By Dawn Yzaguirre


This is a SND story. Catherine spends her week off with Vincent below. They enjoy each other's company and being lovers. Then Catherine realizes that she is pregnant. She moves into a brownstone to be with Vincent and raise their child. But will Elliott try to take her from Vincent?


It was 4:45 on Friday afternoon Joe walked out of his office and reluctantly approached Catherine's desk. He was sure that what he had to tell her would upset her. Catherine always left the office at 5:00 on Friday. She was a very private person and always seemed to have some big plans on the weekends. He knew that she probably had some big plans with her mystery man. She would not appreciate the request that he was about to make. Joe could not understand what Catherine could possibly see in this man. He knew absolutely nothing about him. And Catherine seemed to prefer it that way. Joe was in love with her and would do anything for her. He had often wondered if she had become involved with one of the defendants that they had once investigated. He tried to understand and be supportive but found that it was becoming more difficult.


"Hey Radcliffe, I am sorry to do this to you on Friday but we have to work late tonight." He told Catherine as she looked up at him stunned. "Sorry Joe but tonight is not a good night for me." She stated with an obvious degree of panic in her voice. "Sorry Cathy but we are going to trial in two weeks on the Thompson Case." He told her with a hint of frustration in his voice. Come on Cathy this is important. Joe thought to himself. "Joe I am not the only one in this office." she told him frustrated. "I cannot be expected to work on every court case." She added angrily. By now everyone was staring at them. They had never seen Joe and Catherine at odds with one another. Catherine was now standing behind her desk glaring at him. "Cathy you are the only one who knows all the details of this case." Joe shot back angrily. "I am sorry but this is not up for discussion." He yelled at her. Catherine did not say anything she sat back down and looked down at the work in front of her. Oh Vincent I am sorry. She thought to herself. She could not understand Joe's callousness. She knew how he felt about her but she was not in love with him. Catherine collected her thoughts and looked back up at him. "Alright Joe but I want something in return." She demanded.


Joe was stunned at her ultimatum. He could not believe that she was actually trying to blackmail him. "Cathy what do you want for this?" He asked incredulously. She bit her bottom lip and looked up at him again. "Since I am not the attorney for this case I want the whole week off next week." She said in almost a whisper. Joe was stunned by her demand. He could not believe that she was asking for this now. "Cathy we are far too busy around here for you to be taking any time off." He told her matter-of-factly. "Alright Joe I will see you on Monday." Catherine told him as she rose to retrieve her briefcase. Joe was so angry that he immediately began to turn red. "You mean to tell me that if you do not get the time off you will not stay late tonight?" he asked. "Yes Joe, I am saying exactly that, I will stay for next week off." She said nervously but firmly. He is not going to budge on this. She thought to herself. "Alright Cathy have it your way." He said as he walked back to his office and slammed the door.


At about 9:30 Catherine walked into his office and placed the brief on his desk. "All done, Joe." she said with a bit of excitement in her voice. He looked through the brief for a moment. As she was leaving his office he fought the urge to rescind their agreement. "Cathy please sit down for just a moment." He began. She looked at him annoyed but sat down on the couch in his office. "What is it Joe?" She asked. He stood up and moved around his desk. "Cathy are you seeing someone that we investigated?" He asked her as he looked downward. Catherine could not say anything she just sat there with her mouth open. Surely you know me better than that. She thought. "No Joe, I would not do something like that I am a professional." She hissed as she rose to her feet. He suddenly regretted saying anything. He immediately slumped his shoulders and regretted his words. "I am so sorry Cathy, I am just tired I will see you Monday week." He said as he turned his back to her. She angrily closed the door and walked back to her desk. She picked up her things as fast as she could. She just wanted to leave and go home to be with Vincent.


She thought that a cab would never pick her up. She waited for what seemed like forever. When one finally did stop she stepped in and gave the driver her address. She sat back and tried to relax. Soon she would be with Vincent. "Hey lady bad day at work?" the driver asked casually. Catherine looked up and answered. "Yes it was a hard day." The driver smiled and nodded. "Well at least today is Friday." He told her. She finally smiled and nodded. "Yes thank God for that."


When the taxi pulled over to the curb Catherine stepped out and paid the driver. She then turned to walk into her building. As she was walking up the steps she heard a voice behind her. "Hello Cathy." She quickly turned and saw the smiling face of Elliott Burch. "Hello Elliott." She said casually. "I was in the neighborhood and thought that we could have dinner." He told her hopefully. Catherine looked down at him and shook her head. "I am sorry Elliott but I already have plans." She told him. Elliott looked down for a moment and collected his thoughts. "Cathy why can't we try again?" he asked. She was once again annoyed. "Elliott there is someone in my life now." She told him. Elliott was stunned. "I have not seen you out with anyone but your friend Jenny." He was now fishing for information. "Elliott the man I am in love with is not into the social scene." She told him. The words she had spoken threw him for a loop. "Cathy you are in love with this man?" Elliott asked. She smiled at the thought of the words she had spoken. "Yes Elliott we are very much in love." She told him. "Well I have a reservation for dinner I better go." He told her as he turned and crossed the street.


Catherine quickly turned and went into her building. When she entered the elevator she leaned against the wall. She had never had such a tiring week in her life. She was busy with the Thompson Case and therefore she had been unable to see Vincent. She missed him terribly. Their time together had become the most important time in her life. Vincent of course, was very understanding. He knew that her job was important. And that she helped a great many people. He took great pride in the good that she had been able to do. But in the last few months Catherine had begun to get more disillusioned. She did not feel that she was making a difference any longer. And she had been hurt so many times that she began to hate that part of her job. Vincent knew these feelings and had tried to be encouraging. He told her that she was doing good things for those who could not help themselves. She knew this but more than anything she only wanted to be with him. She wanted to give up everything and move below.


Vincent would not even entertain the idea. She remembered the last time they had met they had argued about it. "Vincent I want to come below and live with you." She told him that night on her balcony. Vincent was stunned. He wanted her with him more than anything but he felt that she would come to resent the decision. So he refused to consider it. "Catherine we have discussed this." He told her as he stared out at the city. "I know that we have but I love you and that is all that matters." She told him. Vincent then turned to face her. "No Catherine I cannot be that selfish." Catherine was stunned. "Vincent how is your wanting us to be together being selfish?" she asked. He turned once again toward the skyline of the city. "Catherine I love you more than anything and I would hate it if you came to resent a decision you made because of me." Catherine could not believe how noble he was being. "Vincent I would never resent you or the tunnels I love being there everyone is my family." Vincent knew that she was telling the truth. "Catherine I am sorry but it is simply out of the question!" he demanded. Catherine was now angry. "Vincent I love you and one day we will be together." She told him angrily.


Vincent knew that they should drop the subject before something was said that one of them would regret. "Catherine it is late and you must sleep." Catherine nodded. "Yes I have an early appointment tomorrow." She told him as she reached for the door. "Catherine I love you and I am only thinking about you." He told her. Catherine looked up and shook her head. "Vincent I do love you and we will speak of this again." She told him. With that he was gone. She spent the next few hours sitting on her sofa crying for him.


When the elevator reached the 18th floor she ran to her apartment. She was hoping that Vincent was not there waiting for her. She walked into the darkened apartment and snapped on the light. She had calmed down now and was looking forward to being with Vincent tonight. Catherine could still not understand Joe's attitude. He knew that her personal life was just that "her" personal life.


She placed her purse and briefcase down and went into the bedroom to change clothes. She slipped into a pair of jeans and a sweater. Then she went into the living room and turned off the lights. She lit candles around the room. Then she went into the kitchen and put on some water for tea. Vincent should be here soon. She thought to herself. She was very anxious to feel his arms around her again. She missed him terribly. She stood there thinking until she heard the soft tap on the French doors. She bolted into the bedroom and threw open the balcony doors.


As soon as they were open she saw the beautiful face of the man that she loved more than anything in life. She was so happy to see him that she jumped into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his waist as his strong arms went around her. "I am so glad to see you my love." She said breathlessly. He could not get enough of this beautiful petite woman that stole his heart long ago. She moved back slightly to look into his face. "I have missed you also my beautiful Catherine." He told her as he held her tightly. "Vincent I hope that you did not come earlier." She told him. Vincent looked down at her and shook his head. "No Father was unwilling to relinquish my company until we finished our chess game." He stated with a bit of a chuckle in his velvet voice.


"Catherine what is it?" Vincent asked as he looked down and saw her smiling with her eyes closed. "I was just thinking about how much I have missed hearing that beautiful voice of yours." She told him. Vincent smiled down at her and drew a clawed finger down her face. "And I have missed seeing this beautiful face." With those words he drew her into a very passionate kiss. She almost melted when their lips met. She missed his kisses most of all. "Oh I love you." She murmured against his lips. "As I love you." He repeated breathlessly.


When they parted Vincent had to ask her what had caused her anger earlier in the day. "Catherine what made you so angry this afternoon?" Vincent asked as Catherine led him into the living room. "Joe asked me to stay late at work I only arrived a few moments ago." Vincent was taken back by the anger that was rising in her voice.


