By Dawn Yzaguirre

This is a SND story. This story starts off sad but has a very happy ending. Catherine is alive and is returned to New York during her funeral. She believes that everyone knows she is alive. But she is horrified when she realizes that she has been lied to. She finds all her friends and loved ones sadly grieving for her. Now she must return to the tunnels and reclaim her life and their dream.


Father entered Vincent's chamber and looked sadly at his distraught son then he moved over and looked down at his grandson as the baby slept in his cradle. Vincent and Diana had found Jacob just a few days earlier and brought him home to the tunnels. Diana had also killed Gabriel. She had since become a trusted new friend. Father smiled as he gently touched Jacob's soft cheek. He was truly proud of this beloved miracle child. He only wished that Catherine could be here with her child and Vincent once again. Father was dressed in his best suit preparing to attend Catherine's funeral. It had been six weeks since her death but the police refused to release her body for burial until they could do more investigating. This was a great source of pain for Vincent. He agonized over the fact that his love was not being allowed to rest in peace. But he knew that there was nothing that he could do about it. Then a couple of days earlier Peter had sent word to Father that Catherine's body was being released and that the funeral was all planned. Vincent had requested that Father attend the funeral and several other tunnel dwellers wanted to attend in order to pay their respects to this wonderful to this wonderful woman that they had all come to love and respect.


Now the day was here and Father was full of dread. He hated the idea of leaving Vincent alone for any period of time. Devin had immediately come home upon hearing the news. He wanted to attend the funeral but he decided that he needed to stay below with Vincent. Now as Father stood in his son's chamber he wished that this could all be changed and that Vincent could once again be happy with the woman that he would ever love. "Vincent are you alright?" Father asked as he laid a hand on Vincent's shoulder. "Yes Father I am alright." Vincent whispered as he laid his book down. Father smiled slightly and sat down beside him. "I wanted to let you know that we are about to leave." The tunnel elder commented. Vincent nodded. "I wish that I could stay here with you." Father remarked. Vincent looked at him again and nodded. "Yes but you have to go represent me." Vincent stated with a hint of bitterness in his voice. Father understood this reaction. He knew that Vincent wished that Catherine could have been laid to rest below but that was not possible due to her ties to the world above. "I know you want to be there." Father commented. Vincent looked at him. "Father I am the man who loved Catherine and I cannot even go to her funeral and say goodbye to her." he remarked. "I have to rely on you and my other family members to do that." He added. "Vincent I truly wish that you could come with us." Father told him. Vincent put his hand on Father's. "I know you do." He commented.


They sat there in complete silence for the next few moments. "I just wish that things could have been different for the two of you." Father told him. Vincent rose and began to pace. "Father why did I let her leave the tunnels that night?" Vincent asked sadly. Father rose and approached him. "Listen to me Vincent you had no idea that she was pregnant with Jacob." Father commented. "She was probably too worried about your condition to tell you about it that night." Father reasoned. Vincent stopped pacing and turned to look at him. "Father I lost her because I could not protect her any longer and I lost time with Jacob." Vincent told him as he approached the cradle. He looked down at his son and gently picked him up. "If only I had not lost our bond I would have known about Jacob and I would have insisted that she stay here so that they were kept safe." He stated holding Jacob tightly. Jacob sensing his Father's turmoil began to cry. He kissed the baby on the cheek and gently rocked him until he was calm once again. Then he laid him back down in the cradle. Father approached him and put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "Vincent you cannot keep second guessing yourself about what happened because it will drive you crazy." Father insisted. Vincent turned and looked at him. "Father I could not go any crazier than I have since Catherine died." He stated sadly. Then he picked up Jacob once again. "Now my son will never know just what a wonderful woman his mother was." He whispered.


At that moment Devin entered the chamber. "Dad the others are waiting for you." He commented. Father turned toward him. "Thank you Devin." He remarked. "Devin you can go with them if you wish." Vincent told his brother. Devin shook his head and moved toward him. "No little brother I am staying here because you need me more." He commented. Father smiled at this exchange. "Well before I go Mary wanted me to tell you that she is with the children if you need her." he remarked. Vincent nodded as he handed Jacob to Devin. "Thank you Father." He stated sadly.


As Father turned to leave the chamber he stopped. "Vincent the children desperately wish to see you." He commented. Vincent shook his head. "Not today Father I need to be alone with my son." He responded. Father nodded then left the chamber. "Do you want me to stay with you for a while?" Devin asked. Vincent took Jacob and sat down in his chair once again. "No Devin we need to be alone." Vincent stated. Devin smiled sadly and nodded. Then he put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "Sure thing little brother I will be with Mary if you should need me." Then he turned and left the chamber.


Once Vincent was alone he looked down at Jacob. He smiled slightly as he watched the baby sleep. I will never forget you Catherine. He thought to himself. And our son will know just how wonderful you were. He silently vowed. Then he held Jacob and cried for his lost love - his Catherine.


While this was happening in hospital in upstate New York Catherine silently sat in her room. She gazed out the window thinking of Vincent. She wondered why Peter, Jenny or Joe had not come to see her. She had been assured that they knew that she was alive but that she was ill. Her thoughts were interrupted when a young agent that she knew walked into the room. "Good morning Agent Bowman." She said flatly. The young man smiled slightly. "Miss Chandler we don't have much time." He stated locking the door behind him. Catherine unsure of his meaning just stared at him. "Here read this and it will explain everything." He told her. He handed her the newspaper article from his pocket. Catherine took it and started reading. He watched, as her eyes grew wide with shock and horror. "Oh God they believe I am dead!" She cried. The young agent sadly nodded. "Yes I only found out last night." He commented.


Then Catherine looked up at him desperately. "Please you have to help me contact someone." She pleaded. The agent smiled and put his hand on her shoulder. "That is why I am here." He told her. "I am taking you back to the city and home to your friends and loved ones." He assured her. "But we must hurry so get dressed." He instructed. "I have your suitcase already packed and in my car." He commented. Then he walked to the door. "I will come for you in five minutes." He told her as he left the room. Catherine jumped off the bed and quickly dressed. Oh Vincent my love do not worry I am coming home to you. She thought to herself as she dressed. Then she left the room to meet the agent.


Back in the city the tunnel entourage sadly walked out into the park. Peter and some of the helpers were waiting for them. Father sadly walked up to Peter and embraced him. "Jacob I feel as if I am burying my own child today." Peter told him. Father moved back from the embrace and nodded. "Yes I know I feel the same way." Father commented. "Jacob how are we going to get along without her?" Peter asked. "I don't know my friend but somehow we will." Father reasoned. "Peter all that we can do is remember what Catherine meant to us." Pascal commented as he approached them. Peter placed a gentle hand on the pipe master's shoulder. "Yes Pascal we must all remember that especially for Vincent and Jacob's sake." Peter stated. "Well I suppose that we should be going." Father commented. Peter looked around the group. "I thought Devin was coming." He remarked. Father shook his head. "No he decided that he should stay with Vincent." He remarked. Peter nodded in total understanding. Then the group all turned and walked toward Peter's van.


A few minutes later they pulled out of the park heading toward the cemetery. As they drove along everyone was completely silent. Each person sat remembering what Catherine had meant to them and their world. She truly had touched all of their lives in so many different ways. They would all truly miss this remarkable woman.


A little while later the van pulled into the cemetery. The group got out of the van and sadly walked toward the others who had come to say goodbye to Catherine. As they approached the others Father noticed Joe Maxwell sitting beside a very distraught woman. Peter noticed the look on his face and whispered in his ear. "That is Jenny Aaronson she was Cathy's best friend since they were in college." He commented.


Then Father noticed the other woman that was crying in her husband's arms. "And that is Paul and Nancy Tucker." Peter remarked. "I remember Catherine speaking of her." Father told him. Peter nodded. "Yes when Vincent sent her away during the time around the anniversary of her mother's death it was Nancy who convinced her that her relationship with Vincent was more important than anything." Peter told him. Father smiled. "Well for that I will always be extremely grateful to her." he commented. Peter smiled and patted his shoulder. Then he sat down beside Pascal. Father moved forward toward the casket. He gently touched the lid and said his silent goodbye. Then he took out a red rose and kissed it laying it on the casket.

Father turned and was about to walk back to his seat when he noticed Joe approaching. "Hello." Joe whispered quietly. Father smiled slightly and nodded. "So you really did know her." Joe remarked. "Yes Catherine was very dear to me and to my family especially my son." He remarked. "So I take it that your son is the mysterious Vincent that we found notes and cards from in her personal belongings?" Joe asked. Father once again nodded. "Yes Vincent is my son." He commented.


Then Joe looked around the crowd of strangers that the older man had arrived with. "So which one is he?" Joe asked. Father quickly understood his question. "My son is not here today." Father commented. This statement shocked Joe. "Why is he not here?" He asked. "Mr. Maxwell I am here to represent my son." Father commented. "As are other members of our family." Father added. "Why isn't he here to say his own goodbye to her if he loved her so much?" Joe asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.


This statement suddenly angered Father. "Mr. Maxwell my son has been very ill and he is still recovering!" Father told him bluntly. "And now he is suffering the grief of losing the only woman that he will ever love." He continued. Joe was taken back by Father's emotion. "That is rather a bold statement don't you think?" Joe asked. "No Mr. Maxwell it is the entire truth my son and Catherine were very much in love and their child proves that." Father told him. Joe was shocked. No one else but he and Diana knew about the baby he thought. "Do you know where the child is?" Joe asked.


Father quickly realized that he had said too much. He could not tell Joe that Jacob was in the tunnels with Vincent. Peter seeing the building tension between the two men quickly rose from his seat. He approached them and put a hand on Father's shoulder. "Joe leave him alone this is Cathy's funeral." Peter chided. "He is here because like all of us he loved her." Peter added. Joe did not say anything he simply turned and walked away. "He loved her." Father told Peter. Peter smiled slightly and nodded. "Yes but he never had a chance." He stated. Then he put his arm around Jacob's shoulder. "Come on they are ready to begin." He commented. With that they walked back toward their seats.


As this was happening the agent turned into the cemetery. Catherine sat in the passenger seat looking around. "Why are we in the cemetery?" She asked. The agent parked and turned off the motor. "Miss Chandler do you see that funeral over there?" He asked pointing to the group in the distance. Catherine looked out the window and nodded. "Yes I see it." She commented. "That is your funeral." He told her. "I found out they were having it today." He continued. "I may lose my job because of this but what they did to you was very wrong." He stated.


Suddenly Catherine looked at him. "Are you telling me that I can truly get out of this car right now and go home?" She asked hopefully. He smiled slightly and nodded at her. "Yes that is exactly what I am telling you." He responded. Catherine wasted no time. She grabbed her suitcase and opened the door. She stepped out of the car and turned around once again. "I know you are taking a big risk but I have no words to thank you." She told him. He smiled and shook his head. "That is totally unnecessary." He commented. "Have a wonderful life Miss Chandler." He added. Then she closed the car door. The agent then started the motor and pulled out of the cemetery. Catherine watched him go then turned around and walked toward the group of people in the distance.


As she approached she wondered just how everyone would react to her suddenly miraculous resurrection. She prayed to God that they would not hate her especially those from the tunnels. When she was only a few yards away from them she noticed that a red haired woman was staring at her. Catherine did not recognize this woman so the fact that she was staring made Catherine extremely uncomfortable.


Then she noticed that Michael had caught a glimpse of her. He stared at her for a moment then shook his head as if he were trying to reconcile what he was seeing. Catherine saw his confusion. She smiled and nodded letting him know that she was definitely standing there. "Oh my God!" Michael suddenly blurted out. Everyone including the clergyman stopped. They all turned around and stared at the young man. Father rose from his chair and walked over to him. "What has gotten into you?" He whispered as Michael stared off into the distance. Michael looked at him but could not respond. He could only raise his hand and point. Father looked into the direction he was pointing that was when he saw her. Father could not believe his eyes. He closed them for a moment then opened them once again. "Catherine is that truly you?" He asked hopefully.


By this time everyone else was standing watching the exchange. Catherine smiled as her tears began to fall. "Yes Father it is me I am alive." She cried. Then she happily ran into his arms. "Thank God Catherine!" He cried happily as he held her to him. He held her until the voice of a woman interrupted them. "Cathy is it truly you?" Jenny asked as she and Nancy stood behind them. Catherine turned out of Father's arms and smiled brightly at her friends. "Yes it is." She responded. Then the women tearfully embraced. "Oh Cath we thought you were dead!" Nancy cried. Catherine smiled and hugged her again. "I know but the FBI lied to everyone." She commented. "Radcliffe what on earth is this all about?" Joe asked from behind the women. Catherine looked at him and smiled. "Hello Joe." She said smiling as they embraced. "I was being held under protective custody of the FBI." She remarked as they separated. "They lied to me and told me that everyone knew that I was alive." She continued. Joe could only shake his head. "No they would have contacted me first since I am the new DA" He commented. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes they would have." She agreed.


They all talked for a while longer as others began to leave the cemetery. "Cathy?" A voice came from behind her. She turned around to see Elliott smiling at her. Catherine smiled back at him. "Hello Elliott it is good to see you." She commented. "I cannot believe all this." He remarked. She smiled at him and shook her head. "Neither can I." She agreed. "Well I better be going now I just wanted to tell you that it is wonderful to see you again." He commented. She smiled and nodded. "Thank you Elliott." She responded. Then he turned and walked away from the group.


A few seconds later Catherine felt an arm come around her shoulder. She looked up and saw Peter and his daughter Susan smiling at her. "Oh God Peter I missed you!" She cried. "Honey I have truly missed you too." He remarked. Then Catherine embraced Susan. "Cathy welcome home." Susan told her. Catherine smiled through her tears. "I am home." She commented. Peter put his arm around her once again and rubbed her back until she was once again calm. Then Father spoke up. "I believe it is time for us to go home." He commented.


Jenny came up beside Catherine and put her arm around her shoulder. "You can come stay with me until you figure things out." She told Catherine. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No Jenny I have to go with them." She responded. Jenny was about to protest when Nancy spoke up. "Cathy are you going to Vincent?" She asked. Catherine turned to her and smiled. "Yes Nance I have to go be with him." She answered. Then Nancy hugged her again. "Please keep in touch." She requested. Catherine smiled and nodded. "I will be in touch I just need some time with Vincent." She responded.


They were all about to walk away when Diana approached. Catherine suddenly became very tense. "Miss Chandler I am Detective Diana Bennett." She said as she stuck out her hand. Catherine looked at Joe who smiled. "Cathy she worked on your case and helped get rid of Gabriel." He commented. Catherine smiled and extended her hand. "Thank you for everything." She responded. "It was my job." Diana answered. Then she turned to Joe. "Joe if Catherine is alive who is in that casket?" Diana asked. Everyone turned and looked at the coffin. "I am not sure but I will find out." He remarked. Catherine smiled. "Yes whomever she is she needs a proper burial with her own identity." She commented. Everyone nodded in agreement.


Then Catherine turned toward Father again. "Can we go home now?" She asked. Father smiled and put his arm around her shoulder. "Of course dear Catherine." He remarked. "Come my son will be happy to see you." He told her. She smiled and nodded. Then she looked back at Jenny, Joe and Nancy. "I will be in contact very soon." She told them. Then she took Father's arm and the tunnel dwellers walked toward Peter's van and left the cemetery.


A few minutes later they were all entering the tunnels. Catherine was walking between Father and Peter. "Father I am so frightened." She commented as she suddenly stopped. Everyone stopped and watched as Father embraced her. "Why are you frightened?" He asked. "I am so afraid that he will hate me for all the pain that he went through." She told him as she moved out of his arms. "Cathy he has been so lost without you." Jamie commented. "I know that and I am responsible." Catherine stated sadly. Pascal put his hand on her shoulder. "No Catherine you are not responsible you were also lied to." He commented. "You were as much a victim in this as he was." He added.


