By Dawn Yzaguirre

This is my alternative to Though Lovers Be Lost. In this story Gabriel never kidnaps Catherine. In fact, she refused to work on the case when she found out that she was pregnant with her and Vincent's child. Now she must find a way to tell Vincent about the baby and what happened between them in the catacombs. Will they finally have the life that they wanted and have all their dreams come true?


Catherine sat at her desk in the District Attorney's office. She was busily working on one of the many depositions that had awaited her return from her recent leave of absence. She had taken the leave so that she could care for Vincent while he had been ill. When she first approached Joe about the leave he was not happy about the request. He argued with her vehemently about the timing of the request. "Radcliffe do you have to take the leave right now?" he had asked. "Yes Joe it is very important." She responded. "Cathy are you sick?" He asked concerned. She sat down and shook her head. "No I am not sick but someone that is very important to me is and I have to go be with him." She stated. Joe was quiet for a few moments then spoke again. "Is this person the mystery guy you are seeing?" He asked. Catherine silently nodded. "Cathy can I do anything to help?" He asked as he approached her.


He was suddenly shocked when she broke down in his arms. "Joe he is my life." She cried. "I love him so much and he is very ill." She told him. Joe held her tightly until she was calm again. "Cathy if you truly need the leave take all the time you need." He finally told her. She smiled and rose. "Thanks Joe this means a lot to me." She stated. "How long will you be gone?" He asked. she turned around and shrugged her shoulders. "I am not sure Joe but I will contact you." She promised. Then she turned and left his office.


That was a few weeks ago now and Catherine was back at work trying to catch up. She had spent all her time below helping Father and Peter nurse Vincent. It was during this time that she realized that she was indeed pregnant. She was happy about the prospect of having Vincent's child but she knew that it would be hard on him. She stopped working a moment and remembered back to the night that she told Father and Peter about the baby. She had truly expected them to both be very upset but she had truly been surprised by their reaction.


It was during one of her many nights below. She was sitting by Vincent's bed trying to rouse him from the nightmares that had racked him during his illness. She had just discovered that she was definitely pregnant. Now she knew the next step was to tell Father. She rose from her chair and quietly left the chamber. She walked down the tunnel until she came to Father's chamber. There she found him with Peter and Mary. They all looked up at her when she appeared in the entrance. "Has there been any change?" Father asked. Catherine shook her head as she entered the chamber. "No Father he is still the same." She commented. Mary rose and led her to a chair. "Come child you look exhausted." She told her. "I am exhausted." Catherine commented. "But I need to be there with him." She stated. "Honey he would not want you to make yourself ill." Peter told her. Catherine nodded as Mary handed her a cup of tea.


As she took the cup Father noticed that she seemed troubled. He reached across and took her hand. "Catherine dear what is the matter?" He asked gently. Catherine took a deep breath and looked up at him. "There is something that I have to tell you about the catacombs." She whispered. Father looked at Peter then at Mary. "Catherine what is it were you harmed?" He asked concerned. She looked at him and shook her head. "No Father but something did happen that you need to know about." She commented.


Father looked at her concerned. "Catherine please tell me what this is about." Father requested. She nodded and took a deep breath. "Honey what is it?" Peter asked. "Father in the cavern Vincent and I made love." Catherine suddenly blurted out. Father looked at Peter then at Mary. "Catherine look at me please." He requested. She slowly lifted her face. She smiled when she saw that the three of them were all smiling. "Catherine you and Vincent did nothing wrong." Mary told her. "The two of you are in love and this was a logical step." Peter remarked. Then Catherine looked at Father. "Father what do you think?" She asked. Father smiled and reached across the table. He took her hand again and began to speak. "Once I may have been angry but not any longer." He assured her.


Catherine took a deep sigh of relief. "Father there is something else that you should know." She commented. "What is it my dear?" He asked. "Father I found out recently that I am pregnant." She whispered. Father, Mary and Peter were shocked. "Honey are you sure?" Peter asked. Catherine looked at him and smiled. "Yes I am positive I am already having some morning sickness." She explained. "Catherine we have to monitor you very closely." Father commented. "After all this is my grandchild that we are talking about." He told her smiling. Catherine's defenses finally broke.


They watched in shock as she suddenly burst into tears. "Oh Father I was so frightened." She cried. Mary rose and held her tightly. "I know my dear but I could not be happier." He commented. "Father I am not sure how much Vincent will remember." Catherine told him. Father nodded. "Yes I fear he may not remember." He agreed. "But Catherine you must not lose faith that he will eventually." He stated. Catherine smiled and rose. She walked around the desk and embraced him. "Thank you so much Father." She whispered. Father patted her cheek. "No Catherine thank you for proving me wrong." He commented. Then she turned toward the steps. "I need to be getting back to Vincent." She remarked. "Honey please take some time to rest." Peter requested. She smiled and nodded. "Of course I will." She stated. Then she left the chamber.


Coming back to the present Catherine sighed. She had gone below the previous night to tell Vincent about the baby but when she arrived she found that he was extremely agitated. "Vincent what is it?" She asked when she entered the chamber. Vincent turned in mid pace and looked at her. "Catherine I have lost the bond." He stated. "I can no longer feel you." He added. This revelation shocked her. "Vincent I believe the bond will return." She told him. "Catherine I used to know when you were entering the tunnels and that filled me with such joy." He explained. "But tonight I had to wait until one of the sentries informed me that you were here." Catherine moved forward and put her hand on his shoulder. "Vincent maybe the bond in the form it was is gone but it was our gift." She began. "We used it because we needed it and maybe now it is no longer needed." She continued. "But Vincent we have so many gifts that are waiting to come to the two of us." She explained. She took a deep breath and prepared to tell him about the baby. "Catherine I don't know what to think anymore." He stated sadly. "I want the bond back the way it was before." He told her. Catherine suddenly knew that she could not tell him anything in this state. They spent the rest of the night holding one another and talking casually.


As Catherine was sitting there lost in thought, Joe approached her desk. "Hey Radcliffe are you alright?" He asked concerned. When Catherine did not respond he spoke a bit louder. "CATHY!" he said almost yelling. At the sound of his voice Catherine came out of her revelry. "What were you saying Joe?" She asked when she saw him standing there. He smiled that charming boyish smile that she found so endearing. "I was asking if you were alright." He commented. She smiled shyly and looked down at her desk. "Yes Joe I am just trying to make a very important decision." She commented. "Is there anything I can do to help?" He asked as he sat down on the corner of the desk. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No thanks Joe I will figure this out." She stated. Joe nodded and rose. "Sure but remember I am here for you." He reminded her. She smiled and nodded. "Thanks a lot Joe." She responded.


As Joe turned around to walk back to his office he suddenly stopped. "Oh yeah I nearly forgot I need to speak to you in my office." He commented. Catherine looked up and nodded. Then she rose and followed him. Once they entered the office she closed the door. "Cathy please sit down." Joe directed. She sat down on the sofa and looked at him curiously. "What is the problem Joe?" She asked. Joe sat down on the corner of his desk facing her. "Radcliffe I really need your help." He told her. She noticed how tense he looked. "You know I will help you if I can." She responded. Joe smiled and nodded his head. "Cathy you know this mob investigation that I have been working on?" he asked. She thought a moment then nodded her head. "Yes I remember you telling me about the case." She commented. Joe stood and began to pace. "This guy Gabriel has his hands in every racket in this city." He stated angrily. Then he looked at her. "Kiddo I really need your help on this investigation." He told her. Catherine's mind began racing. She knew that she could not get involved in the case but she wondered how she was going to tell him.


After a few moments Joe spoke again. "Did you hear me Radcliffe?" He asked as he approached her again. She looked up at him and mutely nodded. Then she rose and began to pace. "Joe I can't help you with this investigation." She told him. Joe was truly shocked by her answer she was always willing to help him on a case. "Cathy why not?" He asked confused.


She suddenly stopped and looked at him again. "Joe I am pregnant." She blurted out. Joe was shocked. "You are pregnant?" he asked. She smiled and nodded. "Yes Joe." She responded. "Cathy who is the father of your baby?" Joe suddenly asked. Then he thought again. "You don't have to respond to that question." He told her. She nodded. "I know Joe but I do owe you an explanation." She told him. "Joe the father of my baby is the man I have been involved with for the last three years." She commented. "Cathy what does he think of the situation?" Joe asked. Catherine sighed. "Joe I have not told him yet." She stated. "Why not he has the right to know." He told her. She turned around toward him and nodded. "Yes of course he does." She stated. "He has just been so ill that I have been having to wait to tell him about the baby." She answered.


Then she took a deep breath. "Joe I need a favor from you." She stated as she sat back down. "You know that I will help you anyway I can." He told her as he sat down beside her. "Joe I need an indefinite leave of absence." She stated seriously. Joe was shocked by this request. "Radcliffe are you sure about this?" he asked. She smiled and nodded. "Yes Joe it is the only way that I can concentrate on this situation." She told him. Joe smiled. "Well if you need the leave then take all the time you want." He commented. Catherine smiled then hugged him. "Thanks a lot Joe."


Then she turned and walked toward the door. "Cathy is this a leave of absence or a resignation?" Joe suddenly asked. Catherine turned around slightly and looked over her shoulder. "Joe I will have to make that decision later." She commented. "Well Cathy we will miss you." He commented. "By the way when do you want to take your leave?" He asked. "I was hoping to begin today." She commented. "You know that I will be here for you if you need me for anything." Joe told her. She smiled and nodded. "Thanks a lot Joe." Then she left the office.


While this was going on in the tunnels Father and Peter were talking. "I have decided that it is time to tell Vincent about the cavern when he returns this afternoon." Father commented. Peter looked up at him surprised. "Shouldn't you let Catherine do that?" Peter asked. Father shook his head. "No Peter I am not sure what his reaction will be and we both know that Catherine must remain calm." He stated.