When they sat down in front of the fireplace he drew her into his lap. As they sat there Catherine began to work her hands through his long beautiful mane. "Catherine why were you so angry about working late?" She lifted her head from his shoulder and looked deep into his beautiful deep blue eyes and replied. "Joe was using this as an excuse to keep me at the office late." Vincent looked down at her and nodded knowingly. "Catherine he is in love with you." He said quietly. The words were so uncomfortable to him that he could barely get them out. He could not stand it that someone else was in love with his Catherine. But he trusted her implicitly. He knew that she loved him and would not betray him.


Catherine knew that she had to tell Vincent about seeing Elliott. She knew that this would disturb him. Of all the men she was once involved with Elliott was the one that he did not like to discuss. "Vincent I also saw Elliott before I got home." Catherine suddenly felt his body stiffen. "Vincent he came by and saw me before I entered the building." She told him. "What did he want?" he asked with a bit of a growl in his voice. "He asked me to take him back and go to dinner with him." She told him. "Catherine I wish he would leave you alone." Vincent told her. Catherine smiled at him and began to speak again. "Well after he heard that I was very much in love with the man I was seeing he left." Vincent's heart swelled with love and pride for Catherine. "As I love you Catherine." He told her.


They had been sitting there for a few minutes when she rose and headed for the kitchen. "Would you like some tea, love?" she asked as he rose to follow her. She smiled as she felt him come up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and began kissing her neck. She smiled and moaned at the feel of his lips on her skin. "Maybe later I only want you right now." He told her with a slight growl. She turned around and was suddenly swept into his arms.


As they reached her bedroom they kissed passionately once again. He gently sat her down on the bed and began to undress her. She shivered as he touched her body when he removed her sweater and bra. He would never get enough of seeing or touching her body. Then he removed the remainder of her clothes. Then she took delight in removing his tunnel clothing. "Oh Vincent I want you so much!" she said breathlessly as she began kissing his chest. Vincent leaned his head back and took a deep breath. "Catherine you absolutely bewitch me." He moaned as he felt her lips on his body. Then in one swift move he lay down beside her. "I love you Catherine." He told her as he began kissing her. "As I love you darling." She responded. Then she drew him on top of her and they were lost in their passion for one another.


"I love you so much Vincent!" Catherine moaned as she felt his passion.


"Yes my beloved Catherine." Vincent told her as he trailed kisses down her body. He loved how her body felt under his lips. He could not get enough of her.


"Take me Vincent, now!" Catherine cried. Then Vincent was lost within her. He felt his passion swell as they moved together.


They made love until early the next morning. When she awoke Catherine sat bolt upright in bed. She was alarmed when she saw that it was well past dawn. As Vincent felt her apprehension through the bond he awoke and sat up beside her. Once he noticed that it was light outside he turned to Catherine and smiled slyly. "That was part of my plan, I will return tonight." Catherine smiled and laid back down into his arms.


As they snuggled together Catherine asked, "What will Father say when you return?" Vincent rose onto one elbow and looked down at her. "Catherine, Father knows that you are the most important thing in my life." He told her as he trailed a claw down her arm. She looked up at him with all the love in her eyes that she could show. "Besides he told me that if we wanted to spend today together here we should, he seems to have finally accepted how we feel about each other." When she heard this she rose and shrieked with joy. Then she hugged him. Just as they were beginning to make love once again the phone rang. Vincent looked down at her questioningly. "Should you answer that?" He asked. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "No the answering machine will get it."


When the answering machine beeped Joe's voice was on the other end. Hey Cathy, I just wanted to call and apologize about our argument last night. You were right to get angry with me. I had no right to ask you so many questions about your personal life. I hope that you will forgive me. This Thompson Case is really driving me nuts. I hope that you have some fun during your week off. See you next Monday. Bye.


Vincent looked down at her with a twinkle in his eyes. "You have this whole week off?" He asked with a smile on his face. She smiled up at him and nodded. "I was hoping that I could come below and spend the week with you." She told him happily. He bent down and kissed her passionately once again. "I would love that my Catherine." He said as he started to get playful again. "Now what were we doing before that interruption?" Catherine smiled and giggled as they once again began to make love.


About noon they both awoke. "Are you hungry Vincent?" Catherine asked as she began to rise. Vincent looked up at her and smiled seductively. "I mean are you hungry for food." Vincent thought for a moment and nodded. "I am famished." He admitted. She rose and put her robe on. He watched her as she walked toward the kitchen. Then Vincent got up and dressed. He walked into the kitchen and sat down on the counter. "Would you like a cheese omelet for brunch?" Catherine asked as she looked into the refrigerator. "That sounds wonderful, darling." He responded. Suddenly Catherine was still. She looked up at him and smiled. She had never heard him call her that before. "I love the sound of that." She told him. Then she returned to what she was doing. They prepared the omelets and went to the table. After they were done Vincent rose and cleared the dishes. "So what do we do now?" Catherine asked. "Why don't we finish the book we were reading the other night." She smiled and nodded. He led her to the sofa. She placed her head in his lap as he read to her.


When Vincent noticed that she was asleep he slipped her head off his lap and rose from the sofa. He looked down at her for a moment and smiled. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. And she loved him as much as he loved her. Then he decided to go take a shower. He walked into the bedroom and undressed. Then he walked into the bathroom. He had taken a shower once before in her apartment. And he loved it. Catherine woke a few moments later and looked around for Vincent. Then she heard the water running in her shower. She smiled and rose from the couch. She removed her robe and walked to the bathroom door. She quietly opened the door. There she saw Vincent enjoying his shower. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Then she slipped silently into the shower stall behind Vincent. "Hello my love." She whispered as she began to caress his back. "Catherine I thought you were sleeping." He told her as he turned to embrace her. "I woke up and missed you." She told him as she reached up and kissed him. A few moments later they were lost in their passion. They quickly finished showering. Then Vincent once again picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. They spent the next while making love.


Just after dark Catherine packed for her week below. She chose to take clothes that would fit all types of activities. She was not sure what Vincent had in store for her. "Catherine are you ready to go?" Vincent asked. Catherine looked up and smiled. "Yes my love." She told him. When they were ready to leave they stood on the balcony. "I will meet you at the threshold." He told her as he kissed her. "No meet me in the park." She kissed him and headed inside. She changed the message on her machine and headed for the door. Close to the drainage tunnel Catherine felt Vincent's arms encircle her waist. "Are you ready for a wonderful week together?" he purred. She turned and kissed him passionately. "Yes, my love." She told him as she moved back in his embrace. They then turned and walked into the tunnels hand in hand. When they reached Father's chamber they walked inside to greet him.


"Oh Vincent you are back." Father responded as he noticed him enter. Then he saw Catherine enter behind him. He stood and hobbled over to her. "Catherine my dear it is good to see you." He said as he embraced her. Then he noticed her bag in Vincent's hand. "Are you coming for a visit?" he asked smiling. "Yes Father I have the week off and I wanted to stay below." She said smiling. Father smiled and nodded his head. "Well you know that you are welcome we have missed you." Catherine smiled sweetly and embraced him once again. "Thank you Father."


"I will have Mary prepare a guest chamber for you." He told her. Knowing that she probably would not need it anyway. "No need for that Father she will be staying with me." Vincent told him as he placed a protective arm around her waist. Father tried to look shocked but his eyes betrayed him. They told him goodbye and headed for Vincent's chamber. When they arrived there Catherine happily plopped down in his large chair. "Vincent I cannot get over the change in Father about our relationship." She told him as he opened the bureau and pulled out the tunnel dress she usually wore. "Catherine as I told you last night he understands how we feel about one another." Catherine then rose and moved toward Vincent. She gently encircled his waist. "I love you, my darling." She whispered as he wrapped his arms around her. "So what shall we do this week?" She asked smiling up at him. He looked down at her with a look of disappointment. "Well tomorrow morning Cullen, Kanin and I have to go do some repairs in the lower tunnels." She smiled and nodded understandingly. "I know that you have responsibilities, darling." She told him. He then took her mouth in another passionate kiss. This kiss was so deep that they did not notice Father in the doorway. "Vincent…" Father faltered with embarrassment. "Oh Father we did not hear you come in." Vincent said as Catherine blushed from embarrassment. Father smiled at this and continued with what he was saying. "Vincent, I have decided that Mouse should go with Kanin and Cullen tomorrow." Father told him. "He has some new invention that he thinks will help in the repairs." Vincent and Catherine both looked at him puzzled. "Father you do not have to do that I can still go." Vincent told him.


Catherine then looked at Father and smiled. "Yes father I was hoping to get you in a game of chess while he was gone." She told him smugly. Father smiled and nodded he truly enjoyed her company. "Of course my dear." Father then turned to leave. "Good night you two." He told them as he pulled the tapestry down over the door to give them privacy.


The next morning Catherine woke up and was surprised to see a tray of hot food on the table. Beside the tray she saw a note in Vincent's handwriting. As she began to eat she opened the note and began to read.


