly. "Miss Chandler you can end this by telling me where they are." He commented. "Paul I told you she contacts me I do not contact her." Catherine told him. He suddenly let go of Joe who moved away from him. Diana bent down to check on him. "The two of you can go I only need Miss Chandler as my hostage." He told them. "No! I will not leave her!" Joe croaked. "You have no choice." Paul told him as he pointed the gun at her. "Go on Joe." she told him. "Cathy what are you saying?" Diana asked. "Get Joe out of here!" Catherine told her vehemently. Diana helped Joe to his feet then they left the room.


While this was going on down in the tunnels Vincent was talking to Father and Devin. "So how is the move coming?" Devin asked his brother. Vincent smiled and was about to answer when his head shot up as if he were listening to something. Father and Devin both noticed this. They knew that the bond between Vincent and Catherine had returned. "Vincent what is it?" Father asked. "I am not sure but Catherine is very afraid of something." He told them. They could sense the frustration in his voice because he could not go to her. "Vincent what would she be afraid of right now she is at work." Devin commented. Vincent shook his head. "I am not sure what she is afraid of but she is definitely frightened." He told them as he rose and anxiously began to pace. "Vincent we will find out what is going on." Devin told him. "I will go to the office and check it out myself." He told Vincent. "Thank you Devin." Vincent responded. Devin smiled and shook his head. "Think nothing of it little brother after all my fiancée is also there." Devin commented as he ran from the chamber.


A short time after Devin had left Peter ran into the chamber. "Vincent there is big trouble at the D.A' s office!" he shouted as he ran down the steps. Vincent spun around suddenly to face his father's friend. "Tell me what is going on." He told him. "The deposition for Jeannie's husband was moved up suddenly to this afternoon." Peter began. "But before they could begin the interview he pulled out a gun." Peter looked from Vincent to Father then back again. "He shot and killed his lawyer. Then he grabbed Joe around the throat and almost strangled him to death." Peter told them. "What about Catherine and Diana?" Father asked. "Diana is fine she left the room with Joe." Peter commented. Vincent suddenly got a very stricken look on his face. "Catherine?" he asked almost in a whisper. "Vincent, he is using her as his hostage." Peter commented.


Suddenly Vincent's world started spinning out of control. Father saw this and quickly approached him. "Vincent hold on!" The tunnel elder shouted as he embraced his son. But it was too late. Vincent backed out of his embrace threw back his head and roared in pure agony. Then he fell to his knees and wept. "Vincent I will go meet Devin there to see what is going on." Peter told him as he knelt beside him. He turned and ran from the chamber. Father held Vincent and stroked his head. "Vincent she will be fine." He told his son. "Oh Father I cannot lose her it would completely destroy me to lose her now!" He cried as he clutched his parent. Father held him there and rocked him as he cried.


When he arrived at the D.A.'s office Peter was met by Joe, Devin, and Diana. "Peter over here." Devin called. Peter ran over toward them. "How is everything going?" Peter asked. "It appears that the one he was after to begin with was Cathy." Diana told him. "What does he want?" Peter asked. "He wants Jeannie brought here by 6:30." Joe croaked. "How is Vincent?" Jenny asked him. "Jenny I thought you were out of town." Peter commented. "I got home early and the police were waiting for me at the house." She told him. "Vincent is not doing well." Peter told her. "He is very upset and frightened." He continued. "Should I go below and stay with him?" Jenny asked. Peter shook his head. "No Jenny he is so distraught that he would not want you to see him that way." Peter commented. "Besides Father and Mary are with him." Jenny nodded then sat back down beside Joe. "I better go back below and tell Father what he is demanding." Peter told them. "Peter he says that if she is not here he will kill Cathy." Joe told him. Peter nodded then headed out of the building.


A while later Peter was entering Father's chamber. The sight of most of the community waiting for news about Catherine greeted him. "Peter what is going on?" Vincent asked as he rose from his chair. "Vincent he has said that if Jeannie is not at the District Attorney's office by 6:00 he will kill Catherine." Peter told him. Vincent sat down once again as the tears began to fall down his face once again. Mary seeing his anguish rushed over and embraced him. "I will go with you." Jeannie stated as she entered Father's study. Vincent heard this and stood up. "No Jeannie I know that Catherine would not want you to risk yourself like that." He told her. "Vincent you do not know Paul like I do he will kill her if I do not come." She told him. She turned and spoke to Mary. "Please keep an eye on Michael for me while I am gone." She requested. Mary smiled and nodded. "Of course I will dear." The older woman told her. She then turned toward Peter. "Dr. Alcott I am ready to go." She told him. Then they walked toward the entrance of the chamber. After Jeannie had left the chamber Father addressed Peter. "Please bring Jeannie back here when you can." He told his friend. Peter smiled and nodded. "Of course I will Jacob." Then Peter left they left the tunnels.


"Where is she?" Paul asked nervously. "Do you really think that Jeannie will come back to you after what you have done to her?" Catherine asked him angrily. He looked at her and smiled menacingly. "She will if she cares anything about saving your life." He told her as he stroked her face. "Get your damn hands off me!" She yelled at him. Paul was impressed by her outburst. "You are a feisty one maybe I should dump Jeannie for you." He told her. "I would never be with a monster like you!" she yelled at him. Paul started to turn around and walk away from her when he suddenly backhanded Catherine across the face knocking her down. "No little bitch like you ever speaks to me that way!" he yelled at her. "Now sit down in that chair and shut up!" he ordered. Catherine got up off the floor and sat down in the chair.


Outside the office in the corridor Peter arrived with Jeannie. "What are you doing here?" Devin asked her. Jeannie looked up at him suddenly. "Devin I cannot allow Paul to harm Cathy." She told him. "Jeannie this is far too dangerous for you." Diana told her. "No it is Cathy who is in the greatest danger." She told Diana. Then Jeannie walked away from them toward the conference room.


When she reached the door Jeannie slowly opened it. Paul smiled up at her as she entered the room. "Honey I knew that you would come." He told her. "After this we can get Michael then we will be a family again." He commented. "Yes Paul now please let Cathy go." Paul laughed at her. "Sweetie did you truly believe that I would let her go?" he asked. Jeannie walked past him then approached Catherine. "Are you alright Cathy?" she asked as she looked at her bruised face. "Yes Jeannie I am fine." Catherine told her. Jeannie turned back toward Paul. "Paul you said that if I came here you would let her go now please do it." She requested. Paul stood and walked up to her. He grabbed Jeannie by the hair and started yelling at her. "Shut up bitch!" he screamed. "That was always your problem you talk way too much!" he spat. "Now sit down and be a good girl and maybe I will let your friend go." Then he let Jeannie go. She sat down in a chair next to Catherine.


A while later Jeannie decided to get Catherine out of there. "Paul this is ending now!" Jeannie told him as she stood up. He looked at her angrily and pointed the gun at her. "What did you say?" he asked rising from his chair. "I am taking Catherine out of here!" she declared. "The hell you are!" he screamed at her. "Catherine please stand up we are leaving." Jeannie told her. Catherine looked at her and slowly stood. "Now move very slowly toward the door." Jeannie told her. "Jeannie neither one of you are leaving until I tell you that you can leave." Paul told her. "No Paul this is over and we are leaving now!" Jeannie declared. Then she turned and slowly walked toward the door with Catherine. "Stop now or I swear I will shoot the both of you." Paul told them. Jeannie and Catherine kept walking toward the door.


As Jeannie slowly opened the door Paul aimed the gun. Catherine had just walked out of the door of the conference room when a shot rang out. She turned in time to see Jeannie falling on top of her. "Oh God Jeannie!" Catherine screamed as she cradled the young woman. "How could you do that when you claim to love her?" Catherine asked Paul angrily as she looked up at him. He smiled and raised the gun once again. "Now it is your turn." He told Catherine. Just as he was about to shoot another shot rang out. Catherine watched as Paul fell to the floor. She looked around and saw Diana holding a smoking gun.


After Diana checked to make sure that Paul was dead she turned toward Catherine. "Cathy are you alright?" she asked as she knelt down beside them. "Diana we have to help her!" Catherine cried. "Honey let me see." Peter told her as he approached. He knelt down and examined Jeannie. "Cathy are you okay?" Jenny asked as she and Joe rushed up to her. "Yes I am fine." She told them as they hugged her. "Peter how is she?" Catherine asked. He looked up at her and sadly shook his head. Catherine saw the sadness in his eyes and started to cry. "Catherine!" Jeannie said weakly as she reached up a hand to her. Catherine knelt down beside her again and took her hand. "Jeannie you will be alright do not talk now." Catherine told her. Jeannie flinched and took a hard breath due to the pain. "Catherine I want you and Vincent to raise Michael as your own child." Jeannie told her as her breath started to become more labored. "Jeannie you will be fine there is no need to talk that way." Catherine told her. Jeannie smiled weakly and slowly shook her head. "No Cathy I need you to promise me." Jeannie told her. Catherine did not know what to say. She smiled as her tears started falling faster. "Of course we will raise him." Catherine told her. Jeannie smiled then slowly closed her eyes. Then she slowly let out her last breath. Catherine saw this and looked at Peter. He checked her for a pulse.