With that Peter rose from his chair. "Someone needs to tell her." he commented. "I will go to her office and tell her myself." He stated. "I just hope this does not upset her too much." He added. "Peter please make sure that she does not come below tonight." Father requested. Peter turned and looked at him shocked. "Jacob you know that when she finds out that you are telling him she will want to come down here." Peter told him. "I know that but she needs to give me time to get through to him." Father commented. Peter sighed and nodded. "I will do the best I can." He remarked. Then he left the tunnels. Once he was gone Father rose and walked out of the chamber toward Vincent's chamber to await his arrival.


Later that afternoon Catherine was preparing to leave the office. She was packing her briefcase when she became aware of someone watching her. She turned around and smiled as she saw Peter approaching her desk. "Cathy I need to speak to you in private." He told her quietly. She suddenly got a very sinking feeling. "We can go into the conference room." She told him. He nodded and they walked into the room. Catherine closed the door behind them then she turned around toward him. "Now Peter please tell me what this is about." She begged. "Is he sick again?" She asked frightened. Peter smiled and shook his head. "No honey he is not sick." He assured her. She smiled and took a deep breath. "Then what is this about?" She asked. "Honey I came here to let you know that Jacob is telling Vincent everything about the cavern today." He commented.


Catherine rose from her seat and began to pace. "But Peter that is my responsibility." She argued. Peter shook his head. "No Cathy your responsibility is to take care of this baby." He told her. "Well at least I can be there." She commented as she prepared to leave the room. Peter placed a hand on her shoulder. "No Cathy Jacob asked me to see that you don't come below tonight." He stated. "Peter how can I stay away?" She asked. "We have to face this situation together." She argued. Peter put a hand on her shoulder. "Honey you cannot be getting stressed out as we have told you and Jacob is not sure what your presence would do to you or to Vincent." He explained. "Honey please do this Jacob's way." Peter pleaded. "It may be better for both of you in the long run." He stated. "Vincent has to come to terms with this and he cannot do that with you right there when he finds out." He added. Catherine thought a moment then nodded. "I just hope that he does not hate me after this." She commented. Peter smiled and pulled her into his arms. "Honey he could never hate you." He assured her. "Jacob will make sure that he understands about what happened." He stated. Then he once again embraced her.


A few moments later he released her. "Now how about going to dinner with me tonight?" he asked smiling. She thought a moment then smiled. "Yes I would like that I don't think I can be alone right now." She stated. "I would be going crazy wondering what is going on below." She added.


Then she smiled and placed her hand over her slightly rounded stomach. "And as you and Father have both told me that is not good for this little one." She stated smiling. Peter smiled again and nodded. "Yes that is true." He commented. "But what this little one needs most is a proper dinner." He remarked. "Besides I for one am starving." He teased. Catherine smiled and laughed happily. "Peter you are a mess." She teased as she embraced him once again. "Yes I am but you love me anyway." He teased back. She moved out of his arms and smiled. "Yes I do." She told him. Then they left the conference room and the office.


Below in the tunnels Vincent entered his chamber. He smiled when he saw Father waiting for him. "Hello Father." He commented as he removed his cloak and hung it up. "How did the repairs go?" Father asked trying to put off the inevitable conversation. Vincent sat down in his chair and smiled. "The repairs went very well in fact they are all done." He stated. Father smiled and nodded. "That is good." He commented.


After a few moments of silence Vincent noticed that Father seemed distracted. "Father is something wrong?" He asked. He asked concerned. Father looked up at him and shook his head. "No I just needed to speak to you about a matter concerning Catherine." He commented. Vincent suddenly rose from his chair. "Father has something happened to her?" Vincent asked frightened. Father noticed this and rose from his chair. "No Vincent Catherine is fine." He assured his son. Vincent took a deep breath and once again sat down. "You truly frightened me just now." He stated. Father put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "I know and I am truly sorry." He commented.


After a few seconds of silence Vincent spoke again. "Now what is it that you wish to speak to me about concerning Catherine?" He asked. Father sat back down and took a deep breath. "Vincent what do you remember about the cavern?" He asked. Vincent looked down and whispered. "I have no memory of that time." He remarked. "Why do you ask?" Father took a deep breath and began to speak again. "Vincent there is something you need to know about that night in the cavern." Father commented. "When you entered the cavern you were in such pain and rage that I did not know what to do." He began. "I decided to contact Catherine and bring her down here." He stated. By this time Vincent was leaning forward intently listening. "Vincent I thought she was the only one who could reach out to you." He stated.


Father stopped a moment to let this first part sink in. Then he began to speak once again. "Vincent I thought that she could reach you through your bond." Father stated. "I was not expecting her to do what she did." He remarked. Vincent suddenly rose and turned away from him. "What did she do?" he asked in a voice that was no more than a whisper. "She entered the cavern and went after you." He remarked. Vincent suddenly began to pace. "Father how could you allow her to do such a thing?" he asked agitated. "Vincent I assure you I tried to stop her but she turned around and just glared." He stated. Father then smiled. "She stared at me for a moment then said something that I will never forget." He commented. "What did she say?" Vincent asked as he stopped pacing. "She told me that you were her world and without you there was nothing left for her." Vincent turned around looked at him. "She said that?" He asked. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes she did." He answered. "She is a wonderful woman." Father stated. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes she is I love her more every day." He added.


Then Vincent suddenly looked at his parent. "Father what are you trying to tell me did I do something to harm her?" He asked. Father shook his head. "No my son you did not harm her." Vincent smiled and sighed in relief. "But something did happen between the two of you in the cavern." Father stated. Once Vincent heard this he once again began to pace. "Father what did I do?" He asked. "Vincent you and Catherine made love to one another in the cavern." He suddenly blurted out. Vincent spun around and stared at him. "No that is not possible!" he stated adamantly. Father nodded his head. "Yes Vincent it did occur." Father told him. "So what you are telling me is that I raped her." Vincent stated with a sob. Father rose and hobbled over to him. He put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "No! Vincent from what Catherine told me everything that occurred between you was completely mutual." He assured him.


After a few seconds of silence Father spoke again. "Vincent when she entered the cavern you were in such a rage that you ran at her ready to strike." He stated. This brought a sob from Vincent. "But my son you stopped!" Father told him adamantly. "When she called out your name you stopped because you recognized her." Father explained. "Then you collapsed in front of her." Father continued. "Apparently your vital signs stopped." He explained. "Catherine thought that you had died right there. She began to hit your chest in an attempt to revive you. But when it did not work she kissed you." Father told him.


Vincent turned and stared at him. "She kissed me?" He asked. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes and apparently you responded to that kiss." He commented. "You always warned me against this type of relationship with Catherine." He stated sadly. Father nodded. "Yes and I was very wrong." He commented. Vincent looked at him once again. "How can you say that after what I have done?" he asked. Father rose and approached him. "Vincent you are my son and I love you but I did you a great injustice when I warned you away from a future with Catherine." Father told him. "Vincent she loves you more than anything in life and her actions have solidly proved that." He continued. "I truly believe that you and Catherine were meant to move forward in your relationship." He added.


Father stopped speaking for a few moments to let all that he had said sink in before telling Vincent about the baby. "Vincent there is one more thing that you have to know." He began. Vincent looked up at him and waited. "While you were ill Catherine discovered that she is pregnant with your child." He stated. He looked up to see tears streaming down Vincent's face. "Oh Father how could I have done that to her?" Vincent cried. Father embraced him tightly. "My son this is a blessed miracle that you and Catherine have been given." He explained. "I am very happy that you are going to be a father. Then you will know the joy that I have known." He added.


Suddenly Father released him. "Vincent you need time to think." He stated. "Why don't you go somewhere and be alone?" he asked. Vincent dried his eyes and nodded. "Yes I do need to be alone for a while." He stated. "I will be at the falls if anyone needs me for anything." Then he grabbed his cloak and ran from the chamber. Father watched sadly as he left. He hoped that Vincent would be able to come to terms with this news and that he and Catherine would have their happy life together with their child.


While this was happening above Catherine let herself and Peter into her apartment. "Peter may I get you some coffee?" She asked as she put her briefcase and purse down. Peter noticed how upset and forlorn she looked. "In a minute honey come over here and sit down." He directed. He took her hand and led her to the sofa. They sat down and sat there in complete silence for the next few moments. "Honey please tell me what you are thinking." Peter pleaded. Catherine suddenly rose and began to pace. Peter smiled slightly as he observed this. You are becoming more like Vincent everyday. He thought to himself.


Suddenly Catherine stopped pacing and turned toward him. "Peter what if he hates me because of this?" Catherine asked. "Honey there is nothing that could ever make Vincent hate you." Peter told her. Catherine shook her head. "I used to think that but this may be the exception." She commented. Peter rose and brought her back toward the sofa. "Listen to me for a moment." He directed. "I know that you are very frightened." He began. Catherine looked up and sadly nodded. "Yes I am truly frightened." She answered. "But honey I think you are worrying too much about the negative side of all this." He stated. "You and Vincent have a very special relationship and that is what will bring you through this." He stated. "And honey you are going to have a truly amazing child." He added. Catherine smiled and placed her hand on her small rounded stomach. "Yes this child will be amazing." She agreed.


Then she looked up at Peter. "But what if Vincent is never able to accept the baby what will I do then?" She asked sadly. "I do not think I could go through this alone." She commented. Peter pulled her into his arms. "Honey you will never be alone in this." He vowed. "You have me and you have Jacob not to mention your friends both above and below." He told her. "Yes but that will be an impossible situation for me if Vincent cannot accept the baby." She stated sadly. "No Cathy!" Peter commented adamantly. "The one thing that I know is that Jacob will not allow Vincent's stubbornness to rob him of his grandchild." He told her. "I hope that you are right." She stated. Peter smiled. "I know that I am now you need to relax and try not to worry." He commented. "I will get myself some coffee and you some milk." He stated as he rose. She smiled slightly "Milk huh?" She asked. Peter turned around and smiled. "Yes young lady milk." Then he walked into the kitchen. While he was gone Catherine laid her head down on the back of the couch and tried to relax.