My Catherine,

I hope that you slept well last night. I truly enjoyed waking up and seeing you beside me this morning. I hope that you enjoy your day with Father. Maybe you can beat him at chess. I will return about 4 o'clock this afternoon. Please meet me at the waterfall. I would like to be alone with you as soon as I return. I Love you and will miss you. Have a wonderful day.



Catherine finished reading the letter. She was so in love with that man that she had to pinch herself sometimes to make sure she was not dreaming. She was almost finished eating when Mary called in to her.


"Catherine dear are you up yet?" Catherine smiled and responded. "Yes Mary please come in." As Mary entered Catherine rose and embraced her. She truly thought of Mary as a second mother. Mary joined her at the table and smiled at her lovingly. "Catherine I just wanted to tell you something." She told Catherine as she took her hand. "I have always thought of Vincent as a son." Catherine smiled and nodded as Mary continued. "I have seen him grow and become more sure of himself since he found you." She looked at Catherine with all the love that she could have for one person. "I really believe that the two of you were made for one another and I hope that you become a more permanent fixture in this community." Catherine's heart soared as she listened to what Mary said. "Mary if anything changes for Vincent and me you and father will be the next to know." Mary nodded and replied. "My dear I know that we will, I just thought that you should know how I feel your relationship with Vincent." Mary rose to leave but not before she kissed Catherine on the cheek. "Mary I will walk with you I need to take this to William." Catherine then rose and picked up the tray. She and Mary continued talking as they walked to the kitchen.


When Catherine returned she dressed in the tunnel dress she always wore and headed for Father's study. "Good morning my dear." Father told her as she walked in. "Are you ready for a game of chess?" she asked. Father sat down at the chess set and beckoned her to join him at the table. They were engrossed in their second game when Jamie came running into the chamber. She looked very frightened and winded. "Father there has been an accident!" She screamed as Father and Catherine rose to their feet. "Who is hurt child?" Father asked breathlessly. Neither he nor Jamie noticed that Catherine had moved over beside Father. He noticed her apprehension and placed a comforting arm around her shoulder. "Father, Kipper fell and is unconscious, he was in one of the other tunnels." Father grabbed his bag and asked Jamie to show them where he was. "Father you will need someone to assist you." Catherine stated. He nodded and beckoned her to follow. As they were walking Father noticed that Catherine was rather quiet. "Catherine I also thought that something had happened to Vincent and the others." She looked up at him relieved that he knew how she felt.


When they reached the distant tunnel they found Eric with Kipper. He was now awake and wanted to get up. "Kipper let me check your eyes first." Father instructed. When he had finished he told Catherine to go on ahead and prepare the hospital chamber. She left running down the tunnel until she reached the hospital chamber. Mary was already there. "They are on their way with Kipper." Catherine told her breathlessly. Mary looked rather frightened. "Do not worry Mary he was conscious when we got to him." Catherine reassured her. When Father and Jamie came in with Kipper he was telling father that he was fine. "I knocked the wind out of myself that's all." Kipper protested. He knew that Father was annoyed with him.


When father had fully examined him and found that he was all right Father asked Mary, Jamie, and Catherine to excuse them. "I think that Kipper and I need to talk about this." The three women then walked out of the chamber together. "Catherine can I ask you something?" Jamie asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "When I came to get father you looked rather scared, did you think I was talking about Vincent?" Catherine stopped and leaned back against the stone wall. "Jamie when you said that there had been an accident I automatically thought about Vincent, Cullen and Kanin.


Catherine looked up at the two women in front of her. "I am so protective of Vincent that I get scared that something will happen to him and that I will lose him." Mary saw the anguish in her eyes and moved to comfort her. "Catherine, Vincent is fine." Mary told her as she comforted her. Catherine embraced both women and began to cry. "I would die if I ever lost him!" She sobbed. Mary was very concerned she had never seen such raw emotion and terror from Catherine. Jamie looked at Mary who motioned for her to leave them alone. "Cathy lets go to Vincent's chamber and talk." "Cathy do not worry Vincent is fine." Catherine looked up at Mary and smiled. She was glad that she had Mary to talk to.


When Vincent and the others returned they went to father's chamber. "Father we are back." Vincent told him as they entered. "Oh good is everything fixed?" Father asked. The three of them nodded. Cullen and Kanin excused themselves to clean up. "Oh Vincent before you leave can I speak to you?" Father asked as Vincent turned to leave. Vincent turned around and looked at him. "Of course is something the matter." Vincent asked. "Yes I think you should have a talk with Catherine." Father told him. Vincent was quickly back down the steps beside father. "Father what has happened is Catherine alright?" Vincent asked with fright in his voice. Father noticed this and placed a calming hand on his cheek. "Oh yes my son she is not hurt or ill." Father assured him. "It is just that this morning there was an accident involving Kipper." Vincent looked at him concerned. "Do not worry my boy he is fine." Father told him. "It is just that when Jamie alerted me to the accident Catherine naturally thought that it was you who were hurt." Vincent knew that since they had become lovers Catherine had become more worried about him. "Father is she all right?" Vincent asked. Father looked up at him and nodded. "Yes, I believe that she went with Mary to your chamber to talk." With that Vincent turned and ran from the room.


When he arrived at his chamber he found Mary comforting a very upset Catherine. "Catherine are you alright?" Vincent asked as he rushed into the chamber. Catherine heard his voice and quickly rose from the bed where she was sitting. Mary knew that she would be all right now that Vincent was here so she excused herself. When she had left Catherine bolted into his arms. "Oh Vincent I got so scared!" She cried as she clung to him. Vincent could feel the terror through their bond. "My beloved Catherine I am here with you and I am fine." He assured her. "I love you so much Vincent!" She sobbed. Vincent smiled slightly at her words. "And I love you." He told her. Vincent led her to his chair where he sat down. Then he pulled her down into his lap. "Catherine you would be one of the first to know if something happened to me." Vincent told her. "I know it is just that if I ever lost you I would not survive." She sobbed. "I understand my love I would die if anything happened to you also." He told her.


Later that evening Catherine and Vincent were eating a quiet dinner in his chamber. "Catherine what is it?" Vincent asked when he noticed that she was unusually quiet. "I am so embarrassed about how I acted this afternoon." She told him as she looked down at her food. "Catherine you do not have anything to be embarrassed about." Vincent assured her. "I did not mean to act like a baby in front of you and Mary." Catherine continued. "Catherine you were acting like a woman in love." He told her. She looked up and smiled at him. "Yes I just love you so much." She told him. He rose from his chair and knelt down beside her. "I love you too my Catherine." Then he gently kissed her.


The rest of their week was spent alone together. Vincent had arranged to take Catherine on an adventure into the lower tunnels. He wanted to show her the new chambers that they were working on. "Oh Vincent they are wonderful." She told him as they explored. "Yes, Father felt that they would make good chambers for more of the married couples." Catherine smiled and nodded. "That sounds like a nice idea." She told him shyly. Vincent smiled at her sudden shyness. Then taking her by the hand he began to walk with her. "Catherine lets go back and spend some time by the waterfall." He suggested. She smiled up at him and nodded. "Oh that sounds wonderful." She happily responded.


When they arrived at the waterfall they found that it was completely deserted. Vincent removed his cloak and laid it on the ground. Then he helped Catherine down to sit on it. They lie there for the longest time not saying anything. "I love you so much Vincent." Catherine told him as they held one another. Vincent did not respond he was lost in thought. Catherine rose up on one elbow and looked down at him. "Vincent what are you thinking?" Catherine asked suspiciously. "I was just thinking about how much things have changed between us." He told her. "I love you Catherine." He continued. He then kissed her gently. Catherine lay back down and smiled. Vincent was still very quiet. When they returned to his chamber Vincent placed the tapestry down over the entrance. Then he turned to Catherine. "Would you please sit down Catherine?" Vincent asked as he led her to the bed. Catherine could not understand what he was doing. When she sat down Vincent came up to her and knelt before her. He then took both of her hands into his and looked deep into her eyes.


"Catherine this week with you has been the greatest of my life." He began. She smiled and nodded in agreement. "I have loved it also." She told him.


"Catherine my love, I am so much in love with you that I cannot imagine my life without you any longer." Catherine felt a sudden twinge of excitement deep inside her. What are you asking me? She thought to herself. Vincent continued to look deep into her eyes and finally asked the one question that Catherine had always prayed for. "Catherine I do not have anything but love to offer you but if that is enough would you consider becoming my wife?"


When he was finished speaking Vincent rose and looked down at her face. The first thing that he saw was a bright smile. Then he noticed that she had tears running freely down her face. He sat down beside her and hugged her. "What is it my love?" Vincent asked as he held her. Catherine was so happy that she could not speak. Then she finally managed to speak again. "Oh Vincent that is the one question that I always wanted you to ask me, I would be so honored to be your wife." When he heard her answer Vincent rose and swept her into a giant hug. He was so happy that he swung her around.


"Vincent when are we going to tell everyone?" Catherine asked as Vincent sat back down with her on his lap. He smiled down at her and kissed her lips. "I thought that we would make an announcement tonight at the council meeting." Vincent told her. Catherine smiled up at him. "Oh that sounds wonderful." She then buried her face in his neck. They sat there holding one another for what seemed like hours.