Once Pascal finished speaking Father cleared his throat. "Pascal please go and put a message on the pipes that we have returned." Father instructed. As Pascal and Mouse turned to walk away Father addressed the pipe master again. "Do not say anything about Catherine being with us." He added. Pascal nodded then he and Mouse walked away. "I should be getting back to Luke." Olivia commented as she embraced Catherine. "I am so glad that you are back with us." She stated. Then she walked away from them. "Jamie please go make sure that none of the children see her yet." Father requested. Jamie smiled and nodded. She turned and hugged Catherine once again. Then she ran down the tunnel.


When they were alone Catherine turned to Father and Peter. "Are we going to Vincent now?" She asked. Father put his arm around her again and smiled. "I thought that we would go to my chamber first." He commented. She looked up at him confused. "But I want to be with him." she argued. Peter smiled at her. "Honey give Jacob a chance to see him first." He requested. "You will see him very soon." He added. Catherine thought about this for a moment. "Alright but let's go." She remarked. Then they all walked down the tunnel toward Father's chamber.


While this was happening Vincent was sitting in his chamber talking to Devin. They stopped when they heard the announcement that the others were home. Vincent looked down a moment and sighed. "Now it is all over." He stated sadly. Devin rose from the bed and walked up behind him. He placed a hand on Vincent's shoulder. "Now she can rest in peace." He whispered. Vincent let out a deep sigh and stood. He walked to the cradle and picked Jacob up. Then he turned to Devin. "I promise this Devin my son will know everything about Catherine." He vowed. Devin approached and took his nephew into his arms. He held the baby and smiled down at him. "Yes we will see to that." Devin told him. They sat down and watched Jacob as he slept.


Meanwhile Father, Catherine and Peter arrived at his chamber. There they first saw Mary. She heard them enter and looked up only expecting to see Father and Peter. "Oh Father I have been.." she stammered when she saw Catherine for the first time. The younger woman smiled and descended the steps into the chamber. "Hello Mary." She said happily as she approached the stunned woman. "Is it truly you Catherine?" Mary asked as her eyes danced with great hope. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes Mary." She answered through her tears. Mary smiled as her own tears started to fall. "Welcome home dear!" She cried as she pulled the younger woman into her arms. Catherine could do nothing but cling to the older woman and sob.


When they were both calm again Mary smiled. "Let me get a good look at you." She told Catherine as she stepped back. Catherine looked into her eyes and smiled. "Well you look a bit thinner but we will take care of that." Mary told her. "I believe that is due to the coma that I was in." Catherine told her. Mary looked back at Father and Peter. "Is she truly alright?" She asked the two doctors. Father smiled. "Yes I believe that she is but later I will examine her." he stated. Mary then looked back at Catherine. "Well that is a relief." She commented.


After a few moments Mary spoke again. "When are you going to see Vincent?" She asked. Catherine looked back at Father. "Peter and I thought that we would go talk to him first." Father told her. Mary shook her head. "No Jacob they need to be together." She commented. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes I believe that you are right." He told Mary. "Well Catherine shall we go see my son?" he asked. Catherine smiled and hugged Mary again. "Thank you." She whispered. Mary smiled and put her hand on her cheek. "Now child go to him." She said simply. Catherine turned and approached Father.


A few minutes later Father and Catherine approached the junction that led to Vincent's chamber. Catherine stopped when she heard a familiar voice. She looked at Father who smiled. "Devin came home immediately after finding out about you." He whispered. Catherine smiled lovingly. "That is so wonderful I am glad that he has been here for Vincent." She whispered back. "Yes and this time has allowed us to bury the hatchet." Father told her. Catherine smiled once again. "Oh I am so glad." She remarked. "I know that the distance between you has been very painful." She admitted. "Yes but now we are building a new relationship." He told her. They turned and walked down the tunnel toward Vincent's chamber.


When they were outside the chamber Catherine looked inside. Devin was sitting on the bed quietly reading while Vincent was sitting at his desk writing. She smiled when she first saw her beloved Vincent. Both men seemed extremely sad. Devin looked up when he noticed a movement in the chamber entrance. When he saw Catherine he could not believe his eyes. He quickly put the book down and rose to his feet. He turned away from her for a moment to speak to Vincent. "Little brother will you excuse me for a moment?" He asked. Vincent's only response was a nod. With that Devin quickly walked out of the chamber into the tunnel.


Catherine smiled as Devin approached her. "Hello Devin how are you?" She asked in a whisper. Devin just continued to stare at her. Finally he found his voice. "Am I hallucinating?" he asked quietly. Father moved over beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I understand your reaction Devin I thought the same thing when she approached us at the funeral." He commented. "Cathy how is this possible you were dead." Devin reasoned. "I was in a coma." She stated simply. "I was being held by the government who wanted me to be placed in the witness protection program." She continued. "They told me that my family and friends were aware that I was alive but that I was ill." She added. "Then this morning one of the agents brought me back to the city." She said. "He brought me to the cemetery where they were holding my funeral." She commented. "I bet that was quite a shock for you." Devin remarked. Catherine smiled slightly and nodded. "Yes but it really made me more angry than anything." She concluded.


Then Devin moved toward her. "Well you are home now and we don't have to worry about that any longer." He whispered as they embraced. Catherine smiled as she moved back out of his embrace. "How is he doing?" She asked as she looked toward her beloved's chamber. Devin sighed heavily. "He has been through so much pain." He told her. "But I know that having you home now will erase all that." He commented. "Now Cathy go be with him." he directed lovingly. "He needs you as much as you need him." Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes I do need him." She agreed.


With that she slowly walked toward the chamber. Father started to follow but Devin placed a hand on his arm. "No Dad they need time to be alone for now." He told the tunnel elder. "I only want to be there in case they need me." Father argued. "I know that Dad but they need this time to come to terms with everything that has happened." Devin commented. Father thought about this for a moment. Then he smiled. "Yes you are right." He agreed. "Come on let's go to your chamber to wait on word from them." Father nodded then they walked down the tunnel away from the chamber.


As Catherine walked into the entrance of the chamber she hesitated. She could now see Vincent sitting at his desk. He was still writing in his journal. She smiled lovingly as she remembered all the times that she had seen him writing in his journal. She loved how he lost himself in his thoughts and dreams.


After Vincent had finished he closed the pen. Then he looked once again at the journal and reread the entry that he had just written. The words were so painful for Vincent that he began to cry. This broke Catherine's heart. She could no longer stay away from him. They needed to comfort one another. She walked into the chamber and approached him. She crossed the floor and knelt down beside him. Vincent did not notice this because he was now holding his head in his hands sobbing. "Oh my love how do I ever live without you?" He cried. Catherine was now crying also. She gently raised a trembling hand and stroked his head.


When Vincent felt this he presumed that it was either Mary or Father. He did not look up to see who it was. Then Catherine leaned forward and whispered. "You never have to live without me again my darling." Vincent hearing her beautiful voice raised his head and looked at her. Catherine smiled as they made eye contact for the first time. "Hello beloved." She whispered. Vincent was speechless. He closed his eyes tightly for a moment. Then he opened them once again. Catherine was still there beside him. "This is not possible." He whispered. Catherine knew that no words could convince him that she was truly there with him. She thought for a moment then came to a decision. She leaned up and gently kissed him on the lips. Vincent gasped when their lips made contact. But he soon brought his arms up around her deepening their kiss.


Once they parted both were breathless. Vincent smiled through his tears as he caressed her cheek. "You are truly here aren't you?" he asked. She smiled at him once again. "Yes my love I am here with you." She whispered. Vincent could not stand it any longer. He had to hold her once again. He smiled as he pulled her against his chest and held her tightly. "I thought I had lost you forever!" he cried. Catherine leaned back and looked deep into his beautiful blue eyes. "Vincent remember I once told you that we could never lose each other." She commented. Vincent smiled then rose from his chair. He held her hands and pulled her to her feet in front of him. "And now that you have come back to me I am never letting you leave my side again." He vowed. Catherine hugged him and smiled. "That is all that I have ever wanted." She answered. He pulled her into his arms and they held one another tightly. "I love you so much Vincent." She whispered. Vincent pulled back and looked down into her beautiful face. "And I love you my angel." He told her passionately. Catherine was shocked by this declaration. Vincent had never come straight out and told her just how much he loved her. He saw the surprise on her face and smiled. "I intend to tell you everyday just how much I love you." He commented. Catherine smiled then once again fell against him.


A few seconds later a cry from the cradle close to the bed made them pull apart. Catherine looked at Vincent shocked. He smiled and moved toward the cradle. Catherine watched him as he bent forward and gently picked up the infant. Then he approached her again. "May I introduce you to our son Jacob Charles Wells." He commented. Catherine's tears once again began to flow. She placed her hand to her mouth to stifle the sobs. Vincent smiled as he extended the child toward her. Catherine opened her arms and gently took the baby into her arms. "Oh Vincent I thought I would never hold him." She cried. Vincent put his arms around both of them and held them tightly. "We found him a short time ago." He commented. Catherine looked down at her son then up at his father. "He has your eyes." She stated smiling. Vincent chuckled and nodded. "I have heard that from every female in the tunnels." He commented. Then he sat down in his chair once again. He smiled and opened his arms. "May I hold you and our son?" He asked. Catherine smiled. "You can hold us forever." She stated as she sat down on his lap. They spent the next little while holding their son and being together.


As they sat there Vincent finally asked the one question that was burning on his mind. "Catherine how did this happen I left you in your apartment after you died." He remarked. Catherine rose and walked over to the cradle. She gently laid Jacob down again then returned to Vincent's lap. "No love I was in a deep coma but I was still alive." She began. "I was taken from the coroner's office to a hospital upstate." She continued. Vincent looked at her confused. "But if you were alive why didn't someone contact Peter or someone else who cared about you?" He asked. "Darling the reason that no one knew that I was alive was because the FBI did not choose to contact them." She commented. "They wanted me to wake up then cooperate with them so they lied and told me that everyone knew that I was alive but ill." She stated. Then she turned slightly to look directly at him. "I was in the coma for three weeks." She commented.


Upon hearing this Vincent tightened his arms around her. "If I still had the bond I would have known that you were alive and we could have been spared this heartache." He stated sadly. Catherine saw the tears brimming in his eyes. She threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his mane. "No!" she sobbed. Vincent placed his hand on her back and slowly started rocking her back and forth. "Shh! Catherine my love it is alright now." He whispered. She lifted her face and looked at him. Vincent gently wiped away her tears. "Vincent please listen to me." She requested. Vincent looked deep into her eyes. "Love you are not to blame for any of this." She told him.


"The authorities lied to everyone to get me to cooperate with them." She commented. "They were going to have me testify against the rest of Gabriel's men then they were going to place me in the witness protection program." She stated. "I would have never been able to be Catherine Chandler again." She whispered. "I would have been moved to another state and given a new identity." This statement truly frightened Vincent. He pulled Catherine against him once again and held her tightly. "I would have been destroyed if I found that you were alive but could never come home to me and our son again." He sobbed. They sat there for the next few minutes crying for all the time that had been stolen from them.


A while later they were still sitting together wrapped in one another's arms. Suddenly a noise in the entrance of the chamber got their attention. Catherine and Vincent stood and smiled when Father walked into the chamber. "Father do you need to speak to me about something?" Vincent asked. Father smiled and shook his head. "No I just wanted to see how the two of you were doing." He commented. Vincent smiled from behind Catherine and wrapped his arms around her waist. "We are doing wonderful." Vincent told his parent. Father smiled and nodded. "The other reason that I came to see you was so that I could examine Catherine." Father stated. Catherine felt Vincent's arms tighten around her. She turned around in his arms and looked up at him. "Love what is the matter?" She asked as she stroked his cheek. Vincent looked deep into her eyes. "Catherine are you still ill?" he asked concerned. She smiled and kissed him gently. "No my darling I am fine Father only wants to examine me to ease his mind." She assured him. She smiled lovingly when she felt him relax.


She then turned around toward Father once again. "Would you like me to come to the hospital chamber?" She asked the older man. He smiled and shook his head. "No we can do the examination right here." He told her. Then he looked at his son. "Why don't you go to my chamber until we are done?" He asked. Vincent looked at him then looked at Catherine. He was unsure about leaving her even for a few moments. He looked down at Catherine who smiled at him. "Go on my love I will be waiting for you when you return." She promised. He smiled lovingly. "Alright my love I will take Jacob to Mary so that we can spend some time alone." He commented. Catherine shook her head. "No please Vincent he is sleeping so peacefully and I cannot bear to be away from him so soon after getting him back." She pleaded. Vincent embraced her once again. "All right my angel I will leave him here." He whispered. Then he kissed her and left the chamber.


Once they were alone Father turned to Catherine. "Now young lady let's get a look at you." He commented. Catherine smiled and sat down on the bed. "Has Peter left yet?" She asked as he opened his bag. Father looked up at her and smiled. "Yes he figured that you and Vincent would not be coming to see him again this afternoon." He remarked. "He told me to tell you that he would be back down in a few days for a visit." He stated. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Good I want to see him again soon." She told him. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes well for now let's check you out." He commented. Then he began the examination.


While this was going on Vincent entered Father's chamber. He was met by a group of happy tunnel residents. "So did you like your miracle?" Devin asked. Vincent smiled as he descended the steps into the chamber. "Oh yes she was the best miracle that I could have ever received." He commented. "Well I know that she scared Michael half to death." Jamie teased as she looked at the young man. Michael looked at her and shook his head. "No she didn't I was only shocked by her arrival." He stated trying to defend himself. Vincent smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Yes I am sure you were." He assured the young man. "Now Jamie stop picking on Michael." Mary chided. Jamie smiled and nodded. "Alright I will let him off the hook for now." She teased.


Then Michael walked toward the chamber entrance. "Well on that note I have to get back to school." He commented. Vincent smiled and embraced him. "Thank you for being here for us." Vincent whispered. Michael stepped back and smiled. "You are my family." Michael commented. "And families are there to support each other." He stated. Then he left the chamber.


Once he was gone Cullen spoke up. "So what in the world are you doing here without Catherine?" He asked smiling. Vincent sat down and smiled. "I didn't want to leave her but Father wanted to examine her." he stated. "He suggested that I come and wait here." Vincent added. "But as soon as they are done I am going back to her." he stated. "Vincent has Catherine seen Jacob?" Mary asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes Mary she has." He said smiling. "What did she think?" Devin asked. Vincent chuckled and replied. "She seems to agree with all the other women here that he has my eyes." Everyone laughed at this. "Vincent would you like for me to go back with you and bring Jacob back with me so that the two of you can have some time alone?" Mary asked. Vincent shook his head. "No thank you Mary." He stated. "Catherine did not want to be separated from him at all." He added. Mary smiled and nodded. "I can understand that." She remarked. Then they all talked about the day's events.


When the examination was over Father put his instruments back in his bag. Then he turned and smiled at her. "Well it looks as if you are just fine." He commented. She smiled brightly. "Thank you Father." She said as she touched his arm. Father then leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "I will go and let Vincent know that we are finished." He commented. She rose from the bed and smiled. "Thank you Father." She commented. Then he turned and left the chamber.


After he had gone Catherine walked back toward Jacob's cradle. She smiled lovingly down at the sleeping baby. Then she gently kissed his cheek. "I love you my darling baby." She whispered. She then casually looked around the chamber. She smiled when she noticed that nothing had changed. She walked over to his desk and sat down in his chair. Suddenly his open journal caught her eye. She did not want to read the latest entry but she could not help herself. She slowly began to read the entry.


There was a moment when the way was new, and I was afraid to hope. You put your hand on mine, and nothing had ever felt like that to me, like your touch. I wanted to weep; you turned and looked at me-your eyes filled with dancing light, and I was bathed in your warmth. And I believed in that moment that even for me all things were possible. In that moment, in your light, I felt what it is to be beautiful. How many lives were touched by you? How many lives were transformed by your courage to give, and to love? How many became beautiful in your light?