As this was happening Father entered his chamber. There he found Mary waiting for him. "Jacob did you speak to Vincent?" She asked anxiously as she poured them both a cup of tea. Father sat down and sighed. "Yes I did." He commented. Mary brought the tea over to the table then sat down beside him. "So what was his reaction?" She asked. "Mary he thinks the other came out and raped her." he stated sadly. Mary sighed and shook her head. "Oh Jacob he would never harm Catherine." She told him. "I know but he is convinced that it was not him that was with her." he stated once again.


Suddenly Mary rose from her chair. "Jacob you have placed too much emphasis on the 'other' for too long!" She stated angrily. Father was shocked by her outburst. "You really did a good job on him!" She yelled. "Mary dear what do you mean?" he asked still shocked. "Jacob you have never let Vincent live a normal life because of your fear about the 'other'. Then she glared at him. "I will not allow you to do this any longer because I love Vincent as my own son!" She stated sternly. "Where are you going?" Father asked when he finally found his voice. "I am going to talk to my son." She told him. Then she left the chamber. After she was gone Father smiled. He realized that she was right.


In the chamber of the falls Vincent was sitting on the high ledge over the waterfall lost in thought. He stared blankly at the water in the distance. His mind was in great turmoil and he was not sure how he was going to deal with the situation. There was one distinct thought that kept rolling around in his head. Catherine is pregnant with my child. His mind kept screaming that this was just a dream. But deep in his heart he held great hope that this was true. His heart also called for him to believe that this was the beginning of their life together. And that all their dreams could be coming true. His shook his head in an attempt to clear the thoughts. He was also struggling to control the warring emotions that he felt inside.


As he was lost in thought he heard a noise behind him. He turned to see Mary entering the chamber. He rose to his feet and approached her. "Were you looking for me Mary?" he asked the older woman. She smiled and nodded. "Yes in fact I was." She commented. Vincent smiled then he took her hand. "Come sit with me and we will talk." He told her as he led her toward the stone bench a few feet away.


Once they were seated on the bench Vincent turned and looked at her. "Now what is it that you wish to speak to me about?" He asked. "Vincent you know that ever since Father and I married I have thought of you as my son." She stated. Vincent smiled lovingly and put his arm around her shoulder. "And I have always thought of you as my mother." He responded. "I understand that tonight Father told you about the cavern and that Catherine is having your child." She commented. Vincent looked down and let his hair fall over his face. "Yes he did." He whispered. "Vincent I came here to speak to you from Catherine's point of view." She stated. Vincent looked up at her once again. His heart was beginning to pound in his chest. He was unsure that he wanted to know just how Catherine felt about having his child. "Vincent she was truly nervous about telling you." She began. "She wanted to tell you but when she came below that one night but she was so distressed about your state of mind that she could not bring herself to tell you then." She stated.


Mary smiled slightly when she realized that Vincent was listening intently. "Mary was she that afraid to tell me about the situation?" He asked distressed. Mary put a hand on his shoulder. "No Vincent she was not afraid to tell you she was more concerned about how you were because you were still recovering from your illness." She continued. "And you were also dealing with the loss of the bond between you." She whispered. Vincent looked down again and nodded. "Yes losing our bond has been extremely painful." He commented. "Vincent how do you think she feels about the loss of the bond?" Mary asked. Vincent shrugged his shoulders. "I am not sure because the bond was always stronger in me than Catherine." He stated. Mary nodded slightly. "Yes but I know from talking to her that the loss of the bond has also been painful for her." She commented. "She loved the fact that you could feel her so close to your heart." She stated.


Mary finished speaking then let her words penetrate. "Vincent what I want to know now is how do you feel about the baby?" She asked. Vincent looked up at her and could not help but smile. "Mary knowing that Catherine is carrying my child is a dream come true from me and fills me with such pride." He commented. "Vincent I have to tell you that this is how Catherine feels about the child." Mary told him.


Suddenly Vincent rose to his feet. "Mary are you telling me that she is happy about having our child?" he asked still unsure. Mary smiled and rose. She walked up beside him and put her hand on his arm. "Yes Vincent that is exactly what I am telling you." She commented. "Now what I want to know is what are you going to do about this situation?" She asked. Vincent looked at her somewhat confused by the question. Mary noticed this and spoke again. "Vincent this is your child that Catherine is carrying and that means that you have a great responsibility not only to the baby but also to Catherine." She stated. Suddenly every word that Mary had spoken fell into place. He smiled and embraced Mary. "Thank you my dear mother." He whispered. Mary smiled at the endearment. "What are you going to do?" She asked as they parted. Vincent thought a moment. "I am going to tell Father about our talk." He stated. Then he turned and quickly left the chamber.


Above in Catherine's apartment she and Peter were talking happily. Then Peter looked at his watch. "Oh Lord I have to go." He commented as he rose. "I promised Susan that I would call her half an hour ago." He stated. Catherine smiled and stood up. "You can call her from here if you like." She commented looking at the telephone. Peter chuckled and shook his head. "No thanks honey when we start talking we usually end up talking for a long time." He commented. "Well the two of you have a wonderful relationship." She commented. He smiled and took her by the hand. "Yes honey and you will have that same type of relationship with your baby." He remarked. Then he turned and led her to the door. "Now I want you to get some rest." He ordered lovingly. She smiled as she unlocked and opened the door. "I will rest I promise." She told him. "And honey please do not worry about what is going on below." He told her.


Then Peter noticed that the smile on Catherine's face vanished. "Peter how can I not worry about that?" She asked. "Especially when my future and my baby's future is at stake." She commented. "Cathy please have faith in Vincent." Peter pleaded. She smiled again. "I do have faith in him but I am also very worried about him." She stated. "Well now I want you to worry more about yourself and this baby." He told her fatherly. She smiled once again and embraced him. "Thank you for taking such good care of me and the baby." She commented. "Hey remember in a way this baby is my grandchild too." He commented. Catherine smiled lovingly once again. "Yes since Dad is gone now you have the job." She remarked. Peter smiled brightly. "And I guarantee you that Jacob and I will spoil him or her mercilessly." He stated proudly. "I hope so." She stated. "Now honey I truly have to go." He commented as he looked at his watch again. She smiled as he walked out of the apartment. "Night honey." He called as he walked toward the elevator. "Goodnight Peter." She called back. Then she closed the door.


Once he was gone Catherine locked the door. She then flipped off the light in the living room and walked into her bedroom. As she entered the room she walked to her closet. She opened the door and pulled out a light purple nightgown and a matching robe. She laid them on the bed and looked at them with a slight smile on her face. In a couple of months I will not be able to wear gowns like this for a while. She thought to herself as she gently stroked the silk gown. Then she picked them up and walked toward the bathroom closing the door as she entered.


A while later she reentered the bedroom. She sat down on the bed and picked up the book of poetry that lay on her bedside table. She turned around and pulled her legs up onto the bed. Then she began reading. As she read her thoughts flew to Vincent. She looked up from the book and sighed. I have to know what is going on below. She thought to herself. I must know what the future holds for me and this baby. Then she closed the book and put it back down on the nightstand. She then quickly rose and dressed then taking her flashlight she left the apartment.


When she reached the subbasement of her building Catherine opened up the secret tunnel entrance and climbed down the ladder. As she reached the tunnel floor she turned around and walked out of the light into the main tunnel. She felt a new sense of nervousness as she walked. She wondered if Vincent would want to see her or if he would even want her with him right now. She stopped for a moment and placed a hand on her stomach. Oh little one I hope your daddy accepts us. She thought to herself.


Suddenly she was aware of someone approaching her. She looked up to see Father coming toward her. "Catherine dear are you all right?" he asked. She smiled nervously and nodded. "Yes Father I am fine." She commented. "I know that you told Peter I should stay away tonight but I just couldn't." She explained. Father smiled lovingly and placed his hand on her cheek. "Dear Catherine I am glad that you came down here." He told her. "Vincent needs you with him." he explained. Catherine looked down a moment. "How is he Father?" She asked nervously. "He is fine." Father told her. She looked up at him. "Are you sure?" She asked. He smiled again and nodded. "Yes Catherine now all he needs is you and your child." He told her. "You may find him in his chamber go to him." He directed lovingly.


Catherine smiled then began to walk away from him. She got a few feet away when she suddenly stopped and looked back at Father. "Will he accept me?" She asked. Father smiled again and nodded. "Yes Catherine he will." He assured her. Catherine smiled then nodded. Then she once again began to walk down the tunnel. Father smiled as he watched her walk away. He knew in his heart that Vincent and Catherine would now have the life together that they desire. He then turned and walked toward his own chamber.


As Catherine approached Vincent's chamber she stopped. She was truly nervous about seeing him. She stilled herself and moved slowly toward the chamber once again. Vincent sat inside reading. He suddenly was aware of someone out in the tunnel. He put down his book and rose from the bed. He was about to walk out of the chamber when Catherine appeared in the entrance. She smiled when she saw him. "Hello Vincent." She said as she watched him. Vincent was suddenly overcome with how beautiful she truly looked. He moved toward her and gently enfolded her in his arms. "Catherine my love." He whispered as he held her. "Oh Vincent I was so afraid." She cried. Vincent held her a bit tighter and rocked her. "Catherine please never be afraid to come to me especially with something this important." He begged. "Catherine I have no words for this gift that you have given me." He whispered. Catherine smiled and cupped his cheek. "Vincent this child is a gift for both of us." She answered. "Our child is our dream come true." She continued. "I could not be happier or feel more proud to be carrying our child." She assured him. She smiled and looked up at him. She was surprised when he leaned forward and kissed her.


Once they separated Vincent wrapped his arms tightly around her. "It is truly wonderful to know that I am holding two people in my arms." He stated proudly. Catherine lifted her head from his chest and smiled. "I love you so much." She told him. "And I love you my beloved brave angel." Vincent answered. Vincent released Catherine and took her hand. He led her into the chamber.


As they entered the chamber Vincent pulled down a new tapestry over the entrance. He looked at her and smiled. "We need privacy." He commented. Catherine smiled lovingly at him. "I was not aware that you had a tapestry I never saw you use one." She stated. Vincent nodded. "I had it rolled up and stored." He told her. "I never needed it before now." He answered.