Later that evening they made their way to the main chamber. When they were about to enter Vincent encircled her in his arms and bent down to whisper in her ear. "Are you ready for this Catherine?" he asked. She smiled and looked up at him. "Oh yes Vincent." She whispered. Everyone in attendance noticed this and thought that it was out of the ordinary for Vincent to show this much affection for Catherine in public. "What is that all about?" Cullen asked whispering to Jamie. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "I do not know but I think it is wonderful." She giggled. Cullen looked at her and smiled. "Yes it is wonderful."


Vincent and Catherine walked down the steps and took the two chairs that were nearest one another. Vincent pulled her chair close to his. He did not want to be separated from her at all. When they took their seats Vincent reached over and grabbed hold of Catherine's hand. He sat there holding it as the meeting began. Father was speaking but could not help but noticed the way that Vincent and Catherine were holding hands and looking at one another.


When the meeting was almost over Father asked, "Does anyone have anything new to discuss?" Vincent looked over at Catherine and they rose. "Father, Catherine and I have a very important announcement to share with everyone." Father nodded and smiled. I thought you might. He thought to himself. "Yes, Vincent what is your announcement?" Father asked. Vincent placed his arm around Catherine's waist and pulled her to him. "Everyone today I asked Catherine to marry me and she has accepted." Everyone was stunned at first. Then the entire room burst into cheers. Father smiled and rose to approach them. "Vincent I am so happy for the two of you." Then he looked over at Catherine. "Welcome to our family my dear." Father told Catherine as he happily embraced her. Then everyone gathered around the happy couple to congratulate them.


Later that evening after the celebration had died down Catherine and Vincent lie in bed holding one another. They were discussing their plans for the future. "Catherine how are we going to work everything out?" Vincent asked. She rose on one elbow and smiled down at him. "First of all, I am going home tomorrow and I am quitting my job." Vincent was suddenly concerned. "Catherine but you love your work. He reasoned. She nodded in agreement. "But Vincent I love you more than anything in my life." She told him as she gently kissed him. He still seemed upset by this decision. "But Catherine, I do not want you to give up on your life above just for me." She seemed confused. "Darling I want to marry you and live here with you." She could see that he was still concerned so she thought for a moment. "Vincent what if I can come up with a way for us to live in both worlds?" Vincent looked at her confused. "Catherine what are you thinking?" he asked suspiciously. She just smiled and told him that she would explain after all the details were ironed out.


When Catherine returned above she went to work on her plan. She decided to let Jenny in on the scheme. Since Jenny became a helper Catherine shared everything with her. When Catherine arrived home she decided to call Jenny.


Catherine excitedly dialed the telephone. "Hello this is Jenny Aaronson." The voice on the other end said.


"Jenny this is Cathy." Catherine said trying to stifle her excitement.


"Cathy where have you been?" Jenny asked with just a hint of sarcasm.


"As if you have to ask, Jen." Catherine laughed.


"What can I do for you Cathy?" Jenny asked.


"Jenny I just had to tell you first." Catherine told her excitedly. "Jenny I am getting married!" Catherine screamed delightedly. Jenny was silent for a moment then she let out a scream of joy. "Oh Cathy, Vincent proposed!" Jenny screamed. Catherine smiled and told Jenny that it was true.


"Cathy I am coming right over to your apartment." Jenny said as she hung up the phone. Catherine hung up and hugged herself. She was going to become Mrs. Vincent Wells. And she could not be happier.


A little while later the doorbell rang and Catherine ran to the door. She opened the door and Jenny smiled brightly. "Oh Cathy, I could not be more excited for the two of you." Jenny cried as she embraced her friend. "Jenny will you be my Maid of Honor?" Catherine asked. "Of course, I would be honored." Jenny said through her tears.


"Jenny we also need to work on getting a home for Vincent and me." Catherine told her. "But I thought that you would live below." Jenny stated. "Jenny he does not want me to give up any of my life above." Catherine explained. "Cathy where were you thinking of living?" Jenny asked.


Catherine thought for a moment. "Jenny I want to get a home that is connected to the tunnels." Jenny thought for a moment then smiled. "Cathy I have a friend who is interested in selling her home." Jenny said happily. Catherine rose and walked over to the phone. Then she handed the receiver to Jenny. "Please call your friend." Catherine told her.


When Jenny hung up the phone she smiled at Catherine. "She said that we could come right now and see the house." Jenny told her happily. Catherine jumped up and down. "Jenny this is perfect!" Catherine exclaimed happily.


"Do you think that this would really work?" Catherine asked her friend. Jenny looked at her and smiled happily.


That night Catherine and Jenny headed below to see Vincent and Father. When they arrived below they found them in Father's chamber. As they entered Vincent rose and embraced Catherine. Then he embraced Jenny. "Hello Jenny it is so good to see you." Vincent told her. Then they all sat down. "Catherine I felt your happiness and excitement all day." Vincent told her. "Vincent the reason that we came here tonight was to tell you and Father some good news." Catherine told him. Father and Vincent looked at one another confused. "Jenny and I found us a house above that is connected to the tunnels!" Catherine screamed happily. Vincent was shocked. "Catherine are you sure?" he asked. Then Jenny chimed in. "Father, Vincent we saw the house this afternoon it is perfect for you." She told them. "Father what do you think?" Vincent asked. Father thought for a moment then smiled. "Vincent I believe that this can work it is clear that Catherine has done her homework." Catherine looked over at Vincent. He was smiling brightly. "Oh Catherine we can finally have our life together!" Vincent exclaimed as he rose and took her into his arms.


Six weeks later everyone gathered together in the Great Hall. Everyone was happily anticipating the beautiful wedding of the tunnel's favorite couple. The house was ready and waiting for them to move in. As the wedding music began Vincent and Devin took their places at the head of the room. Devin had come home immediately when he found out about this wedding.


Then the music started and Jenny entered the room. She was followed closely by Peter and Catherine. She was smiling brightly. Everyone was stunned by Catherine's beauty at that moment. When they reached the front of the room Vincent stepped forward and took Catherine's hand from Peter. They moved back to the altar and Father began the ceremony.


"Dear friends we are here today to witness the joining of Vincent and Catherine. They have expressed their wish to speak their own vows to one another. He looked toward Vincent and nodded.


"Catherine my heart, from the night that I first found you our hearts have been one." I have loved you from that night. You are the world to me and I give you my life today."


As Father looked toward Catherine he could see the tears streaming down her face. She looked up at him and he smiled. Then he gently nodded for her to recite her vows.


"Vincent I have never been in love with any man as much as I am with you." I could not have asked for a more perfect man to love or to love me. I guarantee to you that from today on we will be together forever. You are the stars and the moon to me, my love. I promise that we will always be one."


As she finished her vows Father said, "Catherine and Vincent have recited vows to one another that have cemented their love for one another. Vincent I understand that you have a ring for Catherine. Vincent nodded and took the ring from Devin. "Catherine I give you this ring to bind us together for the rest of our lives." With those words Vincent slipped the ring on her finger. Then he turned to Catherine and Vincent. "I am so proud and honored to pronounce that you are now husband and wife." As father ended the ceremony Catherine let out a small whimper of joy. She was finally Vincent's wife. They moved together in a small kiss that quickly grew to one of deep passionate. As they kissed the room erupted into cheers and applause once again.


That night they went to the far chambers that were used by newlywed couples. Vincent led her into the room. He had blindfolded her before they reached the chamber. "Catherine darling, I have a surprise for you." He told her. She smiled happily. "Can I look now Vincent?" she asked. Vincent untied the blindfold and dropped it from her face. "Now Catherine!" She opened her eyes and saw the beautiful chamber. "Oh Vincent this is the most beautiful room I have ever seen." She smiled at her husband and threw her arms around his neck. "And you my love are the most beautiful wife any man could have." He told her as he kissed her.


Their loving that night was more passionate than either of them could have ever imagined. They enjoyed discovering one another again. The emotions that flooded through the bond were unmistakable. They were the results of the unbridled passion between Vincent and Catherine.


"Vincent I need you please take me now!" Catherine cried as he explored forbidden places on her body. She was ready for the explosion of her passion. She was also ready for the explosion of his passion. When they finally came together as one once again the feeling was better than either of them could imagine.


As they lay there wrapped in one another's arms they could not believe that it had taken them this long to realize that they were meant to be married. That night they slept happily. In the morning Vincent awoke to find Catherine gone. He was suddenly frightened that he had only dreamed it. As he jumped up he saw a note on the table by the bed.


My beloved Husband,

I will return in a few moments. I thought that we might be hungry after last night. Do not worry my love I have not gone very far. As I promised you yesterday I will not leave you again. See you soon. I love you so much!

Catherine Wells


Just as he finished reading the note Vincent suddenly felt her presence in the door. "I thought we might need something to eat." She said shyly. He rose from his chair and walked over to her. Then he took the tray from her. "My love you are the only thing that I am hungry for." He told her with a growl. Then he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. "We can eat this food later." He told her as he lifted her into his arms. He walked over to the bed where he placed her down amongst the pillows. Soon they were once again lost in the passion that they had for one another.