When he took his hand off Jeannie's neck he looked up at Catherine and shook his head again. "Oh God No!" Catherine cried as she held Jeannie to her. "Cathy it is time to go." Devin told her as he approached. He helped her stand up then put his arm around her. "Honey I want the EMT's to check you out." Peter told her. She looked up at him and nodded. Then they left the office.


After she was checked out Catherine sat with Devin and Diana. "I cannot believe this." Catherine told them. "Cathy there was nothing you could have done." Diana told her. Catherine looked up at her and slowly nodded. "I know but it hurts." She told them. As they were talking Jenny and Joe approached them. Catherine looked up at Joe and slightly smiled. "Are you okay Joe?" she asked. "Yes I just have a sore neck." He told her. "Joe this is it for me." Catherine told him. Joe nodded sadly. "I understand now we are taking you home." He told her. She stood up and turned to Devin. "Would you let Vincent know that I am alright he is meeting me at the apartment?" she asked. Devin stood and embraced her. "Of course I will I have to go tell them about what happened here anyway." He told her. Catherine nodded then she left the building with Joe and Jenny.


When Devin arrived at the tunnels he entered Father's study. He found everyone there waiting. "Dad I am back." He told Father. Then he turned to Vincent. "Cathy is fine." He told his younger brother. Vincent smiled as the joy washed over him. "But Jeannie is dead." He continued. Everyone suddenly became quiet once again. "Oh God Devin what happened?" Mary asked as she began to cry. "She and Catherine were leaving the conference room when he shot her." Devin told them. "She fell forward on top of Cathy." He added. "Then he was about to shoot Cathy when Diana killed him." Vincent suddenly rose. "I have to go to Catherine." He told everyone. Father nodded. "Yes Vincent go be with Catherine she needs you now." Vincent nodded then ran from the chamber.


When Vincent arrived on the balcony he opened the French doors and entered the bedroom. He took off his cloak and laid it over a chair. Then he proceeded to light candles all over the apartment. He then walked toward the bedroom. He stopped for a moment and switched on the stereo. Finally he walked into the bedroom closing the louvered doors behind him. Sitting down in a chair by the bed he waited impatiently for Catherine to return.


A few minutes later he heard Catherine's voice as she entered the apartment. "The two of you did not have to see me home." Catherine told Jenny and Joe. "We know that we just wanted to make sure that you are alright." Joe told her. "Cathy do I hear music?" Jenny asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes it is." She commented. "Well honey it looks as if she will be in good hands." Jenny commented. Then she turned to Joe. "Let's go home." She told him. He smiled and put his arm around her. "Take care of yourself Joe." Catherine called as she closed the front door. She then locked the door. Turning toward the bedroom she took off her shoes and bolted into the room.


As she ran through the bedroom door Vincent rose from the chair he was sitting in. He opened his arms wide. "Come to me Catherine!" he sobbed. Catherine started to cry as she propelled herself into his arms. "Don't talk right now just hold me!" she cried as he held her against him. He stroked her hair and her back to calm her. "I was so afraid Catherine!" he sobbed into her neck. "So was I!" she cried against his shirt. They stood holding one another for the next few moments. Vincent noticed how sad Catherine was. "Catherine you could not have saved her." He told her. "I know but I still feel guilty that she had to die." She told him as she hugged him tighter. "Catherine her husband was an evil man." Vincent told her. "I know he was." She commented.


Then he got a better look at her face. He gently caressed the bruise that was coming onto her face. "Did he hit you?" Vincent asked angrily. "Yes I made him very angry by arguing with him." She recalled. "He backhanded me across my face." She told him. "Catherine I am so sorry that I could not protect you." He told her. She suddenly looked up at him. "Vincent you always protect me this was not your fault." She told him. Vincent smiled, as he knew that she would not listen to his arguments. He bent his head and kissed her.


When they parted Vincent held her tightly. "Catherine shouldn't you be in the hospital?" he asked. She smiled and shook her head. "No love the ambulance crew said that I am fine except for the bruise on my cheek." She told him. "You should go take a shower." He told her. She smiled and nodded. "Yes I think that I will." She told him. "I will fix us something to eat and drink." He told her as he let her go. "That sounds wonderful." She told him smiling. Then she moved toward the closet. She took out a nightgown and a robe. Then she turned and walked toward the bathroom. When she reached the bathroom door she hesitated and looked back at Vincent. "Love do not worry I will not go anywhere." He told her. She smiled and nodded. Then she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.


A short time later Vincent moved into the living room. He knelt down in front of the fireplace and built a fire. After the fire was going he stood up and untied his tunic. Removing it and placing it on the sofa. Then he removed his boots and his sweater. When he was done he was only wearing his jeans and thermal shirt. Then he rose and walked into the kitchen. He prepared some soup for them and put the kettle on the stove for tea. After this was done he walked back into the living room to wait for Catherine. When the water was done he rose and reentered the kitchen and turned off the stove.


When Vincent entered the living room again he was about to sit down in front of the fireplace when he suddenly felt a rush of anger and immense fright through the bond. He turned and ran toward the bedroom. He opened the louvered doors to the bedroom and rushed in. There he found Catherine lying on the bed crying. Vincent came around the bed and sat down beside her. He picked her up and held her tightly to him. "Catherine my love it is alright you are safe now." He crooned as she cried. "Vincent I was so frightened that I would never see you again!" she sobbed. "I know Catherine so was I." he told her as he rubbed her back. "Vincent it was so horrible!" she told him. "I will never forget when Paul shot Jeannie and then he raised the gun to shoot me." Catherine told him. Vincent stiffened slightly as she spoke of this. "Catherine It would have destroyed me." He cried softly.


Catherine raised her head and looked into his tear filled eyes. She leaned back and stroked his cheek. "Vincent do not cry love I am here." She told him. "I am fine and I will never leave you again." She told him. "We are together again." She continued. Vincent smiled as his tears began to subside. "Yes my beloved Angel we are together again." He told her. "And I am never letting you out of my sight!" He declared as he tightened his arms around her. She smiled and laughed. "I should hope not." She told him lovingly. "After all I am moving below tomorrow night." She told him. Vincent suddenly lifted his eyes to hers. "Tomorrow Catherine?" He asked hopefully. She smiled and nodded. "Yes love today was my last day as a working woman." She continued. Vincent smiled and pulled her to him once again. "Now our happily life can begin." He told her as he held her tightly. "Yes my darling it can." She agreed.


After Catherine had calmed down she rose from Vincent's lap. "Now let's eat I am starving." She told him as she pulled him to his feet. He smiled and nodded. "Alright my love." He answered as they walked out of the bedroom. When dinner was ready they carried the food into the living room where they sat down by the fireplace. As they ate Vincent noticed that Catherine was staring into the fire. He put his plate down on the coffee table them moved over closer to her. "Catherine what is it?" he asked as he took her plate from her and sat it down beside his. "I was just thinking about the last thing that Jeannie asked me." Catherine told him. "What did she ask you?" he inquired.


Catherine turned toward him. Then she took a deep breath before speaking. "Vincent she asked me if you and I would raise Michael as our own child." She responded. Neither of them said anything for a few moments. "Catherine look at me please." He requested. She slowly turned to look at him. "Catherine would you like to raise Michael?" he asked. Catherine thought for a moment then smiled. "Yes Vincent I would." He smiled and took her into his arms. "Well then it looks as if we have become instant parents." She gasped with delight then kissed his cheek. "Oh thank you Vincent!" she cried. "Catherine what about having our own children?" He asked quietly. She suddenly sat back and looked deep into his blue eyes. "Vincent I still plan on having our own children." She told him. He smiled and nodded. Then he leaned forward and kissed her.