Then he led her toward his bed. They sat down on the bed beside one another. Vincent moved back against his pillows and smiled. Then he opened his arms. "May I hold you?" he asked. She smiled and removed her shoes. Then she slid back into his arms. Vincent gently wrapped his arms around her and held her lovingly. She sighed happily as she settled into his embrace. "I have wanted to be here in your arms all day." She told him. "And I have wanted you here with me all day." He remarked.


Vincent tightened his arms around her slightly. "So how was your day?" he asked. She sighed once again. "It was all right I guess." She remarked. "I got all the files updated that were waiting for me after my leave." She stated. "That is good." He answered. "At least that is one thing that you will not have to worry about tomorrow." He stated. Catherine turned in his arms so that she could look into his face. "I am not going to work tomorrow." She told him. This statement worried Vincent. "Why not Catherine is something wrong?" he asked. She smiled and shook her head. "No love nothing is wrong." She commented. "It is just that I am now on an indefinite leave of absence." She told him. Vincent was happily surprised by this news. "What did Joe say when you asked him for the leave so soon after your last leave?" He asked. "I bet he was not too happy." He added. Catherine smiled slightly remembering Joe's reaction. "No he was not that happy but he did not argue too much." She stated. "Catherine what reason did you give him?" Vincent asked curiously. "I told him the truth." She answered. Vincent was surprised by this answer. "Did he ask a lot of questions?" he asked. Catherine shook her head. "No he figured out that the father of my baby was the person that I am involved with." She mused. "Besides he knows that there are questions that I will not answer." She told him.


Vincent suddenly grew very quiet. "I am so sorry that you have to bear that burden." He told her sadly. Catherine put her hand on his cheek. "Please look at me darling." She requested. Vincent raised his face until he was looking into her eyes. "Vincent I would bear anything for you and this child." She told him. Vincent smiled. "I still cannot believe that you are carrying my child." He commented. Catherine smiled lovingly and placed his hand on her slightly rounded stomach. "Yes my love our child is growing right here." She stated. Then she leaned up and kissed him.


Later that night they joined everyone for dinner. All the tunnel dwellers were happy to see her. "Catherine how long are you staying here?" Jamie asked. Catherine looked at Vincent and smiled. "Well that has not been decided as of yet." She commented. Then Father patted Jamie's shoulder. "Everyone will know what is going on soon enough." He assured the young girl. She smiled and nodded. The rest of the dinner was very delightful Catherine truly loved being here with her family.


As they left the dining chamber Vincent leaned down and whispered in her ear. "We are having a council meeting tonight." He stated. Catherine smiled lovingly. "Why don't we make the announcement then?" She asked. Vincent smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist. "That is exactly what I was thinking." He informed her. "Now my love let's go back to our chamber until the meeting." He told her. Catherine smiled at the use of the word 'our' when Vincent referred to his chamber. "I would love that." She told him. Then they walked down the tunnel toward the chamber.


A few moments later they entered the chamber. Catherine walked over and sat down in his chair. "Catherine how are we going to work everything out?" Vincent asked as he sat down on his bed. Catherine opened her eyes and looked at him. "What do you want to do?" She asked. Vincent suddenly rose and began to pace. Catherine noticed this and looked at him concerned. "Love please tell me what is wrong." She begged. Vincent suddenly stopped pacing he turned around to face her. "Catherine I have never felt that I had the right to ask you to choose between your two lives." He told her. "I have always felt that asking you to choose would be harming you." He continued. Catherine looked at him and nodded. "Yes but as I have told you before it would not be a difficult choice for me too make." She assured him. Vincent took a deep breath then he walked over and knelt down in front of her chair. He took her hands in his and raised them to his lips gently kissing them. "Catherine please stay." He requested. "I can see now that I need you here." He told her. "I love you so much that I can no longer live without you." He told her.


When he was done speaking he looked up and noticed that she was crying. "Catherine was I wrong to presume that this is what you want?" he asked concerned. Catherine smiled as she wiped her tears away. Then she moved forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. "No Vincent you were not wrong." She told him. "I want so much to live here with you forever." She stated. "Yes my love I will stay." She stated smiling. Vincent smiled as he caressed her cheek. "I will love you all my days." He whispered. Then he kissed her.


They stayed like that until they heard a noise in the entrance of the chamber. "Vincent I was wondering…" Father stammered when he saw them. Vincent and Catherine parted and rose. "Yes Father what were you wondering?" Vincent asked as he put his arm around Catherine. "I was just wondering if the two of you were planning on making your announcement tonight." Father stated when he was over the surprise. Vincent looked down at Catherine who smiled. "Yes Father we are making the announcement." He stated proudly. "And we are also asking that Catherine be given permanent sanctuary here in the tunnels." He added. Father smiled brightly. "I was hoping that you would." He told them. "We will have the meeting at 8:00." He commented. "Until then I have asked everyone to leave the two of you in peace." He stated. Then without another word he turned and left the chamber. Vincent and Catherine smiled when they saw him pull down the tapestry behind him.


At 7:45 they left the chamber heading for Father's chamber. When they entered the chamber they found everyone in the community there. Catherine looked up at Vincent and smiled. "Father you didn't ruin our surprise did you?" Vincent asked as they descended the steps. Father smiled and shook his head. "No of course not." He stated. "But everyone knows that the two of you have some big news." He told them. They both smiled as they took their seats. Father called the meeting to order and they carried on with the usual business.


A while later Father spoke again. "Before we adjourn I believe that Vincent and Catherine have some news for everyone." He stated. Vincent smiled at Catherine. Then he rose and pulled her up beside him. "Catherine and I have just discovered that we are expecting a child." Vincent announced proudly.


Everyone was silent for a few moments. Then they all smiled and cheered. Catherine wrapped her arms around Vincent's waist and smiled at him. "And I am asking for permanent sanctuary here in the tunnels." She requested. Father smiled. "Catherine has asked for sanctuary everyone in favor raise your hand." He directed. Catherine smiled when everyone raised his or her hand. "Catherine can take her rightful place as a new member of this community." Father announced. With that everyone cheered once again. Vincent smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "Welcome home my love." He whispered. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. Then to everyone's surprise and delight Vincent kissed her.


After a small gathering in Father's chamber Vincent and Catherine returned to their chamber. "I am so glad that everything went so well." Catherine commented as she lay down on the bed. Vincent came and sat down beside her. "So am I my love." He whispered. Then she turned on her side toward him. "I will have to go to my apartment and close it out." She stated. Vincent smiled and nodded. "I know and you need to let Joe know that you are not coming back to work." He reminded her. She smiled and sat up. "Yes that is going to be a very interesting conversation." She stated. "When were you planning on going?" Vincent asked as he caressed her cheek. She thought a moment then smiled. "Well you and I could go tomorrow night." She told him. Vincent thought a moment then nodded. "Yes I would love to spend one more evening there." He stated. "So would I." She whispered. "Now my love you need to get your rest." He commented. "After all you are doing things for two now." He added as he touched her stomach. Catherine smiled lovingly. "Yes I suppose we should get some sleep." She stated. "I will go bathe then be back." He whispered. Then he leaned down and kissed her. She smiled and watched him as he rose and walked across the chamber. "Please hurry back my love." She requested. He looked at her and smiled. "Of course my love." He answered. Then he left the chamber.


Once he was gone Catherine rose from the bed and walked toward his bureau. She opened the door and began looking for something to wear to bed. She smiled when she came across one of his nightshirts. She took it out and held it to her. Then she undressed and pulled the shirt over her head. Just as she finished dressing Vincent walked back into the chamber. He smiled when he saw her standing there. "I am back love." He whispered. Catherine turned toward him and smiled. "I thought I would sleep in this." She commented. Vincent put his things away then approached. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. "You look absolutely beautiful in that shirt." He whispered. She snuggled into his arms and smiled. "I love you." She told him. Vincent moved back slightly and looked at her. "As I love you." He answered. "Now you need to get into bed." He directed. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Of course my love." She answered.


She moved over to the bed and climbed in. Vincent pulled her feet up on the bed and then he covered her with the quilts. "Aren't you coming to bed?" She asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "I will in a little while I just want to write in my journal." He told her. She smiled. "Alright my darling." She whispered. Then Vincent gently kissed her. "Goodnight my angel." He whispered. She smiled at him sleepily. "Goodnight darling." She answered as she closed her eyes.


Vincent watched her for a few moments. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. He then turned and walked toward his writing table. He sat down and took out his journal. Taking his pen he sat there a few moments collecting his thoughts. Then he began to write.


I am going to be a father! The words still amaze me. Catherine is having our child. And now she is here in OUR chamber and in OUR bed. I am filled with a happiness that I cannot express. When Father first told me about what happened between Catherine and myself in the cavern I was horrified. I was sure that the 'other' had come out and raped her. But then Father assured me that it was only the two of us. And tonight when Catherine came to the tunnels she reaffirmed that. I have never been happier in my life. Now Catherine will be moving below so that I can be with her and our child. And I will be able to watch over both of them and love them. I am truly blessed to be loved by this wonderful woman.


Vincent capped his pen. Then he closed his journal. He sat there for a few moments then he rose and turned back toward the bed. He smiled when he saw Catherine sleeping happily in their bed. He moved slowly toward the bed. He silently changed clothes and slipped into bed beside her. He relaxed when he felt her snuggle up beside him. He put his arms around her and pulled her against him. He stared at her for a few more moments then he happily fell asleep.


The next morning Catherine awoke. She smiled as she turned over expecting to see Vincent beside her. But she frowned when she found herself alone. Then she saw the note that was addressed to her lying on his pillow. She sat up and wiped her eyes then she picked up the note and read it.


My love,

I have had to go on a work detail today. I was not informed of it until early this morning. I will be back this afternoon. I am so happy Catherine. Now I truly believe that our dream is becoming a reality. I love you so much my angel. Have a wonderful day. I will see you when I get home.