A few days later they had moved into their new home. They were deliriously happy. Their world could not have been any better. "Oh Damn!" Catherine yelled. Vincent came into the room quickly. "What is it my love?" She looked up at him somewhat startled by his intensity. "I have to go into the office this afternoon for a few hours." She told him grudgingly. Vincent looked at her and calmly stated, "Catherine if you have to work then that is what you must do, but I will miss you." She rose and moved toward him. "How could I have gotten so lucky?" she asked as she kissed him. "No my Catherine I am the lucky one." He told her as he wrapped his arms around her.


An hour later she was walking into the D.A.'s office. She was not happy that she had to come in today. But Joe was happy that she was back. "Hey Cathy, how was your vacation?" he asked as he approached her desk. She looked up at him and smiled brightly. "Joe it was simply wonderful." She reached down and removed something from her bag. Then she removed her old nameplate and put it in its place. Joe was thoroughly shocked to read the name on it. "Catherine Wells." He looked up at her and asked her the one question on his mind. "Radcliffe, what's the story?" He asked as he nodded toward the nameplate. She looked up at him and answered. "I was married three days ago." Joe was visibly shocked. "That is why I took an extended vacation." She continued. Joe moved around the desk beside her. "Cathy are you married to your mystery man?" he asked shyly. She looked up at him with her eyes smiling. "Yes Joe I married the man I have been with for the last four years." She was suddenly aware that he was just a bit hurt. She was not sure how to comfort him. "Joe you are one of my closest friends I hope that you can be happy for me." She smiled as he bent to kiss her cheek.


"Cathy if you are happy I am happy for you." He said smiling. "I just hope that I am able to meet him someday." Joe told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. I hope so too Joe. She thought. "Well I better get to work because I want to get out of here on time." She told him smiling. He smiled back at her and nodded. Then he walked back to his office.


Close to quitting time she was busy working when she heard a familiar voice. "Hello Cathy." She looked up and was surprised to see Elliott. She smiled nervously and returned his greeting. "Cathy I was wondering if you would consider having dinner with me tonight?" Elliott asked. She was stunned. "I am sorry Elliott but that is not possible." Catherine told him. Elliott was confused. "Why is that so impossible Cathy?" he asked. Catherine did not know how to answer at first. "The reason it is not possible Elliott is because I am now married." This revelation shocked Elliott. Then Elliott began to laugh. "What are you talking about?" he asked as he laughed. Catherine was now angry. She quickly rose and showed him her new nameplate. "This is what I mean Elliott!" she yelled pointing at the nameplate. "Cathy this has to be some type of joke." He told her. Catherine was now angrier. "No Elliott it is no joke I am married to the man I have been seeing!" She told him firmly. "But sweetheart this cannot be true." He told her.


"Elliott do not call me sweetheart!" she demanded. "My husband is the only one who is now allowed to call me that." Elliott was now angry. "I will not accept this!" he yelled. "You are not marrying anyone else but me!" He insisted. "How dare you make that assumption!" She retorted. She was very angry now. How dare he be so presumptuous! She thought. "Elliott if you have no business here please leave!" she demanded. "Alright I'll leave but you are not staying married for long!" he told her smugly. She looked at him stunned. "I will have you Cathy mark my words!" he threatened. She was suddenly frightened. She packed her briefcase and ran out of the office. She had to get home to Vincent.


When she finally made it home Vincent was not there. When she entered the foyer she yelled for him. "Vincent, darling are you here?" she screamed. She was so frightened. When he did not answer Catherine decided that he must be below. She ran upstairs and quickly changed clothes. Then she ran for the secret panel in the bedroom. She tripped the latch and descended the stairs to the tunnels.


When she reached the tunnel floor she broke into a run. She had to get to Father's chamber and find out where Vincent was. Once she reached the entrance to Father's chamber she found him there with Cullen. "Catherine dear what is it?" Father asked as she ran into his arms. "Oh Father where is Vincent?" she sobbed. Cullen and Father looked at one another alarmed. "He and I had work to do below he is now in your chamber cleaning up." Cullen told her. "Cathy what is it?" Cullen asked again. "I will tell you later I must see Vincent now!" she yelled as she bolted from the chamber.


When she reached their chamber she was distressed to find that Vincent was not there. She sank down onto the bed and sobbed. She lay there for only a few moments when Vincent suddenly rushed through the chamber entrance to her side. "Catherine what is it?" Vincent cried as he gathered her into his arms. "Oh Vincent I was so afraid!" She sobbed against his chest. "Darling please tell me what has happened." He asked sounding frightened. "Vincent it was horrible." She cried. Vincent sat there with Catherine on his lap rocking her gently. He would wait until she was calmer before they spoke about this. When she had calmed down she began to speak again. "While I was working today Elliott came into the office." she started. Vincent's body tensed when she mentioned his name. "Oh Vincent he told me that he would not allow me to stay married." She cried. Vincent drew back slightly away from her. "Catherine what do you mean?" he asked alarmed. "He told me that he will do anything to make sure that I ended up with him." Vincent was now angry. "Catherine I cannot stand that man!" He told her angrily. "Neither can I." she sobbed. "Vincent I am so afraid of him." Vincent began to rock her again. "Catherine we are married now and no one can change that." After a while she was once again calm. "Catherine how did he know that you are married?" Vincent asked. "He saw the new nameplate on my desk." She told him. "It states that I am Catherine Wells." She happily told him. "You are not going by Chandler any longer?" Vincent asked happily. Catherine smiled and looked up into his beautiful face. "No my darling I am going by your name now." She told him. Vincent once again gathered her to him and hugged her.


"Catherine what will Burch do?" Vincent asked. Catherine gathered his face in her hands and told him. "He will not do anything because I am quitting my job tomorrow." Catherine stated. Vincent looked down at her and shook his head. "No Catherine!" He told her emphatically. She nodded and told him. "Vincent I have no choice if I stay he will never leave me alone." She looked into his blue eyes and told him, "I have no other choice but to quit." Vincent thought for a moment then asked her. "What will you tell Joe?" She smiled remembering his shock. "I will tell him that we are moving to California." She told him. Vincent was calmer now but he felt guilty. "Catherine I am sorry you have to do this because you are married to me." Catherine placed a finger under his chin and lifted his face to look into his eyes. "Vincent I do not care about anyone or anything but us and our family." She told him as she gently kissed him.


They rose and walked toward Father's chamber. When they entered they found a number of people there. "Catherine are you all right?" Father asked concerned for his daughter-in-law. "Yes Father I am fine now." Catherine assured him. "Catherine what in the world happened?" He asked. "I had some problems with Elliott Burch today." She told everyone. "But I am quitting my job tomorrow." Father rose and came to his beloved daughter-in-law. "Oh my dear I am so sorry." He told her as he hugged her. "Vincent are you okay with this?" Father asked. "No but I do not want Catherine put in that position." Father nodded in understanding.


When Father sat back down he once again turned to Catherine and Vincent. "Would the two of you like to stay for dinner tonight?" Catherine looked at Vincent and shook her head. "No thank you father I would like to be alone with Vincent tonight." Father smiled and nodded. And with those words Catherine and Vincent headed toward their home.


The next morning Catherine walked into the office and saw a smug looking Elliott waiting for her. He was holding her nameplate in his hand. "What the hell are you doing here?" Catherine demanded angrily. As she said this she grabbed the nameplate from him. "Cathy I checked your claim that you are married." He told her. "There is no marriage license for you on file." Catherine was irate. "Honey why don't you give up on this charade and admit that you did this to get rid of me." Catherine was very angry now. "Elliott I am married just not in the eye of the law." She shot back. "Well that is a different thing all together." He said relieved. She looked at him confused. "Just tell this guy that you are leaving him and we can be together." He said confidently. She was seething now. "Elliott leave me alone!" She demanded.


As Joe was coming out of the conference room he saw them. He saw how upset Catherine was and walked over to them. "Burch what is going on here?" He demanded. Elliott suddenly shot a look at this other man. "Maxwell this is none of your business!" He demanded. Catherine was stunned. "Did you know that she has a common law husband?" Elliott asked Joe. Joe looked at her confused. She looked back at him pleadingly. "Burch she is legally married." He shot back. "That cannot be." Elliott protested. "Cathy I got your marriage license for you." Joe said handing her the document. She opened the envelope and looked at the document.


Elliott angrily grabbed the document and read it. Bride's Name: Catherine Chandler, Groom's Name: Vincent Wells. This must be a fake Elliott demanded. "No Burch it is real." Joe protested. "Joe the only reason that I came in today was to give you my notice." Catherine told him. Joe was stunned. "Joe I have loved working here." Catherine continued. He nodded as he looked down. Elliott threw the license on the desk and interjected. "You cannot do this Cathy this whole situation is ridiculous." He told her. "Elliott you have heard what I have said I am leaving because my husband and I are moving to California."