Ah, we promised always to share the truth-always. But, Catherine there was a truth beyond anything, beyond everything I had ever known, ever dreamed. It was the truth of all you gave, of all you sacrificed for me. The truth of your love humbled me, silenced me. And the truth I could never share with you was the truth of how deeply I loved you. I will remember-I will remember every moment, every word, every look, every touch. Our love lives. It will live forever. Nothing will destroy us. Love does not die. You're safe. You're safe now, sleep, my love. (From Walk Slowly.)


After she had finished reading the entry Catherine dried her eyes. She sat there for a moment when she looked up and saw Vincent standing in the entrance of the chamber looking at her. She suddenly felt very guilty about reading the journal. She slowly rose from the chair and turned to face him. She was about to explain her actions when she looked up at him again. She was surprised to see him smiling. There was so much love in his eyes. She smiled as he lifted his arms. "Come here my love." He whispered. Catherine smiled as her tears began once again.


Then with a sob she ran to him. She clutched him to her and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. "I love you so much Vincent!" she cried as he held her. "And I love you Catherine." He whispered. Catherine moved back in his arms and looked into his face. "Vincent I know that I should not have read your journal." She began. "I did not intend to read it but when I saw it I could not resist." She continued guiltily. Vincent smiled and placed a finger on her lips. "Catherine I intended for you to see that entry." He commented. "That is why I did not put it away after you returned." He stated. "I wanted you to know how I felt about what has happened to us." He commented. Catherine began to cry once again and buried her face in his chest.


Once She was calm again they turned and walked into the chamber. Catherine looked over at the cradle to make sure that Jacob was still sleeping. Vincent smiled at her motherly concern. He put his arm around her waist and walked over toward the bed. They sat down beside one another. "Vincent your words to me were so beautiful." Catherine commented. Vincent smiled sadly. "Well those were the words in my heart and I wanted to let them out even if I could not tell you face to face." He stated. "Catherine can you ever forgive me for failing you during that time?" He asked. Catherine was shocked. "Vincent you have never failed me in any way." She protested. Vincent sadly sighed and rose from the bed. "Yes Catherine I did fail you." He stated. Catherine would not hear any of this. She quickly rose from the bed and went to him. "No Vincent!" She cried. "You are my hero and the love of my life you could never fail me ever." She vowed. "Vincent none of this was your fault it was all Gabriel and John Moreno's doing." She told him.


When Vincent heard the second name he recognized it. "Catherine wasn't John Moreno your boss?" He asked. Catherine nodded mutely. "Yes he was and I thought that he was my friend but he betrayed that friendship when he led Gabriel's men to me and watched as they kidnapped me in the parking garage." She told him angrily. Vincent pulled her into his arms. "Oh my love what you have had to endure." He sobbed. Catherine looked up at him. "It is not what I have endured but what we have endured." She whispered. "But my love as I told you on the night of our second anniversary we will always endure." She stated. Vincent smiled lovingly. "Yes and now I believe that." He answered. Then he captured her lips in a passionate kiss.


As they were kissing they heard children giggling behind them. They broke the kiss to see Kipper, Eric, Samantha, and a few other children standing in the chamber entrance. "Do you children need something?" Vincent asked. Eric spoke for the group. "No Father told us that Catherine was alive and we wanted to see her." He stated. Catherine smiled at Vincent and moved out of his arms toward the children. "I am so happy to see you all." She told them. "Where were you?" Zach asked. Catherine felt a hand on her shoulder. "Come sit down and we will explain everything to you." Vincent told them. The children moved into the chamber and took their places on the floor around the bed. Catherine and Vincent sat down on the bed.


Once they were seated Samantha looked up at Catherine. "Where were you?" She asked again. Catherine was about to speak when Jacob whimpered. Vincent smiled and rose. "I will get him." he told her. Then he moved over and picked the baby up. He brought him over to the bed and sat down beside Catherine once again. She smiled as she touched the baby's cheek. The children began to chatter impatiently. Then Catherine turned toward them once again. "Now you remember when I was missing a few months ago?" She asked. All the children nodded. "A man that my office was investigating found out that I knew too much about him so he had me kidnapped." She told them. "Couldn't Vincent find you?" Kipper asked. Vincent shook his head. "No you know when I became ill I lost some of my memory." He commented. "I found that I also lost the bond that we shared." He stated with a hint of sadness in her voice. Catherine knew that this was an extremely painful memory. She smiled lovingly at him and put her arm around him. "Catherine are you staying here with us?" Melinda asked excitedly. Catherine smiled at the dark haired girl. "Yes Melinda I am going to live here with Vincent and Jacob." She commented.


Suddenly a voice from the chamber entrance interrupted the conversation. "There you children are." Mary remarked. They all rose from the floor. "We wanted to see Catherine." Kipper told her. Mary smiled and nodded. "Yes I know but now you all have chores that need your attention." She commented. All the children let out a collective groan. "Do as Mary tells you." Vincent told them as he handed Jacob to his mother. "You will have plenty of time to spend with Catherine." He told them.


Then all the children stood up and left the chamber. Mary smiled at Vincent and Catherine as they rose from the bed. "Catherine I am sorry if they bothered you or if they asked to many questions." Mary told the younger woman. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No Mary they needed to know what happened to me so that they would understand." Catherine told her. "Well now the three of you spend some time together before dinner." She commented. Then she turned and left the chamber.


After Mary was gone Vincent walked up behind Catherine and wrapped his arms around her and Jacob. "You were wonderful with the children." He commented. Catherine looked down at Jacob. "I hope I am that wonderful with our son." She remarked. Vincent tightened his arms around her. "My love you are a wonderful mother." He told her. Then Catherine moved out of his arms. "Will you read to us?" She asked sweetly. Vincent smiled and cupped her cheek with his hand. "You never have to ask." He commented. Then he walked over to his desk and picked up a book of poetry. Catherine smiled as she sat down with Jacob on the bed. She lay down with the baby on her chest. Vincent lay down beside her and softly began to read. She sighed happily as his voice washed over her.


About an hour later dinner was announced. Vincent closed the book and laid it down on the table next to the bed. He then looked down and saw that both Catherine and baby Jacob were asleep. He smiled lovingly as he watched them. "Catherine dinner is being announced." He whispered as he sat down on the bed once again. She smiled as she roused. "How long was I asleep?" She asked as she sat up with Jacob in her arms. Vincent smiled and gently leaned over and kissed her brow. "Only a few minutes." He told her. Then he rose from the bed again. He smiled lovingly at her. "Come my love let's go to dinner." He commented. Catherine smiled and rose from the bed. Vincent put his arm around her waist and the three of them left the chamber.


During dinner the entire tunnel community converged on them. "How are you Cathy?" Lena asked. Catherine smiled happily. "I am fine." She commented. Then Catherine handed Jacob to Vincent. She then rose and hugged her friend. "Cathy this is my husband Robert." Lena said smiling. Catherine smiled and stuck out her hand. "I am glad to meet you Robert." She commented. He smiled and shook her hand. "I am glad to meet you too Catherine." He answered. "I have heard quite a bit about you." Robert told her. Catherine smiled. "Aunt Cathy!" Little Cathy squealed happily. Catherine turned around and smiled. "Hello sweetheart." Catherine told the child as she hugged her. "I missed you." The child commented. Catherine smiled happily. "Oh honey I missed you too." She told her. "Can I see the baby again?" Little Cathy asked Vincent. He smiled and nodded. "Yes of course." He told her. She moved over and stood beside him as he showed her Jacob. "He is so cute." She commented. "He has your eyes." She told Vincent. He smiled at the child then looked up at Catherine. "See what I mean?" he asked. Catherine laughed and sat down again. "Well love they are only telling you the truth about our son." She commented as she took the baby into her arms again. "Well we should be going now we will see you later." Lena commented. Then she picked up little Cathy and the three of them left the dining chamber.


A while later Catherine felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and smiled when she saw William standing there. "Hello William." She commented. "Hello dear Catherine welcome home." He told her. Then he leaned down and kissed her cheek. "We missed you terribly during this horrible time." He told her. She smiled lovingly at the burly cook. "And I truly missed all of you." She assured him. William looked over and smiled at Vincent. "Well I can tell by the gleam in your eyes that you are happy." He told the younger man. Vincent smiled and nodded. "This is truly one of the happiest days of my life." He assured William. "Well I better get back to work I just wanted to say hello." He told them. Catherine handed Jacob to William once again. Then she rose from her chair. "Thank you so much William." She told him as she embraced him. William smiled then walked away from them.


After dinner Vincent and Catherine left the dining chamber. "Catherine there is going to be a short council meeting tonight." Vincent commented as they walked toward Father's chamber. She smiled and nodded. "You can stay or take Jacob and wait for me in our chamber." He told her. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No Vincent I want to stay with you we have been separated for too long." She told him. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Anything you want my love." He commented as he kissed the hand that he held in his own.


As they entered the chamber Father and the other council members looked up. "Catherine are you joining us tonight?" Father asked. Catherine smiled lovingly at him. "Yes I thought that I would sit in on the meeting." She remarked. Mary smiled and approached them. "Why don't I take this little one and put him in his cradle?" She asked. Catherine smiled and handed Jacob to his grandmother. "Thank you Mary." Catherine commented. Mary smiled at her. "I am happy to do it for you." She commented. Then she left the chamber. "Shall we?" Vincent asked. Catherine smiled up at him. They descended the steps and took their seats.


Just as Father was about to begin the meeting Zach, Eric, and Geoffrey entered the chamber. Father looked up when he saw them. "Yes children what is it?" he asked. The boys smiled at one another then Zach spoke up. "All the children want to know if Catherine will read to us tonight." He commented. Catherine smiled at the boy. Then she smiled at Father. "I would love to." She commented as she and Vincent rose from their chairs. Before she left the chamber she turned to Vincent. "I will see you in our chamber in a while." He commented. She smiled then hugged him tightly.


When he released her Catherine walked up the steps. "Come on boys let's go find the other kids." She told them. The three boys smiled then they all left the chamber. When they were gone Vincent sat down again. Father smiled at him and shook his head. "They truly missed Catherine." Kanin commented. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes they did." He answered. "Well now let's get this meeting underway." Father remarked.


After the meeting had concluded Vincent made his way to their chamber. When he arrived there he found Mary ushering the children out of the chamber. They were all protesting about going to bed. "Children you must listen to Mary." Vincent told them. They all nodded and walked away. Vincent entered the chamber and found Catherine gazing down at their sleeping son. He walked up behind her and embraced he around the waist. She smiled as she leaned back in his arms. "So how was your time with the children?" He asked. She sighed happily. "I truly enjoyed reading to them." She told him.


Then she turned around and embraced him. "But I missed you more." She whispered. Vincent smiled as he placed a hand under her chin. He brought her face up to his and kissed her passionately. Catherine molded herself to him and entwined her hands in his mane. "Catherine please let me love you tonight." Vincent whispered breathlessly between kisses. Catherine was shocked by this request. She moved back and stared at him. "What is it my love?" he asked concerned. "Vincent are you sure about this?" She asked. "We only loved once and that was during your illness." She commented. Vincent smiled and placed a finger to her lips. "Yes I know that my love but I want you." He whispered. "Catherine once I found Jacob all the memories of the cavern came back to me." He stated. "I remembered everything that happened between us the night our son was conceived." Catherine smiled happily. "I wanted you to remember everything for so long." She told him. "Yes Vincent please love me like that night." She requested. Vincent smiled and captured her lips once again in a passionate kiss.


While they were kissing Vincent picked her up and carried her toward the bed. He only broke the kiss when he laid her down. "Vincent what about Jacob?" Catherine asked. Vincent looked from her to the crib that held their sleeping son. "Would you like me to take him to Mary?" He asked. She thought a moment then nodded. "Yes that might be for the best." She stated. "Don't move from this spot." Vincent told her.


After he had left the chamber Catherine stood up and removed her tunnel dress. Then she climbed back in bed and waited for Vincent to return. A few moments later Vincent reentered the chamber. "Catherine I am back." He said. Then he saw her. "Hello my love." She whispered. Vincent smiled. "Hello to you." He commented. "Let me put a lantern out and I will return." He stated. She smiled and nodded. "Alright my love but hurry back." She told him. He then quickly took the lantern and left the chamber.


A few moments later Vincent reentered the chamber. He pulled down the tapestry and made his way toward the bed. He sat down beside Catherine and leaned forward kissing her. She moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love you so much." She whispered as he kissed her neck. Vincent looked up at her and smiled. "As I love you my darling one." He told her. Then he rose. He removed his clothes and climbed into bed beside her. Catherine snuggled down into his arms. "This is where I have dreamed of being." She whispered. Vincent tightened his arms around her. "Catherine after I remembered about the cavern I regretted never sharing that with you." He told her. "I realized that I could never hurt you as you had always said." She smiled lovingly at him.


Then she placed a finger to his lips. "Shh you are the man that I love and you had to realize this for yourself." She whispered. "Yes but if I had just remembered about it before you would have never been taken from me all that time." He stated regretfully. "Catherine if I had known you were carrying our child I would have never let you leave the tunnels the night you came to tell me about it." He stated. Catherine smiled. "I know that my love but we cannot change what happened in the past." She told him. "We have been given a chance to make a life with one another and I for one am not going to waste a moment of this gift." She declared. Vincent smiled and cupped her head pulling it down to his chest. "Neither am I my love." He whispered. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. Vincent smiled back at her then he kissed her once again. The kiss was at first very sweet and tender then it moved to one of burning passion. Vincent caressed her gently as he kissed her. "Vincent I need you so much!" she cried out. Vincent looked deep into her green eyes and smiled. "Yes my Catherine now is our time." He whispered huskily. With those words he joined their bodies in a wave of undying love and deep burning passion.


Later that night Vincent awoke. He smiled as he watched Catherine who was sleeping peacefully at his side. I truly love this beautiful woman. He thought to himself. Then he quietly rose from the bed. He put on his corduroy pants and sat down at his desk. He took out his journal and opened it to a blank page. Then he opened his pen and started writing.


Today began as one of the saddest in my life. I had lost Catherine. But when everyone returned from her funeral they brought her back to me. I was shocked but very happy. I cannot describe the feelings that are racing through me at this moment. Catherine is home with me and our son and she is never leaving me again. I have truly been blessed by this miracle. Now I only have one more thing to do to make that dream a reality. I will propose to Catherine tonight and ask her to join her life with mine forever. I only pray that she will agree.


Once he finished writing Vincent put the cap back on his pen and closed the journal. He sat there a few moments when he felt that he was being watched. He turned around to see Catherine smiling at him. He smiled and rose from his chair. He removed his clothes and climbed back into bed beside her. "What were you doing?" Catherine asked as she snuggled down into his arms. "I had some things that I wanted to get down in my journal." He commented. "This has been a day that we will never forget." She whispered. Vincent nodded. "Yes but it turned into one of the greatest of my life." He whispered. "Mine too." She answered. Then they fell asleep in one another's arms.


The next morning Catherine opened her eyes and smiled as she found Vincent watching her. "Good morning love." She whispered. Vincent smiled and gently kissed her. "And good morning to you." He responded. "How long have you been awake." She asked. Vincent smiled and gently stroked her cheek. "I woke up about an hour ago." He commented. "And you spent that time just watching me sleep?" She asked him. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes I could not get over the fact that you were here in our bed so I just had to watch you." He told her. Catherine smiled. "Well you can watch me anytime you wish." She told him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Just as long as I can do this." She remarked. Then she gently kissed his lips.


Their kiss was broken when they heard a noise in the chamber entrance. "Vincent are the two of you awake?" Father asked. "Just a moment Father." Vincent called as they climbed out of bed. Catherine was looking around for her clothes when Vincent went to the bureau and pulled something out of it. "Here you can put this on." He whispered. She took the tunnel gown and smiled when she recognized it as the one she always wore when she stayed in the tunnels on weekends. Vincent pulled on his pants. Then he looked back at Catherine. "Are you ready?" He asked quietly. She smiled and nodded. "Yes go ahead." She answered.