Catherine folded the note once again. She smiled happily. Then she rose from the bed and dressed. She walked out of the chamber toward Father's study. When she arrived she found him there with Mary and Peter. "Good morning everyone." She called as she entered the chamber. They all turned around and smiled. "Hello Catherine." Mary commented. "Did you sleep well dear?" Father asked. Catherine poured herself some tea and sat down. "Yes Father I slept very well." She stated. "Honey Jacob tells me that you are moving below." Peter commented. Catherine looked at him and smiled. "Yes I am just as soon as possible." She stated. "I cannot be away from Vincent." She told him. Peter smiled and nodded. "Catherine what are you going to do about your apartment?" Mary asked. "Vincent and I are planning on going there tonight so that I can pack what I want to keep." She answered. "Are you planning on staying until tomorrow night?" Father asked. Catherine shrugged her shoulders. "I am not sure what Vincent wants to do." She remarked.


"Well honey I just want to tell you that if you do stay above tonight and you and Vincent decide too…" Peter stammered as he blushed. Catherine noticed this and smiled. "Why Peter are you blushing?" She asked teasingly. Peter smiled. "Catherine what I believe Peter is trying to say that if you and Vincent decide to consummate your relationship once again that it will not harm you or the baby." Father told her. She smiled at him. "Thank you Father." She stated. "And thank you Peter." She teased. This comment made him grow even redder. She laughed and rose. "I think I will go spend some time by myself at the waterfall." She stated. "I will see you all later." She commented. Then she left the chamber.


A while later she was sitting by the waterfall. She smiled as she looked out over the water. She was so lost in thought that she did not hear Devin enter the chamber. "Chandler?" He called out. She turned and smiled at him. "Devin when did you arrive?" She asked as she rose and embraced him. "Not long ago." He told her.


Then he noticed that she was dressed in tunnel clothing. "So what are you doing here on a workday?" he asked as they sat down. Catherine smiled brightly. "I am on an indefinite leave that is going to turn into a resignation." She told him. "Why are you resigning?" He asked. Catherine smiled happily. "Because I am moving below." She stated. This truly shocked him. "I always thought that Vincent was against that." He commented. Catherine smiled once again and nodded. "He was until he found out that I am having our child." She told him. Devin was speechless. "You and Vincent are having a baby?" he asked again. Catherine smiled. "Yes we are." She answered. Then Devin smiled. "That is absolutely wonderful!" he exclaimed. "So when did all this happen?" he asked.


Catherine suddenly got very quiet. "Chandler did I say something wrong?" he asked concerned. She smiled and shook her head. "No Devin I am fine." She assured him. "We conceived our child during Vincent's illness." She whispered. "He does not remember when it happened." She stated sadly. Devin put his hand on her shoulder. "I am sure he will in time." He told her. She smiled. "Yes I am sure he will." She reasoned.

Then Devin rose. "So how about having lunch with me?" he asked. She smiled and rose. "I would like that." She answered. They left the chamber heading for the dining chamber.


That evening Catherine was sitting in her and Vincent's chamber. She was reading a book of poetry that she had found. Suddenly she heard the voice of her beloved. "I am home my love." He whispered as he entered the chamber. She closed the book and put it down. Then she rose from the bed. She stood there looking at him for a few moments. He was so beautiful.


When she could not stand it any longer she ran into his arms. "I missed you so much today." She told him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes and I missed you but I am sure Devin was good company." He stated. "You saw him already?" she asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes after you and he had lunch he came down to the work site to help." He told her. They walked arm in arm through the chamber entrance.


Vincent released her long enough to remove his cloak. "So what all did you do today?" he asked as they sat down on the bed. Catherine smiled. "I visited with Father, Mary, and Peter this morning then I went to the falls." She commented. "That is what Devin told me when he arrived." Vincent stated. "Are you all right?" He asked. Catherine smiled and kissed him. "Yes love I just wanted to be there for a while." She assured him. Vincent smiled and nodded. "I just wanted to be sure that nothing was wrong." He commented. Catherine smiled and put her hand on his cheek. "Vincent never be sorry that you worry about us." She told him. "I love the fact that you worry about me and the baby." She stated.


Suddenly Vincent rose from the bed. "So are we still going above?" he asked. Catherine rose from the bed. "Are you too tired to go?" She asked. Vincent smiled and shook his head. "No my love besides I want to be alone with you." He commented. Catherine smiled when she saw the gleam in his eye. "Did you speak to Father?" She asked. Vincent smiled. "Maybe." He teased. Catherine slapped his arm playfully. "Vincent don't tease me like that." She told him. He smiled and embraced her. "Yes love I spoke to him." He whispered. Catherine smiled and looked down. "Did he tell you about the little talk that we had today?" She asked. Vincent put his hand under her chin and raised her eyes to his. "Yes my love he did." He told her. "And I am happy about what he told us." He commented. Then he leaned forward and kissed her.


After they separated Vincent smiled. "I will go bathe and change." He commented. Catherine smiled and nodded. "All right love hurry back then we will leave." She told him. He smiled once again. "Yes my angel." He whispered as he kissed her once again. Then he quickly left the chamber. Once he was gone Catherine changed clothes and prepared to go above. A short time later he reentered the chamber. "Are you ready?" He asked as he took her hand. Catherine smiled and rose. "Yes my love." She whispered. Then they left the chamber.


They walked to Father's chamber where they found him with Mary and Devin. "Father we are leaving now." Vincent commented as they entered the chamber. Devin looked at them confused. "Where in the world are you two off to?" He asked. "I have to go close my apartment." Catherine told him. "And I wanted to spend one last evening there." Vincent told him. Devin smiled slyly. "Oh really?" he asked teasingly. "Yes Devin really." Vincent teased back. "Well I suppose I will see you tomorrow then." Devin commented. "We will come back tomorrow night." Vincent told him. This took Catherine by surprise. She looked up at Vincent who smiled at her. "Is that all right with you my love?" he asked. She smiled and hugged him. "That sounds wonderful." She told him. "Well we better be going." Vincent remarked. Then he and Catherine left the chamber.


When they reached the park entrance they held one another tightly for a few moments. "I feel just like I always do when I leave the tunnels." She whispered. Vincent smiled and moved back to look down at her. "The major difference my love is that tonight we will spend the night together and then tomorrow night you will come home to me again." He told her. She smiled happily. "Yes I will come home to you." She whispered. Vincent tightened his arms around her once again and pulled her to him again. "I love you so much." He whispered as he kissed her.


Once they broke apart both were breathless. "I will see you on the balcony in a little while." Catherine told him as she moved out of his arms. Vincent held her hands tightly not willing to be separated from her. "Yes my Catherine." He told her. Catherine smiled then she let go of his hands and walked out of the drainage tunnel. Vincent smiled and reentered the tunnels. He closed the secret door behind him. Then he began to run toward the threshold and his destiny.


A little while later Catherine unlocked the door of her apartment. She quickly moved around the living room and the bedroom lighting candles. When she was done she went back into the living room and lit a fire. She turned and walked back to the bedroom. Opening her closet she pulled out a nightgown and robe. She took them into the bathroom and quickly changed. After she was done she walked back out of the bathroom. She thought about waiting for Vincent in the living room but decided instead to wait on the balcony. She unlocked and opened the door stepping out into the warm night air.


A few moments later she felt herself being embraced from behind by two powerful but gentle arms. "I missed you." He whispered in her ear. "And I missed you." She told him. Then she turned in his arms. "Vincent can we go inside?" She asked. He smiled and picked her up. "Yes my rose we can." He answered. Then he carried her through the balcony doors into the apartment.


After they entered the apartment Vincent gently put her back on her feet. She locked the balcony doors then taking Vincent's hand they walked into the living room. "This is beautiful." Vincent told her when he saw all the candles and the fire. She smiled. "I was hoping you would like what I did." She stated. Vincent turned and pulled her into his arms. "I love everything about you." He whispered. Then he kissed her.


When they broke apart both of them was breathless. "I love it when you kiss me that way." Catherine whispered. Vincent pulled her against him and held her tightly. "As I love kissing you that way." He answered. Catherine then moved out of his arms. "Would you like something to drink?" She asked. Vincent thought a moment. "Yes my love that would be wonderful." He told her. She smiled then walked into the kitchen.


While she was gone Vincent removed his cloak. He looked down at his gray tunic and smiled. He quickly untied it and laid it over the couch. Then he sat down in front of the fire. A few moments later Catherine reentered the living room. "I am back love." She whispered as she approached. Vincent rose and smiled. "I will take that." He commented taking the tray out of her hands. Catherine smiled when she saw that he was no longer wearing his tunic. "I have not seen you without your tunic in a long time." She told him. Vincent smiled. "I thought I would get myself more comfortable." He stated. She smiled and moved to sit down beside him. Vincent sat back down on the carpet in front of the fireplace and pulled her down into his lap. Catherine smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. "I love being here like this with you." She told him. "As I love being here with you." He answered.


They sat there holding one another for the next few moments. Suddenly Vincent spoke. "Catherine when are you going to tell Joe that you are resigning?" Vincent asked. She looked into his eyes. "I thought that I would call him tonight." She told him. Vincent released her then stood. "I will go into your kitchen so that you can have privacy." He told her. He was about to move away when Catherine rose and took his hand. "Vincent this call is about our child I want you here." She told him. Vincent smiled. "As you wish my love." He told her as he led her to the couch. They sat down and she dialed Joe's number.


"Hello this is Joe Maxwell." A male voice answered. "Joe this is Cathy." Catherine told him. Joe smiled. "Radcliffe how are you?" he asked. Catherine smiled and looked at Vincent. "I am just fine Joe." She assured him. "I hope this means you are coming back to work soon." Joe commented. Catherine sighed. "No Joe that is not what this is about." She told him. Vincent knowing that this was going to be hard on her wrapped his arms around her for support. She smiled at him and mouthed the words I love you. "Then what can I do for you Cathy?" Joe asked. "Joe I am calling to let you know that my leave just turned into a full resignation." She told him. Joe sighed sadly. "Are you sure you have to do that?" He asked. She smiled. "Yes Joe after I saw the father of my baby tonight he asked me if I would resign so that the baby and I could be safe." She told him. "And I love him and our child so much that I cannot do anything that will jeopardize mine or the baby's safety." She told him. Vincent smiled and lifted her hand to his lips. He gently kissed her. She smiled lovingly at him. "Well I cannot say that I blame the guy." Joe remarked. "I don't think I would want you working knowing you were pregnant with my child either." He stated. Catherine chuckled. "That is exactly what he said." She told him. "Well Joe I have to go now I have company." She remarked smiling at Vincent.