Elliott could not come up with a response. He just dropped his shoulders dejected and left the office. "Cathy I will be waiting for you when you drop this act." He told her as he left. "Cathy are you really leaving?" Joe asked. "Yes Joe we are moving in a couple of months." She told him as she hugged him. As she turned to go she asked, "Joe how did you know about my marriage?" He looked at her and grinned. "Cathy I knew that you could not be married legally, because of the fact that the marriage license would not have cleared yet." She smiled at him and left the office.


When she returned home she could not find Vincent at all. She ran upstairs and changed her clothes. After she was done she came down and found him returning home. She noticed that he was all dirty. "What have you been doing today?" She asked happily. "We had a problem with one of the pipes." He answered. "Well did you get it fixed?" She asked. Vincent looked at her and shook his head. "I have to return after dinner." Catherine was somewhat disappointed because she wanted to spend the evening with him. That evening as they ate she told him about her day. She showed him the marriage license. He was completely shocked. "This is proof to everyone that we are married." She smiled and moved around to hug him. "Catherine I must return below." She nodded understandingly. "Would you like to go with me?" she nodded and they headed below.


When they returned Catherine and Vincent were both getting ready for bed. "Catherine is something wrong?" Vincent asked as he emerged from the shower. Catherine looked up at him and shook her head. "No darling I am fine." Vincent knew that something was wrong. "Catherine please tell me." He asked as he moved up behind her as she sat at her vanity. "I was just thinking." She told him. He took the brush from her and gently began to brush her hair. "What were you thinking about?" he asked. Catherine was apprehensive about mentioning it. She knew that it might be a sore subject with Vincent. "I was talking to Lena tonight and she just asked me an interesting question." Vincent placed the brush down and came around to sit on the floor at her feet. "What did she ask you?" he asked. Catherine looked down at her hands and prepared to tell him. "She wanted to know when or if we were going to start our own family." Catherine said quietly. Vincent suddenly understood. They had never discussed having children. He knew that she wanted his children. But he had not let himself believe it was true.


Vincent looked down and quietly asked her a very important question. "Catherine would you consider carrying my child?" She suddenly lifted her head and stared at him. Then she shrieked with joy and jumped into his arms. "Oh darling I would be proud to have your child." She cried. Vincent was in heaven now. Not only was this woman his wife but she had agreed to be the mother of his children.


A few weeks later Catherine was feeling somewhat tired. She had been irritable the whole week. She had finally decided to go see Peter.


"So Peter what is wrong with me?" she asked frightened.


"Well honey it looks as if you and Vincent are going to be parents." Peter told her happily.

Catherine was so happy that she jumped up and hugged him. "Vincent will be so happy." She cried. "We have been trying to conceive a child for a few weeks now." Peter looked at her stunned. "Cathy I thought he was afraid to have a child." She smiled with pride. "We talked everything out and I convinced him that we could do this." She told him proudly.


That evening she planned a special evening for them. When he returned home she was waiting for him in front of a roaring fire. He smiled and kissed her. "Well my Catherine you must have had a good check up from Peter." She looked at him with all the love that she could show. "My love it could not have been better." She replied. "Did he find the source of your fatigue?" he asked as he warmed his hands. Catherine knew that he would be just as happy about their child as she was. She could no longer contain her excitement. "Vincent I am pregnant with our first child!" she blurted out. He suddenly stopped and whirled around. "Oh Catherine are you sure?" he asked happily. She started to cry as she jumped into his arms. They spent the next hour talking about the baby. "Oh my beautiful Catherine I am so happy!" Vincent cried as they were sitting wrapped in one another's arms. "Vincent we have to tell everyone below." She told him. He nodded and they rose to head below.


When they arrived below the committee meeting was getting underway. Everyone was shocked to see them. "Vincent I did not expect you and Catherine to be here tonight. Father commented. "Father we wanted to share some wonderful news with everyone." Vincent replied as he led Catherine into the chamber. Then he brought her up beside him and placed a protective arm around her waist and began to speak. "As everyone knows Catherine and I have been trying to conceive a child." Vincent tightened his arm around her. Then he looked down at her for a moment. "Well today Catherine found out that she is pregnant with our first child."


There was great pride and emotion in his voice. Catherine had now begun to cry slightly. She was happier than she had ever been. Everyone began to cheer as Father rose to embrace the happy couple. Then everyone else moved to congratulate them. "Oh Cathy I could not be happier for you." Lena told her as they embraced. "It was your question that broke the ice." Catherine told her friend. "What do you mean?" Lena asked as they sat down. "I told Vincent about the question you asked me about us having children." Lena was now embarrassed. "I did not mean to pry." She told Catherine. "You were not prying Lena you were only asking a very important question." Vincent told her as he approached. "I realized that you were right." He told her. Then he embraced her.


Later after everyone left Vincent and Catherine sat with Father in his chamber. "Well Catherine has Peter told you everything that you should know about the pregnancy?" He was beginning to sound more like a doctor now than her father-in-law. She smiled and looked up at father. "Yes Father he told me everything." She responded.




As they were talking little Cathy ran into the chamber. "Aunt Cathy would you come read me a bedtime story?" The child asked happily. "Sure honey." Catherine responded as she rose from her chair. "I will be back shortly." She told Vincent as she kissed him. "I will wait here for you my love." Then Catherine picked up the child and left the chamber.


When Catherine returned she took her seat once again. "Catherine did Peter say anything about where you could have the baby?" Father asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes he told me that I could have it in our house since you are so close." Vincent was sitting there smiling happily. He could not get over the fact that Catherine was carrying his child. That night he held her as they lie in bed. As they lie there he felt her happiness coming through their bond. He was happier than he had been in his life. "Catherine I love you so much." He whispered. "And I love you my darling." She responded as they drifted off to sleep.


A couple of month's later Catherine's pregnancy was fully visible. She had been given a clean bill of health from her two favorite doctors. "Cathy you and the baby are just fine." Peter told her as he finished examining her. "Thank you both." Catherine told Peter and Father as they left the bedroom. When she was dressed once again Vincent walked through the secret entrance. "Hello my love." Catherine said as she moved into his embrace. "And how are my two favorite people doing?" Vincent asked. "Father and Peter said that the two of us are just fine." She told him. Vincent smiled and drew her into a gentle kiss. "That is wonderful news." He told her when they broke apart. She looked up at him and smiled. "So let's go see what is for lunch." She commented. Vincent smiled and laughed happily. "Catherine you are priceless." He told her. "No my love I am hungry." She answered. Then she led him from the bedroom.


A few weeks later Catherine was sitting in their library. She was alone for the first time in a few days. Everyone was keeping a close eye on her. She was glad to have a bit of quiet time by herself with the baby. She was sitting there rubbing her stomach gently and singing to it. Then suddenly the doorbell rang. She sighed frustratingly and slowly rose then she walked to the door. When she reached the foyer she looked out the door. She was not pleased to see Elliott standing there. She opened the door and quickly became angry. "What do you want Elliott?" Catherine asked. Elliott was about to answer when he noticed her protruding stomach. "Oh my God Cathy!" was all he could say. Catherine knew that he was shocked and silently reveled in his reaction.


When Elliott was able to speak he looked up at her and smiled knowingly. "I thought that you were moving to California." He said as he looked into her eyes. She was very angry that he was here checking up on her. "Elliott our move has been postponed until our child is born." She told him. "Now, Elliott what do you want?" He looked at her once again and smiled. "Honey you know that I want you." He responded. "Elliott as I have told you I am married." She shot back at him. "And as you have noticed I am pregnant with my husband's child." She added as she placed a protective hand on her belly. When Elliott turned to leave he stopped. "Cathy would you consider leaving the baby with him and coming to me afterward?" Catherine was outraged. "You bastard how dare you ask me something like that!" she screamed. "I would never leave my husband and our child for the likes of you!" Elliott knew that he had overstepped his bounds so he quickly turned and left.


Once he was gone Catherine closed and locked the door. She was very angry. She stroked her belly once again and began to speak to her baby. "Do not worry darling I love you and your daddy." She told her unborn child. "I would never leave you." As she was standing there she heard the secret panel open. When Vincent stepped out into the house he was clearly angry. Catherine rushed to him and threw herself into his arms. He began to calm down when he felt her in his arms.


"Love did you hear any of that?" she asked as she looked up at his face. Vincent looked down at her and nodded. She turned and took his hand. They walked into the library and sat down together on the couch. Vincent once again gathered his wife and unborn child in his arms. They sat there for the longest time saying nothing. Then she looked up at him and gently stroked his cheek. "My darling you must not let anything that he says get too you." She told him. She began to stroke his neck and shoulders in an attempt to relieve his anxiety.


"I am just afraid that he will not give up and keep coming around." Vincent told her. "I would die if he ever took you and our child from me." He continued. Catherine suddenly realized that he was truly frightened by the prospect of Burch taking her from him. Or that he would have to raise their child alone. She placed a hand under his chin and brought his eyes up to meet hers. "Vincent I love you and I would never ever leave you." She told him with a lot of emotion in her voice. "We are going to be together for the rest of our lives raising our children." She then reached up and kissed him very gently at first then the kiss turned more passionate.