Vincent then walked over to the tapestry and lifted it. Father smiled when he saw the couple. "Good morning you two." He commented. Catherine smiled sheepishly. "Good morning Father." She answered. Father moved into the chamber and sat down. "Is something wrong Father?" Vincent asked as he and Catherine sat down on the bed. Father sighed. "Vincent I know that this could not have come at a worse time." He began. "We have a repair job in the lower tunnels that must be attended to immediately." He commented. "Father can't the others manage without me for this job?" Vincent asked. Father sadly shook his head. "No Vincent I am afraid that this job is one that you will be needed on." He stated. Vincent sighed sadly. Catherine seeing his torment put her hand on his shoulder. "Darling you know that Father would not ask unless it was necessary." She reasoned. "I am sure that you are needed for this." She added. Vincent nodded his head. "I know that but I did not want to leave you so soon." He whispered. Catherine smiled as she kissed his hand. "I do not want you to leave me either but you are needed." She commented. "I would feel responsible if you did not go." She told him. Vincent smiled. "You have a generous heart my love." He stated. She smiled and put her head on his shoulder. "That is so easy where you are concerned." She whispered.


Vincent turned again and spoke to Father. "Of course I will go." He remarked. "Just let me get ready." He added. Father smiled and rose. "Thank you my dear." He told Catherine. "No need to thank me Father this sounds important." She stated. Then they rose from the bed. Father smiled at them then turned and left the chamber. "Will you be here when I return?" Vincent asked as he wrapped his arms around her. She smiled up at him as he pulled her closer. "Probably but if I am not here I will leave a note for you." She promised. Vincent smiled and nodded. Then he once again kissed her. Catherine reluctantly broke the kiss. "If we start that you will never go on that work detail." She commented. Vincent smiled mischievously at her. "Would that be so bad?" he asked seductively. Catherine smiled and tightened her arms around his neck. "No but Father would be rather disappointed in me because I broke my word that you would go." She commented. Vincent sighed then released her. He walked to the bureau and gathered his clothes. Then he looked at her once again. "I need to go bathe." He commented smiling. Catherine smiled when she caught the look in his eyes. "Yes you go bathe and I will go pick up our baby boy." She remarked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Will the two of you walk me down to meet the others?" he asked. Catherine smiled lovingly. "But of course we must see you off." She commented. Then she turned and left the chamber. Vincent watched her go. Then he too left the chamber.


A short time later he reentered the chamber and found Catherine there giving Jacob his bottle. "I am back." He whispered. He put his things away and came over to them. "And how is this little boy today?" He asked. Catherine smiled and looked up at him. "He was waiting for me when I arrived at Mary's chamber." She remarked. "Apparently he was hungry." She added. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes it looks like he was." He stated. Vincent then sat down on the bed and put on his socks and work boots. Catherine finished feeding Jacob then she burped him. "Just let me change his diaper and clothes then we will walk you down." She remarked. Vincent smiled. "Of course my love." He answered.


After Jacob was ready Catherine gathered him in her arms. "Shall we walk daddy down?" She asked him. He giggled and cooed at her. She turned and smiled at Vincent. He moved over and put his arm around her waist. "Shall we?" He asked. She smiled and nodded. "Yes my love." She whispered. Then they left the chamber.


As they approached the work crew Vincent stopped. He turned to face Catherine. "I will miss you today." He whispered. Catherine smiled at him. "As I will miss my darling." She answered. Then Vincent took the baby from her. "Now Jacob you keep an eye on your mother until I return." He told the child. Then Vincent handed him back to Catherine. "Vincent are you ready to go?" Kanin asked as they entered the tunnel. Vincent looked at him and nodded. Then he looked at Catherine once again. "I love you." He whispered. Then he gently kissed her. She smiled as he broke the kiss. "And I love you." She repeated. Then he picked up his things and moved into the tunnel.


After he was gone Catherine looked down at Jacob. "So baby how about going to see your grandfather?" She asked. He kicked and gurgled. Catherine giggled at him then kissed his forehead. She turned and walked down the tunnel back toward the main hub. As she approached Father's chamber she heard him talking to Peter. "So how are the lovebirds?" Peter asked. Father poured him some tea then smiled. "I am glad to say that they are wonderful." Father mused. "I suspect that they are truly back together now." He stated. Peter looked at him confused for a moment then he understood. "Oh really?" he asked. Father nodded. "Yes they were rather busy when I went to tell Vincent about the work crew." He commented. "How do you mean busy?" Peter asked. Father smiled and looked at him. "Well let's just say I had to wait out in the tunnel for a few minutes." He stated.


Out in the tunnel Catherine smiled at this conversation. They are truly happy for us. She thought. Then she moved toward the chamber entrance. "Father may we come in?" Catherine called. Father and Peter smiled and rose. "Of course my dear." He stated. Catherine walked down the steps into the chamber. She approached Father and kissed his cheek. Then she lay Jacob in his arms. "And how is my grandson and his mother?" he asked. Catherine smiled. "We are wonderful." She stated. Then she moved over and hugged Peter. "Hi honey I just came to see how the transition was going." He commented. Catherine moved back and nodded. "We are doing wonderful Peter Vincent and I are truly happy to be together again." She stated. "Well honey that is wonderful." He commented.


"The other reason I wanted to see you was to find out what your plans were." He told her. Catherine sat down and took Jacob back into her arms. "What do you mean Peter?" She asked. "Well honey when you showed up at your own funeral everyone discovered that you were alive." He told her. She silently nodded. "And I was just curious as to whether you were planning to move back above." He told her. Catherine looked up at him suddenly. "Peter I cannot be separated from Vincent ever again!" She exclaimed.


Father and Peter were shocked by her outburst. Peter put a hand on her shoulder. "Cathy please honey calm down I did not mean to upset you." He assured her. "I know that Peter I am sorry for my outburst." She told him quietly. "But I want to be here with Vincent I cannot even think of leaving him." She stated. "Besides how would we take care of Jacob together if I went back above?" She asked. "It is alright Catherine you know that we want you here." Father assured her. She smiled slightly and rose. "I am going to see Mary." She commented. Then she turned and left the chamber.


After she was gone Peter looked at Father sadly. "I did not mean to upset or hurt her." He told Father. Father put his hand on Peter's arm. "I know my friend she is still very frightened about what happened to her." he told the doctor. "She will be fine." Father assured him. Peter then rose. "Well with that I think I should be going." He told Father. "Peter you don't have to leave." Father commented. "Vincent will not be happy with me when he finds out how I upset her." Peter stated. "I think he will understand what you were getting at." Father told him. Peter smiled slightly then turned and left the chamber.


Catherine approached Mary's chamber. "Mary are you busy?" She asked from the entrance. Mary turned around and smiled. "Of course not dear I always love having you and this beautiful young man visit me." The older woman stated. Catherine smiled and entered the chamber. Mary quickly noticed the troubled look on her face. "Catherine dear come sit down." Mary commented. Catherine lay Jacob in the cradle that Mary kept in her chamber. Then she moved over to the bed and sat down. Mary waited for her to begin talking.


Suddenly Mary was horrified when Catherine burst into tears. "Catherine what in the world is wrong?" Mary asked as she took Catherine in her arms. "Did you and Vincent have an argument?" She asked. Catherine shook her head against the older woman's shoulder. "No we are fine." She cried. "Then tell me what is the matter." Mary commented. "I went to visit Father and Peter was there." She started. "He asked me if I was planning to move back above and I practically yelled at him." She cried.


Mary wrapped her arms around the sobbing woman. "Catherine I am sure he knew you didn't mean it." Mary told her. "He just wanted to find out whether you were going back above so that if you were he could help you." Mary stated. Catherine sat up and dried her eyes. "I know that Mary but I cannot go back there." She stated. "Catherine what else is the matter?" Mary asked. Catherine sighed sadly. "Mary I am frightened to return above." She whispered. "I am afraid that something will happen to me again or that someone will come after me or Jacob." Catherine stated. "Catherine have you talked to Vincent about this?" Mary asked.


Catherine was about to respond when a voice from the chamber entrance interrupted her. "No Mary we have not talked about this." Both women looked up to see a very upset Vincent. Catherine looked down suddenly ashamed that she had drawn him back to the home chambers. "Mary would you take Jacob and go to Father?" Vincent asked. Mary smiled and rose. "Of course child you two stay here as long as you need." She stated as she picked up the sleeping child. Then she left the chamber.


Once she was gone Vincent entered the chamber and removed his cloak. He laid it on the chair close to the bed then he sat down on the bed beside Catherine. "My love look at me please." He requested. She slowly lifted her face and looked at him. "Vincent forgive me please." She cried as she fell into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. He gently rocked her until she was once again calm. "Catherine there is nothing that I have to forgive you for." He commented. Catherine sat up and looked at him. "Yes there is." She whispered. "Vincent I placed myself in danger even after I found out that I was pregnant." She stated sadly. "Catherine look at me please." He requested again. She hesitated a moment then he put his hand under her chin and pulled her eyes up to his. "You were not aware that the investigation of Gabriel would lead to what happened to you." He commented. Catherine stood up and started pacing. "Vincent I was so careless." She commented. "I risked not only my life but our baby's life." She stated sadly.


Then she walked back and sat down beside him. She took his hands in hers and held them tightly. "Please tell me you forgive me for that." She begged. Vincent saw the pleading in her eyes. He pulled her into his arms once again. "Catherine you have nothing for me to forgive you for." He whispered. "All that matters is that you and our son are home with me and that you are both alive and safe." He added. "Now what brought all this on?" He asked. Catherine sighed and sat up again. "Peter asked me if I was planning on moving back above." She told him. Vincent looked down for a moment. "And what did you tell him?" he asked pensively.


She touched his cheek and spoke. "Vincent my home is here with you and Jacob I am where I want to be." Vincent let out the breath he was holding. Catherine could see the relief in his face. "Oh my love were you afraid that I would go above?" She asked. Vincent nodded his head. "Yes I was." He whispered. "Your friends are above and I thought you might want to go so that you could be near them." He stated. "Vincent you have to know that I am where I want to be." She told him. "You are the one person that I want to be with." She added. "I can always go visit my friends." She added. "Or we could invite them here." Vincent told her. Catherine was stunned. "Love are you sure that is a wise idea Father may not approve." She commented. Vincent looked up at her and smiled. "We already spoke about it and he is in complete agreement that they should be introduced to your home." He told her. Catherine smiled happily. "Oh that will be wonderful then I can truly have both worlds." She mused. Vincent smiled and embraced her. "Come my love let's go get our son." He told her as they rose and left the chamber.


A few days later Catherine sat down at Vincent's writing table. She took out a piece of paper and began writing. She smiled as she thought of Jenny, Nancy and Joe's reactions to her new home. She just prayed that they would accept Vincent. She finished the note then called for Kipper. "What is it Catherine?" He asked as he entered the chamber. "Would you please deliver this note to Peter?" She asked the boy. He smiled and nodded. Then he turned and ran from the chamber. Catherine rose and moved back toward the cradle where Jacob was sleeping. Oh baby I cannot wait until they see you. She thought to herself.


Above Peter was writing at his desk in his den when he heard the secret door open. He quickly rose and walked into the living room. There he found Kipper closing the secret door. "Hello Kipper." He stated. The young boy smiled. "Hello Peter." He answered. "What can I do for you?" Peter asked. Kipper pulled out the note and handed it to him. "This is from Catherine." The boy stated. Peter took the note and opened it. Then he began to read.



I need you and Susan to do me a big favor. Father and Vincent have decided that it is time that Joe, Jenny, and Nancy know my secret. I would appreciate if you could act as my liaison and help introduce them to the tunnels. Please bring them down tomorrow evening. Father is planning a gathering to welcome them. And of course you and Susan are welcome to join us. Contact me when you are ready to come below. Thanks for everything.



Peter folded the note and once again addressed Kipper. "Please tell her that I will take care of this immediately." He commented. Kipper smiled and nodded. "Alright I better be going now." He commented. Then the boy entered the secret entrance once again. He closed the door behind him as he left.


Once he was gone Peter walked to the phone. He picked it up and dialed Jenny's number. "This is Jenny Aaronson." A female voice answered. "Jenny this is Peter is Susan still there?" He asked. "Sure Peter wait just a moment." She answered. A few moments later Susan answered the phone. "Dad is everything alright?" She asked. "Yes sweetheart I heard from Cathy and she wants you and I to bring Jenny, Nancy, and Joe below tomorrow." He commented. "Oh Dad that will be wonderful." Susan stated. "Sweetheart could you get them over here tonight so that we can explain things?" he asked. "Sure dad we will all be there in a few minutes." She told him. "Okay honey see you in a while." He answered. Then he hung up the phone.


A while later Susan arrived with Jenny, Joe, Nancy and her family. "Hello everyone please come in." Peter told them. "Susan told us that you wanted to speak to us about Cathy." Jenny commented. Peter smiled and nodded. "Yes I have received a message from her and she wants us to bring all of you to see her tomorrow night." He remarked. Jenny and Nancy smiled happily. "Oh this is so great!" Jenny exclaimed. "I have missed her." She stated. Nancy smiled and nodded. "Yes but I am sure she wanted time to be with Vincent." Joe looked over at Nancy. "Nancy exactly how much do you know about this Vincent?" He asked. Nancy shook her head. "Not much but I have always wanted to meet him because Cathy loves him so much." She stated. Peter smiled. "Shall we all sit down?" He asked motioning toward the couch. They all sat down and waited for Peter to begin.


Over forty years ago a former medical school colleague of mine started a community for those who had lost their way." He began. "This community is now home to many people who would otherwise be living on the street. Jacob went there after he was forced by the un-American Acts committee to give up medicine." He explained. "What did he do?" Joe asked. "Nothing really but he was black balled because the Chittenden Research Group was testing fallout of nuclear weapons. When Jacob discovered that they were lying about the findings he went public with the information." Peter explained. "Then he was tried because he cost Chittenden a lot of money and contracts." Peter concluded. "I have read about them." Joe commented. "This Jacob is he Jacob Wells?" he asked. Peter smiled and nodded. "Yes he is." Peter told him. "I have always wanted to meet him to find out why something like that was done to him." Joe commented. "Joe you already have met Jacob." Peter remarked. "When did I meet him?" Joe asked. "You met him while Catherine was missing." He stated. "Then again at her funeral he is Vincent's father." He concluded. Joe was shocked. "That is Jacob Wells?" he asked. Peter smiled and nodded. "Yes he is." He concluded.


Suddenly the secret door opened. Everyone except Peter and Susan were shocked when Devin entered the house. "Hello Devin." Susan commented as she hugged him. "Hi Susie how are you?" he asked. "I am just fine." She answered. "Where did he come from?" Jenny asked. Peter looked at Devin and smiled. "I was just about to tell them about the tunnels." He commented. Devin closed the secret door and sat down. "Anyway as you all know there are tunnels under the city." Peter remarked. "Well that is where Cathy is." He stated. Joe suddenly rose. "This is ridiculous." He commented. "There are no people living below the city." He insisted. "I must disagree with you Mr. Maxwell." Susan commented. "There a whole community down there." She stated. "That is silly." Joe told her. "Now if you will excuse me I have to be going." He stated as he rose. "Joe please listen to us." Devin pleaded. "I know that Cathy wants to see you all very much." He remarked. "How do you know me?" Joe asked. Devin smiled slyly. "Do you remember Jeff Radler?" Devin asked. Joe thought a moment. "Yes he left suddenly. Well I had to be moving on." He stated. "You are Jeff Radler." Joe commented. Devin shook his head. "Not really my real name is Devin Wells." He stated. "Jacob Wells is my father and Vincent is my brother." He commented.


Then Devin turned to Peter. "Dad sent me to tell you that he wants you to bring them below tonight." He commented. Peter nodded. "Alright we can go now." He stated. "Is it safe to take our children?" Nancy asked. Peter smiled and nodded. "Oh yes there are many children that live below." He assured her. "They will be quite safe." Devin promised. Nancy looked at Paul who smiled. "Honey I believe them." He commented. "Besides they want to see Cathy." He added. Nancy smiled. "Alright let's go." She stated as they rose. They all moved into the tunnels heading below.