As they once again started to eat dinner Catherine looked over at Vincent. She noticed that he was smiling and staring at her. "What are you staring at?" she asked try to sound cross. He reached over and gently cupped her cheek with his hand. Catherine smiled and closed her eyes. She truly loved it when he touched her. "Catherine when would you like to marry?" he asked. Catherine opened her eyes again and looked lovingly at him. "As soon as possible." She responded. "Father told me that our wedding could occur this coming weekend if we wanted it that soon." He told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. "That is perfect." Catherine told him. "I already have my wedding dress." She added. He looked at her and smiled. "You do?" he asked mischievously. She smiled back at him and nodded. "Yes and you cannot see it before our wedding." She told him. "In fact to make sure that you did not try to peak the dress is already below with Mary." She added teasingly. "Mary never told me that you and she were already that far advanced in our wedding plans." He remarked. She smiled lovingly. "I know love that is something that she told me she would not tell you." Vincent tried to act hurt. "But why surely you know that I can be trusted." He pouted. She laughed and kissed him sweetly. "You Vincent are a very sneaky man and I want everything to be a complete surprise." With that they both laughed.


After they had finished eating Catherine rose and picked up their plates. She turned and walked into the kitchen. Vincent stayed seated waiting for her to return. Then he heard water running in the kitchen sink. He rose and walked toward the kitchen. There he found her putting their dinner plates into the sink. "What are you doing my love?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her. She smiled as he started to nuzzle her neck.


She leaned back in his arms and smiled. "I thought that I would wash these dishes." She told him as he continued his explorations. But Vincent had other ideas. "No my beautiful Catherine they can wait but I cannot." He growled seductively. She smiled again. "Oh you can't?" she asked teasingly. With those words Vincent turned her around to face him. He smiled then captured her lips in a very passionate kiss. Catherine moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Without breaking the kiss Vincent picked her up and carried her toward the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and undressed her. She smiled as she felt his hands on her skin. Then she undressed him. When they were both naked he lay down beside her. Their loving that night was very slow and sensuous. Afterward as Catherine drifted off to sleep she smiled. She desperately loved this man that would be her husband in just a few short days.


The next morning Catherine awoke and smiled when she looked over and saw Vincent still sleeping beside her. She could feel through their bond that he was close to waking. A few seconds later Vincent opened his eyes and smiled at her. "Good morning darling." She told him as she leaned over and kissed him softly on the cheek. "Is that the best that you can do?" he asked trying to sound hurt. She giggled happily and shook her head. "No how is this?" She asked as she leaned forward again and kissed him passionately. As they parted Vincent smiled lovingly. "Now that was much better." He told her as he tried to regain his breath.


A while later they rose and decided to have breakfast. After that was done Vincent went into the bathroom and took a shower. He had tried to entice Catherine into joining him but she smiled and told him that she wanted to start packing. He sighed and simply nodded. Catherine took out some personal items and placed them in bags. Then she packed the few clothes that she wanted. The rest of her things would be given to charity.


The rest of the day was spent talking and laughing. Catherine and Vincent were truly looking forward to starting their life together. As dusk fell over the city Vincent rose and put on his tunic and his boots. Catherine dressed in jeans, a sweater, and boots. When she was ready she turned to him. "I will meet you at the threshold." She told him as they embraced. He smiled and nodded. "Of course my love please hurry." He told her huskily. Then before he left he bent once again and kissed her. "I will be waiting for you." He told her as he climbed over the balcony.


After he was gone Catherine walked back into the apartment. She closed the balcony doors and locked them. Then she picked up her bags and left the apartment. She closed and locked the door behind her. As she was about to walk down the steps toward the basement Catherine remembered that she needed to take her key to the manager. She turned and walked toward his apartment.


As she reached his door she knocked. "Who is it?" Mrs. Jameson asked through the door. "Mrs. Jameson it's Catherine Chandler." Catherine called out. The elderly woman opened the door and smiled at Catherine. "Hello Miss Chandler how are you?" Catherine smiled brightly at her. "I am wonderful is Mr. Jameson home?" Catherine asked. Mrs. Jameson nodded then turned toward the living room. "Walter, Miss Chandler is here to see you." She called out.


A few moments later Mr. Jameson appeared at the door. "Hello Miss Chandler is something wrong with your apartment?" he asked. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No I just wanted to come let you know that I am moving." She told him. "And to give you the key to my apartment." She continued. "You are moving?" the older man asked. Catherine smiled again and nodded. "Yes I am leaving New York because I am getting married." She replied. "Oh that is wonderful!" Mrs. Jameson told her as she stood beside her husband. "Thank you I also wanted to let you know that a friend of mine is coming to clear out the remainder of my apartment." Catherine commented as she turned to leave. Mr. Jameson smiled. "That is just fine." He told her. "Let me know if they cannot make it and I will do it myself." He called as she walked away. "Thank you goodbye." She called back. Then she opened the door to the stairwell and walked toward the basement.


Meanwhile in the tunnels Vincent was at the threshold. He was pacing nervously back and forth. Where is she? He thought to himself. He could not understand what was taking her this long. She was supposed to be not far behind him. He was becoming even more agitated until he heard the sound of the secret door in the blue stream of light open. "Vincent are you here?" Catherine called down. Vincent swung around and moved swiftly toward the blue light. Catherine was already half way down the ladder when he caught sight of her. She was trying to hold her bags and climb down at the same time. Vincent smiled at the look of frustration on her face. "Here Catherine let me help you." He told her. She turned slightly to look over her shoulder. "Where were you?" she asked curiously. Vincent smiled and shook his head. "I was nervous and did not hear you." He told her.


Before she could say another word Vincent reached up and wrapped his arms around her waist lifting her off the ladder. Then he placed her gently on the ground. Catherine turned around and smiled up at him. "Hey you." She told him happily. Vincent smiled and opened his arms. Catherine giggled gleefully and walked into his embrace.


When they parted again she looked up into his face. "What were you nervous about?" she asked him. He shook his head. "I guess just some of the last bits of doubt were trying to surface." He told her. "But now that you are here they have vanished as fast as they appeared." She smiled and nodded. "Well that's good." She responded.


Then Vincent grew rather serious. "Where were you?" he asked. Catherine smiled and took a breath. "I had to take my key to the apartment to the manager." She told him. "I was about to leave the building when I remembered." She continued. "I went to their apartment and I guess we talked a bit longer than I thought." She finished. He smiled slyly and responded. "I was beginning to think that you might have changed your mind about marrying me and raising Michael." He teased. Catherine could not believe what he was saying. She was about to vehemently protest when she saw the glint of humor in his eyes. She smiled and happily poked him in the ribs making him jump. "What was that for?" he asked laughing. "That my love was for nearly scaring me to death." She responded. "The one thing that I would never do is change my mind." She protested. He smiled and placed a finger on her lips to silence her. "I know Catherine I was teasing." He assured her. "Well you better have been teasing." She warned him. "Or what?" he challenged lovingly. She smiled and molded her body against his. "Or I will have to prove myself." She told him seductively. He smiled down at her. "Yes Catherine you will have to prove yourself to me again." He told her as he passionately kissed her.


After they broke apart Vincent picked up her bags and took her by the hand. "Come let's get you settled." He told her as he led her toward the hub. As they walked along they talked happily about their future.


As they reached Father's study they heard a meeting going on. "Father who is going to raise Michael?" William asked. Father looked at him and shook his head. "I have not decided that yet." Father responded. "Well he needs someone." Lena spoke up. "Yes Lena he does and that is why Catherine and I are going to raise him as our own." Vincent commented as they entered the chamber.


Everyone looked up at them somewhat shocked. "What are you talking about Vincent?" Father asked. Everyone knew that they needed to talk so they all quietly left the chamber. "Father before Jeannie died she asked that Vincent and I raise him." Catherine commented. "Well my dear you do not even live here yet." He argued. "Yes she does Father as of tonight." Vincent told him.


Then Father saw the bags beside them. He smiled shyly. "Forgive me dear Catherine." He requested. She smiled and approached him. "Of course Father." She told him as they embraced. "Welcome Catherine." He told her as they separated. "Thank you so much Father." She said as she kissed him on the cheek. "Well you two it looks as if you are not only marrying soon but that you will have a child to raise." Father told them. Catherine smiled brightly as she laid her head on Vincent's shoulder. "Father can we still marry this coming weekend?" Vincent asked. Father looked over at Mary then smiled. "Yes of course you can." He told them. "Well you better go see about Michael then get some rest." Father directed. Vincent and Catherine embraced both Father and Mary. "Thank you both so much." Catherine told them. Then Catherine and Vincent left the chamber.


As they were walking down the tunnel hand in hand Vincent stopped Catherine. "We are not going to our new chamber." He told her. Catherine looked at him confused. "Vincent why not?" She asked. He smiled then leaned forward and gently kissed her. "Love with everything that has occurred I have not been able to move everything." He told her. "We can move in on our wedding night." He commented as he raised his brows mischievously. "That sounds wonderful." Catherine told him. "Now let's go see Michael." She told him. He smiled and nodded. Then they started to walk once again.