Joe suddenly gasped. "Radcliffe why did you call me with him there you should have waited." He commented. "Joe it was his idea that I call you tonight." She told him. "Well tell him congratulations on the baby." He told her. "I will Joe I will talk to you again very soon." She stated. "Bye for now Radcliffe." He told her sadly. "Bye Joe take care." She commented. Then they both hung up.


After the call Catherine wrapped her arms around Vincent. "He told me to tell you congratulations on becoming a father." She whispered. Vincent smiled and tightened his arms around her. "Well I thank him for that." He told her. Then she looked up at him. "I love you very much." She told him. Vincent smiled then captured her lips in a very passionate kiss. "And I love you." He told her breathlessly as they separated. "Catherine I want you." He told her. "I need to be with you." He added. Catherine smiled as tears came to her eyes. "I have wanted to be with you again for so long." She told him. Vincent released her and stood. He smiled down at her then he bent and scooped her up into his arms. He captured her lips once again as he moved toward the bedroom. Their passion that night overtook them and they truly became one once again.


Early the next morning Catherine awoke to see Vincent looking at her. She smiled and rolled onto her side toward him. "How long have you been awake?" She asked. He enfolded her in his arms and held her tight. "Not long." He whispered. "How do you feel?" She asked. He smiled and sighed. "I have never felt so alive in my life." He told her. "Catherine if I had known that loving you could be like this I would have never held back." He told her. She smiled and stroked his cheek. "Vincent you had to realize that in your own time." She told him. "I knew that we would be together in time." She explained. "You were so patient with me I can never thank you enough for that." He told her. She looked up at him again. "I love you with all my heart and soul Vincent and I would have waited for you forever." She vowed. "Well my Catherine we do not have to wait forever." He growled. She smiled and giggled happily. "You sure aren't shy any longer." She teased. "Catherine there is no reason for me to be shy when I have what I want." He told her. "Now no more talking I want to love you." He told her huskily. "Well then Vincent love me like before." She told him. He smiled then took her lips in a passionate kiss. They were once again lost in their passion.


Later that afternoon they rose. "I will pack my things while you shower." Catherine commented. Vincent smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "Could I talk you into joining me for my shower?" He asked as he caressed her. Catherine smiled as she felt him kiss her neck. "Not right now love I have to get my things packed." She stated. Then Vincent released her. "I will help you with the packing then we can shower." He told her. She smiled. "Well that could work." She stated. Then they sat down and packed her belongings.


When they were done Vincent smiled and rose. He walked around her suitcase and picked Catherine up. She smiled and giggled happily. "Vincent what are you doing?" She asked. "I told you that I wanted to shower with you." He commented. Then he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. As they broke apart Catherine smiled. "All right my love we can take a shower." She stated. Vincent smiled and carried her into the bathroom.


A while later they both emerged from the bathroom. "So how about some food?" Catherine asked. Vincent thought a moment then smiled. "I am quite hungry." He admitted. Catherine smiled and nodded. "All right you get dressed while I go start dinner." She told him. Then she walked toward the kitchen.


She was looking in the refrigerator when two arms came around her. "Have you found us some food yet?" He asked in a whisper. Catherine smiled. "Well if you continue to do that I will never find us something to eat." She commented. Vincent chuckled. "That would not be so bad." He stated. Catherine giggled. "No but the baby and I should eat." She stated. Vincent released her. "Yes of course you should." He told her. "Now what can I do to help?" he asked. Catherine thought a moment. "You could get us some salad bowls." She told him. "They are up there." She stated pointing to a cabinet. "I don't think you want me to use a chair or a stool to get them." She remarked. Vincent shook his head. "No that would not make me very happy." He told her. They spent the next while preparing their dinner.


After they had eaten they washed up their dishes. "Well I guess I will go change then we can go home." Catherine commented. Vincent smiled. "Yes I want to get you and the baby home to our chamber." He told her. She smiled then walked into the bedroom. A few moments later she emerged from the bedroom. She was dressed in a sweater and a pair of jeans. "I will meet you at the threshold." Vincent told her. Catherine put down her bags and walked him to the balcony. They stood together for a few more moments then he slipped over the wall. Catherine reentered the apartment and locked the balcony door. She walked back to the living room and picked up her bags. Then she took one last look around and left the apartment on her way to her new home and her love.


After she talked to her apartment manager and given him her key she left the building. She walked across the street toward the park. She smiled as she thought of being home in the tunnels with her beloved Vincent. She walked across the park until she saw the lights of the drainage tunnel come into view. She walked on until she came closer to the drainage tunnel. Before she entered she looked around to see if anyone was watching her. She smiled when she saw that there was no one around. She then walked into the drainage tunnel.


When she was inside she put her bags down and walked toward the mechanism that would open the secret door. She was about to push the button when she felt two arms come around and enfold her in a gentle embrace. "Hello my love welcome home." Vincent whispered close to her ear. Catherine smiled as she leaned back against him. "I could not wait to get here." She told him. Then she turned around and embraced him. "Oh Vincent everything is so wonderful." She told him. Vincent held her for a moment then released her slightly. "Yes Catherine having you home is truly wonderful." He commented. Then he leaned forward and gently kissed her.


When they parted Catherine smiled. "Now can we go home?" She asked. Vincent smiled. "Yes my love we can." He told her. Then he opened the secret door and they headed into the tunnels. Once they arrived at Father's chamber Father and Mary met them. "Hello Father." Vincent commented as they entered. Both he and Mary looked up and smiled. "Well how are the two of you tonight?" Mary asked. Vincent and Catherine smiled. "We are wonderful." Catherine told her. "Catherine dear welcome home." Father told her. Catherine smiled then crossed the room and hugged him. "Thank you Father." She whispered as she kissed his cheek. "Now Vincent you need to go make sure that Catherine rests." Father directed. Vincent smiled. "Of course I will Father we were going to our chamber." He stated. "All right we will see you later." Father stated. Then Vincent and Catherine left the room.


A couple of months later Catherine was in their chamber. Vincent had been called away on an emergency work detail. She was looking through some baby clothes that Olivia and Lena had given her. She could not be happier. "Catherine may I come in?" Jamie asked from the entrance of the chamber. Catherine looked up and smiled. "Of course you can Jamie." Catherine responded. Jamie smiled then entered the chamber. She walked over and sat down in Vincent's chair. "So how are you feeling today?" She asked. Catherine looked at her and smiled. "I am fine my morning sickness ended earlier." She stated. "How does Vincent react to your morning sickness?" Jamie asked. Catherine smiled. "He gets worried about me but he also dotes on me shamefully." Catherine commented. Jamie smiled. "Well he is an expectant father and aren't they all like that?" Jamie asked. Catherine smiled. "Yes I guess they are." She commented. They spent the next while talking.


Later that evening Vincent arrived home. He smiled when he entered the chamber. Catherine was sitting on the bed reading. "You look so beautiful." He whispered. Catherine smiled and put down her book. "No I am very fat." She commented. Vincent moved into the chamber and removed his cloak then he walked over and sat down beside her. He opened his arms and held her gently. "No my love you are not fat you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen." He commented. "And your beauty is even more evident now that you are carrying our child." He told her as he moved his hand down and caressed her bulging stomach. Catherine smiled at his action. "So how did the repairs go?" She asked. Vincent smiled. "They went just fine." He stated. "They should hold for a long time." He added. "Now I must go and take a bath." He told her. Catherine smiled. "All right I will wait here then we can go to dinner." Vincent rose and gathered his bathing supplies. Then he moved back toward her. "I will return in a few minutes." He told her then he leaned down and gently kissed her. Catherine smiled as she watched him leave the chamber.


When he returned he put his things away then smiled at Catherine. "So my love are you ready to go?" He asked. Catherine smiled and extended her hand. "Yes but you have to help me up first." She commented laughing. Vincent gently pulled her up then put his arm around her waist as far as it would go. "I miss you being able to hold me close." She stated. Vincent smiled. "I miss it also but I love holding you any way." He commented. Then they left the chamber.


One day Catherine came into the chamber. "Love I am going above to see Peter now." She commented. Vincent rose from his seat. "Please be careful." He requested. "Of course I will." She told him. "And I also planned to stop by the office and say hello to Joe." She stated. Vincent smiled and nodded. "All right that sounds like a wonderful idea." He told her. He then kissed her and she left the chamber.


Later that afternoon Catherine entered the District Attorney's office. Everyone smiled and embraced her. "Girlfriend I have truly missed you." Edie told her. "Are you coming back after the baby is born?" She asked. Catherine shook her head. "No I am going to be a full time mom." She stated. Edie smiled. "Well this little one is going to be very lucky." She commented.


Then after everyone was back at work Catherine looked toward Joe's office. She could see from the look on his face that he was troubled. She walked to the door and knocked. "Who is it?" he growled. Catherine opened the door and stuck her head in. "I thought I would stop by and say hello." She told him. Joe smiled and put down his pen. Then he rose from his chair. "Radcliffe you look wonderful." He commented as he embraced her. "Thanks Joe." She answered. Then she sat down. "Now tell me what has you so upset." She told him. Joe smiled. "I guess I can not hide anything from you." He remarked. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "Nope you never could." She stated.


Then she noticed that Joe got a very serious look on his face. "Cathy I have learned something very disturbing." He told her. "What in the world is wrong Joe?" She asked. Joe suddenly rose and pulled the blinds on his office window. "Cathy we have a leak in the office." he told her. Catherine was shocked. "A leak?" She asked. Joe nodded. "Yes someone has been leaking information to Gabriel's people that is why we have not been able to get him." He told her.


Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Joe rose and answered the door. "Hey Joe I was told that Cathy was here." Moreno remarked. Joe nodded slightly. "Yes she is." He told him. Then he moved aside as Moreno entered the office. Catherine smiled and rose. "Hello Catherine you look beautiful." He told her as they embraced. "Thank you very much John all comments about my size are greatly appreciated." She joked. "Well I have a meeting downtown I just thought I would say hi." He told her. Then he turned to Joe. "I would like to know how the Gabriel case is going." He stated. "I have not found anything new." Joe told him. Catherine noticed his demeanor when talking to Moreno. "Okay let me know if there is anything I can do to help." Moreno told him. Then he left the office.


Once he was gone Joe closed the door again. "Joe what was that all about?" Catherine asked. Joe turned and looked at her. "Cathy he is the leak." He told her. Catherine was shocked. "Joe that is impossible!" She told him adamantly. Joe shook his head. "I thought that too until I saw him meeting one of Gabriel's men for myself." Catherine could not say anything. When she found her voice she looked at him. "Joe do you have any other proof?" She asked. Joe nodded. "Yes I had his phone here and at his home tapped and I have recordings of him talking about sabotaging our investigation." He stated. "Joe is there anything I can do?" She asked. Joe shook his head. "No Cathy in fact I would feel better if you did not come here until this is all over." He told her. "I do not want you involved in this especially with the baby." He commented. Catherine rose from the chair. "All right Joe I am sure that Vincent will agree with that." She stated. Joe and Vincent had met a few months before and were now very good friends. "Yes I am sure he will." He told her. "Well I better go he is expecting me soon." She told him. "Hey Radcliffe thanks for listening." He told her as they embraced. "No problem and remember you are coming below soon." She stated. Joe smiled and nodded. "Yes I am coming below soon." He assured her. Then Catherine left the office.


A half an hour later she walked into the drainage tunnel. She was about to trip the secret mechanism when the secret door slid open. She turned to see Vincent standing there. He smiled and opened his arms. Catherine smiled and ran into his embrace. "I missed you." He whispered. Catherine lifted her head and looked into his blue eyes. "I missed you too." She told him.


Then Vincent turned and they entered the tunnels. He stopped and closed the secret door then they began walking again. "So how did everything go with your checkup?" Vincent asked. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "The baby and I are doing fine." She commented as she rubbed her stomach. Vincent smiled proudly. "I am so glad to hear that." He stated. "But something else is bothering you." He commented. Catherine suddenly stopped.


Vincent looked at her concerned. "Catherine what is wrong?" Vincent asked. Catherine stepped forward. "Please hold me Vincent." She requested. Vincent gently enfolded her in his arms. "Now tell me what is the matter." He commented. Catherine sighed. "When I stopped at the office to see Joe he told me something that really has me concerned." She told him. "What did he tell you?" Vincent asked. "You know the case he is working on?" She asked. Vincent thought a moment then nodded. "Yes the case of that mobster named Gabriel." He told her. Catherine nodded. "Well Joe told me that he has proof that John Moreno is a spy for Gabriel." She told him. "Catherine isn't that your former boss?" He asked. She nodded. "Yes and I thought he was an honest man." She told him. "Catherine humans sometimes trade their honesty for money and power." He commented. Catherine nodded. "Yes but it bothers me that he is doing this." She told him. Vincent pulled her into his arms again. "Catherine everything will be all right Joe is a very contientious man and he will figure this out." Catherine smiled up at him. "You are right." She told him. Then they walked down the tunnel.


Later that night Vincent and Catherine sat in their chamber reading. Both were lost in their own thoughts. Then Vincent noticed that Catherine was not reading any longer. He rose from his chair and walked toward the bed. He sat down beside her and took the book out of her hands. She looked at him and smiled. "I guess I was not paying attention." She commented. Vincent smiled and shook his head. "No you were lost in thought." He stated.


Catherine sighed. "I was just thinking about what Joe told me today." She commented. Vincent sighed and nodded. "I know that you feel betrayed." He told her. Catherine nodded. "Yes but I am also worried." She told him. Vincent looked at her confused. "What are you concerned about?" He asked. "Vincent I never told you this but you remember the case that Joe asked me to help him with before I told him about the baby?" She asked. Vincent nodded his head. "Well the case he wanted my help on was the Gabriel case." She commented. Vincent looked at her startled. "He asked you to help out with that case?" He asked. Catherine nodded. "Yes but I told him that I could not do it because of the baby." She told him. "Catherine this man is very dangerous how could Joe ask you to do such a thing?" Catherine put her hand on his cheek. "Vincent you know that Joe would never have put me in danger knowingly." She commented. "I am certain that I would have already been taken off the case." She assured him. Vincent pulled her into his arms. "I am so glad you were not working on the case if anything had ever happened to you or the baby after I lost our bond I would have never survived." He whispered. Catherine leaned back and looked at him. "Love we are fine now don't worry about this." She told him. "Joe told me to stay away from the office until this is all over." She commented. Vincent nodded. "Yes I was going to ask you the same thing." He told her. She smiled. "Well now you don't have to worry about that." She stated. Then she pulled him close and kissed him.


About a month before Catherine's due date Vincent was called away to the lower tunnels. He and the others were working on some flooding damage that the rains had caused. Catherine was sitting in their chamber reading when Mary entered the chamber. "Catherine dear are you busy?" Mary asked. Catherine put down her book and smiled. "No Mary how can I help?" She asked. "I was hoping that you would help me with the children tonight." She stated. "You are going to need practice." Mary commented smiling. Catherine smiled and rose. "Yes I will need the practice." She stated as she rose. Then they left the chamber.


While they were putting the children to bed an urgent message came over the pipes. Catherine and Mary both stopped to listen. --Emergency! Work crew caught in cave in. Vincent and others badly hurt. --P. Catherine looked at Mary. "Oh God Mary no!" She cried. Mary quickly embraced her. "Come on child we will go find out what is going on." Mary whispered. Rebecca rose from her chair as they were leaving. "Catherine do not worry Vincent will be fine." She stated. Then she hugged her. Catherine smiled at the candle maker as they parted. "Thank you Rebecca." Then Catherine and Mary left the chamber.


When they arrived at the site Mary and Catherine saw Father. He looked up when he noticed Catherine approaching. "Father how are they?" Catherine asked. He shook his head. "I am not sure." He told her. "All I know is that he and Cullen are pretty badly injured." He stated. Then he turned to Mary. "Take Catherine back to their chamber." He directed. Catherine shook her head. "No Father I have to be here when you get him out." She argued. Father put his hand on her cheek. "We will bring him to your chamber." He told her. "But you need to take care of yourself and the baby." He added. Catherine realized that he was right. "All right Father I will wait in our chamber." She told him. Then she and Mary turned and walked down the tunnel.


Later that day Catherine rose from the bed when she heard a commotion in the tunnel. She lifted the tapestry and was met by Father. Then she saw Mouse and Robert. They were carrying the stretcher that Vincent was lying on. "How is he?" Catherine asked. "I think he has a bad concussion." Father told her. "But I won't know anything until he wakes up. "When will that be?" Catherine asked. Father shook his head. "I have no way of knowing." He told her. "He could be unconscious for a while." Then he turned to Robert. "Put him here in their chamber Catherine wants to care for him." He directed. Robert and Mouse nodded then carried him inside.


Once they were gone Catherine sat down on the side of the bed. "Vincent please come back I need you and our baby needs you." She whispered. Father and Mary watched the sad scene from the entrance of the chamber. "Mary I fear that if anything happens to him it will destroy her." Father whispered. Mary looked up at him. "I have the same fear." She confided. Then they silently left them alone.


As the weeks went on Vincent was getting no better in fact he had started having dreams that tormented him. As he dreamed he felt as if he were falling. Then he came face to face with the angel from a previous dream. "Where am I?" He asked. "You are in your nightmare." She stated. "Why am I here?" He asked. "That is only a question you can answer then she vanished.


The dream changed and Vincent saw himself and Catherine the cave beneath the catacombs. He watched with fear as he saw her enter the chamber while he was raging. "NO! Catherine you must leave!" He screamed but she did not hear him. Then he witnessed the most amazing events. He smiled when he thought that this must have been when they conceived their child. "Oh Catherine you were right I could not hurt you." He stated as tears came to his eyes.


Suddenly the scene changed and Vincent saw Catherine in a hospital. He was horrified when he saw Joe lying almost unconscious. Then he heard Joe begin to talk. "Radcliffe please take this book it has some very important things about Gabriel." He whispered. "All right Joe I will take it for you." She told him. Then she put the book in her purse. Vincent shook his head as he watched this. "Catherine please do not take that book you will be harmed." He pleaded. But he knew that she could not hear him. He followed her into the hallway where a nurse met her. Then he heard the woman tell her that she was pregnant. He saw the look of surprise and shock on Catherine's face. She once again began to walk. Vincent followed her until he noticed that she stopped at a large window. He walked up beside her and saw that she was looking at the new babies. He smiled. "Oh Catherine I pray that our child is this beautiful." He whispered. Then he followed her out of the hospital.


When they exited the hospital the dream changed once again. Vincent was shocked to find himself on Catherine's balcony. Suddenly the door opened and Catherine walked out. She looked very concerned and worried. "I wish I could talk to you." He stated as he watched her. "Oh Vincent I hope you will be as happy about the baby as I am." She whispered. Then she turned around. "I have to go below and tell him now." She commented. Vincent watched as she left the balcony and closed the door.