When they reached the hub they were led into Father's chamber. He smiled and rose. "Welcome to our home." He stated. "Thank you very much this is very impressive." Paul told him as they shook hands. "I was not aware that anyone lived down here." Jenny remarked. Jacob smiled. "Well we have lived down here many years as Peter told you." He stated. Then Father noticed Joe. "Hello again Mr. Maxwell." He stated shaking his hand. "Forgive me but where is Cathy?" Nancy asked excitedly.


Father was about to answer when Catherine walked into the chamber. She smiled as she rushed to her friends. "It is so good to see you all." She told them as they hugged her. "Cath you look wonderful." Nancy mused. Catherine smiled happily. "Love agrees with me I guess." She commented. "Speaking of love are we going to meet Vincent?" Jenny asked. Catherine looked at Father who smiled. "Yes you will in a few moments but I have to tell you about him first." She commented. "Please sit down won't you." Father invited. "Will you have some tea?" he asked. The four of them smiled and nodded.


After the tea was passed out Catherine spoke again. "Vincent lives here because he is unable to live above in the city." She stated. "Cathy is he deformed?" Joe asked. Catherine looked over at Father for his reaction to the question. He smiled and touched her hand. "Catherine to some he would be considered deformed." He stated. "But he is not deformed to us." She stated. Father smiled. "No not to us who know him and love him." he told her. "Cathy how did you meet him?" Joe asked.


She was about to answer when a voice in the entrance of the chamber answered for her. "I found Catherine the night she was attacked and left in the park." Vincent began as he descended the stairs. Everyone looked at him in awe. "Now I understand so much Cathy." Nancy told her. "Yes." Catherine answered. "Forgive me for asking you this Vincent but how did this happen?" Paul asked. Vincent smiled. "I will never really know that because I was abandoned by my mother as an infant." He stated. "She left me outside St.Vincent's hospital and I was found by a woman from the tunnels and brought below." Vincent explained. "I was given to Father." Vincent told them as he put his hand on Father's shoulder. "And he basically adopted me from then on." He concluded.


They all talked for the next hour. Paul, Nancy and Jenny really took a liking to Vincent and the whole tunnel world. But Catherine and Vincent both noticed that Joe was extremely quiet. A while later Joe rose. "I have a meeting in the morning early." He commented. "Come on Joe stay for a while longer." Jenny requested. Joe smiled. "I wish I could but work comes first." He stated. Catherine smiled. "Well you cannot at this very moment." She stated. Joe looked at her as she rose.


At that moment Mary carried Jacob into the chamber. Catherine smiled and took him from her. Then she turned around. "This is Jacob Charles Wells." She commented. "He's our son." She added. Jenny and Nancy were shocked. "You had a baby?" Jenny asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes he was born while Gabriel held me prisoner." Catherine stated. "Vincent found him shortly before I returned." She added. Nancy smiled and rose. She approached Catherine. "He is beautiful Cath." She whispered.


Then Catherine handed him to her. She smiled and cuddled him. "He has your eyes." She told Vincent as she looked at the baby. Vincent chuckled and looked at Catherine. "I have been told that." He stated. "Has he been here all this time?" Joe asked looking at father. "Mr. Maxwell I am sorry I lied to you but I had to protect my son and grandson." He told the new district attorney. Joe did not say anything.


Then he looked at his watch again. "I really need to be going." He commented. "I will walk you up." Catherine told him. Vincent rose. "Do you want me to come along?" he asked. She put her arms around his waist. "No love I will be back." She stated. Then they left the chamber.


As they walked down the tunnel both Joe and Catherine were silent. When they reached the park entrance Catherine turned to him. "Joe you do know that you cannot speak of any of this?" She asked. Joe nodded silently. He hated keeping secrets but he knew that it was important to her. Finally he spoke. "Cathy what is this truly about?" he asked. She looked at him confused. "What do you mean by that Joe?" She asked. "Radcliffe why are you here?" he asked. "You belong above these tunnels in the city." He commented. "You can take your child and come back I will help you get settled then you can go back to work." He stated. Catherine just stared at him.


Then she started to pace. "Joe this is my home." She argued. "And it is my son's home." She added. "We belong here with his father." She added. "Come on Cathy do you really expect me to buy that this guy is that child's father?" he asked. Catherine turned and glared at him. "He is my son's father and the man that I love!" She argued. "And I will not have you or anyone else questioning that love!" She spat angrily. "Now if you will excuse me my family is waiting." She stated.


Then she turned to walk away. "Cathy I love you and I can make you happy." He told her suddenly. "Joe I know how you feel about me but there is no future for us there never has been." She told him. "Cathy you will not be happy here." He argued. "And then you will want to leave." He added. Catherine turned and glared at him. "Never!" she screamed. "I came home to be with Vincent and no one else!" She told him firmly. "Now if you will excuse me I really need to be going home to my child and his father." Catherine stated.


Then before leaving she opened the secret door. "I won't say anything about any of this but I will wait for you." He told her. Catherine shook her head. "No Joe you cannot wait for me because I live here now." She told him. "Cathy you cannot be serious." He argued. "Yes Joe I am very serious." She remarked. Joe was defeated. He turned and silently walked out of the drainage tunnel.


A little while later Catherine entered Father's chamber again. She was still quite upset about her disagreement with Joe but she wanted to keep it from Vincent until they could talk in private. She smiled when she saw Vincent happily talking with Jenny, Nancy and Paul. They truly liked him and she could not understand Joe's attitude.


Suddenly she was brought out of her revelry when Jenny spoke to her. "We were beginning to wonder where you were." She stated. Catherine smiled and descended the steps. "Joe and I talked for a few minutes." She told them as she sat down beside Vincent. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Catherine what is the matter?" She smiled and shook her head. "I will tell you later." She whispered. "Don't worry everything is fine." She added. But Vincent knew that there was definitely a problem.


That evening the community gathered for a general meeting. "We asked you all here tonight to introduce you all to Catherine's friends." Father began. "They are wonderful people and I have decided that they should be our new helpers." He continued. "What are helpers?" Jenny asked. Father looked at her and smiled. "Jenny helpers are those who live in the world above who help all of us whenever we need anything." Catherine told her. "This community could not exist without our helpers." Vincent told her. "This is a great responsibility that you have been given." Father told them. "We will do our best to live up to the responsibility." Paul told him. Father smiled and nodded. "I know you will." He answered. "Now everyone in favor of our new helpers please raise your hands." Father commented. Everyone in the chamber smiled and raised their hands. Father smiled then looked over at Catherine. "We welcome the three of you as our newest helpers." He announced. With that everyone cheered. "Now if there is no other business we will adjourn this meeting." Father remarked.


Everyone rose to leave the chamber when Vincent stood. "Please everyone stay for a few moments." He requested. They all looked at him and sat back down. Then Vincent smiled and turned to Catherine. He took her hand and knelt down in front of her. Mary smiled and gently took Jacob from her. Jenny looked over at Nancy and smiled. Paul took Nancy's hand in his and held it lovingly. "Catherine since you came home to me and our son I have been happier than ever before." Vincent began. "I love you with all my heart and soul. And I was hoping that you would agree to become my wife." He concluded. Catherine smiled as tears began to run down her cheeks. "Oh yes Vincent I would be honored to be your wife." She cried. Vincent smiled as he gathered her in his arms and held her. Everyone in the chamber smiled and cheered. Then they all approached the happy couple.


A little later Paul and Nancy rose. "We hate to do this but we should be getting on the road." Paul commented. "We were planning to drive back to Westport tonight." Nancy told Catherine. "That is not necessary." Father remarked. "You are welcome to stay here with us in one of the guest chambers." He stated. Nancy looked at Paul who nodded. "I think we could stay for a few more days." He commented. "Thank you Father we would love to stay." Nancy told him.


Then Mary rose. "I will go and make sure a guest chamber is prepared." She stated. "I will take Jacob." Nancy told her. The older woman smiled and handed the child to her. "I can get to know this handsome little one better." Nancy remarked. Vincent smiled as he wrapped his arms around Catherine. "I think our son has a new aunt." He whispered. She smiled and nodded. "Well everyone I hate to do this but I better go." Jenny stated. "You are welcome to stay also." Vincent told her. She smiled and nodded. "Thanks but my parents are expecting me for dinner." She commented. "But I would like to come back tomorrow." She added. Father moved forward and embraced her. "You are family now Jenny you are always welcome here." He told her. "Just bang a rock on the pipe in the park entrance and we will come for you." He stated. She smiled and nodded. "I will walk her out and show her the code." Jamie told him. Father smiled and nodded. Jenny hugged Catherine and Vincent then they left the chamber.


Later that night as they lay in bed Vincent noticed that Catherine was unusually quiet. He rose onto one elbow and looked down at her. "Catherine what is the matter? He asked as he stroked her face. She shook her head. "It's nothing love don't worry." She told him. Vincent put his hand under her chin and pulled her face around toward him. "Catherine tell me." He requested. She took a deep breath and began to speak. "Joe and I had an argument this afternoon." She began. Vincent nodded. "I thought so you looked very disturbed when you returned." He commented. "What did you argue about?" he asked. Catherine shook her head. "Vincent it is not important." She told him. He placed a finger to her lips to silence her. "Catherine when something upsets you it is important." He stated. "Now please tell me about what happened." He requested.


Catherine took a deep breath and began to speak. "He doesn't understand about our relationship." She commented. Vincent smiled slightly and nodded. "I thought that." He commented. Catherine looked at him. "What do you mean?" She asked. "Catherine he is in love with you." He told her honestly. "I have known this for some time." He added. "Vincent you must know that I only love you." She told him. He gathered her in his arms and held her. "Yes my love I do know that." He whispered. "And I love you." He told her. "Catherine just give Joe some time to get used to all this." He commented. "I am sure he will come around." He told her. Then he kissed her. "Now we should be getting some sleep." He remarked. Catherine looked up at him and smiled slyly. "Are you really that tired?" She asked as she caressed his chest. Vincent smiled and kissed her again. "Not really what did you have in mind?" he asked. She smiled seductively and began kissing him. Soon they were lost in their passion for one another.


The next morning Catherine awoke to find herself alone. She rose and put on her tunnel dress. She was about to walk toward the chamber entrance when Vincent entered. "Good morning love." He told her. She smiled and ran to him. He put down the tray he was holding and gathered her in his arms. "I missed you." She whispered. "As I missed you but I thought I would return before you awoke." He stated.


Then she looked down at the tray. "We're having breakfast here?" She asked. He smiled slyly and nodded. "Yes but first I want to give you something." He stated. He led her to his chair where he sat her down. He once again knelt down in front of her. "Catherine I would be honored if you would wear this." He told her. With that he took a small box from his pocket and handed it to her. She smiled and took the box. Then she opened the lid. "Oh Vincent this is so beautiful!" She exclaimed. Vincent smiled and took the diamond ring out of the box.


He took her hand and slid it on her ring finger. "This belonged to Margaret." He stated. "Father gave it to me this morning to make our engagement official." He stated. Catherine smiled lovingly as she began to cry. Vincent gently wiped her tears away. "Catherine please don't." he requested. "I hate to see you cry." He told her. Catherine smiled and kissed his hand. "These are tears of pure joy." She told him. She then leaned forward and kissed him.


A while later Catherine and Vincent were sitting in their chamber reading. They looked up when they both saw a moment in the chamber entrance. "Hey are we disturbing you?" Paul asked as he, Nancy and Devin entered the chamber. Catherine and Vincent rose from the bed. "No we were just reading while Jacob napped." Catherine whispered. Nancy smiled and walked toward the cradle. She leaned forward and gently caressed his cheek. "He is so beautiful." She whispered as she turned back toward them. Vincent smiled proudly and wrapped his arms around Catherine. "Yes just like his mother." He commented. "Hey Vin I thought that you and I could show Paul some of the lower tunnels that we are working on." Devin stated. "I am an engineer and I would love to see them." Paul told him. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Of course we will show you." He told him.


He moved over and put on his cloak. Then he walked back toward Catherine. "I will see you later." He told her. She smiled as they embraced. "I will be here when you get back." She commented. "I think Nancy and I would like to do some catching up." She stated looking at her friend. Nancy smiled. "Oh yes we have not had much time to talk." She stated. "Besides Jenny should be here sometime soon." Catherine added. Nancy looked at her and shook her head. "No Cath she sent a message to Father that she had a very important meeting today and would not come until later." Nancy stated. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "She still works too hard." She laughed. Nancy chuckled. "Yes she does." Then Catherine turned to Vincent again. "Well then I will be here with Nancy." She told him. He smiled then he leaned forward and kissed her.


As this was going on Jenny entered Joe's apartment building. She was coming to see just what had occurred last night that clearly upset Catherine. She rode the elevator up to his apartment. When she arrived she could hear the television in the apartment. She raised her hand and knocked. "Who is it?" Joe asked. "Hey Joe it's me Jenny." She answered. Joe rose and opened the door. "Hey Jenny this is a surprise." He told her as he welcomed her into the apartment. "I would have thought you would have gone to see Cathy and her guy this morning." He stated somewhat sarcastically. Jenny suddenly became very angry. "What the hell is your problem Maxwell?" She yelled. Joe was suddenly stunned by her anger. "I don't know what you are talking about." He commented defensively. "Joe what happened yesterday?" Jenny asked as she sat down. Joe sat down beside her. "I don't know what you mean." He commented. "Yes you do!" She demanded. "When Cathy returned to Father's chamber she was clearly upset." Jenny told him. "Everyone that was there could see it in her face. Vincent tried to get her to talk about it but she just told him that she would tell him later." She added. "Was he upset?" Joe asked. "What do you think?" Jenny asked. "He is in love with her and he hates seeing her upset." She stated.


Joe suddenly rose and began pacing. "You certainly are a big fan of his all of a sudden!" he snapped. "Joe he is a wonderful man who dearly loves one of my best friends." She commented. "And I truly like him." She added. "Jenny don't you understand he is the reason behind some unexplained deaths that Cathy was close too." He commented. "He was protecting her from dangerous situations." Jenny countered. "Jenny I am the District Attorney how can I ignore his actions?" He asked. Jenny thought a moment then spoke again. "Because Cathy loves him and you love her." She answered. Joe turned and looked at her. "Jenny I could give her and Jacob the life that they deserve." He stated.


Jenny rose and approached him. "Joe you are a wonderful man and Cathy loves you but not in the same way that you love her." She told him. "Besides Jacob is her and Vincent's child." She added. "Joe you are her friend and she trusted you with this secret the same way she trusted the rest of us." Jenny explained. "Are you ready to risk losing a good friend by going after the man that she loves?" She asked. "Joe listen to me please." She begged. "You know that if Vincent were discovered that he would be either studied or even killed." She told him. "And I know that you would not be able to live with the fact that you were the one who caused that." She added. Joe thought a moment then sighed. "You're right Jenny I just always hoped that Cathy would change her mind about us." He commented. "I know that but you must realize that that was never a possibility after she found Vincent again." She soothed. "But are you ready to give up her friendship because of petty jealousy?" She asked.


Jenny picked up her coat and purse. "I have to go now." She commented. "I have some more work to do before I go below this afternoon." She remarked. Joe looked up at her. "You are going back there?" he asked. Jenny smiled and nodded. "Yes Paul, Nancy and I became helpers last night and I want to take them some supplies besides Nancy and Paul spent the night there last night." She added. "What are helpers?" Joe asked. Jenny smiled as she opened the door. "Just what the word says." She stated. "They help those below by giving them supplies and whatever else they need." She commented. "Vincent said that it is because of the helpers that they have survived for so long." She added. "Oh and I think you should know this too Joe." She began. "Last night Vincent asked Catherine to marry him." She stated. Joe looked up at her slowly. "He did?" He asked. Jenny nodded. "What did she say?" Joe asked already knowing the answer. "Joe she said yes of course." She answered. "Well I hate to leave you like this but I have to run." She commented. "It's alright Jenny you go on." He told her. She smiled and kissed his cheek. "Joe please think about all that I have said." She pleaded. Then she left the apartment. Once she was gone Joe sat down and did just that.