When they arrived at the nursery chamber they noticed that Michael was not there. Vincent looked at Catherine who had a look of fear on her face. "We will find him my love I am sure that someone has taken him for a walk." Vincent told her. She smiled and nodded. "You are right Vincent I am just a bit jumpy right now." She told him. He smiled then gently kissed her cheek. "Let's go to our chamber and then we will find out where our son is." He commented. Catherine smiled brightly at this comment. "Oh Vincent I love the sound of that." She told him. He smiled and nodded. "As do I my love." He told her.


When they arrived at Vincent's chamber they found Mary there with Michael. "I thought the two of you would want your son here with you." She told them smiling. Catherine left Vincent's side and walked over to Mary. The older woman stood and gently placed the infant in Catherine's arms. "I had Cullen bring this cradle in for him." Mary whispered not wanting to wake the baby. "Thank you Mary." Catherine told her.


Then Catherine moved and gently placed Michael in the cradle. "He is really our son now." Catherine commented almost unbelieving. "Yes Catherine he is your son." Mary told her. "Even though he will know me as his mother I will never let him forget Jeannie." Catherine commented. Vincent moved up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. "Neither one of us will allow him to forget her." He promised. Mary seeing that they needed to be alone silently left the chamber.


A while later Catherine and Vincent were lying on the bed watching Michael sleep. "Vincent whose cradle was this?" Catherine asked. Vincent chuckled then looked over at the cradle holding their adopted son. "Catherine that was my cradle when I was an infant." He told her. She looked up at him and smiled. "It was?" she asked happily. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes a man that was a helper brought it down when my naming ceremony was held." He told her. "He was a skilled carpenter like Cullen and he knew Father when he lived above." He continued. "Where was the cradle?" Catherine asked. "I am not sure Catherine it has not been used since I was a baby." He commented. "Well I am glad that our son will be the one using it." Catherine told him. "As am I." Vincent agreed.


Then he noticed that Catherine was getting sleepy. "My love we should get some sleep." He told her. "I know but I do not want to stop watching him." Catherine commented. "Well we will watch him for a few more minutes then you are going to sleep." He told her. She looked up at him and nodded. "Alright in a few minutes." She agreed.


A couple of days later Vincent was down in the lower tunnels working on a repair job. Catherine was sitting on the bed feeding Michael when she saw someone move in the entrance to the chamber. She looked up and smiled when she saw Joe and Jenny standing there with Father. "Hey we were not expecting the two of you until Sunday at the wedding." Catherine commented. The three of them moved into the chamber looking very solemn and serious. "Cathy I have some bad news for you." Joe told her. "Where is Vincent?" He asked. "He was called to the lower tunnels to do some repairs." Father commented. "What is this about Joe?" the tunnel patriarch asked. "Jacob I think you should get him up here." Joe told Father.


Father was about to leave when Catherine spoke up. "No Joe he is working now what is this about? Catherine asked the hint of anxiety in her voice. Jenny approached and sat down beside her. "Cath, Joe got a phone call from Jeannie's former sister in law Paul's sister." Jenny told her. Jenny felt Catherine tense beneath her hand. "What did she want?" Father asked. "Jacob she wants Michael." Joe told him. Catherine looked down at the sleeping child in her arms. "No Joe he is our son!" Catherine cried. Jenny put her arm around Catherine's shoulder. "Cathy there is nothing I can do." Joe told her. "Being a lawyer you know that she has a legal right to raise him." He told her. "Where was she when her brother was beating his wife?" Catherine asked angrily. "She told me that Paul had cut them off from his family." Joe continued. "Joe are you sure there is nothing you can do?" Father asked. Joe sadly shook his head. "No I have tried to think of everything but they have the legal system on their side." He commented. Then Joe walked over to Catherine. "Cathy I hate this more than anything." He told her. She stood up and sadly handed Michael to him. "I know Joe it is not your fault." She stated sadly. Jenny hugged her and then she stood and they left the chamber.


When they had left Father came over and sat down beside Catherine. "Oh Father my baby is gone!" Catherine cried. Father put his arm around her and pulled her to him. "I know my dear." He crooned. As they were sitting there a very disturbed Vincent burst through the door. He was followed closely by Devin, Diana, and Mary. "Catherine what is it my love?" he asked as he ran to her. Father rose to let him sit down. Catherine was sobbing so hard that she could not speak. Vincent looked at Father pleadingly. "Father what happened?" he asked. Father placed a hand on Vincent's shoulder. "Vincent, Joe came down a few minutes ago and told us that Michael's aunt on his father's side wants to raise him." Hearing these words once again Catherine began to sob even harder. She tightened her arms around him. "Vincent they took our baby!" she sobbed. Vincent tightened his arms around her and began to rub her back. "It is alright my love." He soothed. "It will be alright I promise." Father placed a hand on Vincent's shoulder again. Vincent looked up at him sadly. "If you cannot calm her I will give her a sedative." He whispered. Vincent nodded. Then Father turned and ushered the others out of the chamber.


When Father, Devin, Mary, and Diana entered Father's study they all sat down. "Oh Jacob how will they get through this?" Mary asked as she started to cry. Diana rose and came over to her. "Mary they are both strong and they will come through it." She told the older woman. Devin shook his head angrily. "How could they come out of the blue and take him from them?" He asked bitterly. "Apparently the fact that they are blood related makes them his rightful guardians." Father told his oldest son. "Dad they destroyed Cathy!" Devin spat. Father sadly nodded his head. "Yes I am afraid of what this will do to both her and Vincent." He commented. "They love him so much." Mary cried. They all nodded in agreement.


As they were sitting there Jamie came running in almost in a panic. "Father, come quick Vincent told me to tell you that Catherine is almost hysterical!" Jamie cried. Father rose quickly and grabbed his bag. Then he turned toward Devin and spoke. "Devin would you please come with me we may need your help to hold her." he requested. Devin rose and they rushed out of the chamber.


As they reached the chamber they found Vincent there holding Catherine. She was crying uncontrollably and he could not calm her. He looked over at Father frightened. "Father please do something I am afraid that she will hurt herself." Vincent begged. Father nodded then loaded a syringe. He rolled up Catherine's sleeve and injected the sedative into her. A few moments later she went limp against Vincent. He gently laid her down on the bed then rose to his feet.


He stared at her for a few seconds then looked back at his father and brother. "I am really afraid that this may destroy Catherine." Vincent told them as he approached them. Devin put his arm around Vincent's shoulder. "Vincent she is very strong." He commented. "Yes but to have a child stolen from her." Vincent commented. "I fear what it will do to her mental state." Then Father looked at him. "Vincent what about you?" he asked. Vincent looked at him and Father noticed for the first time the tears streaming down his face. "Father, he was our son!" he cried. Father felt for his son. He moved over and embraced him tenderly. "I know Vincent." He told him.


When he was once again calm Father and Devin turned to leave. "We will leave you alone to take care of Catherine." Father told him. Vincent nodded as he gently sat down on the bed beside her. "Thank you Father." He told him quietly. They watched him sadly for a few seconds then they left the chamber. "Dad we need to keep an eye on both of them." Devin whispered. Father took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes we will." He answered as they moved away from the chamber.


The months crawled by very slowly. Catherine had fallen into a very deep depression. She cried more often and she stopped eating. Father was becoming increasingly worried about her. "Devin I am so frightened for Catherine." Father told him one day. "Dad I know what you mean she seems to be slipping away day by day." He commented. "Yes not even Vincent can reach her." The tunnel patriarch commented. "He is very frightened that she could be having a nervous breakdown." Devin told him. "Devin if that happens I do not know what it will do to either of them." Devin rose and started to pace. "If only I could speak to this woman surely I could tell her how this is affecting Cathy." Father shook his head. "Son I am afraid that it would do no good." He commented sadly. "Then what are we supposed to do let both of them suffer?" Devin asked angrily. "Devin the only thing that we can do is be here for them." Father told him. Devin nodded sadly then sat back down.