Once Vincent had calmed down Catherine asked him how his day had gone. "Are they still having problems with that pipe?" She asked. He nodded as he held her tightly. "I must go deeper into the lower tunnels in the morning." He told her. "I will be gone for a couple of days." He looked up at her to make sure she was not upset. "Vincent I know that you must go but you better be careful." She told him firmly. "I will my love." He told her as he kissed her hair. "Are you sure that you want me to go?" he asked. Catherine sat up and looked up into his eyes. "Sweetheart, you have to go there are many below that are depending on you." She told him. Vincent could not get over how much he loved her. "I know that they depend on me but my main priority now is you and our child." Vincent told her as he gently stroked her stomach. She looked back up at him and smiled. "I love the way you caress my stomach." She told him. "I just want to touch the place where our miracle child is growing." He told her.


The next morning she walked him to the tunnel opening. "Catherine are you sure that I should go?" he asked concerned about her. She smiled and nodded. "Vincent the baby and I are both fine." She reassured him. "If it will make you feel any better Mary has made plans to come stay with me." Vincent smiled at this news. "Yes I will feel better knowing that she will be with you." Then he looked into her eyes and smiled. "Whose idea was that?" he asked. "I think it was Mary's and Father's idea." She told him laughing.


As they were saying goodbye Cullen opened the secret entrance. "Sorry to interrupt but we should get going." He told them apologetically. They both looked at him and smiled. "I will be with you in a moment." Vincent told him. Cullen smiled and backed into the tunnel. "I love you." Catherine told him as he walked to the entrance. "And I love you." He told her as he closed the door.


After he was gone Catherine decided to go and sit back down in the study. She sat there for a while until she settled down and fell asleep. When Mary arrived she found Catherine fast asleep. She took the afghan that was lying on the back of the sofa and covered her. Mary then walked into the kitchen and began preparing dinner. A while later Catherine awoke she sat up and stretched lazily. Then she heard the commotion in the kitchen. She rose and slowly walked into the kitchen.


As She entered the kitchen she smiled. "What smells so wonderful?" Mary turned and smiled at her daughter-in-law. "Hello Cathy I saw that you were sleeping so peacefully and I did not want to disturb you." Mary told her as Catherine came up and embraced her. "Mary you could never bother me." She told her. "Now what can I do?" Catherine asked. Mary thought for a moment. "How about setting the table?" Catherine nodded and took bowls into the dining room. Then Mary brought the soup and they sat down and ate. After they were done Catherine and Mary cleaned off the table.


When they were almost done the doorbell rang. Catherine looked up at Mary and shrugged her shoulders. "Who could that be?" she asked. She walked to the door and opened it. Then she got the greatest shock of her life when Elliott pulled her into his arms and kissed her. "Hello darling I came to see you." He told her smiling as he released her. When Catherine finally got out of his embrace she was enraged. "How dare you do that!" She spat angrily. Then she slapped him across the face. Suddenly Catherine felt a sudden reaction from Vincent through the bond. She quickly calmed down so that he would not feel the need to come to her. "Elliott what the hell are you doing here?" she yelled. He pushed past her and looked around. "I just came to find out when you would be giving up this sham of a marriage and that bastard child." He told her suddenly very serious. "Elliott if you do not leave us alone I will call the police." She demanded. He quickly turned and looked at her stunned. "Cathy you love me and you know it!" he told her forcefully. "No I only love my husband." She retorted.


"Cathy you are mine and you know that, remember that I always get what I want." He assured her. She opened the door and turned to her uninvited guest, "Elliott get out of my house!" she ordered. He shook his head. "No I came here to have it out with this man of yours." He told her. Catherine was stunned. Catherine could not believe her ears. This man was truly delusional. "Elliott my husband had to go out of town on a job." She yelled. He looked at her with another one of his famous smirks. "He must not love you that much, Cathy if he leaves you while you are pregnant." He told her. While they were arguing Mary had come out of the kitchen.


"Oh Mr. Burch I assure you that Catherine is not alone." With that Elliott and Catherine both turned to look at the older woman. "Oh I did not know you had company we can continue this later." Elliott told her as he went to the door. "Mr. Burch I think you should know that I am Catherine's mother-in-law." Mary told Catherine's uninvited guest. Elliott suddenly backed up and turned around. "You are what?" he asked suddenly. Catherine smiled and walked over to the older woman and turned back to Elliott. "Will this convince you that I am married?" She asked. As Catherine was talking she placed a loving arm around Mary. "Mr. Burch my son does exist." Mary assured him. "They are very much in love and that is proven by my grandchild." Mary said as she smiled with pride. "Now I believe that my daughter-in-law asked you to leave." She added.


Elliott could no longer deny the existence of Catherine's husband. He knew that this woman was proof that he did truly exist. "Elliott I believe we asked you to leave." Catherine repeated. He looked up at Catherine once again and nodded. "I know when I am defeated." He told her. "I will not bother you again." He assured her. "Goodbye Catherine." And with that he walked out of the house.


When he was gone Catherine looked over at Mary and smiled. "Oh I love you Mary." Catherine told her as she hugged the older woman. "Well ever since I married Jacob I consider myself to be your mother-in-law and Vincent's mother." Mary told her happily.


Suddenly there was a noise behind them. They both turned to see Jamie entering the house. "Catherine you are needed below in Father's chamber." Catherine was about to ask why when she felt a flash of fear coming through the bond. "Jamie what has happened to Vincent?" Catherine asked frightened. Mary placed a loving arm around her shoulder. "The crew is trapped in the lower tunnels there was a cave in." Catherine turned to Mary and buried her face against her shoulder. "Oh Mary I cannot lose Vincent we have everything we could want!" Catherine cried. Mary patted her back to calm her. "Sweetheart I am sure they are fine let's go below and find out."


When they reached Father's chamber Peter was there with him waiting for them. "Cathy are you alright?" Peter asked. Catherine looked up at him and snarled. "Peter my husband is trapped in a cave in no I am not alright!" Peter and Father were both stunned by her anger at first. But then Peter approached Catherine and brought her into his arms. "Honey, I am so sorry that was a dumb question." He told her as she began to cry again. Catherine shook her head and sniffed. "No Peter, I should apologize for snapping at you." Peter smiled and shook his head.


When Father saw that the situation was calm again he cleared his throat and approached his daughter-in-law. "Catherine until they are free I want you to stay here so that I can keep an eye on both you and the baby." Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "Thank you Father." She responded hugging him. "I would like to go to the site." She told them. "Cathy it might not be to safe." Peter told her. "Peter I want to be there when they get him out." She insisted. Peter looked at Father who just nodded. "Alright honey we will both go." Peter told her as he led her from the chamber.


When they reached the cave in site everyone was working hard to get them out. "Cathy are you okay?" Olivia asked as she and Kanin approached. "Yes I am just very scared." She told them. Catherine sat down on the bench that was nearby. Olivia came and sat down beside her. She placed a loving and protective arm around Catherine's shoulders. "Has there been any word about if anyone is hurt?" Catherine asked. Kanin sat down beside her and shook his head. "No we are not sure if anyone is hurt."


Later that night Olivia and Kanin took Catherine to their chamber. "Cathy you should rest for a while." Kanin directed. Catherine shook her head. "No I have to be there when they get him out." She told them. "Cathy you need to take care of yourself and the baby." Olivia told her. Catherine realized that she was right. "Alright but Kanin please come get me if there is any word." Kanin smiled and nodded. "You know I will." He told her. Then he left to go back to the site.


When Catherine and Olivia were alone Catherine sank to the bed and began to cry again. "Oh Olivia I will not survive if I lose him!" Catherine sobbed. Olivia moved over beside her and held her. "Cathy he will be fine." Olivia tried to reassure her. Meanwhile at the site Kanin yelled out for Father. "We have gotten through!" he told the tunnel elder. "Oh thank God!" Father exclaimed. A while later after Cullen and Mouse had been removed from the cave in, Vincent emerged from the rubble. "Are you alright Vincent?" Father asked. "Yes Father I am fine." Vincent assured him. "Well I would like to examine you." Father told him. Vincent shook his head. "No Father I have to go home and let Catherine know that I am alright." Vincent told him. "Vincent she is not at your house." Peter told him. Vincent turned around suddenly and looked at Peter with a suddenly frightened expression on his face. "What is wrong with her?" He asked the two doctors. "Nothing is wrong with her we just wanted her down here so that we could keep an eye on her." Father told him. "I did not know what the news about the cave in would do to her." Peter told him. "Where is she now?" Vincent asked. Kanin walked up to him and put his arm around Vincent's shoulder. "Livvy and I took her to our chamber so that she could get some rest." He told Vincent. Vincent smiled at him then began to run.


When Vincent reached Kanin and Olivia's chamber he found Olivia there with Catherine. "Is she alright?" he asked Olivia as she approached him. "Yes she and the baby are fine we just wanted her to rest." Olivia told him. "She was very frightened and we thought that she should not be close to the cave in site." She continued. "Thank you for caring for her." Vincent told Olivia. Then he moved past her into the chamber. Olivia sensing that they would need privacy left the chamber to go talk to Kanin.