Back in the tunnels Catherine and Nancy sat on the bed in her and Vincent's chamber. "I am so glad you finally met Vincent." Catherine told her. Nancy smiled brightly. "So am I." She answered. "Now I understand why you said that you did not think you could have a life together." She stated. Catherine visibly trembled at that memory. "Cathy what happened back then why did you leave Vincent?" Nancy asked. "Nancy a lot of it had to do with what I told you about my mother." Catherine began. "Vincent could see what a strain I was under because of our secret and he decided that he needed to release me from our bond." She stated. "He did that?" Nancy asked. Catherine smiled sadly. "Yes he loved me so much that the pain I was in was tearing him apart so he told me to find someone else to love." Catherine whispered. "Then you came to Westport." Nancy commented. Catherine nodded. "Yes I had to get away from the city." She stated. "I was so distraught over our break up that I could not stay here." Catherine added. Nancy could see that these memories were very painful for Catherine. She smiled and clutched her hands trying to give her support. Catherine smiled at this gesture. "I even began feeling a bit better when I was in Westport." She commented guiltily. "Then that last night I had a horrible dream." She said as she rose from the bed.


Nancy turned around on the bed and watched as Catherine walked over and gently stroked Jacob's cheek. She decided to give Catherine the time she needed to continue. "That is why I heard you call out Vincent's name." Nancy remarked. Catherine turned around and smiled sadly. "Yes it is." She remarked. "Cath what was the dream about?" Nancy asked. "It must have been horrible because you absolutely broke down in a sobbing heap in my arms." Nancy remembered. Catherine sighed and sat back down on the bed. "Well I dreamed that I was walking with Vincent in the sunlight." She began. Nancy smiled at this. "That sounds beautiful." She remarked. Catherine smiled. "It was wonderful we were going to walk everywhere together." She stated.


Then it changed and we were having a picnic in the park. We were sitting there together happier than I ever thought possible. Then I leaned forward to kiss him and.." Catherine hesitated. Nancy put her arms around Catherine to calm her. "Then what?" She asked. "I opened my eyes and instead of Vincent sitting there beside me it was Buddy." She cried. "Buddy?" Nancy asked. "You mean Rebecca's brother?" She asked. Catherine nodded her head. "Yes that night at the party he admitted that when we were younger he wanted to date me." Catherine explained. "Then he asked me if we could spend some time together while I was in Westport." She continued. "I guess the dream was my feelings of guilt over even thinking about it." Catherine remarked. "Cathy what happened to Vincent in the dream?" Nancy asked. Catherine became very sad. "When I opened my eyes and saw Buddy there beside me I looked over his shoulder and I saw Vincent walking away from me." She remarked. "I called out for him but he did not seem to hear me then I woke up and knocked the lamp off the table." She concluded.


"Cathy do you remember what I told you that night?" Nancy asked. Catherine nodded her head. "Yes you told me that I had to follow my heart because it was the only thing I could ever really count on." She repeated. (From A Happy Life). Nancy smiled and nodded her head. "Yes then you got up and told me that you were following your heart that is why you came back to the city at 4a.m." She commented. Catherine smiled at the memory of that return. "Yes I remember that." She stated. "Cathy did you come here? Nancy asked. Catherine smiled and nodded her head. "Yes I went to my apartment and dropped off my bag then I ran across the park to the drainage tunnel." She remembered. "And as I approached the tunnel I could see him standing there in the clearing waiting." She said smiling. "I jumped into his arms and told him that what we had was all that mattered that it was everything." She stated happily. "Well you realize that what you told me that night came true don't you?" Nancy asked. Catherine looked at her strangely for a moment. "Cathy you told me that you wanted a home and children." Nancy reminded her. "And now look around you." She stated motioning to the chamber and the cradle. "You not only have a home but you have a beautiful child." She stated. Catherine smiled again and embraced her. "You really saved our relationship that night." Catherine remarked. Nancy smiled and was about to respond when a voice interrupted. "And we can never thank you enough." Both women turned to see Vincent standing there watching them.


Nancy smiled and rose. "I could tell when she spoke your name that she truly loved you." She told Vincent. "Besides I just want her to be happy." She added. Catherine rose and walked over to Vincent. She smiled and wrapped her arm around his waist. "We are very happy." She mused. Vincent drew her into a hug as Nancy looked on smiling. "Yes we are." He whispered. "Well I promised Mary that I would help her this afternoon." Nancy commented. Then she left the chamber. "I think she knew we wanted to be alone." Catherine remarked smiling. Vincent smiled and pulled her into his arms. "Well our friends know just how much we love each other." He stated. "Yes they do." She agreed. Then she started to move out of his embrace. "Hey where do you think you are going?" He asked with a growl in his voice. Catherine giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I thought I would take Jacob to his Grandfather for a while." She told him seductively. Vincent smiled at her meaning. "Yes I believe that would be a good idea." He told her. "But first I want a kiss." He told her. She smiled. "Well then I have to kiss you." She commented. Vincent smiled and leaned forward. "I love you Catherine." He whispered. Then he kissed her passionately.


Later that evening Jenny entered Father's chamber. "Hi everyone." She chimed when she saw them. "Hi Jen we almost gave up that you were coming." Catherine told her as they hugged. "I had to get these." Jenny told her. Then she pointed at the box. "What is that?" Catherine asked. "Well I thought that I would bring some extra copies of some of our books for the children." Jenny commented. Father smiled and rose. "That was very generous of you." He told her. She smiled and embraced him. "I intend to take my role as a helper very serious." She stated. Catherine laughed and looked at Vincent. "So what did I miss today?" Jenny asked Catherine as they sat down. "Not much Nancy and I just did some catching up while Vincent and Devin took Paul on a tour of the lower tunnels." Jenny smiled at Nancy's husband. "Were they impressive?" she asked. He looked up from the blueprints that Vincent was showing him. "They were indeed." He stated. They spent the next couple of hours talking.


At around 9:00 that night Jenny was preparing to leave. "Father we are going to walk Jenny out." Vincent told his parent. Father embraced her and smiled. "Please come back very soon." He requested. She smiled and nodded. "Hey my best friend and her darling baby are here just try stopping me from coming." She stated teasingly. Catherine smiled and put her arm around Vincent. "Are you ready to go?" Catherine asked. Jenny smiled. "Yes I better go now." She commented. Then they left the chamber.


When they reached the tunnel entrance near her building Jenny decided to tell them about talking to Joe. "Cathy I saw Joe today." Jenny commented. Catherine looked up suddenly. "You did?" she asked. Jenny smiled and nodded. "Yes I did." She stated. "How is he?" Catherine asked. "Well I think that he is having a hard time taking it all in right now." Jenny told her. "I told Catherine that he just needed time." Vincent commented. Jenny thought a moment. "Vincent I am not sure you know this but he has very strong feelings for Cathy." Vincent nodded. "Yes I know that." He told her. "Jenny did he say anything about the tunnels?" Catherine asked. Jenny put her hand on Catherine's shoulder. "Cath he is not going to say anything." Jenny assured her. "You know Joe whether he agrees about your decision to be here or not he will not do that to you." She remarked. Catherine nodded her head. "Yes I know I just wanted to be sure." Vincent put his arm around her. "Catherine should I go talk to him?" he asked. "No Vincent Joe needs to work this out for himself." She stated. "We were honest with him now it is his decision." Jenny smiled then hugged them both. "Well I better be off now." She remarked. Then she climbed up the ladder and left the tunnels. Vincent embraced Catherine. "Catherine I still think he will come around." Vincent whispered. She looked up at him and smiled. "Have I told you how much I love you?" She asked. Vincent smiled. "Not lately." He commented. Catherine smiled at him. "I love you very much Vincent." She whispered. He smiled and kissed her.


A couple of days later Nancy, Paul and their kids left the tunnels. "I will miss them." Catherine remarked as she and Vincent entered their chamber. "I know but they will return soon." He assured her. "Besides Nancy wants to help you plan our wedding." He stated. Catherine smiled and looked down at her ring. "I still cannot believe we are engaged." She mused. Vincent smiled and embraced her. "I know but we are." He told her. "Now how about you, me and Jacob go spend some time alone together at the falls?" He asked. She smiled and embraced him. "That would be wonderful my love." She told him. Then they turned and left the chamber to get Jacob from Father.


Above Joe was having a difficult time. He was continually thinking about the conversation that he had with Jenny. Joe did not want to lose Catherine's friendship by any means but how could he embrace her decision? He decided to go see Jenny again. Maybe she could help him with his quandary.


A while later Joe walked up to Jenny's apartment. He noticed the light on inside. He took a deep breath then knocked. Jenny soon came to the door. She smiled when she saw him. "Hi Jenny are you busy?" Joe asked. Jenny shook her head. "No come in Joe." She told him as she ushered him inside. Once inside Joe took off his coat and handed it to her. "Won't you sit down Joe?" She asked. Joe smiled and nodded. He always liked Jenny. He thought that she was a very wonderful woman with a very bubbly personality. "Would you like something to drink?" Jenny asked. Joe smiled. "Some wine would be nice." He commented. Jenny smiled then walked into the kitchen.


A few moments later she returned with two glasses of red wine. "Jenny I have done a lot of thinking ever since the other day in my apartment." He began. "I think I understand now what you were trying to say." He stated. Jenny smiled brightly. "Joe she is truly happy." She assured him. "I just don't want to see her hurt." Joe commented. Jenny put her wine down and touched his arm. "Joe if there is one thing you can count on it is that Vincent would never hurt her in any way." She commented. "He was so lost without her and then when she came back to him he said that he started living once again." She stated. "And now that she is with Jacob she is definitely happy and content." She added. Joe smiled. "Well that is all I want for her." he admitted. "I suppose I let my jealousies and my feelings for her take over." He stated. Jenny simply nodded. "Joe I understand how you feel about her." She told him. "But you have to remember she has been involved with Vincent for almost three and half years." She stated. "And I have truly never seen her happier." She added. "Yeah I guess you are right." He answered. They spent the next couple of hours talking.


Later Joe looked up at her. "Do you think that Vincent would see me again?" He asked. Jenny smiled. "Yes I don't see why he wouldn't." she answered. "After all he is the one who told Cathy to have faith in your friendship." She stated. This truly shocked him. "Even after he found out the things that I said and how I feel about her?" He asked. Jenny nodded. "Yes Joe he is truly a wonderful man and you just need to get to know him." She commented. "Could I write him a note? " he asked. Jenny rose and took out a piece of stationery. "Yes and I will deliver it to him personally when I go below tomorrow." She assured him. Joe moved over to her desk and began writing.



I have no words to apologize for how I have acted toward you. I suppose I let my jealousy over you get in the way. I can only ask that you please forgive me. Vincent could we please meet and talk? I would like to get to know you. And maybe you can help me try to make this up to Catherine. I truly hope that you agree. I will meet you at the carousel tomorrow night. If you do not come I will understand. Thank you for listening.



Joe folded the paper and handed it to Jenny. "Now I think I should be going I have a frozen dinner waiting for me at home." He joked. "Joe how about going with me to get some real food." Jenny asked. Joe thought a moment then smiled. "I would love to." He told her. Then he helped her put on her coat. Then they left the apartment.


The next day Jenny rose late in the morning. It was Saturday and her weekend was free. She stretched and smiled. She and Joe had been out rather late the night before. He was really a charming man once he dropped the hard-nosed lawyer disguise. Jenny rose and walked over to her closet. She looked through the clothes and picked out a pair of jeans and a sweater. Then she went into the bathroom and showered.


An hour later she entered the drainage tunnel. She picked up a rock and started tapping out her signal on the pipes. Vincent, who was in Father's chamber, heard the message. "Father Jenny is in the park." He commented. Father looked up from the ledger in his hand. "Wonderful she owes me a game of chess." He teased. Vincent smiled. "Yes well I will go meet her and tell her." Then Vincent swiftly left the chamber. Father smiled. He truly liked Catherine's friends. They were good people. He just wished that Joe could be happy about Vincent and Catherine. Maybe one day he will come around. He thought to himself. Then he once again turned his attention to the ledger.


While this was going on Vincent arrived at the park entrance. He tripped the mechanism and stepped out into the tunnel. "Hello Jenny." He commented when he saw her. She turned and smiled at him. "I was afraid that no one heard my signal." She commented. Vincent chuckled and shook his head. "I was with Father." He stated. "Where is Cathy?" Jenny asked. "She and Jamie went above with Mary to take some things to one of our sick helpers." He stated. "Don't you worry about her going above?" She asked. Vincent sighed and nodded. "Yes but I cannot keep Catherine from leaving the tunnels just because I have my fears." He answered. Jenny smiled and moved toward him. "You are truly a wonderful man." She told him. "I can see why she loves you so much." She added. This comment made Vincent blush. "Thank you for your kind words." He whispered. "Well shall we go inside Father is waiting for you to play chess." He commented. Jenny smiled. "Oh he is?" She asked. "Well I cannot disappoint him." She stated. She was about to walk into the tunnel when she remembered the note that Joe had written. "Vincent Joe asked me to deliver this to you." She remarked handing him the note. Vincent took it and began reading.


Once he was done he refolded it and smiled. "I will meet him." he answered. Jenny smiled. "Vincent I truly believe that he is coming around." She remarked. Vincent smiled. "Why Jenny is there something that you should tell me about you and Joe?" He teased. Jenny took her turn blushing. "No we just went out to dinner last night." She commented. "Jenny I think he could do a lot worse than be interested in a wonderful woman like you." He stated. "Well shall we go?" She asked. He smiled and nodded. Then they entered the tunnels stopping long enough to close the secret door.


Later that afternoon Catherine along with Mary and Jamie entered the tunnels. "I am so glad that Janette is going to be alright." Catherine commented. Mary and Jamie smiled. "Yes it is a relief." Mary stated. "Well I have sentry duty in a few hours." Jamie commented. "I think I will take a nap before dinner." She remarked. "See you later Jamie." Catherine called as the girl moved away from them. Then Mary turned to Catherine. "Are you going to your chamber?" She asked. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No Vincent told me that he and Jacob would be with Father when we returned." She commented. Mary nodded. "Well then shall we go?" She asked. Catherine nodded. Then they walked down the tunnels.


As they reached Father's chamber they heard the familiar sound of Jenny's laughter. "Jenny is here." Mary remarked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes she came down to help me with more wedding plans." Then they moved into the chamber. "Father we are back." Mary stated as they descended the steps. Vincent and Jenny smiled and rose. "How is Janette?" Vincent asked as he embraced her. Catherine smiled at him. "She is doing much better." She commented. Then Catherine hugged Jenny. "I am glad you came down today." Catherine told her. "I wanted to show you some fabrics that would be beautiful for your wedding dress." Jenny commented. Catherine smiled. "Well then why don't we take Jacob and go back to our chamber?" She asked. Jenny smiled and rose. Catherine gently took Jacob from his father. "Catherine I will see you in a couple of hours I have a work detail this afternoon." Vincent remarked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Of course darling." She stated. Then Vincent stood and lovingly kissed her. With that Catherine and Jenny left the chamber with Jacob.


Later that evening Catherine was sitting in their chamber reading to Jacob. Vincent entered the chamber and smiled. He loved seeing his two loves together. Suddenly Catherine noticed that he was staring at her. "When did you get back?" She asked as she rose and lay Jacob in his cradle. Vincent walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "I have only been here a moment." He whispered. "I cannot get over that I am his mother." She commented. Vincent smiled and tightened his arms around her. "Yes and you are the most beautiful mother." He stated. Catherine smiled and turned toward him. "Well thank you kind sir." She whispered.