Above Jenny and Joe were sitting in their library. "Joe I am so worried about Vincent and Cathy." She told him. "I know honey I am too." He told her. "Jacob says that Cathy is not doing very well." Jenny told him. "I know he also says that Vincent is very frightened." Joe commented. "Joe is there anything you can do?" Jenny asked. Joe sadly shook his head. "No sweetie it has been four months since they took him to Delaware." He commented. "And they still have two more months before the adoption becomes totally final." He told her. "Joe that will destroy them." Jenny commented. "Yes I know but what can I do?" he asked. She was about to speak once again when the doorbell rang. Joe looked over at Jenny. "Are you expecting anyone?" he asked as he rose. She shook her head. "No I'm not expecting anyone tonight." She answered. Then he walked toward the foyer. When he reached the door he opened it. He was shocked to see Georgian Baker and her husband standing there. "Mr. and Mrs. Baker what can I do for you?" he asked. Jenny heard this and moved toward the foyer.


When she walked out of the library Jenny saw the woman and her husband standing in the door. "Joe please invite them inside." Jenny told him. She wanted to find out why they were here. "Please won't you come in?" Joe asked as he turned around. The young man and woman smiled and nodded. "Thank you Mr. Maxwell." Georgian replied. "Now what can we do for you?" Joe asked. Georgian looked up at her husband who nodded. "We were wondering if your friends still wanted to adopt Michael." She stated. Jenny walked over beside Joe and clasped his arm. "Yes I am positive that they do." Joe told them. "Well we have brought him back to them." Georgian commented as her husband walked out of the house. "What changed your minds?" Jenny asked. Georgian turned and looked at her. "Mrs. Maxwell my brother was a very troubled man." Georgian began. "When we got back home to Delaware and took Michael to meet my parents they could not handle the situation." She told Joe and Jenny. "My mother refused to see that my brother had murdered his wife and therefore she refused to accept him." Georgian continued. "We have four children of our own and we cannot possibly raise him without help from my family and they are unwilling to give us that help." She stated sadly.


As she was about to speak once again her husband reentered the house carrying a now ten month old Michael in his arms. He walked over to Georgian who took the baby into her arms. "We truly love him and we have thought this through the only thing that we can possibly give him is a chance with a real family." Georgian told him as she started to cry. Her husband placed an arm around her. "So we brought him back hoping that your friends were still willing to take him." She told Joe and Jenny. Joe looked down and smiled at Jenny. Then she moved away from Joe. "They will take good care of him." Jenny told Georgian as she took the baby. "I hope so because he deserves a good life." Georgian told them as she cried. She turned and embraced her husband Martin. "Honey we should go our plane leaves soon." Martin told Georgian. She looked up at him and nodded. "Mr. Maxwell do you think it would be possible for you to write us every so often to let us know how he is?" Martin asked. Joe looked at Jenny as she walked back over beside him. "Of course I will." Joe told him. "Thank you Mr. Maxwell." Georgian sobbed as they left the house.


Once they were gone Joe turned toward Jenny. "I cannot believe this." He told her as he embraced her. Michael let out a whimper of protest at being squashed between them. Joe and Jenny looked at him and started to laugh. "Joe can we take him below now?" Jenny asked. Joe looked down at her and smiled. "That is exactly what I was thinking." He told her. Then they walked upstairs to get their coats. And to dress Michael in warmer clothes for the trip home to the tunnels.


A while later they were entering Father's chamber. They found Father there with Mary, Devin, Diana, Vincent and a very quiet Catherine. "Hello everyone." Joe called as they descended the steps into the chamber. Everyone except Catherine looked up to greet them. She was staring silently into a candle flame. She had not spoken in a couple of months.


Suddenly Michael babbled happily. Catherine turned her head and saw him in Jenny's arms. She slowly rose and walked toward them. As she reached them Jenny smiled at her. "Cathy we have brought him home to you and Vincent." Catherine slowly raised her hand and ran it through his blond hair. Jenny gently handed him over to Catherine. Everyone was now standing. They were waiting to see if she would speak. "Oh Jenny thank you for bringing him back to us!" Catherine sobbed as she clutched him to her. Jenny smiled as her tears started to fall. "Oh Cathy welcome back!" she cried as she embraced her friend.


After Catherine moved out of Jenny's embrace she turned toward Vincent. "Our son is home!" she cried happily. Vincent smiled as his tears started to fall. "Yes Catherine he is home." He told her as he enfolded both in a warm hug. "Welcome back Cathy." Father told her. She smiled brightly at him. "Thank you Father." Catherine then noticed that Michael was getting tired. "Sweetheart let's take him to our chamber." She suggested. Vincent smiled and nodded. Then he put his arm protectively around her and they left the chamber.


As Vincent and Catherine entered their chamber she gently placed the baby in the cradle that had stayed where it was before he left. She smiled as she looked down at his sleeping face. Vincent walked up behind her and encircled her in his arms. "I was so frightened that I had lost you forever." He told her as he held her tightly. "Vincent I am sorry I did that to you." She told him as she turned around and hugged him. "Catherine you had to deal with it in your own way." He told her as he held her. "Yes but I should not have turned it inward I should have shared it with you." She stated sadly. "It's over now Catherine." He told her. She smiled up at him and nodded her head.


"Now we have to decide when to get married." He looked down at her and smiled. "Are you sure?" he asked. Catherine cupped his cheek in her hand. "Vincent now that our son is home again nothing will keep me from marrying you." She whispered as she leaned up and kissed him.


This is how Jamie found them. "Oh I am sorry." She told them as she blushed. Catherine smiled happily up at Vincent. "Don't worry Jamie." He told her. "I just heard about Michael." Jamie told them as she approached the cradle. "Yes he is finally home." Catherine told her. "Jamie will you stay here and watch him while Vincent and I go speak to Father?" Catherine asked. Jamie looked up at her and smiled. "Of course I will." She told them. Then they left the chamber.


When they reentered Father's chamber they found Joe and Jenny still there. "Hey we thought the two of you had left." Catherine told them. "Are you kidding we would not leave yet for the world." Joe told her. Catherine walked over to her friend and hugged him. "Thank you so much Joe." she told him. "I am just glad that we could bring him home." Joe told her. "Well we will never forget what the two of you have done for us." Vincent told Joe as the two men embraced.


"There is one thing that Mrs. Baker asked of me that I wanted to speak to you about." Joe told them as they all sat down. "What did she request?" Father asked. "She asked me to write her occasionally to let her know how he is doing." He told them. "Joe what made them change their minds?" Catherine asked. "Well it seems that Paul's parents were supposed to help them raise him but when they returned with Michael the grandparents rejected him." Jenny told her. "She and her husband have four children of their own and they could not take him in." Jenny continued. "Cathy they do not want to interfere in anyone's life." Jenny assured her. "Catherine I do not see what a letter from Joe occasionally would hurt." Vincent told her. Catherine then looked over at Father.


"What do you think?" she asked. He took a deep breath then began to speak. "Catherine I think that Vincent is right." Father told her. Catherine smiled then turned back toward Joe. "Alright I suppose an occasional letter from you would not hurt anything." Joe smiled and nodded. "Alright we have to go now." He told them.


As he and Jenny rose Catherine looked at Father. "Father can we marry on Saturday?" she asked. Father thought a moment then smiled. "Yes of course my dear." Then she turned to Joe and Jenny. "Come down at noon on Saturday." She told them. They smiled and nodded. Then they left the tunnels.


On Saturday Joe and Jenny made their way to the tunnels early. Joe went to see about Vincent. And Jenny went to the chamber that Catherine was using to prepare. "Good morning Cath." Jenny said as she entered the chamber. Catherine was sitting on the bed with Michael. "Hey Jen." Catherine commented. "And how is this young man today?" Jenny asked as she looked down at the baby. "Oh he is absolutely wonderful." Catherine told her.


As they were playing with Michael a sound at the entrance of the chamber got their attention. Both looked up to see the smiling face of Peter watching them. "Peter good morning!" Catherine exclaimed. "And good morning to you honey." He told her as he entered the chamber. "Hi Jenny how is your family?" Peter asked. Jenny smiled and nodded. "They are fine Peter." She told him. Then she turned to Catherine. "I am going to see if Mary and Jamie need any help with the last minute preparations." Catherine smiled and nodded.


Then Jenny left the chamber. Peter walked over and sat down beside Catherine. "Honey I am sorry about everything that happened while I was gone." He told her. She looked up at him and smiled. "It is alright Peter he is home for good now." She commented. Then Peter took the baby from her arms. "Hey young man you better take care of your mommy she is very special." Peter told him. Then he rose from the bed. "I am going to see if I can help Jacob." Then he left the chamber.