He was about to leap over the wall when he found himself below in his own chamber. He watched as he saw himself sitting in his chair quietly. Then he saw Catherine enter the chamber. "Are you all right Vincent?" She asked as she approached. "Catherine our bond is gone." He whispered. "What?" She asked. Then Vincent watched himself rise from the chair. "Catherine I could always sense when you were coming to me and it filled me with great joy." He told her painfully. "But tonight I had to wait for a sentry to tell me that you were here." He added. "Vincent the bond will return." She told him. "And even if it does not return we used it and maybe it is not need any longer." Vincent sighed. "Then what is left for us?" He asked. Catherine smiled. "Vincent we have so many gifts waiting for us all you have to do is open your arms." She stated. Then she smiled. "Open your arms." She repeated. Vincent sighed and opened his arms. Catherine walked into his embrace and held him. "What troubles you?" he asked. Catherine hesitated then spoke. "It is nothing don't worry." She told him. When Vincent heard these words he stepped out of the shadows of the chamber. "No Catherine tell me what you wanted to that night." He pleaded. Then he watched the scene change once again.


The next scene was at Catherine's office she was talking to her boss. He was telling her that he would take care of the book for her. But she refused. Then Vincent watched as later in that day Catherine's boss led two men to her. They grabbed her and threw her into a van. Then he saw her in a warehouse. She was groggy like she had been drugged. A man stepped out of the shadows and introduced himself as Gabriel. Vincent growled and ran at the man but before he could reach him the scene flipped again. This time Catherine was in a room that looked like a hospital room. She was very pregnant. She stood looking out the window. Then she lay down and fell asleep. Later Vincent saw her flinch in pain. She rose and a nurse came in and led her out of the room. Vincent ran out of the room and followed them.


He came to the delivery room where the nurse led Catherine. He watched as Catherine lay on the table and after a few moments gave birth to their child. He smiled when he heard the doctor say it was a boy. Catherine smiled and reached for their child but Gabriel took him. "Finish it." He told the doctor. Then he left the room with the baby. Vincent watched as the doctor injected something into Catherine. He suddenly heard a noise above him. He ran to the roof and saw the helicopter take off taking their son away. Then he turned to see himself standing on the roof. Catherine came up to the roof and called his name. Vincent sadly watched the scene in front of him. He watched as he caught Catherine and heard her tell him about their son. Then he was horrified to see her die in his arm. "NO CATHERINE NO!" He cried. Then everything went black.


Vincent woke up breathing heavily and sweating he desperately looked around the chamber but found that he was alone. He was overcome with the sadness of the dream. He lay his head back down on the pillow and began to cry. Suddenly a very worried and frightened Catherine ran into the chamber. "Vincent darling what is it I am here." She told him as she sat down. Vincent opened his eyes at the sound of her voice. He could not believe what he was seeing. "Are you really here?" He asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes my love I am here." She told him. Vincent lifted his hand and touched the side of her face. "I thought that I had lost you." He whispered. Catherine looked at him shocked. "No Vincent I am here with you." She assured him. Then he looked at her. "Catherine is the baby all right?" He asked frightened. Catherine put her hand on his cheek. Then she took his hand in hers and placed it on her stomach. "Yes Vincent our baby is fine." She told him. When Vincent felt the fullness of her stomach that was heavy with their child he pulled her to him and wept.


After a few days Father determined that Vincent was well enough to get out of bed. He was sitting in his chair reading when Catherine came in. "Hello love." She commented as she kissed him. Vincent put down his book and smiled. "Come here Catherine." He told her as he held open his arms. She smiled and sat down on his lap. "Are you sure I am not too heavy?" She asked. Vincent smiled. "No my love you are not heavy at all." He commented. "Catherine I love you so much." He whispered. "When I had that dream the other day I was sure that I had lost you then I woke up and found myself here alone I felt so lonely." He told her. Catherine lifted her head from his shoulder. "Vincent can you tell me what the dream was about?" She asked. Vincent nodded and sighed. "I dreamed that you were kidnapped by this man Gabriel that Joe has been looking for." He began. "I searched for you for months but I did not have our bond to guide me so I could not find you. And when I finally did you died in my arms." He whispered. Catherine lifted her head again. "I died?" She asked. He nodded mutely. "Yes you were murdered after having our son." He told her. Catherine smiled. "In the dream our baby was a boy?" She asked. Vincent smiled at her and nodded. "Yes and I believe that our child will be a boy in reality." He commented. Catherine smiled. "I would love to give you a son." She told him. "Catherine it does not matter to me as long as the two of you are all right." They spent the rest of the afternoon just holding each other.


A few weeks later it was getting close to Catherine's due date. They had found out that Joe had arrested everyone involved in the Gabriel case and that he was now the new District Attorney. "I am glad that John Moreno agreed to tell the authorities everything." Vincent commented as they lay in bed one evening. Catherine nodded. "Yes now maybe he can help save his reputation as being an honorable man." She stated. "I hope you are right my love." Vincent told her.


Then suddenly Catherine gasped. Vincent sat up quickly. "My love what is the matter?" he asked. Catherine breathed through the pain and smiled. "Well I do believe that this little one is ready to meet his or her parents." She told him calmly. Vincent quickly rose from the bed and dressed. "I will go get Father and Mary." He told her. Then he kissed her and ran from the chamber.


A few minutes later he returned. He was followed closely by Father, Mary and Devin. Catherine smiled when they entered the chamber. "Devin I was not aware you were back." She stated. He smiled. "Yes I wanted to come meet my niece or nephew." He told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. "How are you feeling Catherine?" Father asked. She was about to answer when another contraction hit. When it passed she relaxed. "I am all right." She commented. Then Father turned to Devin. "Go and have Pascal contact Peter." He directed. Devin smiled and ran from the chamber. Vincent sat down on the bed beside Catherine. "Father how long with the labor last?" He asked. Father shook his head. "I cannot be sure Vincent most first labors can last for quite a while." He commented. Then Catherine spoke. "Vincent do you want to close the bond while I am in labor?" She asked. Vincent drew her into his arms and gently cradled her. "No my love I want to feel everything along with you." He told her. She smiled and nodded. "All right I was just wondering." She told him. About that time Devin ran into the chamber. "Peter will be here in an hour." He told them. Father smiled and nodded. "That will be fine." He commented. "Vincent I am going back to my chamber to wait for him call me if you need anything." He told his son. Vincent nodded. "All right Father." He answered. Then Father and Mary left the chamber. "Devin you can go get some rest." Catherine stated. Devin smiled at her hint. "I will go see if Dad needs my help." He told them. Then he left the chamber.


Once they were alone Catherine smiled up at Vincent. "I am very excited." She told him. He smiled down at her and nodded. "So am I now you should rest." He commented. Catherine slid down and lay back on the bed. "Will you stay here?" She asked. Vincent smiled and kissed her hand. "Of course my love I am not going anywhere." He told her. "I will read to you if you wish." He stated. Catherine smiled. "That sounds wonderful." She told him. He picked up the book and began reading.


A few hours later Catherine's labor pains were coming harder. "Cathy you are doing great now all I need you to do is give one more hard push." Peter told her. She looked at him and shook her head. "I don't think I can!" She cried. Vincent moved over and helped her sit up then he got behind her. She leaned back against him in his arms. "Catherine you are a very strong woman." He whispered. "You can do this." He told her. "I am here and I am with you now my love just one more push and we will see our child." Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "Okay I will do it for you." She told him. Then she began to push. Vincent leaned up with her and held her. "That's it Cathy you are almost done." Peter told her. She screamed out as the pain hit harder. "The head is crowning!" Mary exclaimed. Catherine relaxed for a moment then once again began to push. "Here we go keep pushing honey." Peter cried. Then suddenly the sound of their child's first cry filled the chamber.


Catherine smiled as she leaned back against Vincent again. "Oh Vincent our baby is here now." She cried. "Yes my love." He whispered. Then he leaned down and kissed her. Father smiled as he approached them. "I would like to introduce you to your son." He told them. Then he handed the baby to Catherine. She took the baby in her arms and smiled at him. "Isn't he beautiful Vincent?" She asked. She looked up to see Vincent crying. "My love what is the matter?" She asked concerned. "Nothing is wrong Catherine I am just so happy about our son." He told her. She smiled. "Would you like to hold our son?" She asked. Vincent smiled and rose. Then he took the baby in his arms. "Catherine he is beautiful." Vincent told her. She smiled at the beautiful scene of father and son together.


While this was going on Father, Mary and Devin left the chamber to give them privacy. Jamie and Joe met them in the tunnel. "So how is she?" Joe asked. Father smiled. "Catherine and my grandson are wonderful." He commented. Joe smiled. "Jacob that is wonderful." He told the tunnel elder. "May I go see them?" Joe asked. Father nodded. "Of course Joe go ahead." He told the new District Attorney. Joe moved away toward their chamber. He smiled when he heard Catherine and Vincent talking. "May I come in?" he asked from the entrance. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "Joe when did you get here?" She asked. "Jamie came to my apartment to let me know that you were in labor." He commented. "I would like you to meet our son." Vincent told him. Joe smiled when he saw the baby. "He is so beautiful." He mused. Vincent smiled then handed the baby back to his mother. "Yes he is a beautiful baby." Catherine told him. "So what are you naming him?" Joe asked. Catherine smiled at Vincent that is something you will have to wait to find out until his naming ceremony." Catherine told him. Joe sighed. "Well I thought I would give it a try." He teased. "Well I am leaving now so the two of you can have some privacy." He told them. Then he left the chamber.


Once they were alone Vincent sat down on the bed. "Catherine I cannot tell you what this means to me that you have given me our son." He told her. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "I feel the same way." She told him. "Our son is our miracle." She stated. Vincent smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "Yes my love he is." He whispered. They sat the rest of the time enjoying their son and thinking about what their future holds.





A few weeks later everyone was gathered in the main chamber. They were there to celebrate the naming ceremony. "We have come here today to celebrate the child." Father began. "We welcome the child with gifts so that he may learn the gift of giving. We welcome the child with love so that he may learn to love. And finally we welcome the child with a name which I believe Vincent and Catherine have decided." Then Father nodded toward Vincent. He smiled and put his arm around Catherine. "Catherine and I first wish to thank you all for your love and support." He told them. "We love you all." Then he looked at Catherine. "We have chosen to name our son Jacob." He stated proudly. Father smiled and embraced them both. "I am truly honored." He told the proud parents. Then he turned and addressed everyone. "Now let us all move to the great hall for a feast." He announced. Everyone clapped and they all left the chamber.