Vincent gently sat down on the bed trying not to wake her. He stared at the beautiful face of his beloved wife. He loved her so much and he loved their child just as passionately. As he was lost in thought Catherine roused beside him. She turned over and looked up to see Vincent smiling down at her. "Vincent is that you?" she asked. "Yes my love it is." He whispered. Then she sat up and threw herself into his arms. "Oh God Vincent I was so afraid that I would lose you!" she cried. "You could never lose me." Vincent told her as he held her tightly. "Vincent is everyone alright?" She asked. "Yes we are all fine." He told her. "Did Father examine you?" she asked. "No I was more concerned about coming to check on you." He remarked. "Vincent please go and let him examine you." Catherine begged. Vincent was about to refuse when he saw the pleading look in her eyes. "Alright Catherine I will go and let Father examine me then I am coming back to get you." He told her. She smiled brightly at him and nodded. "I will wait here." She told him. Then Vincent left the chamber.


A few minutes later Olivia reentered the chamber. "I assume you saw that husband of yours." she stated happily. Catherine smiled brightly. "Where is he now?" She asked as she sat back down on the bed. "He went to let Father examine him." Catherine told her. "I want to make sure that he is alright." She continued. "Catherine I am glad that we have some time alone." Olivia told her as she rose from the bed. She walked over to the bureau and pulled out a box. "I have had these since before Luke was born." She told Catherine. Catherine took the box and opened it. "Oh these are beautiful!" she exclaimed. "They were Luke's baby clothes when he was a baby." Olivia told her. Catherine closed the box and started to hand it back to Olivia. "No Cathy I want you to have them for the baby if it is a boy." Olivia told her. "Are you sure?" Catherine asked. Olivia smiled and nodded. "Yes I am very sure." She told her. Then Catherine hugged her.


They broke the embrace when Vincent entered the chamber with Kanin. "I am back." He told Catherine. "So how are you?" Catherine asked. "Father said that he and the others are all just fine." Kanin remarked. "That's good I just wanted to make sure." Catherine told him. "Vincent come look at the baby clothes that Olivia gave us." Catherine directed. Vincent approached and looked down at the box. "They are beautiful thank you Olivia." He told her. She smiled and shook her head. "Now Mrs. Wells how about going to our chamber?" Vincent asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes that would be wonderful." She told him. Then Vincent bent down and picked her up. "We will pick the clothes up later." Catherine told Olivia as they left the chamber. "That will be fine." Olivia told her. Then Catherine and Vincent were gone.


Once they arrived at their second home Vincent put Catherine down. He turned and placed a lantern out in the tunnel. Then he returned and placed the tapestry down over the chamber entrance. Then he turned and picked Catherine up once again. He carried her over to the bed and laid her down. "Now I want you to get some rest." He told her. "No I want to stay awake and talk to you." She protested. "Catherine I am going to rest with you." He told her. She smiled and relented. "Alright I can deal with that." She told him as he moved under the covers. Soon they were sleeping happily side by side.


The next few days they spent below. "Catherine may I ask you something?" Vincent asked her one afternoon when they were in their chamber alone. "Love you can ask me anything you know that." She responded. "On the day of the cave in I felt a sudden burst of anger come from you through the bond." Vincent told her. "What happened to make you so angry?" Catherine thought for a moment then began to speak. "Vincent before we found out about the cave in I was at the house with Mary." She began. "The doorbell rang and when I answered it Elliott grabbed hold of me and kissed me before I could tell him to leave." She told him. "Catherine did he harm you?" Vincent asked angrily. "No darling I slapped him and he let me go." She told him proudly. "What made him finally leave?" Vincent asked. "He met my mother-in-law." Catherine told him. Vincent looked up at her stunned. She had never referred to Mary in that way. "Oh Vincent Mary was wonderful she told him that you were her son and that this was her grandchild." Catherine told him happily. "Then she insisted that he leave us alone." This made Vincent feel very loved. "Mary has always been like a mother to me." Vincent told Catherine. Then they rose and headed to Father's study.


"Father where is Mary?" Vincent asked as they entered the chamber. "She went above to take some things to one of our older helpers." Father told him. "Why is something wrong?" Just as Vincent was about to speak again Mary entered the chamber. He quickly rose and walked over to her. "Oh Mary I love you." He told her as he embraced her. "And I love you my son." She told him happily.


She then moved over and embraced Catherine. "I could not stand to hear that man talk to Catherine that way." She told them. "He was so sure that she would leave you." Father looked very confused. "What are you talking about?" he asked his wife. "The day that I spent above with Catherine at the house Elliott Burch tried to convince Catherine to leave Vincent." Mary told him. "Oh God will that man ever stop?" Father asked. Catherine smiled and looked over at Catherine. "Yes Father he is now convinced that I am married and he has told me that he will no longer bother me." Catherine told him. "Well if he does I may have to have a talk with him." Father stated. This startled everyone. "You Father?" Vincent asked. "Yes Catherine is my daughter-in-law and I will not have this man placing her or my grandchild in any type of danger." Father told them. Catherine rose and approached him. "Thank you Father I love you." She told him as she embraced him. "And I love you dear Catherine." Father told her. Then Vincent broke in. "Father we are going back above to the house." He told them. "Are you sure about that?" Father asked. "Yes we need to be back in our own house." Vincent told him. "Catherine will be going on maternity leave soon." Vincent told him. "Vincent I spoke to Joe yesterday when I went above to check on the house." Catherine commented. "He gave me an early maternity leave." She told him. "Well I still want to go home." He told her. She smiled and nodded. "Alright we will go home." Then they left the chamber and headed toward the house.


The rest of Catherine's pregnancy went by wonderfully. Catherine and Vincent were happily anticipating the arrival of their child. Then one morning Catherine awoke with a sudden pain. She looked around but Vincent was not in the bedroom. She made it downstairs just as Vincent was rushing into the house. "Catherine what is wrong?" Vincent asked as he grabbed hold of her. "Vincent I think the baby is on the way." Catherine said excitedly. Vincent led her to the sofa. "Are you alright I will go and get Father and Mary." Catherine nodded and Vincent ran to alert Father.


When they returned they found Catherine where Vincent had left her. "Vincent please take her upstairs." Father instructed. Vincent picked Catherine up and took her to their bedroom. Peter was running into the house just as Vincent placed Catherine down on the bed. "I will be back in a moment my love." Vincent told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Alright but please hurry back." Vincent quickly went downstairs to see what he needed to do.


A few moments later everyone returned. Peter examined her and smiled. "You are almost ready honey." Peter told her. She smiled up at him then at Vincent. "I am so excited!" She told him. Vincent smiled and kissed her. "I am too." He responded.


A while later there was a lot of screaming coming from the bedroom. "Cathy you have to push just a bit more." Peter told her. Catherine looked up at him frightened. "But I can't!" She cried. Vincent rubbed her back and talked lovingly to her. "Catherine my darling you are almost done." He assured her.


"Cathy please push now!" Peter instructed.


"Okay but not much more." She protested. Vincent lifted her up and held her up while she pushed.


"That's it honey!" Peter cried. "Here it comes."


Then suddenly there was a resounding cry as the baby came into the world. "Oh Cathy you have a son and he is perfect!" Mary cried. Catherine looked up and Vincent bent down and kissed her forehead.


"Catherine here is your son." Peter told her as he handed the baby to her. "Oh my God he is beautiful!" Catherine cried. Vincent sat down beside her. "Vincent darling here hold your son." Catherine told him as she handed the baby to him. Vincent took his son into his arms and looked down into his perfect face.


As they were admiring their son the others decided to leave them alone. "Catherine our son is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen." Vincent told her as he looked down at his sleeping son. "Yes my love he is." She looked up at her soul mate and smiled. "Thank you for our son." She told him quietly. Vincent looked at her and shook his head. "No my Catherine it is I who needs to thank you." He told her. "You never gave up on the dream that we shared." He told her. "And I can never tell you how much I love you and our son."




Eight weeks after the baby was born Catherine and Vincent moved down into their chamber in the tunnels. They decided that they would spend a few weeks there so that everyone could be with them and their son. "May I come in?" Father asked one afternoon. Catherine and Vincent looked up from the book they were sharing. "Of course Father." Vincent called out. Father entered the chamber and smiled. "I wanted to see how my three favorite people were." He commented. Catherine giggled and rose. She walked over and embraced him. "Father you never have to have an excuse to see your grandson." She commented. Father smiled at the fact that she had seen through his rouse. "Am I that transparent?" he asked. "When it comes to your grandson yes." Vincent told him smiling. Father moved over and quietly gazed at the sleeping baby. "I cannot get over what a miracle he truly is." Father told them. Catherine smiled as she sat down beside Vincent again. "Yes he is our blessed miracle." She commented. Vincent smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "And you my beloved wife are my first miracle." He told her. Father smiled at this endearment between them. Then he quietly left the chamber as Vincent and Catherine gazed at one another.