The afternoon went by very fast. Everyone was very busy with the last minute wedding preparations. Thirty minutes before the wedding Devin and Joe entered Vincent's old chamber. "Hey little brother you almost ready?" Devin asked. Vincent looked up at him and smiled. "I am very ready." He commented. "Well no two people deserve this happiness more than you and Cathy." Joe told him. "Thank you my friend for everything." Vincent told him as they embraced. "Hey I did not do that much." Joe commented. "Joe you helped get us back on track." Vincent told him. "Then you brought Michael back to us yesterday." Joe shook his head. "Well it was the least I could do since I am the one who had to take him." He commented sadly. "Joe do not worry about that now you were only doing your job." Vincent told him. "It had to be just as hard on you." Devin commented. "I have never hated doing anything as much as I did doing that." Joe told them. "Well it is over now." Vincent commented. "And on that note is someone going to help me with these cuffs." He chuckled. Joe looked at Devin as they both laughed. "Well this is a switch my little brother nervous." Devin laughed. "I am not that nervous but my fingers seem not to be working right now." Vincent laughed. Then they all began preparing for the wedding.


In the bride's chamber Catherine was dressing while Jamie helped her with her hair. And Jenny was dressing the baby. "So Michael are you ready to see your mommy and daddy get married?" she asked the baby. He smiled and squealed happily. Jenny looked down at him then looked over at Catherine. "He is a very happy baby." Jenny commented. "Yes he always seems to be laughing or smiling." Jamie told her. "Mary says that he should be a happy person throughout his life." Catherine commented. "I am just relieved that he is too young to remember anything that happened." Jenny stated. Catherine nodded. "Yes that is a relief." She told her friend. "But even if he did we would love him and protect him." Jenny picked him up and cuddled him. "Of course you would you and Vincent are wonderful parents to him." Jamie told her. "Thank you Jamie."


Catherine stood and embraced her young friend. "So are you and Vincent going to have any little ones of your own?" Jenny asked. Catherine took Michael from her and held him. "Yes we are planning on having other children." She commented. "But we have decided to wait until he is a year old at least." Jenny and Jamie smiled and nodded. "That sounds like a good plan." Jamie told her. "As long as the bride and groom do not get to carried away tonight." She laughed. Catherine looked up at her shocked. "Jenny you are so bad!" She exclaimed trying to act shocked. Jenny and Jamie giggled at her embarrassment.


When it was time for the wedding Mary entered Catherine's chamber. "I came to take this little boy to the great hall." She commented. Catherine smiled and looked down at him. "We will see you later darling." She told the baby. "We love you very, very much." Then she handed him to Mary. "Well we will see you later." Mary commented as she walked toward the entrance of the chamber. "I think this young man should see his father first." She commented. "Yes he should." Catherine told her. Then Mary left the chamber.


A short time later Mary entered the groom's preparation chamber. "Hello gentlemen." She commented as she saw Vincent with Joe and Devin. "Hello Mary." Vincent stated as he approached her. "Your future wife thought I should bring Michael to see you before the ceremony." Mary told him as she put the baby in his arms. "And how are you my son?" Vincent asked the baby. Michael giggled as he felt Vincent tickling him. "Is your mother beautiful?" Vincent asked him. Then he looked up at Mary who was smiling at him. "What makes you smile?" he asked her. "Seeing you with your son is a beautiful sight." She told him. He gently placed a kiss on Michael's cheek then handed him back to Mary. "Now we will see you after the wedding." Mary commented as they left the chamber.


Promptly at six o'clock the soft music started in the great hall. Father entered with Devin and Vincent. They took their places up at the front of the hall. Vincent looked so dapper in his winterfest finest clothing. His eyes glowed just as brightly as the numerous candles that were lit around the room. The music suddenly changed and everyone turned around. Jenny entered first. She was wearing a beautiful white lace dress. She carried an unlit candle adorned with flowers. She smiled brightly as she passed by Joe. Then she stepped to the side. Next everyone turned and gasped as Catherine and Peter entered the hall. She looked so beautiful in the dress that she and Jenny had found in a boutique that Vincent was momentarily lost. He smiled as they approached.


When they reached him Peter turned and gently kissed her cheek. Then he placed her hand in Vincent's. Catherine smiled brightly and handed her bouquet of red and white roses to Jenny. Then they turned and faced Father. "We have come here today in this place to witness the joining of this man and woman." He began. "Will you all protect and nurture their love from today on?" he asked the assembled crowd. "We will." Came the collective answer. "Vincent and Catherine have expressed their wish to say their own vows to one another." Then Father turned to Vincent. "Vincent would you please make you pledge to Catherine?" he asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. Then he turned and looked lovingly into Catherine's emerald green eyes. And he began to speak:


"Catherine we met at a time of tragedy. But we came together out of that tragedy. You lived a life of secrecy and love even at times when it was very hard. I have loved you from the first moment that I ever saw you. Then we were once again touched by the evil that exists in the world. It conspired against us to take you from my life. But by the grace of God you were returned to me. Now we have nothing but a bright beautiful future ahead of us. And now that we have our son Michael our future has never looked brighter. I promise to love, protect and comfort you every day of my life. This is my solemn vow to you."


After he had finished speaking Vincent turned back to face Father. Father smiled as he looked from his son's face to Catherine. "Catherine please make your vow to Vincent." He requested. Catherine smiled then turned to face Vincent.


"Vincent there have been some very sad and horrifying times for us. But we have come through those times together. We have not let anything come between us and the love that we have for one another. I vow to love, protect, and comfort you all the days of my life. And I promise to care for you and our family. This is my solemn vow."


After the vows were spoken Father spoke once again. "We have witnessed the vows that the two of you have given to one another." He told them. "Vincent do you have a ring for Catherine?" he asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. Then he turned toward Devin. He took the beautiful silver ring from him and gently slipped it onto her finger. "This ring is a token of my love and devotion. may it stand for our love." Then Catherine turned toward Jenny. Jenny smiled brightly as she handed the ring to Catherine. Catherine turned back toward Vincent. She slipped the large silver band on his finger. "Vincent this ring is a token of my love and devotion. may it stand for our love." She repeated.


When she had finished speaking they turned once again and faced Father. "With the repeating of vows and giving of these rings you have pledged your love and devotion to one another. May God bless and keep you as you move into your life together." Father smiled and cleared his throat. "Now Vincent please kiss your wife." He requested. Vincent and Catherine smiled and turned toward one another. They moved slowly into one another's arm. Vincent leaned down and gently kissed Catherine's lips. The kiss was somewhat guarded at first but quickly moved to one of complete passion. Catherine wrapped her arms around his neck to hold him in place against her. As everyone witnessed this they broke into cheers.


Once they separated Vincent smiled very lovingly at his wife. "I love you Catherine." He told her as he took her hand. "And I love you darling." She repeated. When the crowd had thinned out Mary approached. She held a very happy Michael. "Congratulations to the two of you." Mary told them. Then she handed Michael to Catherine. She smiled lovingly at his beautiful face. Vincent watched their interaction and knew that Catherine was truly meant to be a mother. "My love can I guide you to our table?" Vincent asked as he put his arm around her waist. Catherine looked up from the baby's face and smiled at Vincent. "You can lead us anywhere." She told him. Vincent bent down once more and gently kissed her lips. Then he kissed the top of their adopted son's head. "I cannot tell you what you and our son mean to me." He whispered as they walked toward their table. "Well I believe I feel the same way about the two of you." Catherine told him as they sat down.


A while later Catherine noticed that Michael was becoming very fussy. "Sweetheart I am going take the baby to Mary." Catherine told Vincent as she rose. He smiled and nodded. "Alright but please hurry back." He commented. She smiled and nodded. Then she turned and walked across the room toward Mary. As she approached Mary stood. "Is this little boy fading fast?" Mary asked as Catherine reached her. "Yes he is." The younger woman answered. "Mary thank you for watching him while we are away." Catherine told her. Mary smiled and nodded. "Catherine do not worry about anything." Mary told her. "Now go back and join your husband." Catherine kissed Michael on the forehead then handed him to Mary. She then turned around and walked back toward Vincent.


As she neared the table she heard Vincent laughing happily with Jenny and Joe. Catherine smiled as she thought of how close her friends had become to this man that she loved more than life. "Hey Radcliffe where were you?" Joe asked as he looked up and saw her approach. She smiled as she sat back down beside Vincent. "Well I am a mother now so I had to make sure Michael got to bed." She told him. "But you would not know about that right now." She teased. Jenny and Joe smiled and looked at one another. Catherine and Vincent noticed this. "What gives are you two hiding something from us?" Catherine teased. "Well Cath in a few months we will know all about being parents." Jenny told her. Catherine squealed with delight and jumped up. She ran around the table and embraced Jenny. "When did you find out?" Catherine asked her friend. "I had the appointment Friday." Jenny told her. "Why didn't the two of you come down and tell us?" Vincent asked as he shook hands with Joe.