She was about to kiss him when Vincent stopped her. "Catherine I need to go above for a little while." He commented. "What is it darling?" She asked concerned. "Are you upset with me about something?" She asked. Vincent smiled and shook his head. "No I just have to meet a helper." He commented. "Do you want me to come with you?" She asked. Vincent smiled again. "No this meeting happens to be a surprise for you." He commented. Catherine smiled and tightened her arms around his neck. "Oh really?" She asked. He smiled and nodded. "Yes now I better go so I can be back soon." He stated. Catherine sighed and released him. He moved over and put on his cloak. "Will you wait up for me I should be no more than an hour." He told her. Catherine smiled. "Of course I will wait up for you my love." She whispered. Then Vincent kissed her and left the chamber.


A few minutes later Vincent approached the carousel. "Jenny are you here?" he called out. "Yes we are here." She answered. Then Vincent moved into the opening and smiled. "Hello again Jenny." He commented as he embraced her. "Hey Vincent was it hard getting away?" She asked. Vincent smiled and shook his head. "No Catherine knows this is some type of surprise for her." he stated. Jenny smiled. "I bet it is truly driving her crazy." She commented. Both Joe and Vincent smiled at this comment. "Hello Vincent." Joe started. "Hello Mr. Maxwell." Vincent responded. "First would you please call me Joe?" He asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Alright Joe." he responded. "Vincent I know that you read my note." He stated. "Yes I was glad to receive it." Vincent told him. "I want everything to be good between you and Catherine again." He stated. Joe smiled and shook his head. "What is it Joe?" Vincent asked as they sat down a bench. Jenny moved a little away to give them privacy. "I don't think I could be as understanding toward me as you are being." Joe told him. "After all I admitted that I love Cathy." He stated. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes but I have know this for some time now." He commented. Joe looked up at him shocked. "You have?" He asked. Vincent once again nodded. "Yes." He stated simply. "And it never bothered you?" Joe asked. Vincent shook his head. "Not at all Joe I understand how any man could love her." he stated. "I was not even surprised when Elliott Burch fell in love with her." he stated. Joe suddenly made a face. "Well that is one man that I wish had never come into her life." He remarked. "Joe he may have loved Catherine but we have been in love for a long time and he could not come between us."


Joe took a few moments to collect his thoughts. "Vincent I know that Catherine told you everything about our argument." Joe stated sadly. Vincent put his hand on Joe's shoulder. "Joe it is alright I know that Catherine could have an easier life with you above but our destinies were predetermined the night I found her." he stated. "And now that we have Jacob I cannot imagine being away from her." Joe smiled. "Yes I guess I just let my jealousy take over." He commented. "Joe please don't beat yourself up over this." Vincent requested. "We all do things that we would not do in the name of love." Joe smiled. "Yes I suppose we do." He agreed. "So I hear that you and Catherine are getting married." Joe told him. "Yes we are." Vincent stated proudly. "So when is the big day?" Joe asked. "We are marrying on April 12th." Vincent told him. "That is the anniversary of the first night I found her in the park." He stated. "We thought that we would exorcise those demons." He added. Joe smiled and nodded. "Well that sounds wonderful." He commented as he stood.


Vincent stood beside him. "Joe would you come below tomorrow night with Jenny?" Vincent asked. Joe was not sure. "Are you sure that Catherine will see me after the thing I said?" He asked. Vincent put his hand on Joe's shoulder again. "Joe you are our friend I know she will be happy to see you." He stated. "Well I have to be returning below before Catherine begins to worry." Vincent told him. Joe smiled. "Yes and I have a meeting tomorrow." He commented.


Then Jenny walked up beside Joe. "So are you ready?" She asked. Joe smiled. "Yeah I am ready." He told her. Then they turned to walk away. "Vincent don't tell her that I am coming below tomorrow alright?" Joe requested. Vincent thought a moment then smiled. "Of course not we will have it as a surprise." He answered. With that they all walked away from one another.


A few minutes later Vincent entered his and Catherine's chamber. He smiled when he saw that she was awake. "I am back my love." He whispered. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. Then she put her book down. "I missed you while you were gone." She told him. Vincent smiled as he removed his cloak. Then he came and sat down on the bed beside her. "And I always miss you." He commented. Catherine smiled and put her arms around him. "Mary came by a little while ago and took Jacob for the night." She whispered slyly. Vincent smiled as he tightened his arms around her. "She did?" He asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes." She simply answered. "Well we cannot waste this time by ourselves." He commented.


Then he leaned in and kissed her. The kiss went from very sweet to very passionate. Catherine moaned and moved closer to him. "Please make love to me Vincent." She begged. Vincent moved back and smiled. He caressed her cheek. "Yes Catherine I want to love you." He whispered. Then he rose and put a lantern out in the tunnel. Catherine smiled as she watched him pull the tapestry down over the entrance of the chamber.


When he returned Vincent smiled as he came and once again sat down on the bed. "You are so beautiful." He commented as he stroked her cheek. She smiled shyly. "Thank you my love." She whispered. Vincent smiled as he leaned forward and kissed her. Catherine wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tightly. As they broke the kiss both were breathless. "Vincent I need you so much." She whispered. He smiled and kissed her again. "And I need you my angel." He told her passionately.


He rose from the bed and removed his boots. Catherine smiled as he came to her. "Now I believe it is your turn." He whispered. She smiled as she raised her hands to unbutton her blouse. Vincent took her hands in his and kissed them. "No my love let me do that for you." He told her. He knelt down in front of her and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Catherine smiled at him. "I love you so much." She whispered. Vincent leaned up and kissed her. "As I love you my rose." He answered. "Catherine I cannot get over just how much I need you." He told her. "Ever since you returned to me I cannot live without you." He stated. Catherine smiled as she began to untie his tunic. "And I cannot live without you." She answered. They both took great pleasure in undressing one another.


A few minutes later Vincent rose to his feet. He smiled as he removed the remainder of his clothing. Then he lay down beside Catherine. He opened his arms inviting her to come to him. Catherine smiled and quickly moved into his embrace. "Please love me Vincent." She begged as he slowly touched her. Vincent smiled. "Yes my love." He whispered. Then he captured her lips in a very passionate kiss.


As they kissed and touched one another their passion began to rise. "Oh Vincent I need you so much!" Catherine cried out as he kissed her neck. Vincent raised his head and smiled at her. "And I need you my beloved one." He whispered. He then moved down and began kissing her breasts. Catherine gasped as she felt his lips on her skin. She moaned with pleasure as he continued to kiss her. Vincent then took one nipple in his mouth and began to play with it. He felt it harden automatically. Catherine began to moan louder. "Oh yes Vincent!" she cried out. Vincent then began to slowly suckle her hard bud. "Oh God Vincent that feels so good!" she moaned. "I love you so much." She whispered. Vincent let go of her nipple. She moaned in frustration. "No Vincent please I need more." She cried. He smiled and caressed her face. "I know my love I just wanted to look at you and tell you how much I love you." He whispered. She smiled and nodded. Then she wrapped her hands in his mane and pushed him back toward her breast. He smiled as he once again took it into his mouth.


A few moments later Catherine was almost lost in her passion. "Please Vincent I need you now!" She moaned. He kissed her thighs very gently then moved back up her body. She shivered as he dragged his canines along her stomach. "You are the most beautiful woman in the world." He whispered. "I am so blessed that you have chosen me to love." He added. Catherine smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Darling I could not help but fall in love with you." She told him. "You have been my best friend since that night you found me in the park but then I realized that my feelings were so much deeper." She stated.


She thought back to the very moment that she realized she loved this wonderful man. "When you and Father were trapped in the maze after the cave in I knew that my feelings for you ran so much farther than mere friendship. You were so important to me that I would have done whatever I had to do to free you. I even offered to detonate the explosives myself." She told him. Vincent stopped kissing her neck and lifted his head to look at her. "Catherine by the power of that explosion it would have killed you instantly." He told her softly. She could see that this idea frightened him. "I know that darling but I would have done anything to get you out." She whispered as she caressed his face. "I would have been destroyed if I had come out of that cave in to find you dead." He told her emotionally. "I knew how much I loved you and I was not going to lose you." He declared. Catherine entwined her hand in his mane. She brought his head to her breast. "Shh love I am here." She whispered as she felt his tears hit her skin. "I am here and nothing will ever separate us again." She promised. "You are my life and very soon you will be my husband." Vincent lifted his head and looked down at her. "Yes my love." He whispered. Then he kissed her once again. Soon they were worked into a frenzy of passion. "Please Vincent I need you inside me now." She whispered. Vincent smiled. "Yes my love I need you." He told her. Then he moved over top of her and entered her. Catherine moaned as she felt him inside her. "Oh Vincent you are my entire life!" She whimpered. "And you are mine." He answered. Soon their passion overtook them and both cried out in complete joy and ecstasy. They fell asleep that night happily dreaming of their future.


The next morning Catherine awoke to find a pair of gorgeous blue eyes looking at her. "Good morning my love." He whispered. She smiled and turned toward him. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "How did you sleep?" She asked. Vincent smiled brightly. "I slept wonderfully." He told her. "Last night was truly amazing." She commented. Vincent smiled and tightened his arms around her. "Yes my love it was." He whispered. Then he leaned down and kissed her once again.


When they broke apart Catherine smiled. "We should go get the baby." She commented. Vincent smiled slyly. Catherine noticed this. "What are you smiling about?" She asked. "I went to Mary earlier while you were still asleep and told her that we would pick him up this afternoon." He commented. Catherine smiled brightly. "What did you have in mind to do this morning?" She asked. Vincent smiled seductively. Then without a word he pulled the quilt over their head. "Does that answer your question?" he asked under the quilt. She giggled happily then started to speak once again but Vincent stopped her with a very deep kiss. Their dance of love began once again.


That afternoon they went to Mary's chamber and picked up Jacob. "Was he a good boy?" Catherine asked as she held him. Mary smiled lovingly. "He is always an angel." She stated. "You wouldn't be a bit biased would you Mary?" Vincent asked as he put his arm around her shoulder. She smiled and nodded. "Yes I suppose I am but don't tell anyone." She commented. Vincent and Catherine smiled at one another. "We won't tell a soul." Catherine vowed. "Now you three run along I need to go help with the older children." Mary told them. They smiled then the three of them left the chamber.


They walked down the tunnel toward Father's chamber. When they entered they found him there with Olivia. "Hello you three." She commented. "Hello Olivia how are you?" Catherine asked. Olivia smiled. "Luke and I are fine." She told her. "He is going to see Kanin this afternoon." She stated. "Are you all right with that?" Vincent asked. Olivia shrugged her shoulders. "I am a bit nervous about letting Luke go above but I know that Kanin will take good care of him." She remarked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes he loves Luke." Olivia smiled slightly and nodded. "Yes he does." Then she turned and left the chamber.


After she was gone Vincent and Catherine sat down with Father. Vincent noticed the disturbed look on his face. "Father what is troubling you?" He asked. Father sighed sadly. "I just cannot get over the fact that Kanin left them." He stated. Vincent and Catherine nodded. "Yes I was saddened to hear about it when Vincent told me." Catherine stated. "I feel a bit responsible for it anyway." She told them. Vincent looked at her. "Catherine you were doing your job you could not ignore the fact that Kanin was a fugitive." He told her. "Vincent is right Catherine we were upset by the incident but we never blamed you." He assured her. "I felt that some tunnel residents did." She whispered. "That is why I did not come below for quite a while after he turned himself in." She stated. Vincent rose and took Jacob from her. He walked over and handed him to Father.


Then he came back and knelt down in front of her. "Catherine please listen." He requested. She lifted her head and looked at him. "You should have told me about this." He stated. "I would have been able to help you through that pain." Catherine nodded. "I know but I felt that it was better that I not come below." She told him. "But why my love everyone loved it when you visited and you know that I wanted you to come." He stated. "I know Vincent but I felt that I betrayed you also." She whispered.


At that moment Mary entered the chamber. She saw that Vincent and Catherine both seemed upset. She looked at Father who gave Jacob to her. "We will take Jacob and give the two of you some privacy." Father told them. Vincent looked up at him and nodded. "Thank you Father." He responded. With that they left the chamber.


Once they were gone Vincent rose to his feet. He pulled Catherine up with him. Then he sat down and pulled her into his lap. "Catherine you have never betrayed me in anyway." He began. "I knew that you did not want to turn Kanin in." he told her. "But you were bound by your job to do the right thing." He stated. Catherine lifted her head from his shoulder. "I know that Vincent but it does not take away from the fact that I not only betrayed our friend but I tore his family apart." She whispered. Vincent put his finger to her lips. "Catherine I will not have you blaming yourself for what he did." He told her. "Kanin chose not to return to Olivia and Luke when he was released from prison." He stated. "The fault lies with him not you." Catherine knew that he was right. She smiled slightly and hugged him. "I love you." She whispered. Vincent smiled and wrapped his arms around tightly. "And I love you my rose." He told her. He then kissed her.


Later that night Vincent and Catherine were in their chamber with Jacob. "Jenny should be here anytime." Vincent remarked. Catherine looked up from her book. "Yes she is coming down to help me put the finishing touches on our wedding plans." She told him as she rose from the bed. She looked over at Jacob who was happily sleeping. Then she walked up behind Vincent's chair. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "It is hard to believe that we will be married in less than a week." She commented. Vincent smiled. "Yes after all it was not long ago that I thought you were dead." He whispered. Catherine sighed. "Yes that was a horrible time for us." She whispered. Vincent pulled her around and then down into his lap. "Yes it was but look at what we have now." He commented. "We are together with our son and we are getting married." He stated. Catherine smiled slightly. Vincent could see that something was bothering her. "What is it my love?" He asked. She sighed. "I just wish that Joe would come around." She commented. "I really want him here for our wedding." She stated. They were silent for a few moments.


Then a voice interrupted the silence. "Well Radcliffe I will be here if you want me to." Catherine rose from Vincent's lap. There in the entrance of the chamber was Jenny and Joe. She smiled brightly. "Yes Joe I want you here." She told him. Then she moved forward and embraced him. Jenny looked at Vincent and smiled. He smiled back at her. "Listen you two Vincent and I will let you talk." Jenny stated. Vincent rose and put on his cloak. "We will be with Father." He told Catherine as he kissed her. Then they left the chamber.


Once they were alone they sat down. "Cathy listen I have had a lot of time to think and I realize that the things I said were out of bounds." He began. "Jenny and Vincent both helped me see that it was my jealousy of Vincent that was getting in the way." Catherine smiled. "You have spoken to Vincent before today?" She asked. He smiled and nodded. "Yes you remember the other night when he came above to talk to someone?" he asked. Catherine thought a moment then she nodded. "Yes I remember that night." She told him. But I remember that night because we had the best sex of our lives. She thought to herself. "Cathy I hope that all is forgiven between us." Joe told her. "When I met Vincent that night he told me that he understood and did not hold anything against me for what happened. Catherine smiled. "He is a wonderful man." She mused. Joe smiled. "I don't think I have ever seen you this in love before." He commented. Catherine nodded. "I am very much in love with him." She stated. "And now I can understand why." He told her. "I truly believe that is why I rejected your relationship at first." He told her. "I was not willing to admit that you loved Vincent." He stated. "And I know that I hurt you." He whispered. Catherine nodded. "Yes Joe you did but I forgave you." She told him. They sat there for the next few moments talking.


After they were done talking they rose from their chairs. "How about going with me to Father's chamber?" Catherine asked. Joe smiled and nodded. "I would like that." He told her. She walked over and gently picked Jacob up. She smiled as she approached Joe. "I don't believe you were properly introduced to mine and Vincent's son Jacob." She commented. "Do you want to hold him?" She asked. Joe hesitated a moment. "Hey I am not good with babies." He told her. "Nonsense Joe it is easy." Vincent stated as he and Jenny entered the chamber. Vincent walked over and took the baby from his mother. Then he handed him to Joe. Joe took Jacob in his arms.