Then he moved over and embraced Jenny. Joe sighed sadly. "We did not want to make things worse for the two of you." He told them. "You had had to give up Michael and we did not want to upset either one of you." Jenny added. "Jen you are my oldest and dearest friend we have faced everything together." Catherine told her. "Please never feel that you cannot tell us anything." She added. "Well now we are going to have to go shopping for some items that you will need." Catherine added. Joe groaned as if he were in pain. "Vincent you better watch out for this one when she becomes pregnant she will want to buy out the city." He said laughing. "Yes Joe I get that impression." Vincent told him as they laughed. Catherine snorted and shot Joe a dirty look. "Don't you try scaring him off we just married." She warned. Vincent moved over behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Nothing is going to scare me off." He told her. Joe and Jenny laughed as they walked away from the couple.


A while later Vincent took Catherine by the hand and rose. "Love would you like to dance?" he asked. She smiled and nodded. She rose and they made their way onto the dance floor. "Catherine do you know just how happy I am today?" he whispered into her ear. "How happy are you my love?" she asked. He slowed down almost stopping and looked deep into her eyes. "I lived for so long here in this world but I never knew the deep love that I have found in you." He told her. "Catherine when you came into my life you brought so much into my dark world." Catherine smiled as her tears started to fall. " "You will never know just how much you bring to me and our world." He continued. "I love you and will love you the rest of my life." Catherine snuggled into his embrace. "Vincent I have never been this happy." She told him gleefully. "I love you so much." Then she stood on tiptoe and wrapped her arms around his neck. The kiss that followed was one of love and passion. When they separated the entire room burst into applause. Catherine giggled and buried her face in Vincent's shirt. He smiled lovingly as he held her tightly.


Later in the evening Catherine and Vincent were again sitting at their table. Devin rose from his chair and spoke up. "Everyone can I have your attention?" he requested. Everyone in attendance stopped and looked at him. "I would like to propose a toast to my brother and his wife." He raised his glass and spoke again. "To Vincent and Catherine may your life be filled with love and much happiness." Vincent and Catherine smiled at him. "To Vincent and Catherine!" Devin chimed happily. Everyone happily chimed in the same sentiment.


As the festivities began to die down Father approached Vincent and Catherine. "If the two of you would like to make your escape I believe now would be a good time." He told them. "Thank you Father." Vincent told him as he and Catherine rose. "We love you very much Father." Catherine told him as she kissed his cheek. "And I love you my children." He told her. As he moved away Catherine and Vincent looked at one another and smiled. Then they suddenly ran toward the stairs. Everyone turned and cheered as they disappeared from sight.


As Catherine and Vincent round the final corner he suddenly stopped. He turned and looked down at her. She smiled up at him lovingly. "Do you know how much I love you?" he asked her. She smiled and shook her head. "Catherine you have given me so much that I could never tell you." He told her as he embraced her. "Vincent you are the one that has given me everything." She told him. He smiled down at her then bent forward and gently kissed her. When they separated he swung her up into his arms as she giggled happily. "Come my beloved." He told her. Then he started to run.


As they reached the tunnel leading to Vincent's old chamber he smiled down at her. "Remember I told you that tonight we will be moving?" he asked. She looked up into his eyes and nodded. "Well my love we are moved." Then he turned and headed away from the direction of his old chamber.


When they reached the new chamber Vincent gently stood Catherine on her feet. "Close your eyes love." He directed. She smiled and complied. Vincent took her by the hand and led her through the entrance of the chamber. When they were inside he stopped. Letting go of her hand he moved behind her. "Now my love you can open your eyes." He whispered into her ear. Catherine slowly opened her eyes and gasped. "Vincent this is beautiful." She told him. In front of her was a chamber filled with roses and the soft glow of candles. "No my love you are the one who is beautiful." He told her as he nuzzled her neck. She smiled and closed her eyes. She leaned back in his arms and came to rest against his chest.


After a few moments Catherine turned to face her new husband. "I love you so much." She told him. "And I love you my Catherine." He responded. She smiled then moved away from him. "You stay right here I am going to change." She told him. He smiled slyly and looked at her. "Are you sure you do not need my help?" he asked as he smiled at her. She giggled happily and shook her head. "No I have a surprise for you also." Then she disappeared into their bedchamber. Vincent moved over and sat down on the small futon that Jenny had given them. He removed his vest and his boots. Then he rose and walked over to the ice bucket in the corner of the main room. There inside was a bottle of champagne that had been cooling. "Vincent you can turn around now." Catherine told him as she reentered the room. He turned and gasped. She was dress in the most beautiful lace nightgown that he had ever seen. "Catherine you look breathtaking." He told her when he found his breath once again. She smiled and walked up to him. "Thank you love I bought it when Jenny and I found my wedding dress." She responded.


He poured them each a glass of champagne and handed one to her. She looked at him shocked. "Champagne Vincent?" she asked taking the glass. He smiled and nodded. "Yes it was a gift from Peter." She smiled once again. He lifted his glass and looked deep into her eyes. "To our new life and bright future." He told her. She smiled and nodded. Then they entwined their arms and drank the champagne. They sat down on the futon and held one another. "Vincent I cannot believe all this." Catherine told him. "Yes Catherine it is real." He whispered. "Vincent all our dreams have finally come true." She told him happily. "Yes my love." He whispered as he turned her toward him. "Catherine let me love you." He requested. She smiled and nodded. "Yes Vincent please love me." She begged. He rose and gently picked her up. Then he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. And as they went through the door into their bedchamber she surrendered to his love.






Four years later Catherine sat on the bed in their chamber. She had just given birth to her and Vincent's second son. She smiled as she looked down at the sleeping face of her new infant son. Suddenly Catherine felt as if someone were watching her. She looked up and smiled as she saw Mary standing in the entrance of their bedchamber with a very happy Michael. "Mommy are you okay?" Michael asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes baby come over here and meet your new brother." The little boy smiled up at Mary who nodded. Then he let go of her hand and walked over to the bed. He climbed onto the bed and snuggled next to Catherine. "Mommy he is very small." Marcus commented. Catherine laughed happily. "Baby he is supposed to be small." Michael looked up at her and smiled. "Mommy you look very pretty." He told her as he leaned up and kissed cheek. "Thank you baby." She told him.


As they were talking Vincent entered the chamber. He met Mary who was leaving. "Is everything alright?" he asked. Mary looked up at him and smiled. "Yes my boy I just brought Michael home to meet his new brother." She told him as she left. Vincent smiled as she left the chamber. Then he turned and walked inside. He smiled as he heard the chatter of his oldest son from inside the bedchamber. "Mommy what is his name?" Michael asked. "We have not decided yet." Catherine told him. "Besides his name will be announced at his naming ceremony." She told him. "Mommy did I have a naming ceremony?" he asked. Catherine shook her head. "No baby when you came here with your other mommy she had already named you." Catherine commented. Michael thought for a moment then looked up at her again. "Mommy can I have a naming ceremony?" he asked. Catherine was about to answer when Vincent entered the bedchamber. "I think that could be arranged." He commented as he joined them on the bed. "You mean it?" Michael asked as he embraced Vincent. "Yes son you can." Vincent told him. Then Marcus looked at his mother. "Can I go and play with Luke?" he asked. Catherine looked over at Vincent who nodded. "Yes of course you can." She told him. He smiled and kissed her. Then he jumped off the bed and ran from the chamber.


After he was gone Vincent moved over and put his arm around Catherine. He smiled as he looked down into the face of his new son. "He is just as beautiful as you are." Vincent commented as he pulled her toward him. "Thank you for the compliment." Catherine told him. Then she looked up at Vincent. "Have I told you thank you for our family?" she asked. He looked at her shocked. "Why would you thank me?" he asked. "Because I love you." She commented. Vincent smiled then leaned forward and kissed her. "Catherine I am the one who should thank you." He whispered. "You never gave up on the dream that we shared even when I did." She smiled up at him. "Vincent how could I give up on something that I knew was meant to be?" she asked. Vincent once again kissed her. "I love you so much Catherine." He told her. "And I love you." She commented. Then they spent the rest of the morning admiring their new son.


That afternoon Father stopped by. "Can I come in?" he asked from the entrance of the bedchamber. Catherine and Vincent both looked up from their new son and smiled. "Of course you can Father." Vincent told him. Father smiled as he approached them. He sat down on the side of the bed. "So how is my newest grandson?" he asked. Catherine smiled brightly. "He is perfect." She remarked. "Well young lady you need to rest you had a long night last night." Father told her. She smiled lovingly. "Father I feel wonderful." She told him. But he shook his head. "No arguments." He commented. She smiled and nodded. "Alright Father I will get some rest." She told him. Then Father rose and left the chamber.


When he was gone Catherine looked over at Vincent. "Would you please put him down in his cradle?" She requested. Vincent smiled and nodded. Then he rose and took the baby from her. He walked over and gently lay him in the cradle covering him with the new quilt that Mary had made him. Vincent stood up once again and looked down lovingly at his newest child. "Vincent are you alright?" Catherine asked. He turned and walked back over toward the bed. He sat down beside her and took her into his arms. "Yes my Catherine I am fine." He told her. He held her until she was peacefully sleeping.


When he saw that she was in fact asleep he laid her down on the bed and rose. He gently covered her and then moved to the chair that sat beside their bed. He looked at her with such love in his eyes. How did I ever get so blessed? He wondered to himself. He sat there until he too was sleeping.


Later Catherine awoke. She smiled when she saw Vincent asleep in the chair. She quietly rose and placed a quilt over him. Then she put her robe on and walked into the outer room of the chamber. She sat down on the futon and began reading a book. Soon Michael came bounding into the chamber. "Mommy!" he squealed as he threw his arms around her neck. "Shh! your daddy is sleeping." She told him. He smiled apologetically up at her then he settled down in her lap. She opened the book and quietly began to read to him.


A while later Vincent came into the outer room. He smiled when he saw Catherine sitting on the futon with Michael asleep on her lap. "How long have you been awake?" Catherine asked. "I awoke about an hour and a half ago." He told her. Then he moved over and sat down in his chair. "When did he get back?" Vincent asked. "He bounded in here about an hour ago." Catherine told him. "I swear he has a boundless amount of energy." She told him. Vincent chuckled and nodded. "Yes he does."


Then Vincent looked at Catherine. "Catherine what would you think about having a double naming ceremony?" he asked. Catherine looked up at him. "Vincent could we do that?" She asked hopefully. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes I am sure that Father would allow that." Vincent told her as he rose. "I will go and discuss it with him now." Then he left the chamber.


When he was gone Catherine gently rose and carried Michael toward the alcove where his bed was. She lay him on the bed and removed his shoes. Then she pulled the quilt up over him. She smiled and gently kissed him then she moved away from the bed. She walked back toward her and Vincent's bedchamber. She peered into the cradle and saw that the baby was still happily sleeping. She then walked toward the bed and sat down again. She then opened her book and began reading once again.


While this was happening Vincent entered Father's chamber. He found him there with Devin. "Father are you busy?" Vincent asked as he descended the steps. Father and Devin looked up from the plans in front of them. "No of course not Vincent." Father commented. "Devin and I were just discussing some new repairs." He commented. Vincent nodded and sat down. "So little brother how are my nephews?" Devin asked. Vincent smiled proudly. "They are wonderful." He commented. "And their mother is amazing." He continued. Father and Devin looked at one another and smiled. "Well if that is not a man in love with his wife I do not know what it is." Devin commented. Vincent smiled again and nodded. "Yes I have never been more in love with Catherine than I am at this very moment." He commented. "Well I better be going Diana is due home any moment." Devin commented. Then he left the chamber.


Once he was gone Father sat down with Vincent. "I cannot tell you how happy and proud I am that you have your own family." Father told him. "Thank you Father." Vincent commented. "Father there is something that I wanted to discuss with you." Vincent commented. Father put his teacup down and smiled. "Of course what is it Vincent?" he asked. "Father earlier when Catherine was telling Michael about the naming ceremony that we will hold for his brother Michael asked if he could have one." Vincent commented. "I was hoping that we could have a renaming ceremony for Michael at the same time as the other ceremony." Father thought for a moment then smiled. "I think that is a wonderful idea." He commented. "It would truly make Michael one of the tunnel children." He stated. "Would you and Catherine want to change his name?" Father asked. Vincent shook his head. "No Jeannie named him and that is the name that we want him to have." Vincent commented. "We just want to reaffirm that he is a member of this community and that he is our first child." Vincent stated as he rose. "I will go now and let Catherine know about this." Vincent told Father. Then he left the chamber.


When Vincent returned to their chamber he found Catherine reading. She smiled when he walked into the bedchamber. "Where is Michael?" He asked. "I put him down on his bed for his nap." Catherine commented. "So tell me what did Father say about having a double naming ceremony?" Catherine asked. Vincent looked up at her and smiled. "He said that it would be fine." He commented. Catherine put down her book and moved over and embraced him. "Oh he will be so excited!" She said. Then she kissed him. They were brought back to reality by the cry from the cradle. "I will get him." Vincent whispered. Then he rose and picked up the baby.


He brought the baby to Catherine. "Hello my darling baby." Catherine crooned as she began nursing him. She leaned back against Vincent as he held her. "I love holding you and our children." He commented. She looked up at him and smiled. "I love it too." She remarked. Once the baby was finished Catherine burped him. Then she rose and placed him back in his cradle. She looked down at him as Vincent came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "So what are we naming this young man?" He asked. Catherine thought a moment then she turned toward him. "I think we should name him Jacob." She commented. Vincent thought a moment then smiled. "I think Father would like that." He remarked. They held one another and watched as Jacob slept.


The next afternoon everyone gathered in the main hall. "We have come here today to celebrate two very special children." Father began. "This is not only a naming ceremony for Vincent and Catherine's second child but they have requested that it also be a renaming ceremony for their oldest son." Vincent looked at Michael who he held in his arms. Catherine smiled up at her husband as they listened to Father. "We welcome these children with love that they may learn to love." Father commented. "We welcome them with gifts so that they may learn to give. And we welcome them with a name." Father then turned to Vincent. Vincent looked at Michael then spoke clearly and proudly. "Catherine and I rename our eldest son Michael." He stated proudly. Then he looked over at Catherine. She smiled up at him then spoke. "And we have chosen to name our second son Jacob." She responded. With that everyone cheered.


As the ceremony broke up Father approached the proud parents. "I am honored that you chose my name." He told them. "Father we could not think of a better name." Catherine remarked. Father smiled lovingly at his daughter in law. "Well I am truly honored." He responded.


Then he turned his attention to Michael. "So my boy what did you think of the ceremony?" Michael raised his head from Vincent's shoulder. "It was great Grampy." He responded. Father kissed him on the forehead. "Now how about going to the great hall for the feast?" He asked the child. Michael smiled and nodded. Vincent put him on the floor and he and Father left the chamber. Mary then approached Catherine. "I will take Jacob with me so that the two of you can have a few moments alone." She commented. Catherine smiled and nodded. Then she handed Jacob to her.


Once they were alone Vincent wrapped his arms around Catherine's waist. "Have I told you just how much I love you?" he whispered. Catherine smiled. "Not in the last few minutes." She teased. She then turned to face him. "Catherine I never thought that any of this would be possible." He commented. "Before I found you I had resigned myself to a life that was extremely lonely." He continued. "I never thought that I would find a woman that would love and accept me for who I am." Catherine smiled lovingly at him. "Well before we met I was leading a very busy but lonely life." She responded. "I was not happy in the relationships that I had because I could never see a future in those relationships." She remarked. "I could never see myself as a wife or mother." She commented. "But after you came into my life I started seeing myself in that way. I could see us here together married and raising children." Vincent shook his head. "When I think of how much time I wasted pushing you away I shudder." He commented. "Vincent it is not important now." Catherine told him. "The only thing that matters now is that we have the dream that we always dreamed and that we are happy." Vincent caressed her cheek. "I have never been happier than I have been with you." He whispered. Then he gently kissed her.


Jamie clearing her throat behind them brought them back to reality. "Sorry to interrupt but your son is asking where you are." Catherine smiled at Vincent. Then she turned. "We better go before he starts bothering his grandfather." She remarked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Jamie tell him we will be along in a moment." He told the young woman. She smiled and nodded. Then she left the chamber.


"Before we go I wanted to give you something." Vincent told Catherine. She smiled up at him. "You did not have to do that." She remarked. "I know but I wanted you to have something special." He told her. He took out a small box and handed it to her. "One of our helpers got this for me to give to you." He commented. Catherine smiled then opened the box. She gasped as she looked at the mother's ring. "Oh Vincent this is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen." She told him. Vincent smiled as he took the ring from the box and placed it on her finger. "I hoped you would like it." He commented. "I love it so much." She responded.


Then she looked up at him. "But I love you more." She whispered. Vincent smiled and cupped her cheek. "And I love you." He answered. Then he gently kissed her. "Now shall we go see our children?" He asked. Catherine smiled and nodded as they rose and left the chamber.