At first he was uncomfortable but he quickly overcame that. "He is truly beautiful." He told Catherine and Vincent. The proud parents smiled. "Yes he is." Catherine agreed. Joe sat down on the bed with the baby. He could not get over how wonderful this child truly was. Jenny walked over and put her hand on Joe's shoulder. "Can one of his aunts take a turn?" She asked. He looked up and smiled. "I don't see why not." He told her. Then he gently passed the baby to her. She sat down on the bed and smiled at the baby. Catherine and Vincent proudly watched this interaction. Vincent walked up behind Catherine and wrapped his arms around her. "I think he is a hit." She whispered. Vincent smiled. "Yes it seems so." He told her.


They all visited for the next two hours. Joe really seemed to be comfortable in the tunnels now. Catherine was happier than she had been in a long time. Now all her friends were actively involved with her new home. "Well I really hate to do this but I should be going." Joe commented as he rose. Vincent and Catherine both rose from their chairs. "We will walk you out and show you the entrance you should use." Vincent told him. "I will not be using the park entrance?" Joe asked. Vincent smiled and shook his head. "No there is an entrance that is only a block away from your apartment building." He commented. Joe smiled. "That is amazing." He stated. Father chuckled. "Most people above don't realize how close they live to our world." He commented. Joe smiled. "Yes I can truly understand that now." He told the tunnel elder. Catherine walked over and handed Jacob to his grandfather. "Would you mind watching him for a while?" She asked. Father smiled and took the baby in his arms. "Catherine one of the joys of my days is when I can watch my grandson." He stated. She smiled lovingly at the old man. "We will return in a while Father." Vincent told him as he took Catherine's hand. Then the three of them exited the chamber.


As they walked down the tunnel Joe looked around. "This is so fascinating." He beamed. Catherine and Vincent smiled at each other. "Yes I thought the same thing the first time I saw this place." Catherine commented. "Are all the people here homeless?" Joe asked. Vincent shook his head. "No some have just chosen to live here." He stated. "They have lost their way in the world above." He added. Joe smiled. "Well it is great that they have a home here." He told them. Catherine and Vincent both nodded. "Yes it is." Catherine commented.


When they arrived at the tunnel entrance Vincent picked up a rock and showed Joe the code he should use. Joe nodded in understanding. "If you need anything please just let me know." Joe told Vincent as they shook hands. "I will my friend we will see you very soon." Then Vincent turned to Catherine. "I will meet you in our chamber." He told her. "I better go get Jacob and put him to bed." He commented. Catherine smiled. "Alright darling I will be there shortly." She told him. Then she leaned up and kissed him. Joe watched the interaction between the two. They were truly in love.


Once they were alone Joe smiled at her. "Cathy I am so glad that we settled everything." He told her. She smiled. "I am too I have really missed you." She told him. "And I have missed you Radcliffe." He told her. "Cathy once again I cannot apologize enough for the things I said and implied that night I argued with you." He commented. Catherine smiled happily. "Joe I know why you said those things." She stated. "We are great friends and you are a wonderful man." Joe smiled shyly. "Thanks Radcliffe but I will always feel bad about the words we had." He confided. She smiled and embraced him. "Joe as Vincent said all that is in the past now you are here and you can help us celebrate our future." She told him. "Well I better go now." He commented. Catherine smiled. "Yes you have to work tomorrow." She stated. He nodded and turned to walk away. "Cathy I will be at your wedding." He told her. "I would not miss seeing you marry Vincent." He continued. Catherine smiled. "Thanks Joe." Then he left the tunnels.


Catherine happily returned to the home chambers. She walked into her and Vincent's chamber where she found him rocking Jacob. "I am back love." She whispered. Vincent looked up from Jacob and smiled. "Joe is gone." He commented. Catherine smiled and nodded. Then she approached him. "Here let me put him down." She took Jacob in her arms and gently laid him in his cradle. "So how did you like your surprise?" Vincent whispered as he came up and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned back against him as they watched Jacob. "Vincent you could never have given me a better surprise." She told him. Then she turned around in his arms. "I love you so much." She told him as she cupped his cheek. "You continually make me happy." She added. "Catherine making you happy is the only thing that I want to do." He told her. She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. "Well my love you do." She whispered.


The next few weeks were very busy. The wedding was fast approaching. Joe spent many hours below now that he had come to consider Vincent a good friend. Devin had left for a time to go settle some business but he was now back. "I am so glad that you came back for the wedding." Vincent told him. "Little brother your wedding is one that I would never miss." He stated. "I am so happy for you and Chandler." Devin continued. "Yes we have come through a lot." Vincent told him. "Yes but it was all worth it because she is with you and Jacob now." Devin reminded him. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes it was definitely worth it." Vincent remarked.


The day of the wedding everyone was very busy. Their respective wedding parties had pulled Vincent and Catherine apart. "So Cath are you nervous?" Jenny asked. Catherine smiled. "No just very excited." She stated. "I have wished for this day for so long." Jenny and Nancy both nodded. "We know you have and we are ecstatic for you." Nancy told her. They were just fixing her makeup when Joe entered the chamber. "Wow Radcliffe you look great!" He exclaimed. She turned around and smiled. "Thank you very much kind sir." She told him. "Hey Vincent wanted me to let you know that Jacob will be with Mary during the wedding." He commented. Catherine smiled. "That is good we were not sure who would take care of him because Lena just had her baby." She stated. Joe smiled and nodded. "Well have to get back to the groom." He stated. "Joe don't you dare tell him how I look." Catherine playfully warned. He looked back at her and smiled. "Who me would I do that?" he asked innocently. "Yes you know you would." Jenny told him. He turned back and smiled at her. "Hey lady you better watch out or I won't take you anywhere with me again." He teased. Then he left the chamber. "Jen I am so glad that you and Joe are seeing each other." Catherine told her. "I think you two are perfect for each other." She stated. Jenny smiled. "We think that too that is why he gave me this." She told Catherine and Nancy. Then she showed them the beautiful diamond and emerald engagement ring. "Oh Jenny that is beautiful!" Nancy mused. Catherine smiled. "Does that mean what I hope it does?" She asked. Jenny smiled and nodded. "Yeah we are getting married." She stated. Catherine and Nancy squealed with delight and hugged her. "That is so wonderful!" Catherine cried. "Well it is partly due to you and Vincent." Jenny told her. "What do you mean?" Catherine asked. "I would have never spent time with him had I not been trying to help you patch things up with him." She stated. "Now we need to get back to what we were doing." Nancy commented. "After all today is yours and Vincent's wedding day." She told Catherine. Then they started helping her with her makeup once again.


Meanwhile in the groom's preparation chamber Vincent was there with Paul, Joe, and Devin. "How much time do we have?" Vincent asked nervously. Devin smiled at Paul and Joe. "About thirty minutes yet." He answered. "Are you that nervous?" Paul asked. Vincent who had been pacing stopped and looked at him. "I suppose so." He conceded. Joe smiled. "Jeez I hope I'm not this bad when Jenny and I get married." He stated. Vincent smiled brightly. "So you finally asked her." He stated. Joe smiled and nodded. "Yeah I asked her a couple of nights ago." He stated. Vincent approached him and put his hand on Joe's shoulder. "I am truly happy for you." He commented. "Thanks." Joe told him. "For everything you have done for us." He added. Vincent shook his head. "I did not do that much." He reasoned. "You did more than you will ever realize." Joe told him.


After a few seconds Devin spoke once again. "So Joe how did Chandler look?" He asked. Joe thought back to her warning and smiled. "I am afraid I have been threatened into silence." He stated chuckling. "Cathy told me that I better not tell you anything." He told Vincent. Vincent smiled slightly. "That sounds like my feisty lady." He commented. Joe looked at Devin and Paul. "Buddy I don't know if you know what you are getting into." He stated. All four men laughed. "Yes Joe I do." Vincent told him. "I most certainly do." All of them laughed.


When it was time for the wedding Vincent along with Father, Joe, Paul and Devin entered the chamber. Everyone was crowded inside to see his or her favorite couple finally marry. The music suddenly changed and everyone turned to see Jamie walking down the steps. She smiled as she walked down the aisle toward the altar. When she reached Vincent she smiled brightly at him. Then she took her place. Next came Nancy. She looked beautiful in her white dress that Mary had made. She smiled at the groom as she approached him. Vincent looked back at Paul who smiled proudly at his wife. Jenny came down the steps before Catherine. She smiled happily and proudly. She looked over and smiled at Joe who smiled back at her. Both thinking of their wedding that would be coming soon.


After Jenny had taken her place the harpist began playing the wedding march. Everyone rose and turned to see Peter walking down the steps with Catherine on his arm. She truly looked more beautiful than anyone had ever seen her. Vincent gasped when he saw her for the first time. She truly took his breath away.


When they reached Vincent Peter smiled and spoke. "I give this woman to be married to this man in the name of her parents." Then he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "I love you honey." He whispered. She smiled. "And I love you." She told him. Then Peter moved back away from them. Father smiled and cleared his throat. "Would the two of you take hands?" He asked. Catherine smiled then turned. She handed the beautiful homemade bouquet that the children had made for her to Jenny. Then she turned back to Vincent. She smiled as they clasped hands. "We are here today to witness the joining of Vincent and Catherine." Father began. "This is truly a wonderful day will all of you nurture and protect this couple and their love?" He asked the assembled crowd. "We will." Was the collective response. Father smiled at Vincent then at Catherine. "Vincent do you take Catherine as your wife to love, honor and protect everyday of your life?" He asked. Vincent looked down at Catherine and smiled. "I will." He answered proudly. Then Father turned to Catherine. "Will you Catherine take Vincent as your husband to love, honor, and protect everyday of your life?" he asked. She smiled happily. "I will." She answered. Father then looked at Vincent once again. Do you have vows that you want to speak to Catherine?" He asked. Vincent nodded. Then he looked at Catherine once again.


"My love you have been one of the greatest treasures of my life since the night I first found you. I discovered that through you I could love and accept myself for the man that I truly am. Catherine loving you has been so easy. I have reveled in the knowledge that you in turn loved me. Then our lives were touched by true evil and I truly thought that I had lost you. I blamed myself for that and vowed to always remember how I had failed you. I also vowed that Jacob would know the loving wonderful woman that you are. Then by the grace of God you were given back to us. I promise to love you for the rest of my life. And I swear that you and Jacob will always be protected and loved as long as I have breath in my body."


After he had finished speak Vincent noticed that most of the women in the chamber were crying. He smiled lovingly as he gently wiped the tears from Catherine's face. Father smiled at the loving gesture then began speaking once again. "Catherine do you have vows for Vincent?" He asked. She smiled through her tears and nodded. Then she turned toward him and began to speak.


"Vincent you are my love and my best friend. We have been through so much and through it all our love has remained strong. I was so frightened when I returned that you would hate me for not coming back to you soon. And that you would reject me and send me away forever. I was overjoyed when you took me in your arms and told me that you were never letting me go again. Then I saw our beautiful baby for the first time since his birth. I could hardly believe that he was here with you safe. I thank God that you and he found one another. And that we were given this second chance at a life together a life that we at one time we thought could only be a distant dream. But my love we have proved that dreams truly do come true. And I swear to love and protect you and Jacob as long as I have breath in my body."


Once she finished the vows they both turned back to Father. "Vincent do you have a ring for Catherine?" Vincent smiled and nodded. Then he turned and took the ring from Joe. "Catherine this was Margaret's wedding ring now I give it to you as a sign of my love and devotion." He stated. Then he put the ring on her finger. They turned back toward Father. "We have witnessed the vows and the giving of this wedding ring. Now I proudly announce that Vincent and Catherine are husband and wife." He stated proudly. "Vincent you may now kiss your wife." Father told him. Vincent smiled and turned to Catherine she smiled as they moved into one another's arms. The kiss they shared was one of tenderness and passion.


As they parted the entire chamber erupted into applause and cheers. Catherine was immediately hugged by Nancy and Jenny then she turned to see Mary approaching with Jacob. "This young man wanted to congratulate his mommy and daddy." Mary told Catherine as she handed Jacob to her. Catherine took him in her arms and cuddled him. "Thank you Mary I will find you later when we are ready for you to take him." Mary smiled and kissed her cheek. "All right my dear now enjoy your special day." The older woman told her.


When Mary had moved away Catherine felt a strong arm come around her waist. "Are you happy my love?" Vincent whispered in her ear. Catherine looked at Jacob sleeping her arms then up at Vincent. "I have you and our beautiful little boy how could not be happy?" She asked. Vincent smiled and kissed her once again. "Everyone now we can move to the great hall where William has prepared a bountiful feast." Father announced. With that everyone followed the wedding party out of the chamber.


A short time later they all entered the chamber of the winds. Vincent wrapped his arm around Catherine to shield her and Jacob. As they reached the bottom of the stone steps he smiled. Then he kissed Catherine. "I will return in a moment." He told her over the wind. Catherine smiled and nodded. Vincent moved through the crowd toward the great wood door. He was about to move the great wood plank when a hand touched his shoulder. He looked back to see Devin behind him. "Not today little brother this is your wedding day." He stated. "Come on men we can move this." Devin told them. With those words Devin, Paul, Joe, Michael, and Robert moved forward and removed the plank. They then pushed open the great doors. Vincent moved back toward Catherine. He extended his hand. "Come my wife." He beckoned. She smiled and gave him one of her hands. "Yes my beloved husband." She answered. Then he led her through the door into the great hall. Once they were inside the torches and candles were lit. Soon the room was illuminated in beautiful dancing light. Mary once again approached Catherine and handed Jacob back to her. "Shall I lead you and our son to our table?" Vincent asked. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "Of course my darling."


A while later everyone was dancing and having a wonderful time. Catherine was once again in Vincent's arms as they danced. "I have wanted to dance with you in the great hall for so long." Catherine whispered as she laid her head on Vincent's chest. Vincent sighed happily. "So have I my love." He responded. "I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never dance again." He told her sadly. "Oh Vincent I would have wanted you to move on with your life." She told him. Vincent stopped dancing and tightened his embrace. "Catherine that would have been impossible." He told her. "You are my life and without you there would have been nothing for me again." He whispered. Catherine smiled and cupped his cheek. "Well darling we don't ever have to worry about that again." She told him. "I am never leaving you or Jacob." Vincent smiled. "I am holding you to that promise." He joked. She smiled. "Just as long as you hold me nothing else matters." She told him. Vincent smiled then lowered his head toward hers. She closed her eyes as their lips met in a passionate kiss. They were lost in one another until the cheers of the crowd brought them back to reality. Catherine blushed and buried her face in Vincent's chest as he held her close. "They are happy for us my love." Vincent whispered as he held her.


Later after the reception had begun to die down Vincent took Catherine by the hand and led her toward Father. "We are going to leave now Father." Vincent told him. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes you two go on and don't worry about Jacob." He told them. Catherine kissed his cheek. "Are you telling him tonight?" Father whispered. She moved back from him and smiled knowingly. Then Vincent once again took her hand and they ran from the great hall to the cheers of their friends.


When they reached their honeymoon location Vincent picked her up and carried her into the chamber. She smiled as she looked around the chamber. "This is so beautiful." She told him as he sat her down on the bed. "I hoped that you would like your surprise." He whispered as he began to undress her. She smiled at the sensation of his touches. "Yes my beloved I do love this but not as much as I love you." She whispered. Vincent smiled then kissed her. Soon they were lost in their undying passion.


Later they lay together. "I am so happy." Vincent whispered. "So am I." Catherine told him. Then she rose onto her elbow. "But I think I can make you even happier." She stated. Vincent smiled. "And how could you do that?" He asked. She smiled and spoke again. "Give me your hand." She whispered. Vincent did as she asked. Catherine gently placed his hand to her stomach. "Here our second child grows." She told him. Vincent's eyes widened in shock. He sat up and pulled her into his arms. "Are you certain?" He asked. Catherine smiled. "Yes love I am more than certain." She told him. "Father and Peter confirmed it a couple of weeks ago." She stated. "You have known that long?" He asked. She smiled and cupped his cheek. "Yes but I wanted to wait until tonight to tell you as your wedding present." Vincent looked down at her and smiled. "I love you more than life itself." He told her passionately. Then he kissed her. Their happy life had just begun.


The End